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The Executive Coaching Field Is Exploding

Interview With Ashley Schaer with the Center For Advanced Leadership | CAL For Executive Coaches

As you can see from the statistics below, the coaching field is growing. And we are adding coaches to these numbers every month. The acceptance of executive coaching for leadership development is well understood. The work is out there. The question is will you go and serve the need?

Ready to learn more? Scroll down for information about our executive coach certification programs.

Watch this video from CEC faculty instructor, Michael

32 countries where we have graduates

Faculty has 255 years of combined experience

1,078 pages of proven coaching processes & tools

2,400+ CEC Graduates

Global total coaching revenue increased 21% from 2015 to 2019 ICF 2020 Global Coaching Study

Global total coaching revenue in North America was ~1.296 billion dollars in 2019 ICF 2020 Global Coaching Study

Enroll once, get personal support forever.

The CEC started training coaches in 2001!

Coaching Empowers You To Design And Build A Soul

A coach is there by your side to encourage your growth and confidence so that you can take actionable steps towards creating the life you want. You might seek the support of a coach if youre feeling stuck, motivated for change but not sure how to move forward, seeking greater fulfillment or purpose, or want to build your confidence. Our coaches offer guidance with life fulfillment, navigating though change, getting unstuck, career transitions and development, leadership skills, designing and creating intentional and purpose-driven careers, relationships, and lifestyles. We encourage you to schedule a call to learn more about our life, career, and leadership coaching programs.

Complete Vip Job Search

This comprehensive job search package provides expert 1-on-1 guidance to get you hired faster. Includes strategy development, marketing documents . Also includes expert guidance to get you noticed, interview to get the offer, and negotiate a compensation package you feel good about.

  • Detailed resume and cover letter strategy call where you get action items and follow-ups for creating great content
  • Review of your social media presence, including a critique of your LinkedIn profile
  • A copy of our 50-page step-by-step resume guide that covers everything you need to know to create a resume that works
  • Access to 8 professionally designed resume templates
  • A comprehensive resume review to ensure your resume is optimized, polished and ready to get you interviews
  • A job search strategy call so you have a clear plan on where to focus your efforts
  • Access to our 40-page, comprehensiveexecutive interviewing “playbook”
  • An interview strategy call covering the proven strategies, tricks and tips used by hundreds of our candidates to land the jobs they want
  • A mock video interview and feedback session with a expert interviewing coach so you can perfect your skills
  • A salary negotiation strategy call so you’re able to negotiate a great compensation package
  • 120 days of direct email access to your executive coach so you have support and a sounding board throughout your job search process

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Where Is Your Career Headed

If your career or business continues down the path its on right now, where are you likely to end up five years from now? Is that what you want, or is some kind of change necessary? Are you considering a career transition?

Do you have specific goals for your professional life? Where do you want to be professionally three years from now, and what is your plan to get there?

Career coaching will offer you the methodology and mindset you need to create intelligent professional choices and discover your sweet place i.e. the possibilities you have, what you are great at and what you want from life.

Is Executive Coaching Tax Deductible

Sara Swenson  VP of Product at PetDesk  Ramy Ballout

Executive coaching may be deductible as a work-related education expense if it meets the IRS requirements:

  • It is required by your employer or the law to keep your present salary, status, or job OR it maintains or improves skills needed in your present work.
  • It does not help you meet the minimum educational requirements to qualify for your current role. You must already possess those to qualify for the deduction.
  • It does not qualify you for a new trade or business.
  • You should consult with a qualified tax advisor who is familiar with your unique situation to determine if you can deduct executive coaching expenses when you file your taxes.

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    Fast Track Interview Prep

    Work 1-on-1 with an executive interview coach to ensure you ace your interviews and beat out other candidates for the offer.

    • Complete interview prep call covering the strategies, tricks, and tips we give our executive search candidates so they land the job
    • Access to our comprehensive 40-page executive interviewing “playbook” that covers everything you need to succeed in your interviews
    • An hour mock video interview and feedback session with an expert interviewing coach so you can perfect your skills and get the feedback needed to transform into an exceptional, confident interviewer

    Career Coaching And Career Counseling Services

    The job market is rapidly changing as a result of the pandemic. We can help you evaluate your options, negotiate flex time work and create strategies to meet your career objectives!

    Are you:

    • Concerned about a career break during Covid?
    • Wanting to make a career change or create a long term career plan?
    • Looking for a coach/counselor to help you be happier and more fulfilled in your work life?
    • Seeking help on using social media for managing your career or creating a LinkedIn profile?
    • Needing assistance with resume writing, interview preparation, networking or negotiations?
    • Considering starting your own business?

