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My Life As A City Driver

Country music legend Luke Bryan discusses latest projects and personal life | Nightline

Jaret Holmes left a job in an office-like setting for a career that allowed him to be more active and see different scenery every day. He learned to drive a commercial vehicle safely and earned the necessary driving endorsements through a program offered by his new employer.

Driving safely is important, Jaret says, and successful drivers need to be aware of their surroundings and environment. See why having a safety mindset is important to employers in a variety of settings.

Below Are A Selection Of Video Case Studies Showing People Who Work In A Range Of Roles In The Nuclear Sector

You can either play the videos direct from this page or click on the title for more information.

Apprentice – EDF Energy – Day In The Life

A day in the life of an EDF Energy apprentice Quantity Surveyor, helping to build Hinkley Point C nuclear power station

Controls Engineer, Nuclear – Rolls-Royce

A Controls Engineer at Rolls-Royce talks about his career and how he transferred to nuclear from the aerospace industry

A Career In The Nuclear Industry – Rolls-Royce

A number of people working in the nuclear industry at Rolls-Royce talk about their careers

Engineering Careers In The Nuclear Sector at EDF Energy

A number of people at EDF Energy talk about their careers in the nuclear sector

Day In The Life: Simone Smith

Welcome to our Day in the Life blog series. Each month we interview a colleague from the product and engineering department to reflect on their career and experiences at the Guardian

Simone has had a very interesting career journey, from foreign languages to coding languages, a maternity leave, a promotion and countless important projects. She details how hard work and diversity within her role has kept her at the Guardian for the last four years and shares some very insightful advice to her younger self.

Did you always have an interest in software development from a young age?

Not at all! At school and university I was particularly interested in music and foreign languages , and then worked in publishing at a foreign rights agency for seven years. It wasnt until I was in my late twenties that I first started taking some online coding courses, which quickly showed me that this was something I really enjoyed and wanted to pursue.

How did you end up working for the Guardian?

How has your career progressed/changed in your time at the Guardian?

How did you find working remotely?

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Try It Before You Major In It

You probably try on shoes and clothes before you buy them, right? I like to make sure my stuff fits me well and looks good on me, so I do!

While we try things on such as our clothing, which we only wear for a few hours at the most, I find it odd that we do not do the same for potential career choices things we must wear for decades!

While YouTube abounds with videos of STEM professionals, most of them are nothing more than a person talking about their job, interview style. While it is useful to hear a STEM professional talk about what he or she does every day, I find it much more powerful to actually see what they do on a daily basis. To know whether or not I am going to like something, I need to see it clothes and careers included! Below are my top picks for Day in the Life video collections of real STEM professionals actually doing STEM !

Six Steps Of Informational Interviewing

A Dental Lab Technician

Research Career Fields

Identify people to interview

  • Pursue your own contacts. People you already know, even if they aren’t in fields of interest to you, can lead you to people who are. This includes family, friends, teaching assistants, professors and former employers.
  • Identify Cal alumni to contact they often take a special interest in “giving back” to Cal students. Utilize the Berkeley Career Network and to find them.
  • Review the Book of Lists, a directory of leading employers in major urban areas, available at the Thomas J. Long Business Library.

Real-Life Example: Finding a Person to InterviewLucy had become interested in marketing but wasn’t sure how to find people in the field to talk to. She had worked as a clerk/typist in the payroll office of University Extension for several years.

She mentioned her career interest to her supervisor, who pointed out that Extension had a marketing department and that she’d be happy to introduce her to the director. This “right in your own back yard” referral led to a great informational interview and lots of other contacts.

Prepare for the interview

Conduct the informational interview

Note: You can bring a resume, but dont take it out right away or your interviewee may think you are actually fishing for a job. At some point you may wish to ask for input about it, but first establish a comfortable rapport with the person.


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What About Crunch Time

Thats what a typical workday looks like at a typical game studio. But what about a non-typical day? What about that stereotype of 90-hour work weeks, where does that come from?

The fact is that many game studios do have what we call crunch-time. Its when a project is getting close to being completed, but its actually running behind game schedule, and the game developers are expected to work overtime to get everything finished. That can mean working late nights and even working all weekend long, whatever it takes to get a job done.

