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Discover Your Path: Careers in Early Childhood Development

Once an ECE Professional uploads their staff qualifications into the PD Registry and that information is verified by The Pennsylvania Key staff, they will receive a notification that they has been placed on the Career Pathway. This will allow ECE professional to see where they currently are and lay out the opportunities for growth, if interested.

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With so many opportunities to work with young children professionally, the time is right for pursuing a bachelors degree in child development. PLNU offers both a traditional undergraduate program in child and adolescent development as well as an adult degree completion program for those with previous college credit who want to finish their bachelors degree. Take time to find out more about the program, including a course list and what to expect. If you still have questions, contact PLNU. Or, if youre ready now, start your application.

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Opportunities In Early Childhood Education

With the increased focus on the value of early childhood education and the subsequent wave of new jobs, those qualified to teach young children can anticipate a broad range of career opportunities. Not only can they make a difference in the lifelong learning experiences of their students, but they can improve the quality and standards of the programs they teach-making the outlook and prospects even better for the next generation of teachers.

Candidates can enter careers in early childhood education from a variety of backgrounds, although an education degree and certification are the normal route. The advocacy group Pre-K Now recommends, at a minimum, certification, such as a child development associate , for teacher aides or those working with toddlers or preschool kids. A bachelors degree and state teacher certification are mandatory for those working with school-age children.

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What Does Early Childhood Education Involve

This field of education is the foundation of a childs life since it allows them to expand their physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development.

Physical development revolves around training a childs motor skills, like their ability to balance and grip items.

Intellectual development teaches a child to improve their memorization and thinking skills.

Social and emotional development work hand in hand to help a child understand how to make friends, share toys, and differentiate between good and bad behavior.

Kindergarten And Elementary School Teacher

New CAPS Subject: Early Childhood Development

Average Salary: $57,980 per yearEducational Requirements: Bachelors degree in early childhood educationWhere you work: Public and Private Elementary schools, Child Day Care Services, charter schools, religious-based schools

What Does a Kindergarten Teacher Do?

Many daily responsibilities of kindergarten and elementary school teachers mirror those of a preschool teacher. They put together lesson plans, daily schedules for class, and track the progress of their students. The emotional and social lessons continue to play a large role in this position. By this stage of education, some of these responsibilities become more complex as the students build upon the foundational knowledge they learned in preschool.

There are a few major differences between the two occupations. Preschool tends to take place in one classroom where the students learn, play, rest, and eat. They may move to a lunchroom or an outdoor play area, but kindergarten and elementary school students move around much more in during the day. These students frequently move to different classes for different lessons, head to the lunchroom to eat, go outside for recess, and participate in field trips. A high level of supervision is required of teachers at this stage of schooling. Also, teachers entering this occupation can expect to work at a private or public school. A very small percentage are employed by daycare services.

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Your Gmercyu Path To A Career In Early Childhood Education

All education students at Gwynedd Mercy University enter into the general Education Studies program. After you complete 45 credits and pass the Basic Skills Assessment Test as required by the state Department of Education, you can enter into a teacher certification program to obtain a degree in early and special education. GMercyU students start classroom observations as early as October of your freshman year. In total, youll spend eight semesters in a classroom, providing you with the best resources and faculty members as you work to develop your teaching skills. Youll also have access to the Hobbit House, our on-site, licensed, private academic lab school, giving you real-world experience right here on Main Campus.

Ready To Start Your Journey

Students should consider which child development careers most interest them before enrolling in a program. While a preschool teacher, for instance, may only need an associate or bachelors degree, a child psychologist must possess a doctorate and license to practice in clinical settings. The following table takes a look at median annual salaries for a few child development positions that require an associate or bachelors degree.

Median Annual Salary for Child Development Careers

Job Title

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Cape Cod Community College Career Pathways

The Career Pathways Grant at Cape Cod Community Colleges offers early educators and those new to the field a host of options, including a CDA Plus program, which leads to a nationally recognized early education credential. The CDA can lead to Teacher certification with experience, it can qualify you as a Lead Teacher and is also a steppingstone towards earning your Associates degree in Early Childhood Education. In addition, the grant also pays for courses that students pursue in order to earn a specific EEC credential such as Teacher, Lead Teacher, or Director. Finally, students who are enrolled at CCCC, working on their AS degree or certificate in Early Childhood, also qualify for grant-funded courses. Cape Cod Community College offers a variety of supports to students through the Career Pathways Grant: book vouchers, tutoring, advising, NAEYC memberships, and more.

