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Emotional Intelligence At Work

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Emotional intelligence gets a lot of press, but many people dont understand what it really means, or how focusing on this area of growth could help them personally, and professionally. Emotional intelligence is not just about being able to sense other peoples feelings, or communicate well. It goes much deeper.

There are actually four components of emotional intelligence: Being aware of how you feel, and understanding why being able to manage your internal experience in healthy ways being able to accurately understand the feelings, needs, and motivations of others and being able to relate to others in a way that takes their feelings into consideration and strengthens the relationship.

There is a lot going on there. Many people on the lower end of emotional intelligence are actually quite emotional flooded, in fact. Others believe their emotions are completely under control, and theres nothing to learn. Heck, they dont feel anything at all usually and thats good, right?

The big problem with emotional intelligence is that most people believe they are much higher in it than they really are, and genuinely have zero understanding of what theyre missing, or why their relationships feel hard sometimes. This often comes out at work, where were spending a lot of time trying to work collaboratively with people that were not in love with, friends with, or parents to.

How Much Can Certified Businesses Coaches Make

Business coaching is definitely an incredibly profitable field, with projected upward growth over the next decade. Glassdoor puts the average total salary of a coach at around $89,000 per year, with a base pay of $71,000 and additional commissions, tips, bonuses, and profit sharing. These values definitely vary depending on the coachs experience and expertise.

For example, certified coaches may earn anywhere between $67,000 to $97,000 depending on their individual resumes, experience, and niche. Without the proper certification, it is incredibly difficult for a coach to prove their authenticity and get a high paying job with a good company. So even if youve learned the skills and the techniques you still need that stamp of approval!

Why Get A Certificate

How can you benefit with a certificate from the International Association of Professions Career College ?

A certificate from the International Association of Professions Career College may give you:

  • Respect as a professional
  • A competitive advantage when marketing your services
  • A sense of achievement and confidence
  • A credential for your resume when applying for jobs
  • Assurance to clients of your professionalism
  • Evidence of your expertise
  • Higher earnings

With the International Association of Professions Career College, you can earn a certificate online more quickly and affordably than many other educational options.

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How To Choose Your Coaching Certification

Youll find everything you need to know on the list below: the certification names, coaching organizations, short descriptions, and the price of each program.

If the price varies based on what you choose to include in your training, recurring discounts, etc., Ive included both the lowest and highest price.

Where its relevant , Ive included information about International Coach Federation accreditation.

A means they accredit the training, while a means they dont.

If possible, I recommend you choose a certification that is ICF accredited and offers early hands-on training.

That will give you the best chances of getting a top-quality coaching education.

In the end, though, your choice of coaching certification will come down to your unique preferences and circumstances.

Whatever youre looking for, I hope this list will make it easier to find.

Oh, and if you want to save it for later, you can download it as a PDF .

Ncda Certified Career Counseling

USSA Certification in Sports Coaching

The NCDA Certified Career Counseling certification is offered by the National Career Development Association and is intended for career counselors who want to demonstrate their proficiency in the field.

The cost of the NCDA Certified Career Counseling certification varies depending on the membership level that you choose. Regular members pay $395, while Professional members pay $595.

The NCDA Certified Career Counseling certification consists of a single exam, which must be completed within two years of purchasing the certification. To be eligible for the NCDA Certified Career Counseling certification, you must have at least two years of experience as a career counselor.

The NCDA Certified Career Counseling certification is one of the most respected certifications in the field and can help you to stand out from your peers when applying for jobs. It is also a way to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in your field.

While it can be beneficial, the NCDA Certified Career Counseling certification might not actually give you any additional skills that you didnt already have as a career counselor. Even if you are new to the field, you likely have most of the skills that this certification requires.

The NCDA Certified Career Counseling certification is a useful way to demonstrate your expertise in your field to potential clients. Although it isnt required, it can give you an advantage over other career counselors when competing for jobs or clients.

