Fidelity Customer Relationship Advocate Career Path


Earn Your Series 7 & Series 63 License With The Support Of Fidelity

Customer Relationship Advocates at Fidelity

Fidelity will support you as you pursue your Series 7 license which will allow the license holder to sell all types of securities products except commodities and futures. The learning modules and exams cover investment risk, taxation, equity and debt instruments, packaged securities, options, and retirement plans.

Additionally, you will sit for your Series 63 license exam, which ensures you possess knowledge of ethical practices and fiduciary obligations. Learning modules cover the principles of state securities regulations and rules prohibiting dishonest or unethical practices.

Benefits With You In Mind

Benefits for your whole life thats what youll find at Fidelity.

Youll find everything from perks that makes your daily life better to those big-picture, life-changing resources to support you at all stages of your life. We have an amazing package of benefits and programs designed to help you thrive both in and outside of work.

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Community Service Matters At Fidelity

Another thing is the volunteering. Ivealways cared about volunteering, and they give me a lot of options to do that,Mary says.

Fidelity is committed to investing in thecommunities which they serve, and volunteering is one way of harnessing itsemployees know-how and passion to accomplish that goal. Some of the activitiesthat Fidelity helps Mary get involved in are tutoring first graders, working ata local food bank, and helping a local elementary school build affordableprojects and science experiments for the kids.

Unsurprisingly, the advisor in Mary is mostattracted to working with students.

My favorite so far is tutoring, she says.But there are a lot of opportunities depending on which group you choose.

Our Commitment To Diversity And Inclusion

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Fidelity believes in, and is committed to, fair and equitable treatment for every associate and customer, and to creating a safe and respectful environment, in which everyone is treated with kindness, compassion and respect. Abby Johnson | Chairman and CEO Fidelity Investments

At Fidelity, we are committed to building an enduring culture of inclusion and belonging that will attract, develop and retain a diverse workforce.

Fidelitys ten affinity groups are self-organized groups of employees with common interests in areas such as race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation, or who share similar interests based on similar sets of experiences.

These Employee Resource Groups and Special Interest Groups are models of inclusion for Fidelity. Theyre also a powerful form of engagement and development and can provide a pathway to visible leadership roles. Our affinity groups make a large contribution on the business, helping to ensure our products and services are delivered in a welcoming and equitable environment.

  • Over 22K employees participate in an affinity group.
  • Over 1,400 affinity group members volunteered for Fidelity Cares in 2020.
  • 74% increase in affinity group memberships over the last three years.

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A Pathway Into Financial Services For All Rhode Islanders

Fidelity Investments recently announced plans to bring 500 new jobs to their Smithfield, RI location. Together with Fidelity, SkillsRI is recruiting individuals with diverse backgrounds from across Rhode Island interested in an entry-level role with potential for career growth and advancement as a Customer Relationship Advocate.

Managers Mentors And A Community

A manager can make or break your experienceanywhere, even at your dream job. But for Mary, her managers are actually thebest part of her experience at Fidelity. They all care about her long-termgrowth.

Even if theyre not directly my manager,Mary tells us, theyre available and eager to help me. If theyre in adifferent division of the company, I can still go sit and talk with them.

They really care about you, which you dontfind at every company, she says.

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Things I Love About My First Job At Fidelity

May 28, 2019

In college she studied finance and personaltraining, which might not seem connected at first glance, but to her, theyactually shared a common thread: Both subjects gave her the knowledge to helpother people achieve their goals.

When she graduated and heard about theopportunity to become a Customer Relationship Advocate at Fidelity, she knewshe had found a job that would let her put her love of helping people achievegoals into action, and set her up for a great career path.

Committed To Continuous Learning

Empowering You: Training to Get You There

At Fidelity, we are constantly adapting to the changing needs of our customers, new technologies, and better ways of working. And we empower our employees to do the same, with an emphasis on developing skills and connections that will help propel you forward in your career while being able to make an impact for Fidelitys customers around the world.

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Fidelity Investments Customer Relationship Advocate Interview Questions

  • – San Andrés and Providence and


Anonymous Employee in Denver, CO

I applied online. The process took 2 months. I interviewed at Fidelity Investments


There were many phases of interviewing starting with virtual tests and a phone interview. Later was interviewed by two people over zoom. They were friendly and informative. Questions were fair and they gave good information.

