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You Can Curb Or Prevent Burnout

12 GREAT Entry Level Jobs That DONT Require A College Degree!

Even if you truly loved your job at one point or another, the spark may no longer be there. You could just be emotionally and perhaps physically exhausted and feel like youre not getting satisfaction out of your work anymore. To prevent burnout, an all-too-common phenomenon, changing careers after youve put so many years into a particular industry could be the right move for you.

Top 12 Jobs For Career Changers In 2022

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Feeling like it may be time to make a career switch? You’re not alone.

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Vp Of Human Resources

Job description: The vice president of human resources will oversee employee development and organization, recruitment and staffing, relations and performance, compensation, benefits, and related HR functions within a company.

Degree Requirement: A degree in human resources or business is needed, as well as training/experience in management and/or labor relations.

Remote Availability: Yes

Average salary: $151K. Range: $91K-$251K

Related job positions:

  • Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Senior Vice President of Human Resources

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Bookkeeping Accounting And Auditing Clerk

Median National Salary: $45,000+

Education Required: Some college coursework

Number of Jobs: 1.7+ million

Job Growth 2020 2030: -5%

Job Duties: As a bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerk, youll update financial records to document money going in and out of the business and create related reports to reflect the financial health of the company.

$21 An Hour Entry Level Jobs In Richmond Hill On

Are you ready for a career change? Consider becoming one of our new ...


  • Initial and/or Re-evaluation of patients physical abilities and subjective complaints.
  • Development and implementation of a treatment plan
  • Remote in Toronto, ONPermanent +2
  • Provide assessments in a home setting based on presenting impairment or diagnosis using standardized assessment tools.
  • Vacation Pay and Time Off.
  • Maintain an extremely high level of customer service to the utmost satisfaction of our.
  • Team. The greater part of the last few years has been filled with
  • Assemble and level galvanized steel pool walls.
  • Dig ditches or trenches, backfill excavations, compact and level earth to grade specifications, using
  • Estimated at $84.3K$107K a yearFull-timeMonday to Friday
  • A Research Specialist role at Info-Tech means flexibility, inclusiveness, learning & development, internal career mobility, and strong relationships.
  • Monday to Friday
  • Ready to achieve high productivity levels.
  • While the head office and retail showroom are in a former bank building on Yonge Street, this entrylevel position is
  • 8 hour shift +3
    Urgently hiring
  • This position collaborates with a variety of management levels on projects that contribute to the success of the team.
  • Files documents and answer phone calls.
  • Genisis technology solutions pvt ltdToronto, ON
  • Experience as Integration Engineer in different stages of SDLC .
  • Proficiency in Shell Scripting and Automation.
  • Weekend availability +1
    Hiring multiple candidates
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    Michael Willis Sports Business Operations Executive

    In finance/accounting, the Microsoft Office Timeline is a handy tool for what I do. It is easy to understand how multiple possibilities for creating a timeline are. With them, we can better understand the relationship between important events, analyze the evolution of individual stories, understand turning points, and, ultimately, visualize how one event influences, or does not influence, the other. Timelines can show not only current data but I can also create a visual history of multiple years.

    Timelines can take on many different displays. You can design linear timelines with flags of important dates or deadlines.

    You can also create a vertical timeline to show top-down or bottom-up data.

    What I like most about timelines is the visual way I can tell a compelling story.

    I can quantify these stories with visual effects.

    Lastly, timelines in Microsoft keep expanding its reach in all types of visual possibilities. The possibilities are endless!

    Michael Willis has 18+ years of experience working with accounting & sports organizations and has managed P& Ls of $10M – $125M+ with budgets of $3M-$50M+. He worked for the NFL for 22 1/2 years, mainly with the game officials working on the financial/accounting side of the business.

    Nine High Paying Jobs For Career Changers

    So, youre 45, and youre thinking What am I going to do with my life? It happens. The first career didnt work out, or you just never got around to getting serious.

    Second, and even third careers are going to become more common as the employment landscape continues to shift. Careers no longer follow the same linear trajectory they once did, so where we will all find ourselves in our 50s and 60s is anyones guess. Back in school or starting over? Why not.

    If youre thinking of making a midlife career shift, here are some good options. I chose jobs that do not require advanced degrees, most of which are projected to show a lot of growth* so the jobs will be available. And they all pay, in the upper salary range, more than $90,000**. I hope you find your dream job here.


    Salary: $35,360 $106,995

    Job prospects for accountants are good. Millions of people out there dont want to do their own taxes. Depending on the job, you may need a membership in a professional association. You will also need a bachelors degree in accounting, accounting science or business administration, a university certificate in accounting or administration, or a diploma of collegial studies in accounting and management technology.

    Salary: $35,360 $109,990

    Software developer

    Salary: $39,998 $100,006

    Freelance writer

    Salary: $30,617 $85,800 but I know writers who make six figures.


