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What Is The Typical Career Path For A Cosmetologist

24 of The Most Profitable Beauty Business Careers in 2021

Licensed cosmetologists provide services to their clients that help them look and feel their best, according to The High School Graduate. This usually involves working with clients hair, skin and nails. Health and wellness consultations may also be part of a cosmetologists job. A cosmetology degree and license are required for cosmetologists to practice in the United States.

Interested In A Career In Cosmetology

These are only a few of the many career options in beauty. One great benefit of cosmetology is the variety of career choices available to you. If you have a passion for cosmetology and want to work in a growing field, beauty school may be for you! At each of our locations we want to give you an education designed to set you up for success. Lets get in touch about your future cosmetology options!

Skincare Specialist: 11% Job Growth

Jobs for Skin Care Specialists are expected to grow by 11 percent within the next decade. Thats more than double the growth thats expected across all occupations. This trend is based on a few key trends. People are, in general, more interested in a healthier lifestyle that reduces the appearance of aging and promotes relaxation. Theres also a growing demand for new services such as mini facials at a lower cost and mobile facials where specialists visit a home or workplace. Plus, a growing number of men are interested in skin care treatments.

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Movie Makeup And Stylist

Makeup artists and hairstylists work in film and theater productions, and they put together hair and makeup looks for movies and stage productions.

Film makeup is not the same as everyday makeup, so that you may need some extra training, especially for special effects makeup. Also, some hairstyles require some knowledge of the period and trends of that period.

Film makeup is another avenue that requires you to explore your creativity to make the actors look better on TV and stage. You have to work around the bright lights of the set, so you need to know how to manipulate makeup.

The hairstyles also have to be period-specific and suitable for the project youre working in, so you get several opportunities to show off your creativity. Film stylists earn an average of $50,000 to $60,000 per year.

Wedding And Event Stylist

Beauty Therapy Apprenticeships

As a licensed cosmetologist, you can also work as a stylist for special events by freelancing or partnering with an agency that notifies you of work opportunities.

As a freelancer or agency partner, you may work at the following special events:

  • Theatre productions

Event stylists can usually make their own schedule and decide which gigs they work at. Additionally, these jobs can pay more than regular salon jobs depending on the assignment. Having marketing skills can be quite useful to help you land jobs and expand your clientele.

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Cosmetologist Career Outlook In The Us

Despite the slight dip in salary in 2018, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics presents Hairdressers, Hairstylists, and Cosmetologists as a promising career with an expected employment growth rate of 8% over the decade . The following bar-chart of the states with the highest employment level in this occupation would provide an even better idea regarding the scope of this occupation.

This bar-graph puts California at the top as the state with the highest employment level for this occupation in 2018. New York offers the fifth highest level for employment for Hairdressers, Hairstylists, and Cosmetologists.

Five Reasons Why Cosmetology School Is A Great Career Move

Whether you just graduated high school or youre in your 20s or 30s, you may still ask yourself from time to time, what should I do with my life? If youre trying to decide on a career path or if you are considering switching career paths, why not consider cosmetology school?

While beauty school may not be the traditional path for many young individuals, a four-year degree isnt for everyone. A college degree doesnt provide the same opportunities that it used to in terms of learning and finding a high-paying job. By simply doing a little bit of research on cosmetology school requirements and cosmetology school cost, you could get started with a great career that you love.

Here are five reasons why cosmetology school could be a great career move.

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Cosmetologist Salary And Career Outlook

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data from 2018, the nationwide mean yearly salary for cosmetologists is $30,190.

Location can make a difference in salary. Cosmetologists earn the highest annual mean salaries in these five states:

  • District of Columbia: $45,680
  • New Jersey: $37,230
  • Delaware: $35,810

Like state location, the type of company you work for can also have an impact on salary. The BLS reports that the mean salary for cosmetologists working in performing arts companies is a whopping $66,830! Salon managers can earn $43,080 annually. According to payscale.com, the highest-paying chain salons are ULTA salons, Cost Cutters, and Sports Clips.

Its a good time to enter the trade, no matter where you work. O*Net projects cosmetology to experience 10% to 14% job growth between 2016 and 2026which is faster than average compared to the percentage for all other occupations. In some locations projected job growth is much higher.

States with growth of 20% or higher are:

  • California: 20%

Hair Stylist / Hairdresser

Cosmetology – Careers in Focus – Career Connections – WGTE

Hair stylists provide beauty services focused on hair care and styling, including shampooing, cutting, coloring and styling hair, as well as massaging and treating the scalp. Hair stylists and cosmetologists are trained to analyze customer’s hair and other physical features and personalize recommendations for hair styles and beauty treatments to help clients look their best. Hair stylists may also demonstrate and sell hair care products, as well as assist in the management of a salon by making customer appointments and cleaning and sanitizing their work station and tools.

