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Career Advisement And Development

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Each Colorado learner deserves the opportunity to explore career options and receive guidance in planning for their future careers. Career advisement and development should be a systemic process that starts with a broad understanding of what work is and what is required to be successful in a career. It should narrow as learners move through middle school, secondary, and postsecondary education. A systems approach that brings together advisors, CTE instructors, and community members is most effective and allows for the alignment of activities that can build throughout a learners education experience. Find out more in the PWR Practices section.

Career And Technical Education

Welcome to the Colorado River BOCES Career and Technical Education Page. In an effort to expand current offerings within our BOCES and join member districts in an effort to work towards a regional CTE Center, information about the work and discussions will be updated on this page often.

The CTE program is managed by Dr. Scott Cooper, the CRBOCES CTE Director. Joining Scott is our CTE up valley coordinator, Michael Lowe.

Some of the presentations we have been giving to regional school boards and the needs assessment that was conducted can be found in the files below.

  • Regionalized Needs Assessment for Precision Education

Middle School Cte Andace Programming

  • With Career Education in mind, Middle School CTE programs are exploratory in nature, focused on connection to career possibilities and assist students to obtain connection to self, while experiencing an all encompassing wheel of career cluster exposure.
  • Alternative Cooperative Education Career & Technical Education is a multi-occupational pathway that facilitates individualized, developmentally appropriate programming necessary to support CTE students successfully.

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Agriculture Food & Natural Resources

Popular Careers: Agricultural Inspector, Agronomist, Wildlife Administrator

Agriculture, food, & natural resources teaches CTE students about how human life is sustained around the world.

This allows graduates to pursue a wide range of careers, as agriculture is an enormous field.

These students can go on to become farmers themselves but thats only the most obvious career. They can also work as inspectors, lab technicians, administrators, and researchers.

Depending on the work environment a CTE student enjoys, they can really do anything their heart desires with an agriculture background.

Do they want to work outside? Theres plenty of hands-on, clear-skies work that needs done around the United States.

Do they prefer the indoors? Laboratories constantly test different parts of agriculture like soil and building emissions for compliance.

The wide-ranging field of agriculture is a great choice for any CTE student. It may not be for everyone, but its a solid career path.

Colorado Strategic Cte Visioning Process

Colorado Association for Career and Technical Education

Colorado CTE recently developed a state strategic vision and plan for career and technical education that considers our unique landscape and opportunities over the next five years. The plan will help us ensure we are providing learners access to quality CTE programs that are aligned to industry demand and lead to high wage, high skill, in-demand employment. As part of that process, we have been hosting opportunities for public and stakeholder feedback around the state on a variety of topics. For more information, please visit our CTE Vision page.

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Transportation Distribution & Logistics

Popular Careers: Logistics Planner, Distribution Manager, Transportations Analyst

Transportation, distribution, & logistics deals with the foundation of the world economy moving and tracking inventory from Point A to Point B.

Logistics is a notoriously detailed industry that requires someone with a keen eye for organization.

Thats difficult to find in todays job market. Fortunately, that means CTE students who specialize in logistics have plenty of career opportunities in almost every area of the United States.

Trucking, shipping, and storage all fall under the umbrella of this CTE specialty. As a result, any company that needs to track inventory will always need transportation, distribution, & logistics specialists.

During CTE, these students get hands-on experience with tracking systems, identification technologies, and scheduling practices to ensure companies can run smoothly.

Tracking systems are especially important, and some students may even spend time with radio frequency identification practices and back-end systems management.

But on the whole, these CTE graduates work to keep the trains running on time.

Mchs Is Part Of Colorado’s Cte Initiatives

To learn more about Career and Technical Education and how it these programs are engaging and preparing our students across Colorado, check out the video below. MCHS is proud to offer the largest number of CTE programs in our region and to be a part of this statewide initiative.

Montezuma-Cortez High School offers Career and Technical Education which includes Agriculture, Art , ACE , Catering and Theater Technology which prepares young adults for their future careers. The CTE programs are available to all interested students. A lack of English-speaking skills would not be a barrier to participation or admission.

Montezuma-Cortez High School ofrece educación profesional y técnica que incluye agricultura, arte , ACE , catering y tecnología teatral que prepara a los adultos jóvenes para sus futuras carreras. Los programas de CTE están disponibles para todos los estudiantes interesados. La falta de habilidades de habla inglesa no sería una barrera para la participación o admisión.

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Cte In Middle Schools

CTE in middle school is taught as an elective.

Students choose whether they want to follow it, unless they attend one of the few schools in the country that requires one of the career tracks in their curricula.

At AES, we actually have a few teachers who use HealthCenter21 at the middle school level.

Tyler Page of Brantley County Middle School has seen some great success with it, and many teachers use AES to teach CTE using blended learning strategies.

