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It is no secret that if you want to earn a good living, you need to have more than just a high school diploma. Even though an associate degree doesnt take long to achieve, there are faster ways to start your path to a career that pays well. However, not everyone has the desire or can afford to spend the next four years attending a traditional college to attain a bachelors degree. In this article, you will find a listing of several degrees or short certificate programs that you can earn in one year or less. You may also find an online certificate program that might interest you. We gathered average salary information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Whats Needed For An Employees First Day Of Onboarding

In addition to orientation procedures, an employees first day should focus on setting them up for success in their new role. Think of the first day as introducing the employee to their job and to their coworkers.

Employees do better when they have clear expectations and responsibilities. Clearly define their role and provide a specific job description. Its also important to review the job role and responsibilities with the new hires peers.

If fellow employees dont understand the new hires role, they may resent the new person or think the new hire is stepping on their toes. The entire team will work better if everyone is aligned on each persons responsibilities.

An employees first day of onboarding also should include a social component to allow the employee to meet their new teammates. Consider taking the employee out to lunch or bringing coffee and doughnuts for a meet and greet.

Fast Track Career Training

Get In. Get Out. Get A Job.

We strategically designed our job skills programs for students to receive a credential or certificate that will be a key asset as they enter the high demand careers in our area.

If you are unemployed or laid off, you may be eligible for some tuition reimbursement for the Fast Track training programs.

Many of the participants will receive funding assistance from the state of Missouri. If you have other funding please contact us.

Complete the form below and select the program or programs you are interested in. We’ll contact you to complete your registration in the program you are interested in completing. If you have any questions, call or

All programs offered will be delivered online/remotely, with the exception of the Certified Nursing Assistant, which will be delivered in person on the Union campus.

Other courses may be available, so if you can’t find the program that you’re interested in, please contact us!

To confirm your funding eligibility for the Fast Track programs, contact the area job center in your community.

Washington Job Center

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Types Of Paid Training Programs

How can you get paid to learn a job? There are a variety of paid training options to choose from. The type of training you need will depend on the position and the job requirements. You may also be able to obtain certification or a license as part of the training process.

Paid training programs include apprenticeships, certificate programs, company training programs, short-term training programs, and for students, internships and co-ops.

Apprenticeships: Paid apprenticeships are available in the construction, information technology, business and finance, health care, hospitality, transportation, and manufacturing industries. During an apprenticeship, workers are paid and also receive classroom training.

Certificate programs: Some organizations that hire for positions where there is a worker shortage, including health and medical employers, offer paid training that leads to certification. For example, hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care facilities may offer free certified nursing assistant training in order to attract candidates for employment.

Company training programs: Company on-the-job training programs are designed to teach new hires the skills and abilities they need to succeed on the job and in the workplace. Employers who offer this type of training hire entry-level candidates without experience and provide formal training.

Check with your manager or human resources department for information on whats available at your employer.

List Of Quick Certificate Programs That Pay Well

Best career

There is a wide range of certificate options you can complete depending on the jobs you want to pursue. Some certificate programs can last two or more years while others can be completed in six months or less.

These programs allow you to find and acquire jobs faster so you can begin earning more quickly.

We have compiled a list of 15 free quick certifications that pay well. Our selection criteria for these programs are focused on the duration and benefits offered. We also considered the quality of education, average earnings of graduates, accreditation, and several other relevant factors.

As you read further, you will get detailed information on the various programs offered by the free online schools listed below.

Theres a peck for you still, get authentic help with your assignments while bagging your certifications.

  • Physical Therapy Assistant and Aide
  • Web Development
  • Medical Front Office Administration Specialist
  • Electroneuro diagnostic Technology
  • Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic
  • Welding

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Air Traffic Controller Certification Programs

Time to complete: up to 4 yearsAverage salary: $127,440

Air traffic controllers are required to have at least three years of progressive work experience, a bachelor’s degree, or a combination of both. An alternative solution is completing an Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative program, which is approved by the FAA.

The program teaches aviation administration and how to properly control air traffic. After graduating from the program, air traffic controllers can skip the Air Traffic Basics course that occurs during the first five weeks of FAA Academy training.

The Path To A New Career

If you’re looking to transition to a new industry or career, our Fast-Track to Employment could be the perfect choice for you. Our programs are designed to put you on a straight path to a new career. Plus, they can be completed in less than a year.

With an ~12% unemployment rate in Montgomery County, now is the perfect time to gain a new skill or start down a new career path.

Explore programs that provide training for in-demand careers such as medical billing specialist, biotechnology, CNC operator, computer repair technician or cyber security technician.