Anonymous Employee in Jacksonville, FL


I applied through other source. The process took 7 weeks. I interviewed at Fidelity Investments in Oct 2022


The Initial screening interview by phone usually takes about an hour by a recruiter. Behaviors questions, why you chose Fidelity, your goals, etc are some of the questions asked. If you pass, you then have a zoom interview with two interviewers that is one hour long. You are asked behavioral questions, tell them about yourself, etc. Use a STAR story method. It’s also imperative that you research the company, because it impresses them that you know about the company. You have to know the details of the role you apply for! If you pass the second interview, you will thenget a job offer letter to sign, and start about a month long background process of filling out online electronic paperwork, fingerprinting, photo ID for badge, and drug test. Offical employment is contingent upon if your background passes.

Fidelity Investments Reviews Faqs

Customer Relationship Advocate professionals working at Fidelity Investments have rated their employer with 4.2 out of 5 stars in 359 Glassdoor reviews. This is a lower than average score with the overall rating of Fidelity Investments employees being 4.3 out of 5 stars. Search open Customer Relationship Advocate Jobs at Fidelity Investments now and start preparing for your job interview by browsing frequently asked Customer Relationship Advocate interview questions at Fidelity Investments.

Customer Relationship Advocate professionals rate their compensation and benefits at Fidelity Investments with 4.2 out of 5 stars based on 359 anonymously submitted employee reviews. This is 2.4% better than the company average rating for salary and benefits. Find out more about Customer Relationship Advocate salaries and benefits at Fidelity Investments.

82% of Customer Relationship Advocate employees at Fidelity Investments would recommend their employer to a friend. This rating has increased by 20% in the past 12 months. Customer Relationship Advocate professionals have also rated Fidelity Investments with a 4.2 rating for work-life-balance, 4.6 rating for diversity and inclusion, 4.5 rating for culture and values and 4.2 rating for career opportunities.

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Leslies Story: The Hustle That Keeps Us Going

My story is simple, and it started when my parents immigrated from Mexico to the US in 1996. They came to the land of opportunities with zero expectations but a whole lot of hunger. I am the oldest of 4 kids and the importance of an education was always emphasized by my mom. She was pursing an accounting degree in Mexico but had to drop it all to migrate to the US. Although she does not hold an official degree, my mom has always been a scholar and pushed me to be one too. Despite her unusual 4am-1pm work schedule, my mom somehow always found the time to read with me, help me with my math homework, and to take me to a variety professional development and volunteering events.

My parents have supported me in all aspects of my life yet I was not prepared enough when I stepped on my PWI campus. Besides experiencing culture shock, I also struggled academically and being halfway across the country. I missed my sweet Texas home so much. I wanted to call it quits so many times, but what kept me going was my dads words before he dropped me off at orientation to go back home: Mientras todos duermen, tu trabajo duro, which means while everyone rests, you work harder in English.

I feel an immense amount of support here, and this is exactly the type of environment I needed as a freshman. Fidelity inspires its associates to bring their authentic selves to work every day and its that culture that makes me look forward towards a future here.

Helping People Achieve Their Financial Goals

Edward Potter

Its something Ive always really enjoyed doing,taking care of finances, Mary says.

In her role at Fidelity, shes accomplishingjust that. Customer Relationship Advocates are the first representatives atFidelity to speak with customers calling in and asking questions about how tonavigate their accounts and explore new services.

Ive always liked helping people achievetheir goals, Mary explains. It started as a personal trainer helping peoplereach their fitness goals. Knowing that you are helping others make theirdreams come true is very rewarding for the client and myself.

Helping people plan for their futures is atthe heart of the Customer Relationship Advocate role, tooand Mary couldnt bemore suited to the task.

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Building The Future She Wants

Long-term, I see the role as a platform tobecome a financial advisor, Mary says.

One of the ways she both works toward herfuture job and excels in her current one is the state-of-the-art trainingoffered by Fidelity.

Thereare a ton of learning opportunities. Really knowing how to approach a specificposition and how to be successful in it is so valuable to me, Mary says.Describing one of these methods, called double-jacking, Mary explains how shecan plug into a phone call alongside an experienced colleague and witnessfirst-hand, how the job is best performed.

I get to listen toactual conversations that theyre having on the spot with customers, and seewhat they might run into, she explains.

Beyond the in-person training she receivesfrom managers, mentors, and colleagues, Mary can also learn online. Fidelityhas built out an online platform that actually lets her prepare for possibleopportunities at the company.

Fidelitys My Learning tool lets you look upother roles and access learning materials that will prepare you to progress inyour career, she says.

In addition to the online learning, Mary isgiven the opportunity to visit other departments, speak with managers, andshadow people in the role she hopes to have one day.

Continuing Education & Training

  • Assess, build, and align your development plan through resources like our skill-building classroom and online courses.
  • Video-based training for technology, leadership, management & more.
  • Your facilitator, manager and business partners will give you ongoing support as you develop in your role and provide personalized feedback and coaching.
  • A range of talent development programs to support career mobility.

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