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According To The Law There Are Three Levels Of Sexual Assault Charges Which Increase In Severity:

College & Career Counseling — Mountain View High School
  • A person may be charged with sexual assault if:
  • you were forced to kiss, fondle or have sexual intercourse, or if they kissed, touched or used objects in a sexual way without your consent
  • A person may be charged with sexual assault with a weapon, sexual assault while threatening bodily harm to a third party or sexual assault causing bodily harm if:
  • they used or threatened to use a weapon
  • they threatened to harm someone else, for instance your child
  • they physically hurt you
    • changes in how you feel about sex and intimacy
    • shifts in assumptions about your safety in the world

    Sexual Assault / Domestic Violence Care Centre

    Due to Covid-19 restrictions, mobility of the SA/DVCC Team may be limited. Please call 416-323-6040 to speak directly with a nurse who can assist with your care.

    Womens College Hospital does not have an Emergency Department. If you require acute/emergency care or assessment by a physician, please visit one of these 7 mobile sites. Once you have arrived and received medical clearance, our team will be contacted to arrange your further care.

    The Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Care Centre is a comprehensive service that assists women, men, and trans people, over the age of 14, who are victims/survivors of sexual assault and domestic/intimate partner violence. For sexual assault pertaining to children or youth under 14, please contact the Suspected Child Abuse and NEglect program at 416-813-6275

    Delaware County Community College

    Delaware County Community College

    144 full-time 658 part-time

    Delaware County Community College is a publiccommunity college with campuses and facilities throughout Delaware and Chester Counties in Pennsylvania. DCCC was founded in 1967 and is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The college offers 53 associate degree programs and 43 certificate programs at nine different locations.

    DCCC’s athletic teams compete in Division III of the National Junior College Athletic Association and are members of the Eastern Pennsylvania Athletic Conference. They are collectively known as the Phantoms and have won two men’s basketball championships.

    In 2021, DCCC was named a Center of Excellence for Domestic Maritime Workforce Training and Education for preparing students for U.S. maritime industry careers.

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    English As A Second Language Programs And Services: Academic Preparation

    The ESL program and services provide students who speak English as a Second Language with the opportunity to improve their English language skills so that they are better prepared for the College’s educational programs. In addition, a few College courses are offered specifically for ESL students. Classroom instruction is supplemented by small group workshops, tutoring, academic advising, individual counseling and counseling workshops.

    The overall goal of the program and services is to assist you in improving your English language abilities to the degree that will lead not only to success in the College’s academic and career programs, but also to effective participation in the community at large. For more information about ESL, please call 215-751-8867.

    Advance At College Dual Enrollment

    Apply for DCCC

    The Advance at College program offers motivated and academically-talented 11th and 12th grade Philadelphia students the opportunity to take developmental and/or college-level courses while still attending high school and seeks to facilitate a successful transition from high school to college. General College fees are waived for students in the program. Advance at College students are not eligible for financial aid. A special admissions application must be completed and signed by either “the” or “a” parent/guardian and school principal. Entrance into the program is determined by the College’s placement test. Tuition is discounted for Advance at College students. For more information about Advance at College, please call 215-751-8585 or visit us online.

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    The Following Suggestions Are Referred To As Grounding Strategies:

  • Get out of the panic-evoking situation if you need to and if possible.
  • Breathe deep breaths through your nose increases the air flow to your lungs and helps reduce your heart rate and panic reaction. Exhale slowly through your mouth.
  • Dont try to control or fight your reactions accept them and ride them out reminding yourself that the panic is not dangerous and will pass.
  • Move around or engage in physical activity.
  • Focus on simple objects around you. Many people find it helpful to go through a sequence whereby they identify five things they can see, five things they can hear, five things they can smell, and continue through this process until the panic subsides.
  • Touch the floor, the physical objects around you, or ground yourself in some other way, i.e. plant your feet on the floor,
  • Remind yourself of the current time and date, your age
  • If you are in a place where you can do so, discharge your tension by pounding your fists, venting your anger, or crying.
  • Breathe slowly and regularly through your nose to reduce possible hyperventilation.
  • Use positive self-talk in conjunction with slow breathing.
  • Ask yourself, What is the most supportive thing I could do for myself right now?
  • Experiment with different coping strategies when you feel panic reactions progressing. Over time you will learn which strategies work best for you.
  • High School Equivalency Program

    Classes are designed to help prepare students for the HiSET and/or GED ® exams. You must be at least 18 years of age and not enrolled in high school to enroll in the HSE program. The classes emphasize the reading, writing and math skills necessary to successfully earn a high school equivalency credential. HiSET is a trademark of Educational Testing Service . GED is a trademark of GED Testing Service. For more information, please visit the HSE website email adultliteracy@ccp.edu or call 215-751-8531. Updates are also available on the HSE hotline at 215-751-8376.