If you are unemployed, some programs may be eligible for funding through your local PACareerlink Office. Contact the Montgomery County PA Careerlink for details at 610-720-3429.

You can also call or email us to see if you qualify for finanicial aid. We’re ready to help you embark on a new career!


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Fitness Or Personal Trainer

If you are passionate about sports and fitness, a high paying job as a personal trainer might be for you. This is one of the high-paying jobs with online certificates that pay well. Its a physically demanding job but worth it if you love staying in shape. As a fitness instructor or trainer, you have many work location options. These include:

  • Schools
  • Private residences
  • Fitness clubs

As a personal trainer, you can also work for yourself. You can train people virtually or in their own homes.

The future looks bright for those who excel in fitness and personal training. This field is expected to grow by 15 percent in several years. This is much higher than the average profession. Why is there so much growth? Businesses are recognizing more health and fitness benefits. They are offering incentives for those who choose to get in shape.

Average Annual Income: $40,390

There are five central certifying bodies within the fitness training industry:

  • ISSA
  • NASM
  • ACE
  • AFAA
  • NCSF

Professional certification shows ethical and professional standards that employers desire. You can learn online and at your own pace. This allows you to do coursework between other commitments.

Establish Your New Employee Procedures

The National Technical Institute in Phoenix is hosting an open house for fast-track career training

Before you begin developing a new hire training program, you need to know where you are going. If your company has never identified exactly what each new employee should know, nows the time to do it.

Putting together new employee procedures helps you to articulate the what, why, when, and how to train new employees effectively. There are five easy steps to this process.

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How To Train New Employees Effectively

Developing a solid new hire training program is an important management skill. More than just showing new employees where the coffee maker is and how to get their parking permit, training new employees procedures helps employees settle into the rhythm of the company to focus on the most important thing: their job.

While your exact onboarding tasks may differ, these best practices for employee onboarding help you get your employees up-to-speed, whether theyre hourly, C-suite, or anywhere in between. And, theyre just as useful for in-office and remote employees. This is how to put together your new hire training program:

  • Establish your new employee procedures, beforehand
  • Ensure that all managers use a new hire training checklist
  • Start onboarding before day one
  • Include onboarding best practices into your procedures
  • Train for culture, not just topics
  • Build in regular reviews and adjustments to your training program
  • Lets look at each of these in more detail.

    Certificate Programs That Pay Well And Require No Experience

    Many one-year certificate programs lead to well-paying jobs. All of the programs listed here can be completed in 12 months or less, require no work experience or education beyond high school, and prepare you for rewarding careers. There are careers in trades, technology, health care, and the arts that only require a certificate. Check out the following options for certificates that pay well:

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    What Does A Diesel Mechanic Do

    Diesel mechanics inspect, diagnose, repair, and maintain diesel vehicles.

    Diesel mechanics use diagnostic equipment, power tools, machine tools, and hand tools to do their job.

    They follow a variety of procedures to inspect the different systems of the vehicle. The mechanics regularly take vehicles apart and then put them back together.

    The diesel mechanics will test drive vehicles to diagnose malfunctions and to check that everything is in working order.

    Diesel Mechanics have to know everything about how diesel crafts work in order to diagnose and treat them.

    Goals Of New Employee Training

    Imagine having the Best #Career in the world Start it now with Better ...

    Introducing employee training and development can have powerful benefits for your company. The goals of your program can help your organization to:

    • Teach employees to be problem solvers as they learn how to be creative and innovative, enabling them to confidently take on tasks
    • Improve employee engagement, leading to higher retention of staff
    • Increase efficiency in processes, resulting in financial gain
    • Reduce the frustration of not knowing how to complete tasks or use tools
    • Increase engagement by providing opportunities to build skills employees are interested in

    While exact onboarding tasks may differ, there are a few best practices you can follow to help you achieve all of these goals. Lets look at those best practices next.

    Theme : Training And Learning Systems Will Not Meet 21stcentury Needs By 2026

    A large share of respondents predicted that online formats for knowledge transfer will not advance significantly in the next decade. The 30% who expressed pessimism were often deeply doubtful about the capabilities of current education systems to adapt, to pivot to respond to new challenges as quickly as necessary. Interestingly, being able to adapt and respond to looming challenges was seen by nearly everyone in this canvassing as one of the most highly prized future capabilities these respondents especially agree that it is important, and they say that our human institutions government, business, education are not adapting efficiently and are letting us down. Many of them say that current K-12 or K-16 education programs are incapable of making adjustments within the next decade to serve the shifting needs of future jobs markets.