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Certified Professional Career Coach Certification

This is for anyone who would like to become a Certified Professional Career Coach.

This program is a study at your own pace certification which allows someone to complete the program in 8 weeks or up to 12 months.

You will be given a self-guided manual filled with exercise that will help train you to coach clients and build confidence.

Cost: $1,195 + $150 annual membership fee.

Who Is Right For Career Coaching

The very first qualification to be a career coach is that you have a sincere desire to help others. Whether you seek to apply coaching within your company or form your own business, it is about helping people realize their dreams and transcend barriers. It takes a heart-felt commitment to do this!

There are no official prerequisites to be a successful career coach. Our students span many personality types, industries, backgrounds and locations. But most of our students come from one of 5 groups:

  • Frustrated, burned out or dissatisfied managers, professionals and executives in a wide ranges of industries, from finance to manufacturing, high tech, medical devices, utilities, health care, and more
  • Life coaches and executive coaches that want more in-depth training in how to coach people about career and work issues
  • Career counselors that want to update their skills or add coaching to existing offerings
  • Trainers, authors, consultants and speakers that desire to use coaching as a follow-on service to help attendees and readers implement the principles they teach
  • Recruiters and executive search professionals that want a profit stream to carry them through economic downturns
  • You will need to possess three types of traits to be successful as a career coach:

    Successful career coaches have gained expertise and adopted habits you will need to cultivate to recreate their success yourself. Youll learn them in this training!

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    Becoming Your Best Self

    What are your strengths? Do you find joy in helping others identify their gifts and passions? Are you into helping new moms with career changes and comfortably returning to work after maternity leave? Or helping entrepreneurs navigate the tricky line between expressing their creativity and living comfortably from the sales of their work? Maybe youre into improving office culture by coaching up-and-coming managers and team leaders.

    The right program will offer you training and techniques for working with the clients of your dreams, whether you do so as a business owner or as an employee in a larger organization. In whatever capacity you choose to practice coaching, the more you understand and grow your own inner capacity, the more successful youll be in helping others recognize theirs. In fact, many in this field are surprised to learn just how much of their own transformation unfolds before they take the final steps toward a full-fledged career in professional coaching. Just as much as becoming a coach involves learning how to help clients or work cultures transform, it also involves discovering yourself from a different point of view and engaging in your own evolution.

    Types Of Career Coaching

    How to Become a Life Coach (and get PAID) **very detailed**

    The type of coaching provided affects the cost of the coaching program.

    There are many types of career coaching available:

  • Career Discovery Coaching
  • Coaching formats vary from coach to coach.

    There are so many different formats of coaching that this topic requires special attention.

    Here are the main formats of career coaching:

    • One-on-one coaching

    This is the most common type of coaching format where the coach works directly and individually with the clients. This could be in-person or with video or phone calls. Some coaches charge a premium for in-person sessions.

    Workshops, retreats, and team coaching fall under this format of coaching. Clients dont have dedicated time with the coach, but receive more generalized coaching.

    • Do-it-yourself coaching

    Some career coaches offer self-paced course materials as a DIY coaching option. This coaching usually costs less than other coaching programs. Some services allow you to check-in with your coach during the process.

    • Additional support

    You may see that some services offer support outside of working with a coach. These are the extras you get directly from a coach or access to if you use the service. Examples of this support are email communication in between sessions, group or live chat options, and follow-up materials.

    • Hybrid coaching formats

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    Certificates Certification And Licenses

    You can add to your education and career options by obtaining a variety of professional certificates, certifications or licenses. The terms sound similar but they have different meanings and functions.

    • Certificates: A certificate may indicate you finished a vocational or educational programs coursework. They are not academic degrees and do not certify you work in a particular occupation or industry. For example, you might receive a certificate for completing a management training program.

    • Certifications: A certification recognizes that you have the professional skills and education matching standardized criteria for specific professional associations, companies or independent organizations. They are used as industry standards and may be required for career advancement. For example, an accounting firm may require accounts to be Certified Public Accountants . Certifications usually involve education and exam components and may require renewal every few years.