    Salary: $44,803 $150,009

    Court reporter

    Salary: $30,732 $94,228


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    Small Business Owner Product Manager

    Product managers think strategically in order to anticipate patterns and potential opportunities in the future and act on them in a way that gives the best advantage. They also need to be super organized and able to wrangle information, both about the product and about their competition.

    If youre a small business owner you have these skills! Youll already have tons of experience thinking strategically, gathering information about your market and competition, and keeping yourself organized.

    Those are super vital skills for product managers, who are in charge of the vision and strategy for a companys products and services.

    Find out more about what a project manager does.

    Job Titles For Making A Career Change Into Tech

    How to ACTUALLY Get an Entry Level Programming Job

    How your career outside of tech can set you up to succeed in your tech dream job.

    Switching careers can be an incredibly daunting prospect. Especially if youve spent 5, 10, 20 years building your career in an industry that has completely lost its luster for you. After all, is it really worth trading an unfulfilling but familiar career for a brand new job that is completely foreign to you?

    Maybeor maybe not. Usually, if youre facing the decision to start over in a new career its because you can see that there is not a future for you on your current path, or least not one you are interested in pursuing.

    I know plenty of us at Skillcrush have been there. Customer Support Manager Kelli Orrela left behind an unfulfilling business to work in a career that had always fascinated her

    And our former Director of Content Randle Browning decided to leave academia to work in the faster-paced world of digital marketing first at Skillcrush and, most recently, as a full-time freelancer .

    But there are a ton of tech jobs out there that can build on the skills youve developed in a past career. That means you dont have to start at the bottom, and you only need to add a few more skills to your repertoire to make a smooth transition into a job you love.

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    Take Stock Of Your Strengths And Weaknesses

    The first step is to evaluate your skills. If youre very self-aware, you can probably do this on your own, making a list of your strengths even if you dont think theyre career-specific as well as your weaknesses. But if youre struggling, you might consider working with a professional, like a career counselor, to help you identify them. A career counselor will probably administer a series of career tests to help you pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and figure out how you can best leverage them.

    At the same time, its important to correlate these skills with your interests. Just best youre good at something doesnt mean you particularly like doing it. Once youve identified these skills and interests, consider different professions in which they might apply.

    You should be open to the possibility of learning new skills. Perhaps youve discovered that your dream job utilizes a lot of your strengths, but one is missing. Dont let that deter you.

    Research The Training You’ll Need And Compare Training Options

    You may be able to self-study in your spare time at home and pick up necessary skills using resources like Lynda.com and MOOCs. You may also benefit from enrolling in classes or tech boot camps or reading books that teach IT skills. You can even try out CompTIA CertMaster for IT Fundamentals to start picking up key IT skills today.

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    Failure Is An Important Part Of Life


    Think about your past and you’ll probably be able to spot times when making a choice that wasn’t successful helped refine your approach and eventually took you toward a better outcome.

    Start viewing failure as a learning opportunity, use the lessons you gain from it, and take the first steps to setting yourself up for success.

    Need more help with your career?

    We’d love it if you signed up for Work It Daily’s Event Subscription! Get your career questions answered in our next live event!

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    Is It Too Late To Make A Career Change At 30

    How To Make a Successful Career Change

    No, 30 is still a great age to change careers. Youre not late because you still have a couple of decades of professional experience ahead. Itll give you plenty of time to plan your retirement and work on your dream job. Besides, you may not have the responsibilities you will have later in life, giving you more space to pursue additional training.

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    How To Change Careers At 30 With No Degree

    Changing your career direction at 30 with no degree is possible, depending on the career youre trying to pursue. Below we have compiled a few tips to help you transition into a new job at 30 without having a college degree.

    • If youre pursuing a career in tech, join an online coding bootcamp. Theyre short-term, affordable, and offer career services to help you land a job upon graduation.
    • Volunteer or join an internship program. This way, you will obtain relevant and up-to-date skills while having the opportunity to be hired by that particular company. You could also get an entry-level position that will help you boost your career opportunities in the future.
    • Get a mentor. A career coach can guide you through the entire process, so you can clarify doubts, get in touch with relevant people in the industry, and improve your applications.
    • Showcase your transferable skills. They will add value to your resume and help you differentiate yourself from others.
    • Stay up-to-date with new developments and industry trends in your field. Never stop learning so you can be ready when the right job opportunity comes along.

    Determine Why You Want To Change

    At this stage, you are most probably aware of the things that led you to pursue a career change.

    If not, its time you did some soul searching to find out the exact reasons behind your discontentment with your current job.

    Do you really hate your job or just the industry or the people you work for?

    Know what exactly it is that you want to change and why before you make the leap.

    Having a clear perception will also help you prepare your skills inventory and research possible industries and professions that you would like to target.

