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Can A Free Career Test Help Me Choose The Best Career For Me

How to take a Career Aptitude Test for making the Right Career Decision

How can I choose the best career for me? Find the best career options with a free career test, free career quiz for students or online career aptitude test free.

65% of people hate their jobs, says career coach and career consultant, Matt Donatelle, founder of Career Enjoyment. This is a shocking statistic, but not really surprising. Many Indians never get on the right career track because they end up making career choices that their parents make for them.

If you lack career motivation, it may just be that youre in a career youre not suited for or one that doesnt match your personality and temperament. So how can I find out which career suits me best?

A lot of Indians swear by career tarot and career astrology or rely on a career horoscope by date of birth to help them choose a career. While your intuition is important in guiding you, it is not the only way to find the best career match for you.

We spend a majority of our time at our jobs, so being in a career that interests you is important. If youre thinking of changing your career or just dont know which way you want to go in the first place, you may want to take a career aptitude test to help direct you.

Choosing the right career is an important decision, so you want to choose wisely. Its important to do a personality psychometric test so you can get on the right career track based on your personality and temperament, instead of choosing career options that will make you unhappy.

How Does It Help

We all wanted to be something-something while growing up, but when we hit the actual age, only a fraction of our interests can hit minds, but not necessarily. It is where the issue arises!

A career aptitude test allows you to discover about yourself and your interests, knowledge, and potential to direct you better in your career goals and paths. If you are a person who has not discovered yourself and finding it tough to be confidently decisive, this is precisely what you must thrive for. Take the test and know your job personality with deep insights concerning multiple outlooks, which will help you make an easy decision to research for a job. You can try relying upon career aptitude tests and compare the results with what you want. It will open the doors to bright ideas and new opportunities.

Apart from the free career aptitude and assessment tests, there are other tests to help you search out the different facets of making a career choice.

Below Is The List Of Our Picks For Career Aptitude Tests:

1) My Next Move: O*Net Interest Profiler:

This is a free career aptitude test with 60 questions. It helps you find the right career by asking you questions that are related to your personal likes and dislikes. This aptitude test is administered via the United States Department of Labor. You are provided with a list of options like Develop a new medicine. You have the autonomy to choose amongst five preferences and they are Strongly Dislike, Dislike, Unsure, as well as Like, and Strongly Like. Career options are provided at the end.

2) Truity: The Big Five Personality Test

This free career aptitude test is for correctly measuring major personality traits. You get a list of statements like I am always prepared or even I get things done immediately. You will then rate each of these statements according to how well you think it describes you. A score is received for the five major personality factors which include Openness, Conscientiousness, as well as Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. There are 60 questions and the test takes about 5-10 minutes.

3) Career Explorer: Career Test

4) Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

This is one of the majorly accurate free career aptitude tests out there. There is a paid version of $50 and a free version called the Jung Typology Test.

5) Careerfitter Free Online Career Test

6) Rasmussen University Career Aptitude Test

7) Princeton Review Career Quiz

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Write A Career Change Resume And Cover Letter

When you’re ready to start applying for jobs in your new industry, be sure to write a cover letter that reflects your aspirations, as well a resume that is refocus based on your new goals. Here are tips for writing a powerful career change resume and a sample career change cover letter with writing advice.

Career Assessment For High School Studentsheres Where You Can Do The Tests And Why

11 Free Sample Career Choice Survey

As the college application process draws near, you must determine what you want to do in life.Only then can you choose the major and the higher education institution that will help you reach your goal. If you have any work experience, such as volunteering or doing an internship, you might already have an idea of what your skills and interests are. It takes time and a lot of reflection to know exactly what your dream job is.

Career assessment quizzes are there to help you reflect on your skills, interests, and personality type. The purpose of getting to know yourself better by taking career tests is to decide what industry and job positions you want to build your career in.

Wait no longer and find out what career assessment tests for high school students are. Youll also learn where you can take the best tests out there and how they help you choose the right career for you.

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The Mapp Career Assessment

The Motivational, Appraisal, Personal, Potential career assessment is a reliable and validated career assessment test available in six languages. It is suitable for students looking for a career and others looking for a career change.

This detailed and popular career assessment test provides detailed results and a unique assessment profile to help people find a suitable career.