Other CTE options are great for middle school as well, especially computer applications. Theres also career readiness. Its not strictly CTE, but its still helpful for young students.

Middle school is just the beginning, though.

CTE is much more common in high schools.

Take Charge And Build A Brighter Future With Tuition

Career & Technical Education Programs at Parkland High School
Stride Career Prep gives students the tools they need to unlock lifelong passionstheir way. Help your child take charge by developing real-world skills in high school. A Stride K12-powered education prepares for high-demand careers, college, or both with project-based electives taught by dedicated, state-certified teachers trained in virtual instruction.
Career preparation courses are offered as part of Stride K12-powered tuition-free online public schools.

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Career And Technical Education Capital Grant Program

The bill creates the career and technical education capital grant program in the department of labor and employment. The state work force development council will award grants through the program to area technical colleges, school districts, and community colleges to use for equipment, or construction and maintenance of buildings, related to career and technical education. In awarding grants, the state council will prioritize applicants from rural areas of the state and consider each applicant’s demonstrated need. For each year in which it awards grants, the state council must publish a report that identifies the grant recipients and how the grant money was used.

  • Refer House Bill 18-1034 to the Committee of the Whole. The motion failed on a vote of 5-8.
    Postpone House Bill 18-1034 indefinitely. The motion passed on a vote of 8-5.
  • Refer House Bill 18-1034, as amended, to the Committee on Appropriations. The motion passed on a vote of 10-2.

Colorado Will Use Federal Investment To Offer Students Multiple Pathways To Success

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced on June 19, 2020, that the Department of Education has approved six career and technical education plans for Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, New York, South Carolina and Utah. These are the latest states to have their CTE plans approved under the new, bipartisan Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act .

Colorado CTE is thrilled that our Perkins V State Plan was approved as it contains many innovative practices that will move CTE across Colorado forward, said Sarah Heath, Associate Vice Chancellor Career & Technical Education. Our Innovation Sub grants will enable colleges and districts around the state to have an infusion of funds to achieve specific projects for their CTE programs and students that are beyond their formula grant. We cannot wait to share the outcomes of these grants in Summer 2021.

Perkins V encourages states and territories to expand opportunities for every student to access educational opportunities that will put them on the path to success. Each state crafted a plan to fulfill its promise of offering a robust CTE option for students following consultation with its key constituents representing education and workforce, business and industry, and parents and community partners.

Below are some noteworthy elements from Colorados plan:

Additional details about Colorados approved plan can be found on the Departments website.

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Career And Technical Student Organizations

CTSOs help students build leadership skills, promote positive work values, and reinforce the CTE curriculum.

Nine CTE student organizations include: DECA, FBLA, FCCLA, FFA, HOSA, PBL, 2, SkillsUSA, and TSA.

In 2018-2019, more than 32,000 students participated in CTE student organizations as state affiliated members.


The Co Youth Career Fair Was A Big Success

Colorado Association of Career and Technical Education

CCD Division President, Tanya Vigil and CTE Supporter, Larry Beer were the co-chairs for the 2nd Annual CO Youth Career Fair. This years Fair included live events as well as virtual panels in a variety of career clusters/pathways. The live kickoff event at Ft Collins HS included Skilled Trades/CTE Advocate, Kayleen McCabe and all of her energy around helping students to understand the huge number of options available to them for their futures. Kayleen enjoyed a tour of the FCHS Skilled Trades area before the live kickoff of the CYCF.

To wrap up the Fair, Cherry Creek Innovation Center hosted the Transportation and Health Sciences panels live. There were lots of students and parents in attendance and a wide variety of great information was shared by professionals in both pathways. Very few of the professionals had a career pathway that was a straight line!

Thanks to Tanya, Larry and all the panelists for helping CO youth to have opportunities to learn about the myriad of careers out there to be explored!

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Cte Learn Was Created By Cte Professionals For The Cte Community

If youre interested in joining CTE Learns authoring team, please contact us so we can discuss your background and proposed topics.

Complete 12 ED training courses to become a Certified Higher Education Professional in Teaching. CHEPs can meet their annual continuing education requirements by completing 2 courses from any training area.

Complete 12 EL training courses to become a Certified Higher Education Professional in Online Teaching. CHEPs can meet their annual continuing education requirements by completing 2 courses from any training area.

Complete 12 training courses from the list below to become a Certified Higher Education Professional in Admissions. CHEPs can meet their annual continuing education requirements by completing 2 courses from any training area.

Complete 12 training courses from the list below to become a Certified Higher Education Professional in Career Services. CHEPs can meet their annual continuing education requirements by completing 2 courses from any training area.

Complete 12 training courses from the list below to become a Certified Higher Education Professional in Campus Operations. CHEPs can meet their annual continuing education requirements by completing 2 courses from any training area.