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    When To Hire A Career Coach

    Many people assume a career coach is only beneficial after you have submitted dozens of applications and are in desperate need of a job. While this would be a great time to find a coach, its not the only time they can provide support.

    Whether youre just starting out and unsure which path to take, hoping to chase a new passion, or youre ready to move to the next level, getting an outside perspective from a professional can be extremely helpful, Bitte added.

    Salemi suggests hiring a career coach before you really need one.

    If youre thinking about leaving your job, but arent sure, you may want to hire a career coach, Salemi said. Its important to be proactive. Dont wait until it feels like you absolutely detest your job and cant stand going into the office.

    Salemi explained career coaches dont all provide the same service. Some coaches can help with an upcoming interview, while others specialize in negotiating salary and benefits.

    How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Career Coach

    Coach the Person Not the Problem | Executive Coaching Strategies

    Similar to the fees many professionals charge, the cost of hiring a career coach varies depending on their experience and credentials, field of specialty, success rate and the location of their practice. A career coach who is well known and respected in their field, such as a published author, will be able to charge more than a coach that is not considered an expert. Career coaches who are in high demand or work in cutthroat fields may also charge higher rates.

    Generally, career coaches charge $75 to $150 per hour. More in-demand career coaching services can run from $250 to $500, occasionally even higher. When youre choosing a career coach, the bargain option may not be the best option. Ask the coach if you can talk to their former clients before you agree to fork over any cash.

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    How Executive Coaching Works

  • Private, Confidential, and ConvenientPrivate coaching sessions are held via virtual meetings so you have the flexibility to participate wherever it is most comfortable and convenient for you.
  • Determine clients primary goals and motivations and honor those as a part of the coaching curriculum
  • Assess Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Develop a leadership vision and a set of values that enhance and expedite decision-making abilities
  • Create and implement a personalized plan of action that includes developing/enhancing leadership, interpersonal, and time-management skills, and any other areas the client has identified as important
  • Identify the best personalized strategies to manage stress and maintain work-life balance
  • Working with Amy has made me realize that I never really defined my end goal which is why I wasnt finding it. Shes helped me identify what I want in life overall. Theres something very powerful about Amys style that completely put me at ease and helped me be really honest with myself. I call it the magic of Amy and Im so glad I decided to work with her! Shes truly gifted and one of a kind!


    Topics We May Work On

    • Gain clarity and develop a powerful strategy
    • Setting and achieving personal, professional, and organizational goals
    • Building and leading high performing teams
    • Maximizing team engagement
    • Increasing individual and team productivity
    • Managing relationships up, down and across the organization
    • Managing stress and overwhelm
    • Developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence
    • Navigating difficult conversations and conflicts
    • Transitioning into a new role
    • Planning a career change
    • Developing new and empowering Habits
    • Prioritizing self-care and wellbeing

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    Essential Questions Leaders Should Ask Their Coach Or Mentor

    Whether a leader is brand new to the role or wants to evolve in their leadership, choosing the right person to facilitate their progress and guide them along their journey is key. Connecting with a trusted mentor or coach can have a major impact on a leaders career and performance, and much of the outcome will come down to how openly the leader approaches the engagement.

    How Do You Prepare For A Career Coaching Session

    Niki Ortiz  Associate Strategic Advisory and Asset Management at JLL ...

    After youve found the right career coach, ask them what you should do to prepare for a session with them. Every career coach is different. Some will want you to come prepared with questions. Others will want you to bring tangible materials, like your current resume or a list of your career goals.

    If your coach lets you determine your sessions direction, picture beforehand what your desired outcomes are and what relationship you want to have with the career coach. Write these goals down, and then figure out what you have been missing thats kept you from achieving those things on your own. You can share all this information with your coach, and if you dont know what youve been missing, ask them for input during the session.

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    The Support And Tools You Need To Get Hired Faster

    Kirby Partners Career Coaching is for you if you want to start putting proven techniques to work to land your next job.

    Experience you can’t find elsewhere

    For more than 30 years, Kirby Partners has made it our job to get executives jobs.

    Our team of executive recruiters and career coaches has helped thousands of topexecutives craft better resumes and land their dream jobs.

    Forbes named us one of “Americas Best Executive Search Firms” three times.

    We put our “inside” knowledge of hiring to work for you

    Our executive career coaches have decades of experience working directly with VPs of HR and other hiring authorities and know exactly what you need to do to get a job offer.

    This is your chance to work directly with hiring insiders who have reviewed thousands of resumes and conducted thousands of job interviews on behalf of leading healthcare organizations and companies.