Learn more about what the Career Pathways Program at Cape Cod Community College offers.

Contact: Leslie Mitrano 774-330-4417

Early Childhood Education Degree Requirements

Child Care & Early Childhood as a path way to PR in Australia

Being an early childhood education teacher is an important job. Youll be charged with building the foundation of the youngest learners all future teachers will build upon the foundation you lay. Because of that, its important that you understand the early childhood education degree requirements in the state in which you plan to work.

In Pennsylvania, all early education teachers in public schools must hold a bachelors degree and state certification. Nonpublic schools, including religiously affiliated schools, have their own degree and certification requirements. These degree requirements are for teachers in pre-kindergarten through fourth grade.

State certifications can vary, but early education teachers in Pennsylvania will need to pass Pearsons Pennsylvania Educator Certification Test Early Learning Modules 1,2 and 3 in order to achieve teacher certification.

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Early Childhood Education Salary Information

As with many professions, early childhood education salary information is dependent upon many factors, including education level, geographic region, and work environment. Below you will find the national median salary information for possible early childhood education careers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:


Job Duties Of Early Childhood Educators

The job duties of early childhood educators are critical to the educational development of children. While the roles may change slightly between employers, the basic tasks and expected job performances are similar. The teacher will be responsible for creating a safe environment, monitoring developmental needs, leading by example, teaching children societal expectations of behavior, guiding emotional development, planning activities, and assisting with socialization and appropriate play.

At all levels, early childhood educators incorporate activities that promote basic skills, such as reading, math, and science. Teachers help to build self-esteem, establish routines, supervise the children, and integrate special needs students when possible.

They must be authoritative figures with the ability to enforce disciplinary action within the policies of their employer. Theyll meet with the parents at least a few times a year to review progress and areas for improvement and they must meet curriculum criteria and the expectations of their direct supervisors in order to receive job incentives or pay raises.

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There Are Many Different Approaches To Early Childhood Education

There are many different philosophies and approaches to early childhood education. Each has its own legion of supporters. Heres a quick rundown of the three most popular ones:

  • Montessori: This approach was created by the first female physician in Italy, Maria Montessori. Maria believed that children want to learn and will do so quickly when placed in the proper environment. The Montessori method teaches kids self-care, math, language, cultural studies and much more.
  • Reggio Emilia: This approach also originated in Italy, back during World War II, and has since become one of the most popular education systems in the world. The method emphasises parental involvement while teaching kids through hands-on experiences and helping them develop relationships with others.
  • Cognitive-Based: This approach teaches children through active exploration of an object-rich environment. It encourages curiosity and problem-solving, while giving kids plenty of opportunities to engage with each other. The cognitive-based philosophy teaches math, science, social studies, creative and language arts, music and more.

Not every early childhood education philosophy fits into one of these three categories. As you start your career in ECE, youll learn more about the various approaches and can determine which suits you best.

There Are A Variety Of Jobs That Can Be Pursued Within Early Childhood Education

Course Structure Early Childhood Education B.A

The field of early childhood education is constantly growing, meaning that the array of opportunities is more extensive for individuals interested in it.

Opting to be an early childhood educator does not necessarily mean that the only career possible is being a preschool or daycare teacher. Some of the jobs that individuals can possibly pursue include being an ECE curriculum developer, educational toy consultant, and family resource worker.

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Child Development Career Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment of preschool teachers will grow by 2% between 2019-2029, adding 13,500 new jobs in the field. Positions for preschool and childcare center directors are projected to grow 1% during that time frame. Available careers for a child development major vary depending on an individuals experience and level of education.

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Want To Become A Teachers Aide

What sort of early childhood education career would you like? Whether youre looking to have direct contact with students and be an integral part of their development, or youd prefer to take on a more corporate or management role directing one or a range of centres, perhaps the education and childcare sector offers a huge variety of positions, and one of them is bound to suit you.

There are plenty of casual and part-time positions for job seekers, making this a great industry for those who live a flexible lifestyle. Some full-time opportunities also exist for those devoted to their career in education. On average, workers in the early education industry work 20 to 38 hours each week, making it a great career if youre looking for a good work/life balance.

In this industry, your employment opportunities include:

  • Childrens Service Area Manager, Director, or Centre Manager
  • Early Childhood Educator

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School Counselor Or Psychologist

Average Salary: $56,310 per yearEducational Requirements: Masters degree in school counseling or related fieldWhere you work: Private, public, charter, and religious-based schools, healthcare and social assistance organizations, other educational services

What does a School Counselor Do?