It gives an overall impression of where true motivations lie among the top 10 vocational areas, allowing for a match against 1,000 possible careers and specific work categories within which a person would excel.

The MAPP career test can be purchased at

Whats Your Take On The Skills Assessment Tests For High School Students

Have you ever taken a career assessment test, or would this be your first time?

In either case, we want to hear what you think about career aptitude and interests tests. Did they help you learn something about yourself you werent aware of before? Do you know which careers you may be perfect for after taking the test?

Write to us about your opinions on career assessment for high school students and offer any additional advice you have on choosing a major or career. Well share your insight with our readers to help high school students across the country make the choice thats right for them.

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Why Take A Free Career Choice Test

Even though most free tests are a lot less extensive and professional than career choice tests you have to pay for, it can be useful to take such a test. The result does give you information about yourself and an indication of where you should look to find your ideal job. As long as you have a critical look at the result and understand that your choice for a profession or education should not rely on one free career choice test, the result might be valuable to your career choosing.

Try our free yet professional career choice test. It gives a nice result and is garanteed without any obligations. Or, read more on professional career choice tests first.


What Is A Career Path

Stream Analysis For Career Choice Aptitude Tests

A career path is a series of jobs that help you progress towards your goals and objectives.

Your career path includes the jobs youll need to hit your ultimate career goal, but it doesnt need to follow a straight line. Theres no blueprint or timetable for climbing the career ladder.

Career paths traditionally imply vertical growth or advancement to higher-level positions, but they can also include lateral movement within or across industries.

A Bureau of Labor Statistics survey of baby boomers found that they had an average of 12.3 jobs from ages 18 to 52. Changing jobs is expected, and sometimes those changes will involve different types of positions in various industries. Some career paths have a few ups and downs and some people even plan a move down the career ladder.

You might move down the career ladder by asking your company for a transfer to a position with fewer responsibilities and less stress. Or you might apply for a position with a company that you’re passionate about working with, but the only available positions are lower level ones.

If you’re feeling stuck and unsure of the next step in your career path, consider talking to a career counselor. A reputable counselor can help you clarify your goals and explore your options.

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Career Aptitude Test: Online Tests To Find The Best Jobs & Careers

Before you choose a career or start a job search, find out which careers match your personality. This will increase your chances of job satisfaction and career success. Now, take the free career quiz below, checking the statements that describe things you like to do. The three highest scores are your Interest Profile. As you explore careers, it helps to know which skills, talents, and personality traits you bring to a job. An interest assessment can help you learn which careers might be the best fit for you. It is meant to help you find careers that you might enjoy. It will give you a broad list of career options that match your interests. Check out the Career Asessment Tests.

Motivational Appraisal Of Personal Potential Career Aptitude Test

What activities are you motivated to do? What inspires you to wake up and go to school? These questions are what the MAPP seeks to answer.

The MAPP Career Aptitude Test is a credible career aptitude test for high school students available as its specifically designed with students in mind. Since its inception, more than 8 million people around the world have taken the test. Among these takers are high school students like you who needed help in deciding which college course to major in or what employment to choose.

You might be discouraged when you find out that there are 71 questions. Yes, it is longer than most career assessment tests. But only because it tries to be comprehensive in analyzing your temperament, interests, skills, and learning style. It seeks to find out the tasks you enjoy, your work methods, how you interact with others, and how you deal with other aspects of work.

The result looks like this:

John is most likely not motivated to engage in activities requiring constant attention to precise standards, exact measurements, detection of minor errors, and long concentration on the process.

After getting the result, youll be glad that you took the time to finish the test. Youll be a step closer to knowing the career that suits you. And youll be able to avoid the dreaded crossroads that await less prepared high school graduates.

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Free Career Assessment Tests

The following career tests are available for free online and can help you kick off your career evaluation and assessment.

Tip: Many career assessment and aptitude tests have not been scientifically proven, validated, or studied to demonstrate reliability. Most sites provide the research or support behind the test for your review, so you can make an informed decision.

Free Career Aptitude Tests You Can Take Online Today

Printable Career Interest Survey For High School Students Free

Whether you’re a recent graduate or someone considering a career change, career aptitude tests can offer unique insight regarding jobs best-suited for your skillset and personality.