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    There Is No Consent When:

    • A person expresses by words, gestures, conduct or any other means, a lack of agreement to engage in sexual activity
    • A person having consented to engage in consensual activity, expresses a lack of agreement to continue in the activity
    • One person submits to sexual activity because the accused threatens or uses force
    • One person submits to sexual activity because the accused threatens or uses force against a third person
    • Lies are used to obtain consensual sexual activity
    • A third party says yes for someone
    • A person engages in sexual activity because an accused has abused a position of trust, power and authority
    • The accused is a blood relative
    • One person is under 14 and the other more than two years older
    • Both people are under 14 with less than two years between them, but the older person is in a position of trust or dependency
    • One person is 14, 15, 16, 17 and the older person is in a position of trust or authority.

    Trio Student Support Services

    Career Talk: Spotlight on School Psychology & Counseling Psychology

    TRiO Student Support Services at Community College of Philadelphia is one of a number of educational support programs located in the Educational Support Services Division. Comprehensive services are available to low-income, first generation college students and students with disabilities. Resources are provided to support students’ graduation and/or transfer from the College to four-year colleges and universities to receive baccalaureate degrees. The TRiO SSS mission ensures this outcome by increasing retention and graduation rates that facilitate this goal. For information about TRIO Upward Bound and eligibility requirements, please call 215-751-8532 or visit us online.

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    Dccc Offers Students Several Resources To Help Them Succeed

    DCCC offers many services to help students get a better education, which can be beneficial on college transfer applications, job applications, and more.

    But most students do not know what the college offers. Three departments that help students make the most of their education are Career and Counseling, Campus Life and Student Employment and Co- Op Services.

    Career and Counseling Center

    The career and Counseling Center, located in Room 1325, helps keep students on task by offering specific plans, workshops, seminars and other activities to help students achieve their goals for success.

    The Career and Counseling Center is a place where students can come to get help reaching their educational goals, said Christine Doyle, director of the Career and Counseling Center. Our mission is really to do what we can so that students can be successful both here at Delaware County Community College and beyond.

    Appointments can be made at the Career and Counseling Center for transferring, scheduling new classes, and overall mentoring for collegiate success.

    They really helped me when I changed my major from communications to education, said student Amanda McMaster. It helped me find out more closely what career I can have when I graduate.

    This semester the Career and Counseling Center has many transfer fairs to help students meet representatives from area colleges and universities, such as Widener, Temple, West Chester and more.

    Campus Life

    Following Are Suggestions That Have Been Recommended To Help Improve Both The Quality And Amount Of Your Sleep:

  • Exercise during the day, preferably in the late afternoon before dinner. Aerobic exercise is better, but 45 minutes to an hour of brisk walking is helpful.
  • Go to bed and get up at regular times, even if youre tired in the morning. Dont vary your time of going to bed, or getting up.
  • Dont try to make yourself sleep. If youre unable to fall asleep after 20-30 minutes in bed, leave or engage in some relaxing activity , and do not return to bed until you are sleepy.
  • Avoid heavy meals before bedtime, or going to bed hungry .
  • Avoid heavy alcohol consumption before bedtime.
  • Turn yourself down during the last hour or two of the day. Avoid vigorous physical or mental activity, emotional upsets, and so on.
  • Reduce caffeine and nicotine consumption as much as possible. If you must have coffee, have it early in the day.
  • Instead of prescription drugs, try natural supplements that foster sleep.
  • Develop a sleep ritual before bedtime. This is some activity you do every night before you get into bed. A hot shower or bath before bedtime may help you relax.
  • For relaxing tense muscles or a racing mind, use deep relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation or guided visualization.
  • Avoid napping during the day.
  • Dont let yourself be afraid of insomnia. Work on accepting those nights when you dont sleep as well. You can still function the next day, even if you had only a couple of hours of sleep. The less you fight, resist or fear sleeplessness, the more it will tend to go away.
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    Lifelong Learning Programs And Workshops

    The College’s lifelong learning programs include an array of workshops and classes designed to enhance an individual’s experience and skills in various areas of interest. The variety of classes offered gives community members options to enhance their social development and personal enrichment. For more information, email adultliteracy@ccp.edu or call 215-751-8531.

    What Can You Expect At Your First Appointment

  • Please allocate 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete intake paperwork. This information will help your counselor prepare for the session.
  • Your counselor will explain their commitment to confidentiality along with exceptions to confidentiality.
  • The first meeting will primarily be an information gathering session, so that you and your counselor can decide the best way to assist you with your concerns.
  • You can anticipate being asked to share information about the reason for your visit, history, as well as goals for counseling.
  • The session will last 45-50 minutes.
  • Many people experience some initial relief as they begin the process of counseling. However, it is not uncommon to experience some uncertainty, especially if you are going to counseling for the first time.
  • Your counselor might suggest options for individual counseling, group counseling, and additional resources, both on and off campus.
  • To maximize your time, we ask that your limit the use of phones or other devices during the session.
  • If you are unable to attend your appointment, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible so that we might open that time for another student.
  • If you miss more than three appointments, without calling to cancel or reschedule, you will need to communicate with the Director of Counseling and Career Services before scheduling an additional appointment.
  • Understanding that you are not alone in your thoughts and concerns
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    Degree & Certificate Programs At Regional Centers

    The three Regional Centers provide a convenient entrée to all of the College’s degree and certificate programs. In conjunction with online course offerings, the Regional Centers offer you the added advantage of taking all of the courses needed to satisfy the requirements for 15 degree and certificate programs.