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Cte Renewal And Reinstatement


A valid CTE Professional Authorization may be renewed every 5 years with the combined equivalent of 6 semester hours or 90 contact/clock hours of related renewal credit. A combination of college credit, professional development, and in-service workshops earned no more than 5 years prior to the submission date of the CTE: Renewal/Reinstatement application will be accepted with proper documentation.


For a CTE authorization that has lapsed for 2 or more years, in addition to the requirements assigned at the time the CTE credential was issued, the applicant must provide verification of 1,000 hours of related occupational experience completed in the content area within the last 5 years. For instructors that have been teaching in the CTE content area for the last 7 or more years, 3 school years of full time instructional experience in the credential area may be substituted for the 1,000 hours of relevant occupational experience that is required to renew a lapsed credential.

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Law Public Safety & Security

Popular Careers: Criminal Justice, Paralegal, Law Enforcement

Law, public safety, & security focuses on emergency services and all legal-based occupations.

In general, law is well-known as a profitable career path. While thats not a great reason for someone to learn law in the first place, its a definite motivator for CTE students who want to work as paralegals or legal bookkeepers.

On top of that, this career path is a great start for students who want to branch into criminal justice, particularly law enforcement.

They may require a Bachelors degree in some police jurisdictions, but a CTE background at least gives a student a head start on pursuing their dreams.

At the very least, CTE gives students the chance to work in other capacities of legal occupations, including clerical work.

Thats an excellent starting place for anyone looking to get more involved in law, and it pays well enough to keep additional education on the table.

But even if a student doesnt want to pursue further education, they still have lots of options at their fingertips by following the CTE track for law, public safety, & security.

Overall Goals And Outcomes Of Cte

Dougco schools buys buildings from CU South campus to build innovation center

To provide quality educational programs emphasizing core academic content, Postsecondary & Workforce Readiness competencies, technical skills, and seamless transition to further education or employment and better prepare students, including special populations to meet challenges of the workforce, economic development, and emerging occupations.

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Where Is Cte Taught

CTE is mostly taught in post-secondary institutions that focus on hands-on experience and career skills.

However, CTE has also recently become popular in high schools and middle schools.

In fact, some students can now choose a career path in CTE as early as ninth grade! The only barrier is what their school can provide.

Its difficult to find a school that offers all 16 career paths. Post-secondary institutions, high schools, and middle schools often offer health science as the first pathway.

This is because healthcare has such a high demand right now as an industry.

As the American population ages into retirement, more health professionals will have to accommodate their needs.

That means schools that currently offer health science are training students wholl really come into prominence in a decade or so right around the time theyre needed most.

Many schools also offer business classes since the track is so versatile. Any business student can apply those skills to almost any industry, customer demographic, or area.

The other CTE tracks may also be present in different schools, but theyll depend more on that schools location.

For example, it wouldnt be a great fit for a school in Manhattan to offer the agriculture career track.

Fortunately, enough schools in the US now offer CTE that it should be easy for any student to find a place where they can learn what they want.

So how does CTE differ when its taught in different schools?

Welcome To Career & Technical Education At Red Rocks Community College

CTE ensures a thriving Colorado economy by providing relevant and rigorous education that is connected, responsive and real. CTE at RRCC is serious about training individuals for employment in health care, computer technology, business, construction, energy technology, and many other interesting and dynamic careers.

What makes CTE different from other college and high school programs?

  • The CTE pedagogy allows students hands-on experiences that provide relevance to academic competencies
  • CTE approved program must meet some requirements that distinguishes it from an ordinary class
  • CTE approved programs link education to business, industry and workforce demands
  • CTE programs link secondary education seamlessly to postsecondary education, providing students a clear vision of career success
  • CTE provides leadership training that helps students excel in their careers and in their communities

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Government & Public Administration

Popular Careers: Administrative Assistant, Project Manager, Zoning Specialist

Government & public administration covers the current setup of governments, how citizens interact with governments, and how governments maintain order.

Typically, that means CTE students learn about local governments. Taxes, parks, budgeting, councils these locally-oriented governmental issues all require someone with background knowledge.

Thats the kind of information CTE students learn when they start the government track.

This career path can earn a lot of money for students, but it can also bring a lot of stress.

The stress comes from the fact that many government positions including those at the local level are elected positions.

That means students with higher aspirations about working in local government will also need to participate in politics and popularity contests.

While the government CTE track may not tell students how to market themselves to get the most votes, it will launch them into government work in general.

Programs In Cooperation With And Taught At Warren Tech

Career &  Technical Education Students Visit Our Metalworks Shop in ...

Warren Tech is the career and technical high school for Jeffco Public Schools. Classes follow the Warren Tech/Jeffco Public Schools calendar. Deadlines and class start and end dates differ from those of RRCC. Anyone who has graduated from high school, received a GED, or is age 21 or older may attend Warren Tech by enrolling through Red Rocks Community College and paying RRCC tuition. Adults attend Warren Tech on a space-available basis.

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