Best of all, the career aptitude tests are objective measures of your interests — so you can avoid awkward career conversations at family parties like, “My neighbor Bill is hiring for a financial analyst. I know you want to be a writer, but it’s a start.”

Here, we’ve compiled seven of the best career aptitude tests you can take online for free, so you don’t waste time applying for jobs you wouldn’t enjoy. If you feel unfulfilled in your current role, or if you’re tired of hearing what you “should” be doing at family parties, read on.

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Free Career Aptitude Tests

The following tests are available for free online and can be a good start to identifying your next career.

123 Career Test: This popular aptitude test can help you gain insight into the careers that best fit your personality. It will help you learn what kind of work environments and occupations suit you best.

CareerOneStop Interest Assessment: Answer 30 quick questions online to get a list of careers that might be a good fit for your interests.

CareerOneStop Work Values Matcher: Answer questions about different aspects of a job or workplace to help you find your ideal work environment.

Test Color: With this test, a team of psychologists and human resources experts leads you through a two-part color selection process to determine your personality and aptitude. While the initial results are free, you can pay extra for a more in-depth analysis.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter: This test helps you to understand your personality type and discover what type of temperament you have. Test results suggest a predominant personality type, including Artisan, Guardian, Rational, or Idealist. Your temperament influences career satisfaction, job search strategies, and job performance. A free description of your profile will be provided with an option to purchase the full report.

Human Metrics: Using both Jungs Typology and Myers-Briggs insights , Human Metrics takes you through 64 questions to rate you on both scales. The results explain to you how each piece relates to your personality type.

Free Career Aptitude Tests For Adults

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In this virtual workshop, Emilie Aries, Founder of Bossed Up, offers thought exercises to help you clarify your direction, stay motivated and organize your search to land the job.

Career aptitude tests are a great way for individuals to get a better understanding of what types of jobs best fit their interests, personality and skills. These tests can provide clear ideas to guide the next step on your professional path. In this article, we list eight of the most popular free career aptitude tests for adults and explain what you can expect from each.

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Are Career Tests Accurate

Career tests are helpful to gain focus and clarity, in your search for the right job, Berger says. Pastore stresses that taking the assessment and receiving your results is just the first step.

If the results include specific jobs or paths, make sure you still do your research about what they entail before jumping in. Consider doing some initial reading online, and if the career sparks your interest, try setting up informational interviews with those already in the job to find out more. Or you could use your results to start a conversation with a career coach or counselor.

You might even think of a career test as just part of the first stepyou should definitely explore careers that dont line up with your results if they interest you, and take all these tests with a grain of salt. Youre the only one who can truly decide what you want.

Are The Tests Valid And Reliable

Best FREE Career Aptitude Tests (2022 Review)

A wide range of career assessment tests and personality tools are available online. There are a variety of free career assessments you can try, while others charge for all or some portion of the test.

When you take a career assessment or personality test, keep in mind that they may have little or no scientific or professional validity. However, they are quick and easy to take, and the answers you choose might give you insight into what jobs might be a good match for you.

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What Career Is Right For Me

What Career is Right For Me? is a free aptitude test that asks participants to rate skill levels, interests, work styles, values, and career requirements, returning suggested career fields. Links to job listings and nearby schools accompany results, simplifying next steps so participants can continue exploring. This test is short but comprehensive, hitting on several professional elements so participants can find jobs that fit on all fronts.

Take What Career is Right For Me?

Career Assessment Tools For High School Students123 Career Test

The 123 Career aptitude test is unusual yet highly effective. In the 15-part quiz, you get pictures that represent job requirements. In each set, you get four images, and you pick the one that is most appealing and the one that is least appealing to you. When the quiz ends, you get a detailed assessment of your career personality and the list of occupations that may interest you.

The quiz is free, it takes 510 minutes to complete, and doesnt require account registration. The website advises you to not consider salary or status when you tick off occupations that you like. You should also put gender or ethnicity out of the equation and select the jobs you can picture yourself performing.

The test assesses your career personality based on the Holland Code theory. John Holland developed a theory that every occupation requires certain personality traits from an individual. There are six of Hollands career personalities:

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