    Full degree/certificate options available at the Regional Centers include the following:

    Alliance For Minority Participation

    The Alliance for Minority Participation is a consortium of institutions in the Greater Philadelphia area with the shared mission of increasing the number of under-represented minority students receiving degrees in Science, Engineering and Mathematics. The College’s specific role is to advise and encourage you to transfer to other AMP institutions where you may ultimately earn baccalaureate degrees. Services and activities include specialized advising, book stipends and research. For more information about AMP, please contact Linda Powell.

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    Here Are Some Suggestions As To How You Can Be Supportive:

    • listen to her/him without judgment
    • support her/his decisions in every way possible
    • help her/him find the resources and support they may need
    • recognize your feelings separate from theirs
    • realize your own limitations, take time out for self care when you need it
    • you may find yourself wanting to make decisions for your loved one, but it is important that you allow them to take time out for self care when they need it
    • avoid asking why questions and reinforce the fact that the sexual assault was not their fault
    • be patient with them as they struggle to come to terms with the assault
    • acknowledge and validate whatever they are feeling and their need to express those feelings, avoid telling them how you think they should be reacting.

    Office Of Workforce Development

    The Counseling Department- Tips for Success


    The Office of Workforce Development is a PA CareerLink® Partner that works in collaboration with other county and state agencies to provide workforce development programs in accordance with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014.

    Administrative Office: Hours of operation 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Mon.-Fri.

    Two conveniently located PACareerLink® customer service centers are available.

    701 Crosby St., Suite B Chester, PA 19013 901 S. Media Line Road Media, PA 19063

    Delaware County Workforce Development Board The Delaware County Workforce Development Board is a business-led Board that works in partnership with County Council. Our goal is to make sure that Delaware County has a dynamic and high-quality workforce. We do this by working with businesses to improve the skill levels of all current and potential workers. Please visit the DCWDB site at:

    The Delaware County Workforce Development Board was established through the Federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act This legislation was enacted in July of 2014 and authorizes Workforce Development Boards to establish goals for workforce programs in their local communities. Local Boards are also expected to set standards that will improve the quality of programs and services. Because it is a business-led Board, it is expected to bring best business practices to government programs and services.


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    The Liberal Arts Curriculum Honors Option

    This degree program provides rich academic experiences to qualified students. The curriculum encourages you to be self-reflective about your own intellectual processes and to become more aware of the requirements of academic discourse in the humanities and social sciences. For additional information, please refer to the degree program information or contact the coordinator, Dr. Sarah Iepson at siepson@ccp.edu.

    Specialized Honors courses in a variety of disciplines including Art, English, Earth Science, History, Humanities, Interdisciplinary Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology offer students challenging activities and additional research opportunities. For additional information, contact the coordinator, Dr. Sarah Iepson at siepson@ccp.edu.

    Students with a strong background in science are invited to participate in special honors sections of general Chemistry coursework. Interested students may contact the chair of the Chemistry Department at 215-751-8416 for additional information.

    Community Colleges Offer Mental Health Support During Covid

    Most individuals have already or will experience emotional discomfort, increased anxiety or worse in response to the rapid spread of COVID-19 and the disruption to peoples lives. Grief at missing out on experiences, frustration and uncertainty are normal reactions to an event as unsettling as a worldwide pandemic. The situation is new and unpredictable.

    Remember: It is okay to not be okay. The National College Health Assessment indicates that around one in four students have a diagnosable mental illness, while a much greater proportion report feeling overwhelmed or very lonely .

    Recognizing the unique challenges of these unprecedented times, Pennsylvania community colleges are offering support to students, faculty and others through their mental health services. Below are some of the ways community colleges are reconfiguring these previously in-person services to meet student needs:

    Community College of Allegheny County

    The Community College of Allegheny County created a COVID-19 student resource webpage to provide students with a singular location to access both internal and external resources.

    The colleges counseling department offers students individual video counseling sessions as well as group engagement opportunities. Students also have access to counselors via email at . Faculty are encouraged to refer students struggling with the remote learning environment to the appropriate resource.

    Community College of Beaver County

    Bucks County Community College

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    Check Your Application Status

    You will receive an email within 48 hours of submitting your application. This email will detail instructions to activate your SJU Admission Account. Please add to your email address book to ensure you receive important emails from our office.

    On this account, you can track the status of your required documents, request changes to your application and view your decision letter.

    If you do not receive this email or cannot access your account, call .

    Already activated your account? Click here to check your application status.

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