If youre wondering, what can you do with an early childhood education degree besides teach?, dont worry, there are many job opportunities for you to work with children outside of the classroom. For example, school counselors help students with academic and social skills needed to succeed academically. These are skills not normally taught in a classroom environment, like how to study or manage time effectively. School counselors will meet with students individually or in small groups and identify where they could use some help. They try to identify issues that impede on the academic success of individual students and help remedy those issues. Usually, counselors will collaborate with students, teachers, and parents to solve these problems. Counselors are also tasked with teaching students and staff about sensitive issues like drug abuse and bullying.

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You Have Strong Interpersonal Communication Skills

Early Childhood Education Program at Centennial College

Dr. Zvalo-Martyn says one of the most important qualities good ECE teachers share is the ability to connect with young children and families, helping students learn through relationships. Maintaining an open and encouraging rapport with students and their parents can make all the difference in a childs experience. Its also critical for early childhood educators to communicate with their young students in terms they can easily interpret.

ECE teachers will also have ongoing communication with other teachers, with a schools principal or with a childcare centers administrative team. They may even be in regular contact with a childs speech or behavior therapist when applicable. The ability to effectively communicate whats happening within your classroom, observations youve made or needs you might have can be very helpful.

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Early Childhood Educators Provide Both Education And Child Care

Teachers in high schools, middle schools and upper-level elementary school grades are considered educators, not caregivers. The same cannot be said of those working in early childhood education.

ECE teachers are asked to care for young childrenchange their diapers, feed them, put them down for naps and teach them valuable life skills.

Rewarding Careers In Early Childhood Education

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

Early childhood education offers opportunities to shape the lives of young children and their families with meaningful guidance. This robust field offers a wide range of opportunities in teaching, leadership, administration, business and psychology, with or without an early childhood education degree. In this article, we describe nine careers you can pursue in early childhood education with their average salaries and primary duties.

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Obtain A Bachelors Degree In Early Childhood Education

After earning your high school diploma or GED, your first step in becoming a preschool teacher is enrolling in an early childhood education degree program, with the goal of obtaining at least an associates degree but most likely youll need a bachelors degree. A bachelors degree may be completed in four years, and sometimes less if you take courses over the summer. Classes for preschool teachers will include subjects such as child growth and development, childhood social and emotional development, health and nutrition for young children, and early childhood guidance.

If you have a community college close to home, you might consider completing your core courses there and then transferring to a four-year university known for their education program, and one which also has a state-approved teacher preparation program.

What If I Have A Foreign Degree

Early Childhood Care And Education

Foreign degree transcripts must be evaluated by a service that is a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services or the Association of International Credential Evaluators . For a full member list of evaluation services please visit: www.naces.org/members or www.aice-eval.org/members.

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Why Did You Decide To Pursue A Career In Child Development Was It Something You Were Always Interested In

In college, I was talking with a friend and he shared how he hadn’t been able to read until the fifth grade. I was dumbfounded. By fifth grade, I was knee deep in the “Sweet Valley Twins” and the “Baby-Sitters Club” books. How did he manage to get that far and not know how to read?

What came next was a story that sounded more like a Lifetime channel “movie of the week” than actual reality: overcrowded classrooms, outdated textbooks, and teachers that didn’t care. I decided right then that I wanted to work with children to make sure as many as possible had the same opportunities and experiences that I was fortunate enough to have.

What Will You Study In Early Childhood Education

Early childhood educators need to understand the inner workings of children aged 0 to 8. This means they must study and understand the core aspects of a childs development, learning, and behavior.

They will also learn about the many teaching methods and strategies to connect and engage with a child.

Some of the subjects that early childhood educators will learn during their course include:

  • Child Development.
  • Expression Through Art, Drama, Science & Mathematics.
  • Health, Safety & Nutrition.
  • Professional & Communication Skills.
  • Programme Planning & Implementation.

Some institutions may require students to have a semester of internship or some practical training for hands-on experience working with children at childcare centers, preschools, and kindergartens.

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Who Should Study Early Childhood Education

Despite being a rewarding career, early childhood education is not a job for everyone. Here are some essential qualities if you are keen on working in this field:

  • You love being in the presence of children and are passionate about impacting their lives by helping their development.
  • You are patient when dealing with young children and can be sensitive to their needs.
  • You have strong organizational skills.
  • You can handle numerous tasks at once and deal with the needs of many children simultaneously.
  • You can keep calm when things go wrong and can come up with plans for worst-case scenarios.

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