If the crunch-time is short, like maybe just for a week or two, its not too bad. The work life of a game developer is generally comfortable, so a little bit of overtime in short bursts is pretty easy to swallow. But when it goes on for too longfor weeks or even for monthsthats when it starts to cause problems with the developers health and personal life. That does happen sometimes at some game studios, and thats where the bad stereotypes come from. Theyre partially true.

I spoke more about work-life balance in episode three of the podcast. So you can go back and listen episode three if youd like more information about crunch-time.

Advanced Technology And Elbow Grease Keep Houston Moving

Houstons economy has strong demand for skilled workers in its transportation and transportation service sectors. There are more than 212,400 area residents who work in the transportation and material moving sector. Also, Houston residents own or rent more than 1.3 million vehicles which require ongoing maintenance and service. Employers and consumers, alike, place great importance on finding high-quality mechanics to service their vehicles.

With Greater Houstons ports and its distribution centers, goods and materials are moved in, out and across Houston every day. Whether its food for hotels, hospitals, or schools or its building materials for construction projects or its goods arriving by ship Houston needs to move things.

Professionals who drive tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles are critical to their customers operations, which could include hospitals, construction companies, schools, or manufacturing facilities. As an automotive technician, you could keep people and goods moving by road, through inspecting, maintaining and repairing cars and light trucks. Every day is different, offering the opportunity to solve puzzlesoften without physical clues, like a knocking engine bearing or vibrating axle shaft.

A transportation career could be right for you if you enjoy solving problems, using technology, or meeting new people, as well as if you appreciate variety in your day, and like technologically brilliant vehicles.

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Day In The Life Videos Real Stem Professionals In Action Jobs: The YouTube channel has hundreds of engaging videos that show what real US government workers do in a wide variety of STEM fields. Interestingly, Day in the Life videos here are curated according to the main job function such as protecting America, tackling complex problems, and serving America.

ConnectEd: ConnectEd has a comprehensive library of interactive day in the life videos for a wide variety of STEM careers. Check out their playlists for curated videos according to your field of interest, such as biomedical and health professions, engineering, or public service.

CareerPlayer: CareerPlayer features many STEM jobs, with emphasis on math and technology careers. While some of the videos are interview style, they often feature on the job footage as opposed to a talking head the entire time.

TIP: When browsing through YouTube day in the life videos, choose the videos that have a cover image of what looks to be a worker in action. Those with cover images of a person talking are usually just that a person talking!

The above resources provide excellent starting points to see real STEM professionals in action. To truly know whether or not a career is right for you, it is important to fully understand what that person actually does. As myself and millions of other Americans often find out, what we thought we wanted to be was not what we thought it would be! And the sooner you figure that out, the happier you will be So get YouTubing!

A Typical Day Overall

A Day in the life: Industrial Engineer Career

But overall, working at a game studio is very comfortable compared to many other jobs, even compared to other white-collar office jobs.

Game developers are generally a fun, pop-culture loving group of people and they bring that sense of fun into the office. Thats why youre definitely going to find action figures, LEGOs, Nerf guns, remote-controlled drones, and other toys for grown-ups in any game studio you walk into. Its how the relatively well-paid game developers express their interests, and how they blow off steam during crunch-time.

I hope that gives you a good sense of what its like to live a day in the life of a video game developer. Thanks to Mpho for the question, and thank you for spending a few minutes with me today. It was fun.

Please help me spread the word about this podcast by sharing with a friend. For more information and inspiration on getting and growing your job making video games, come and visit me at Im Jason W. Bay and I will see you again next week right here on the Game Industry Career Guide podcast.

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My Life As An Automotive Technician

Stephanie Edwards understands that when parents tell children to go to college, its not so much about the college, she said. Its about wanting their child to have a good and successful life You can absolutely do that with a technical school education.

Stephanie solves problems to identify or address issues with the vehicles she services. Learn what else problem solving means and why its a skill employers value.