    Among the other reasons listed by people who do not expect these kinds of transformative advances in job creation and job skill upgrading:

    Some among the 70% of respondents who are mostly optimistic about the future of training for jobs also echoed one or more of the points above mentioning these tension points while hoping for the best. Following are representative statements tied to these points and more from all respondents.

    Within the next decade, education systems will not be up to the task of adapting to train or retrain people for the skills likely to be most prized in the future

    How Much Do Certifications Cost

    The cost of certifications varies widely, depending on where you get them and in what industry. Some can be free, and the majority are less than $1,000, while some can cost $10,000 or more.

    Once you decide which certifications you’re interested in, look at a few top programs to see how much they cost. Some employers will fund your trade school or certification program, which means you won’t have out-of-pocket costs.

    Discover Your Program In Minutes

    You can complete many certification programs in a year or less, making them a more cost-effective approach to gaining knowledge and skills than going to trade school or earning a college degree. The right certification program can increase your earning potential, get you working sooner, improve your credibility, and provide a competitive advantage in your field.

    Noncredit Certificates 50% Discount

    Top 10 Tricky Interview Questions & Best Response Strategies | Indeed Career Tips

    ACCs Continuing Education Division offers noncredit skill certificates that prepare you to start a new career or advance in your current profession even faster. Register now and save 50% on the cost of most programs. Discounts have been applied to the costs listed below. Financial assistance also may be available check with the program for details.

    Ready to register? Visit the Continuing Education registration page or contact 512-223-7542.

    • Business
  • Design, Manufacturing, Construction & Applied Technologies
  • Career / Credential
  • $1,988.50
  • Product Management Certification Program

    The demand for product managers has surged in the past few years. Companies need product managers so they can ensure the success of their launches and maintain steady growth.

    This 5-month long short term course by upGrad includes over 160 hours of learning and training. But the catch is that you can learn at your preferred pace and convenience. It has experts from Zomato, PayTM, Myntra, and many other leading companies. After completing the course, you get certification from Duke Corporate Education faculty, which is one of the leading global corporate educators. These types of job oriented courses help you reap a good ROI.

    Apart from personalized resume-building sessions with trained mentors, you get placement assistance as well there are more than 250 recruiting partners to hire candidates after course completion. If you are looking for best short term courses to update your profile, this is a course you should consider.

    Course Duration: 6 Months

    Take Care Of Yourself

    Starting a new job can be mentally and physically taxing. However, you dont want to burn yourself out in your early days. Be sure to take care of your health and spend some time doing activities that invigorate you. While you may feel like you have to dedicate every waking hour to this new position, doing so can quickly degrade your health and have a negative impact on your performance. Strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance right out of the gate.

    It can be a great idea to casually ask colleagues if they have any advice for getting up to speed, or what they wish they knew when they were starting out.

    Thinking strategically at the beginning of your new job is one way to ensure you are well received and successful right from day one.

    The 8 Best Types Of Training Methods For Your Employees

    Employees that are effectively trained are happier and more productive, so it’s important to take care when considering not only the material that needs to be taught but the method used for training.

    In this article, we explain why choosing a training method is important, and we explore the best types of training methods for employees based on the material being taught.

    Looking to Hire? Post a Job on

    Engage Strategically In Meetings And Conversations

    Design Your path to career success.

    Its understandable that youll have a lot to catch up on in a new job and may not have insights and opinions to share right out of the gate. However, sitting silently in meeting after meeting wont make a great impression, either. Instead, aim to strike a balance between listening carefully and speaking up or asking smart questions.

    Easy Certifications To Get Online That Pay Well

    Instead of college degrees, many industries are looking for skills-based training. Their hiring process accepts people with high school diplomas. This means you can complete quick certifications that pay well. Some of the industries looking for certificate holders are:

    • Child Care
    • Healthcare
    • Construction

    We took a closer look at the well paying jobs available within these industries. As a result, we compiled a list of 10 lucrative careers you can get with an online certificate. Many of these can be obtained through vocational schools, community colleges, or trade schools. You can read a short description of each profession. We will also show you the expected salary and what education is required.

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    Wind Turbine Service Technician

    Like PV installer jobs, wind turbine technician jobs will also increase as people turn to alternate sources of energyin this case, wind. Also known as windtechs, wind turbine service technicians assemble, install, maintain, and repair wind turbines.

    Wind turbine techs have to be comfortable working in confined spaces and at tall heights. They generally learn their trade through community college courses or trade schools, many of which offer certificates and associate degrees in wind energy technology.

    Projected Job Growth Between 2018 and 2028: 57%

    Median Annual Pay: $52,910

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