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What Your Personality Type Can Tell You

How to Choose the Right Career Path in 7 Simple Steps

Lead With Your Strengths

Teamwork or solo work? Fast-paced or slow and steady? Knowing how you work best can help you venture confidently into the ultimate uncharted territoryyour future.

Define Your Direction

Avoid dead ends and U-turns. Using your strengths as compass, you can get a jump start on your future while still in high school and stick to your true North.

Discover New Paths

Whats an adventure without something unexpected? Your personality type can reveal career options you never knew existed. Try a new path and see where it could lead.

Holland Codes Career Tests

Finding a career that fits your personality

When you are doing tasks you like, you enjoy your work. Holland Codes are a set of personality types developed by psychologist John L. Holland in the 1970s. Dr. Holland1 reasoned that people work best in work environments that match their preferences. People and work environments can be matched for a best fit. Most people are some combination of two or three of the Holland interest areas. These two or three areas become your “Holland Code”.

Should You Pay For A Career Assessment Test

As mentioned above, we generally recommend against paying for a career assessment test. With all of the high-quality assessments that are available online, theres no need to pay for one of these tests in terms of advancing your career, you can get plenty of value from any of the free assessments that are featured in this guide. But if youd like to learn more about your personality just to satisfy your own curiosity, then paid options such as the premium versions of Truitys Career Personality Profiler or the Keirsey Temperament Sorter Test might be worth the cost.

College Counselor

Throughout her six years of experience, Dana Marvin has helped hundreds of students nationwide navigate through the college and career planning process. Her speciality is financial aid, tuition negotiation, scholarships, and financial planning for college costs. Danas expertise has led her to help students earn over $10 million in scholarship offers from colleges in the 2021-2022 education cycle alone. Her students have earned acceptances to top colleges such as University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth College, Penn State University, SUNY Binghamton, Bates College, Tufts University, UConn, and many more. She has a Masters degree in Higher Education Leadership and Administration from Purdue University and a graduate certificate in College Counseling from UCLA. She currently resides in New York City, but helps students nationwide and internationally through the college admissions process.

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What Is An Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests measure an individuals performance across various mental capabilities and specialized skills that forecast scholastic achievement in educational programs. These tests determine a students proficiencies and what they bring to specific tasks, regardless of prior education.

Other benefits of assessing a high schoolers career aptitude through aptitude tests include:

  • Predicting academic success.
  • Creating profiles of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Comparing performance with other students.
  • Uncovering hidden talents.
  • Revealing educational opportunities.

After discovering these insights, high school students can more easily devise a career path based on their natural skills and talents.

How Your Personality Plays Into Your Career

Pin on Paths

Your values and personality type play a considerable role in the career choice process. Values are what you use to guide your actions. These principles often serve as a moral compass in decision-making and behavior and can help individuals prioritize aspects of their careers. For example, if you value autonomy and helping others, you might enjoy being a physical therapist.

Personality refers to characteristic patterns in a persons way of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Studies have found significant relationships between personality types and career choices, indicating a correlation between the concepts. For example, someone whos extroverted and enterprising is more likely to end up as an entrepreneur than an architect.

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Minnesota State University Career Cluster Interest Survey

Minnesota State Universitys Career Cluster Interest Survey asks you about the activities you like to do, your personal qualities, and your favorite school subjects in order to determine which career paths make the most sense for you.

Once youve finished the test, youll be able to review which industries best match your interests.

Minnesota State University has a page for each individual career cluster that you can check out for more information. These pages are especially helpful for students, as they describe activities that you could engage in now to see if a type of work that makes sense on paper is something you actually enjoy doing in person for example, the Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources career cluster page recommends activities such as joining a 4-H club and volunteering at an animal shelter.

  • Time to complete: 5 to 10 minutes
  • Career coaches available? No
  • Additional career resources? Yes

Why its great: This resource provides plenty of helpful information for the industries that match your interests.

Career Values Quiz Career Test

The Career Values Quiz is a career assessment that helps you find the job and the work environment that aligns with your beliefs. The test is designed to assess your values such as moral value, cultural value, monetary value, and work value.

The career values quiz aims to offer meaning, purpose, and pleasure in the job by helping your choose the correct position.

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Career Path Quizzes: How They Work & What Youll Discover

Each quiz is different, but most are based on psychological or career assessment tests. Some career path quizzes are created with the help of a scientist or expert in that subject. The most common tests used for career path quizzes include the following:

MBTI one of the best-known psychological tests used to figure out your personality and what kinds of activities and work environments youre likely to do best in.