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How Long Does Cosmetology School Take

The field of cosmetology is always growing and there will always be a demand for career opportunities as licensed beauty professionals. If you have a passion for beauty, creativity, and helping others feel confident and beautiful, Cosmetology is the career for you! Get ready to express your…

Different Career Opportunities For Licensed Cosmetologists

You have always had a passion to want to get people to look their best. As youre considering beauty school or maybe youre about to graduate beauty school, youre anxious with what to do with your life after graduation.

Becoming a licensed cosmetologist opens up many career opportunities. The different paths available for certified cosmetologists are many and it can be overwhelming to navigate through them and discover which one is the best fit for you.

Below is a sampling of 11 different career opportunities for licensed cosmetologists:

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Career Paths With A Cosmetology License

If you always loved playing with makeup and hair products, restyling your dolls hair, or playing beauty shop as a kid, chances are your love has followed you into adulthood. Theres something immensely satisfying about helping people create hair, makeup, and nail looks that make them feel beautiful and look as good as they feel. There is a range of other career paths available to those who enter cosmetology school as well. Whether you have a specific one in mind or hope to learn a little bit about every part of the cosmetology industry, the first step is to determine which paths interest you and find a school that offers the right programs.

Ready To Enroll In Cosmetology School

Cosmetology Program

If you want to pursue a cosmetology career, enroll in a program that truly cares about your future success. Vogue College of Cosmetology provides students with an in-depth understanding of cosmetology theory, business skills, and hands-on training. Starting on day one, we prepare our students for the real-world experiences they will face in their future careers.

We invite you to learn more and enroll!

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Career Options For A Cosmetologist

For most people, choosing the right career path is probably one of the most important life decisions they will ever have to make. If you happen to be faced with making that choice right now, you might agree that its one of the most difficult ones. Choosing the right career should definitely be a priority and align with your future goals and your current passions.

If youre a fan of all things beauty-industry related, maybe a future in cosmetology has crossed your mind. But does that mean all hair, all the time? Not necessarily. One of the best things about getting cosmetology training, is that it can take you just about anywhere! And where that is is entirely up to you. To help you get on the path to your future, weve rounded up some of the different career paths that you can pursue with cosmetology training.

Top 8 Career Opportunities For Cosmetologists

If you have been looking for a career that gives you the freedom to choose your own schedule, makes use of your creativity and socialization skills, and allows you to become your own boss, cosmetology may be the right match for you. Elevate your future career by obtaining an education in cosmetology!

According to Chron, while its most common to find a cosmetologist at your salon, they also work in personal care stores, nursing care facilities, and the movie industry. And thats not everything a cosmetologist can do. Check out some of these top careers for licensed cosmetologists!

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Artistic Director For Salons Or Brands

These are the pros who lead the creative direction, imagery, and vision of a beauty company. They come up with hairstyles, colors, and techniques they predict will be on trend for the coming season, so its imperative that artistic directors are fashion-forward, inventive, and bold. They also need the skills to execute these looks, document them , and be able to teach them . These personality types are very trend-conscious, good communicators, and can multi-task with the best of them.

What Does A Cosmetologist Do

Is Cosmetology School Worth It?

Cosmetology is the art and science of beauty care. A cosmetologist is an expert in beautifying the hair, skin and nails. Branches of specialty include hairstyling, skin care, nail care, and hair removal, artist, expert in applying cosmetic procedures and skin care, and many more! Licensed…

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Corporate Trainers Or Instructors

The main role of a corporate trainer or instructor is to train and teach employees in a corporate setting. A corporate trainer is a teacher who offers education and training to employees to help them gain the required knowledge about the field. They help ensure that the employees have all the knowledge and skills they need to successfully complete their jobs.

On average, acorporate trainer earns about $63,088 per year.

Why Become A Cosmetologist

If you are someone who likes working with people and have an interest in hair and beauty, this could be an amazing career choice for you. Cosmetologists are just about always in demand, though there are many more options in urban areas where the number of people who can reach you will be higher. Regardless of the economy, people will often find the funds for a haircut or manicure. As a cosmetologist, you can work anywhere you choose since they are needed everywhere. Depending on your work environment, you can often set your own hours and choose your clients. And the salaries of a cosmetologists can be quite competitive, especially if you work in an environment that pays an hourly rate plus tips and bonuses for upselling products to your clients.

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Highest Paying Jobs In Cosmetology

Cosmetology is a vast industry with various job opportunities, such as hairdressers, hair stylists, beauticians, skin care specialists, nail technicians, and estheticians. The scope for career possibilities in the beauty industry is vast and close to never-ending.

When you consider a career path, it is important to be aware of the job opportunities in that industry and the highest-paying jobs you can possibly get. Lets discuss some of the highest-paying jobs in cosmetology in the US.