    Hacks For Mastering A Difficult Subject Quickly

    Leaders and entrepreneurs in today’s business world are expected to wear many hats and have an understanding of various aspects of business subject matters. This fact often requires them to master difficult subjects in a short time frame, whether it’s information about a new industry, the economy, marketing or technical programs.

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    A Word From Our Founder

    Ignite Your Potential was founded over 13 years ago by Dr. Colleen Campbell who was inspired, first and foremost, from her own healing and growth process.

    I came into young adulthood with low self-esteem, neurosis, negative self-talk, volatile relationships, and an active addictive cycle as my primary coping skill. I was struggling deeply and there were times when my future seemed grim.Working with a therapist and reading Scott Peck’s A Road Less Traveled began a journey where I started to think that my idealistic notions, that I barely dared to dream, might be more than just a fantasy. If I could heal myself, I could help others on their journey to health, wholeness, knowing themselves: success as they define it.I have come pretty far on the road of change. I have been doing personal and professional work in the realm of change and growth for the last 25 years and have a passion to bring this to others. Ignite Your Potential stands out as a resource for smart, creative, people who want to change – to have more fulfilling lives and careers and to figure out how they can be who they are meant to be. The coaches and therapists here help in a way that no other place is helping clients: through a blend of top-notch career, executive, and life coaching and their own experience in the field. Then theres the fact that there are a variety of different coaches so that clients can find the right-fit coach for them.

    Dr. Colleen Campbell

    Why Finding A Local Career Coach Matters

    Wisdom From a Veteran Executive Coach – Terry Jackson From Jackson Consulting Group

    As a Bay Area professional, you are in one of the most challenging, competitive, and rewarding job markets in the U.S. and, in some industries, the world. Bay Area companies and their employees create technology and innovations used around the globe. So its no wonder that many of the worlds best and brightest candidates choose to pursue employment opportunities here.

    As a result, Bay Area employers have very specific and discerning expectations of job candidates and can be more selective about who they choose.

    When it comes to your career, you need a career coach who knows the Bay Area job market, its employers, and your competition and can offer proven insight and guidance about the many factors that effect career success and satisfaction such as:

    • What industries are growing

    1. Adopt the RIGHT MINDSET

    Performance correlates with success. And research shows that confidence has a tremendous effect on performance.

    Your confidence, or lack thereof, is reflected in the narrative you have with yourself on a daily basis those conscious and unconscious messages.

    So we begin by examining your narrative, developing positive messages that increase your confidence, and inviting opportunity into your life.

    2. Find the RIGHT CAREER for YOU

    Create that must have list for your ideal career and then examine your strengths, weaknesses, and passions in a guided exercise that is designed to help you:

    3. Identify the RIGHT STEPS for SUCCESS

    Based on the requirements of your dream job, we:

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    Executive Career Coaching Packages

    We know every executive job search is unique, so we offer four different coaching packages. Each plan gives you direct access to an expert career coach, with proven experience helping executives land jobs. All coaching sessions are conducted virtually via conference call or video.

    We offer a limited number of coaching spaces per month, so we encourage you to purchase your package early in the month to reserve your spot.

    Any packages that are “sold out” will become available again at the beginning of the next month.

    Why Get A Life Coach

    People of all ages and in all careers have called in a life coach. Life coaches are accredited professionals who can help you figure out the tangible changes you can make in your life to reach your goals they can even help you turn your dreams into goals, if youre not sure where to go next. A life coach can also help people find their purpose in life. Life coaching clients often have an idea of what they want to do, such as help people or work with animals, but dont know how to turn that passion into a career. A life coach can help clients work through the options to find a clear path with concrete steps that lead to an attainable goal. A life coach can also help clients make a major career change, such as starting a new business. Life coaches can help clients develop better habits that will make them more successful, acting as an accountability partner. Life coaches also often guide their clients through major transitions in life, such as a career change or other stressful situations that are made easier with guidance from a neutral third party.

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    Speaking Upno Matter How Hard The Conversation

    You speak up easily when you disagree
    Youre able to give difficult feedback to a report
    You know exactly how to shape the way your manager manages you
    Youve mastered the art of saying no to what a stakeholder or anyone else wants you to do
    You go into a hard conversation with tough people with confidence and skill
    You spend your time on whats most productive and valuable to you rather than on mulling over unresolved situations
    You trust your instincts and know how to articulate your thoughts
    People respect you and you respect yourself

    Free Career Guide & Case Studies

    Steve Chen  Senior Technical Program Manager at Amazon  Ramy Ballout ...

    Want a more meaningful career? Learn 5 key strategies to find work you love that pays you well.

    Weve used these strategies to help 1000+ people find their calling and take their careers to the next level. The career guide also includes 4 career change case studies that illustrate how former clients have succeeded in making different types of career pivots.

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