Career Interest Inventory a psychological test that helps you figure out what you might enjoy doing as a career. Theres no single right career for everyone with this test, but it can help narrow down your choices by figuring out which careers youll most likely be able to succeed and like at the same time. Holland Code another psychological test is often used for college students entering the workforce. It helps determine your interests and values so you can figure out which career path might be best for you in general .

Binet-Simon Scale a classic intelligence test that assesses your IQ . This test is used to determine your natural abilities and interests.

Career path quizzes might include any combination of these tests or offer different psychological evaluations. Its important not to confuse tests with quizzes since some will give you detailed information about your skills and interests.

Are Career Tests Accurate

Find the Perfect Career Using Career Tests

Career tests are helpful to gain focus and clarity, in your search for the right job, Berger says. Pastore stresses that taking the assessment and receiving your results is just the first step.

If the results include specific jobs or paths, make sure you still do your research about what they entail before jumping in. Consider doing some initial reading online, and if the career sparks your interest, try setting up informational interviews with those already in the job to find out more. Or you could use your results to start a conversation with a career coach or counselor.

You might even think of a career test as just part of the first stepyou should definitely explore careers that dont line up with your results if they interest you, and take all these tests with a grain of salt. Youre the only one who can truly decide what you want.

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We Interviewed A Long

Dana Marvin, a college counselor who has helped hundreds of students through the college application process, uses career aptitude tests with her students every year. In her expert opinion, the best types of career tests are those that provide results as career clusters, or groups of jobs that have similar skills and tasks involved.

She adds, While a student might not love every job in a certain cluster, they might find a few that stand out to them. For example, lets say they love music and have a passion for performing arts, but they arent quite sure if being a theater major is right for them. Searching through a list of careers in a career cluster like Arts, Audio/Video and Communications allows them to explore dozens of careers in the entertainment and performing arts industry from disc jockeys to sound engineer technicians to camera operators.

We made sure that all of the tests on our list provided information in larger career categories for maximum learning potential.

Careerfitter Free Online Career Test

As one of the pioneers in the field, CareerFitter has been providing career assessments since 1998. Receive a free career report when you complete the Careerfitter Online Career Test. This 60 question test takes about 10 minutes to complete.

It analyzes four dimensions that contribute to the foundation of your personality including Energy, Perception, Decision Style, and Planning Style.

The free career report includes information such as how much money you can earn in careers that match your personality, career fields you should consider, and the number of specific careers that fit you.

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How The Career Test Helps In Discovering The Best Path solution is build on the latest research in psychometric assessments, decision theories, analytics and uses data from the worlds largest occupational database O* NET. The online career tests thus accurately assess individuals on a diverse and comprehensive set of traits established by published research.

Using artificial intelligence and other analytical techniques, the assessed profile is compared with occupation data and best matches are highlighted. A significant advantage of comparing profiles this way is that both strengths and weaknesses of decision makers are recognized and considered while recommending careers. And with O*NET data available for several occupational factors across the world of work, an analytical approach is feasible as well as logical to adopt.

The recommendations are made as per well established career taxonomies and globally established career standards . This mapping to standards ensures that we can frugally maintain and update our framework. Alternate approach of keeping proprietary career libraries for recommendations is not sustainable as the changes in the world of work are happening at an unprecedented pace.

Given below is tucareers sixed phased decision model that comprehensively covers all relevant internal, external and social factors and helps the individual to reach the right decision.

Where To Get Career Advice

Pin on Success

Even though career quizzes and aptitude tests are helpful, getting professional assistance is one of the best ways to get help planning your career. A career counselor or coach can help you explore options, plan your career, and achieve your employment goals.

Many colleges and universities offer free career counseling for both students and alumni. If youre a college graduate, check to see what services are available.

You may also be able to find free or low-cost career coaching services to help you with the career planning process.

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Why Online Career Test Are An Urgent Need

Weve seen the advent of a new professional paradigm in the last few years along with the rise of the gig economy. Now the responsibility of planning ones professional life has shifted to the individual as structured growth paths in organizations are disappearing. The traditional three stage career model has been replaced with a more agile and multi stage model.

Individuals are now pursuing multiple professions in a lifetime and work for multiple organizations . As this new work environment driven by extraordinary technological advancements establishes itself, the need for lifelong learning and consequently lifelong guidance is becoming an urgent need. The decision of which path to pursue , or a course to enroll in or a skill to build is driven by several considerations and has life impacting consequences. Thus the need for support and a guidance framework that provides an accurate psychometric test is urgent.