  • Skincare Specialist.
  • Theatrical and Performance Makeup Artist.
  • Beauty Copywriter.
  • Image Stylist or Consultant.

Cosmetology Career Paths In California

Looking for a new career path? Our program is more than just teaching ...

by Oozle Media | May 24, 2021 | Under Cosmetology, Infographic

If you love hair and makeup, a career in cosmetology could be the perfect future for you to pursue! In California, there are plenty of amazing career paths for licensed cosmetologists that go beyond just hair stylist or nail technician. From working in the film industry to starting your own business, find out some of the options that could be available to you after graduation.

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Different Careers In Cosmetology

Cosmetologists help people improve their appearance. In the beauty industry, different types of professions fall under the term cosmetology. These occupations include hairstylists, nail technicians barbers, estheticians and makeup artists. Every state requires cosmetologists to graduate from a state-approved cosmetology school as a prerequisite to obtain a cosmetology license. Job opportunities are expected to grow 20 percent between 2008 and 2018, which is faster than the average of all occupations, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Stylist For Film & Theater

Getting actors ready for scenes in front of a TV or film camera is different than getting them ready for the stage, but the concept is the same: you have to transform people into the characters theyre playing. This sometimes involves doing research into hair and makeup looks from the past, and always involves being skilled in using a wide variety of products and techniques to totally alter someones appearance. Styling for theater involves knowing how to create looks that hold up to bright stage lights and that can be seen from the back row. Film and theater stylists have to be extremely versatile, creative, and willing to do their homework, and must be able to work long hours on all-day shoots or back-to-back performances.

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Salon Owner Or Manager

This is a great role for cosmetologists who are interested in running a company and leading a team. Though a good head for business and leadership qualities are essential for this job, these are skills that can be taught. What cant be taught is the perseverance, people skills, fortitude, and work ethic it takes to run the show from overseeing a training program to managing retail inventory to making sure that salon guests are happy and motivated to come back.

Theatrical And Performance Makeup Artists

Ogle School – Career Paths

Theatrical and Performance Makeup Artist are makeup artists who work backstage at a performance theater or on movie sets. They do the makeup of the performer.

Theatrical and performance makeup artists use cosmetics and prosthetics to enhance the performers appearance and create a unique makeup look for different roles. These makeup artists work on developing a design for a characters look based on the storyline, setting, and time period of the performance.

On average, atheatrical and performance makeup artist in the US earns around $134,740 per year. The salary ranges between $38,070 being the lowest and $172,150 being the highest salary earned by theatrical and performance makeup artists in the US.

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Runway Makeup And Hairstylist

Runway stylists are responsible for the bold, creative looks we see every season on catwalks around the world.

Working as a runway stylist is a lot of work, and it requires you to be on top of the latest trends and set some trends yourself.

But, it is a very satisfying job that gives you a platform to explore your style and creativity.

Fashion shows are always hectic and filled with action and a lot of running around, so you need to keep that in mind and prepare yourself for the ever-changing looks.

You can work as a makeup artist, hairstylist, or both. As a runway makeup artist, you would need to create unique looks for every designer, model, or outfit. So, you need to think fast so you can keep up with the constant energy. Runway artists constantly fly around the world for fashion shows when theyre worth their salt, so it involves some luxury and glam.

Runway makeup artists, on the other hand, put together lovely makeup looks to go with the gorgeous outfits from the pieces in the collection for every model.

Since runway work is seasonal, many runway stylists do editorial work or run their own businesses in between. As a runway artist, you can expect to earn from $20,000 to above $100,000 per annum from a well-known stylist.

Exciting Career Paths In The Cosmetology Industry

The cosmetology industry has all sorts of opportunities for people who are interested in joining it. Once youve graduated and are brand-new to the cosmetology industry, you should consider the type of job thats the best fit for you.

The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities and positions available, and if you know what each position is like, you can create a path to success for the specific position youre most interested in. Here are five cosmetology positions that you might be interested in pursuing, along with the type of work involved, and who might love doing them.

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What Are The Various Career Options For Licensed Cosmetologists

Medical sciences have evolved, and different specializations have found their niche. Cosmetologists are becoming increasingly popular as people grow more conscious of their appearances and want to address all kinds of issues that their skin and hair might face.

Cosmetology is a mixture of science and art where people learn how to improve skin quality, nails, and hair. Cosmetologists are known for performing different cosmetic procedures that either enhance your appeal or solve some of the skin problems you might be facing.

Today, several certified institutions provide different courses in cosmetology. Licensed cosmetologists have various career opportunities opening up for them. After completing a cosmetology course, you become licensed to perform cosmetological procedures on those who need your services.

This blog will look at some of the career opportunities available for licensed cosmetologists. Read on to know more!

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