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    You Can Gain Flexibility

    Perhaps you have children who are growing up. Maybe you want more time to travel and do the things you really love. Whatever the reason, many people are looking for more flexibility flexibility that your current role just cant give you. It could be the perfect time to find a new job in a different industry that gives you more opportunity to give you the hours you need to do the things you really love.

    Switching Careers Into It: A How

    The HIGHEST PAYING Entry Level JOBS!

    Switching to a career in IT is within your reach, even if it may seem daunting. Anyone with the desire to get an IT job can find one that suits their unique skills, talents and interests. There’s a good chance that many of the soft skills you already have apply to a career in IT. One of the best things about IT careers is the sheer number of them. You just have to identify the right one for you and make a plan to acquire the experience and/or training you need to market yourself to hiring managers. Here are some specific steps you can take for successfully switching careers into IT.

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    You Still Have Plenty Of Time

    Assuming you plan to retire at 67 years old , you still have plenty of time to save money and develop yourself in a new career. You may have even more time: According to recent analysis of US workers, 55% plan to continue to work in retirement. Changing careers might also come with a pay raise and a 401k employer match program.

    Don Schulz Senior Operations & Commercial Real Estate Executive

    Image from Bigstock

    Executives need to ensure they are operating at a strategic level and avoid getting buried in day-to-day details. To do this well requires a clear understanding of your company’s rhythm of business . It is therefore imperative that executives have a good ROB technology tool to help them easily see the big picture.

    TeamUp is a free, easy-to-use tool that allows for easy displaying of ROB events of various durations and frequencies throughout the year. For executives, they are strategic and include things like annual planning, budgeting, product releases, financial reporting, shareholder meetings, significant company events, etc. Events are color-coded by function, type, team, etc., making them easy to see in aggregate and giving executives a quick, easy-to-digest understanding of key events over the next month, quarter, or year. It is very easy to turn events on or off to simplify or add to a display as needed. We used TeamUp to manage a midsize company’s ROB very effectively.

    Rhythm Systems is a more complex and robust tool. It takes a greater time investment up front to get data in and to build proficiency. Although we reviewed it but, ultimately, did not implement it, I know of others that swear by its value.

    The primary point here is that all businesses need to effectively manage their ROB and a good technology tool is key to doing it well.

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    Why Start A New Career In Tech At 40

    Changing careers requires a great deal of consideration and risk-reward analysis. Many tech jobs are well-paying and in high demand, making them comparatively safe’ choices for midlife career changers looking for more financial stability.

    Growing technology sectors have increased the demand for tech professionals within specific roles and specializations.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that between 2020 and 2030, the number of jobs for web developers will grow by 13%, while the number of jobs for technical writers will grow by 12%.

    Additionally, jobs for software developers are projected to grow by 22%, dwarfing the national average job growth rate of just 8% for all occupations. Training and education requirements can be one of the most significant deterrents for people looking for a career change.

    Fortunately, many tech roles do not require people to have a specific degree: Bootcamps and accelerated associate degree programs can provide more streamlined avenues to tech careers.

    Gain Experience In Less Than One Year

    Pin on Entry Level Jobs &  internships

    A career change can feel unsettling at first, unless theres a sure opportunity for high earnings even after your career pivot. Thats what makes cybersecurity a no-brainer. With the right training, easily transferable skills, and the desire to learn, anyone can break into this high-earning field with little to no background experience.

    It may seem like jumping into a cybersecurity career is impossible without an advanced degree but the University of Miami Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp gives you the training and experience you need to make the career switch in less than a year. Our networking opportunities and comprehensive career services help open the door to the same businesses and government entities struggling to fill the necessary cybersecurity roles.

    to learn more about your career options and how you can get the experience you need to start your new career.

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    How Do I Switch Careers At 35 And Beyond

    Whether youre 25 or 55, its not too late to find a new job. It doesnt matter what age you are, Forbes said. As long as youre willing to do the work, changing your career is very rewarding.

    Even if youre making a drastic career change and have new industry credentials to back it up, you can also leverage the professional experiences you have already gained throughout your life. It is also important to highlight your transferrable skills, accomplishments and qualifications from your current and previous positions that will overlap into the position you are pursuing, Stahl said. For example, the soft skills you gained in a customer service role can serve you well in a public relations or human resources role.

    Switching careers throughout your professional life is normal. Last year, BLS released data from a National Longitudinal Survey that found people born between 1957-1964 held an average of 12.4 jobs between the ages of 18 and 54 .

    A single job for life is rare these days, and life is short, so pursue what brings you joy, Stahl said.

    A degree can change your life. Find the SNHU online degree program that can best help you meet your goals.

    Rebecca LeBoeuf 18 is a writer at Southern New Hampshire University. Connect with her on .

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