Artistic Personality Type Is Impulsive And Independent

These individuals are creative, impulsive, sensitive and visionary. Although they are creative, it may not necessarily be expressed with paint and canvas. Creativity can also be expressed by an artistic personality type with data and systems. They prefer to work alone and independently rather than in teams or with others. Take a free personality test to learn more about work preferences and to test personality.

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How A Career Test Can Help

When you’re looking for your first job or considering switching careers, its much easier when you have some ideas about what youd like to do.

There are a variety of free career tests and quizzes available that address interests, values, and skills, but it is not essential to find a test that captures all of the elements.

Do keep in mind that some tests aren’t scientifically validated. However, they are quick and easy to take and can provide insight into what types of jobs you might want to research.

Spend some time taking a few tests and quizzes and see what results you get. Afterward, compare the job options you’re given to decide which of them are worth exploring further.

Why Should You Take A Career Path Quiz

Myers-Briggs Jobs: Personality Test to Find Your Ideal Career | Indeed Career Tips

The purpose of taking one of these career path quizzes is to help yourself figure out what kind of job might be right for you. Your personality and natural abilities contribute to your success in any career, so if you know which aspects of yourself are most important to you, you can make a more informed choice about your future career.

Many career-related books suggest that you examine the work youve done in the past for clues about what youre passionate about. If youre not sure of your natural abilities, asking yourself, What have I always loved to do? might help you remember some things or show new possibilities to you. Using these suggestions can help narrow down your choices, but knowing yourself well enough to make good decisions about your life takes time and experience.

A career path quiz is a shortcut that can help show you the possibilities. After all, its hard to know what youre passionate about if youve never done anything! The best way to figure out which careers might be perfect for you is to take career path quizzes.

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How We Chose The Best Free Career Tests And Personality Assessments

To find the best career tests, we researched dozens of options available, chatted with a long-time college counselor, and took each of these tests ourselves.

Using the Add to Google Calendar feature will help you make it to your trial class on time.

Using the Add to Google Calendar feature will help you make it to your trial class on time.

Using the Add to Google Calendar feature will help you make it to your trial class on time.

Match Your Interests With An Occupation

There are things that you enjoy doing, whatever the industry or job title. The key to finding a satisfying career is to match your fundamental interests with occupations. For instance, a Social person would go crazy sitting alone in an office all day. Or if you are Artistic, you would probably hate having to conform to a set of strict rules in your job. That is why career and vocational tests can be so helpful.

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We Learned A Lot About Ourselves

You should only expect career tests and personality assessments to offer guidance and direction not the final answer regarding your career path. Ms. Marvin agrees, A career aptitude test is a great tool, but it should only be used as a guide.

As we completed the career aptitude tests and personality assessments to arrive at the best, we analyzed each platform on its ease of use, validity of results, and how it relayed your results. We also evaluated the length of time it took to complete each and whether the platform offered other career resources like access to career coaches.

What Is A Career Aptitude Test

Career infographic : Career Aptitude Test: Try our Free Career Test and ...

A career aptitude test is a test you take to learn more about yourself and to discover what careers you have the potential to excel in.

Career aptitude tests are usually taken online, in the form of a detailed quiz that covers various questions.

The goal of these questions is to uncover your personality, values, skills, motivations, and preferences, and match them with the most-fitting professional fields and careers paths for you.

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Welcome To The Careercloud Career Quiz

Im Michael Gardon, operator of this site, host of the CareerCloud Podcast and creator at The Break – a newsletter all about breaking work to design a career path and work-life that works for you.

Im one of those people who never had a calling, and didnt know what my passion was, so I had to make my own path. My path ended up having many career pivots, 6 to be exact, all before I was 40 years old. I still dont feel like I know what I want to do when I grow up – Im just interested in too many things!

Choosing a career, though, is about narrowing down the world to the skills, tasks and decisions that you are naturally inclined to be good at or interested in.

That is where a Career Quiz can be super helpful.

Testcom: Career Aptitude Test

Rather than answer questions on a sliding scale of agree or disagree, this free career test shows four photos and you choose both your favorite and least favorite illustrated activity. After 15 questions, you get a Holland Code result, based on John Hollands theory of personality types and careers, along with a list of suggested occupations that match your specific type.

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