Benefits Of Informational Interviewing

  • Get firsthand, relevant information about the realities of working within a particular field, industry or position.
  • Find out about career paths you did not know existed.
  • Get tips and insider knowledge about how to prepare for and land your first career position.
  • Learn what its like to work at a specific organization.
  • Initiate a professional relationship and expand your network of contacts in a specific career field meet people who may forward job leads to you in the future.

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Are You Looking For A Green Job

  • Look at our Green Jobs board to see available opportunities.
  • Take our Green Jobs quiz to match your personality to the career pathways best suited to you.

A Day in the Life of a Woodlands Supervisor

PLT Canada / APLA Canada315 viewsSeptember 21, 2020 12:03 pm

As a Harvesting Supervisor for Tolko Industries Ltd in Meadow Lake, SK, Shannons job includes supervising harvesting operations, sourcing wood for the mill, as well as coordinating and supervising silviculture work.

A Day in the Life of a Senior Wildlife Biologist

PLT Canada / APLA Canada1.7K viewsAugust 25, 2020 10:37 am

Laura is a Professional Biologist with the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists and works out of Hinton, Alberta. In her role with West Fraser she provides training and develops decision-support tools for staff on environmental management and beneficial management practices. Working alongside local stakeholders and interest groups, Laura has been a part of major fish habitat restoration programs and collaborations since arriving in Alberta in 2014.Curious as to what someone with a Wildlife Biologist job does? Check out our career factsheet worksheet to see average salary, education paths, and more info: on Twitter: on LinkedIn:…

A Day in the Life of a Indigenous Opportunities and Government Relations Manager

PLT Canada / APLA Canada245 viewsNovember 10, 2020 1:16 pm

Learn About The Skills And Abilities Employers Are Looking For In Job Candidates

9 Inspiring Day

Each video also includes examples of careers that require the skills or abilities discussed.

Select Español to translate video transcripts and other content into Spanish. The audio will remain in English.

For information about jobs, training, career resources, or unemployment benefits call: For help using the CareerOneStop website:

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Solutions Center Careers At Nationwide

At Nationwide, our solutions centers provide extraordinary care to our customers. This team is often the first group our members come into contact with, and they play a critical role in times of need. Hear from our associates on what it means to serve in these roles and what makes Nationwide so special.

Create Day In The Life Career Videos

Budget $30-250 CAD

Hi. I am looking for videographers to create new, original videos of people in their day to day work for my website This could continue on an ongoing basis if you produce quality work, as there are hundreds of different jobs! I am looking for videos lasting between two and fifteen minutes. The videos would need to include the person at their workplace performing their tasks, and them talking about what they do on a typical work day , and their opinion on the work that they do. The interviewee would need to provide permission for their video to be used on my site and on my YouTube channel and I would need to have the rights to exclusively use the video under my branding, with my logo as an introduction. I am looking for freelancers in any English speaking country. Payment would be per video

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Duncan Aviation Day In The Life Video Series And Upcoming Lincoln Career Fair Give Glimpse Of Company Culture

LINCOLN, NEB. Duncan Aviation is sharing the companys employment culture through the release of a new video series and a local company career fair at its Lincoln, Nebraska, location.

The Video Series Installment 1The video series, titled A Day in the Life, gives viewers a glimpse of what its like working at Duncan Aviation. In the episodes, Duncan Aviation team members from across the company discuss their backgrounds, what a typical day looks like, their job duties, and why others should consider joining the team at Duncan Aviation.

Watch now:

Featured in the first three-part video installment of the series are Airframe Tech Hunter Borah, Airframe Lead Tech Brandon Husted, and Airframe Lead Tech Max Mcelroy.

Additional installments that highlight other career opportunities, different departments and positions, and other locations will be added periodically.

Duncan Aviation Career Fair Lincoln, Nebraska

For those interested in an aviation career or a career with Duncan Aviation, the company will host a career fair at its full-service facility in Lincoln, Nebraska, on Wednesday, August 3, from 9 am-Noon and 5-7 pm. Representatives will be available from several departments, including Design, Information Technology, Facilities, Shipping/Receiving, Paint, Customer Service, Fuel/Line Services, Engine, Avionics and Airframe to give tours and provide more information about careers at Duncan Aviation.

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