    • Licenses: A license is used by state governments giving you authority to work in a specific field. They usually require an examination and proof of education and experience. For example, you have a state-issued license to be an electrician, doctor, teacher or plumber.

    Top 8 Best Certified Professional Resume Writers

    Now that you know a little bit about certified resume writers, we thought you may be interested in reviewing our list of some of the best certified professional resume writers .

    Please keep in mind that the list is not maintained, and certifications that each individual may have had at the creation of the article, may no longer be active.

    This list serves as who we believe to be some of the best certified professional resume writers:

    For more detailed reviews of each writer, check out our best certified professional resume writers list.

    Regardless of the active certifications, we are firm believers that a good resume writers performance has little to do with their resume writing certifications.

    We have seen resume writers with certifications, yet they have a terrible reputation/reviews. We have also seen resume writers who refuse to pay for certifications yet are the most brilliant and talented writers available.

    If you are a resume writer considering a certification, dont expect to receive an immediate influx of business because of the certification. Instead, expect to have access to a community of hundreds of other writers to help and support you.

    If you are someone looking for a resume rewrite, we recommend you take a look at the 10 best certified professional resume writers article linked above to see what factors are even more important in choosing a resume writer than their certifications.

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    Life Coaching Certifications: In

    Learn how to use use Co-Active Coaching to be more aware, connected, creative, and successful.

    Integral Coach | New Ventures West | San Francisco | $12,400

    Learn a structured integral methodology honed by combining rigorous theory and the practical concerns of everyday people.

    Life Coach Training Course | Hart Life Coaching | $3,300

    Learn a coaching model that is based on trusting your heart, living by values, and establishing habits that support you.

    Life Coaching Academy | ACA Coach Academies | $997.50$1995

    Learn basic and advanced coaching skills to change the lives of those you coach.

    Professional Coach Certification | Coach School | $8000

    Get the the tools, frameworks and skills you need to be a successful coach, and the freedom and flexibility to develop your own coaching style.

    The Certified Coach Program | Coach Training Alliance | $3,497

    Become a certified life coach with paying clients and a growing practice in six months.

    Whole Person Certified Coach | Coach Training World | $5,795$6,995

    Learn how to co-create an empowering transformational learning process with your clients that elicits their very best.

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    The Position You Are Targeting

    Life Coach Certification: Here Are The Best Programs

    Besides your years of experience, the position you are targeting is one of the most significant considerations when it comes to how much to invest in coaching. Students and recent graduates with simpler careers may opt for a less experienced and typically less expensive career coach. Conversely, supporting the career of a professional in transition, senior manager, or executive takes a much different skill set and requires the experience of an expert coach with a unique, specific lens.

    Additionally, the more niche your position and industry, the more you will need to strategize. As a result, you can expect the price of your career coaching services to increase.

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    Best For Academic Career Coaching: Ncda Certified Career Counseling

    Career Coach Institute

    The National Career Development Association offers multiple professional development and credential programs such as Certified Career Counselor and Certified Master of Career Services. It’s our choice for best for academic career coaching.

    NCDA is a division of the American Counseling Association .

    Many of the courses are tailored to career coaching for specific industries such as higher education or private practitioners. Research-based courses run from two months to 15 weeks and are taught by licensed instructors with significant experience. Instructor-led courses are offered in traditional face-to-face sessions, online, or as a hybrid. Courses run from $1,000 to $1,700 per course and may be reimbursable by your employer.

    Even so, you’ll need an educational degree before you qualify for the NCDA’s coaching certification program, and once you finish the program, you credentials might not be relevant or appropriate in a business coaching setting.

    • Credentials available for academic and traditional career coaching

    • Affordable programs

    • Continuing Education Units available to support continuing education requirements

    • Requires educational degree as a prerequisite

    • Credentials may not be relevant or appropriate in a business coaching setting

    • Training courses are offered based on instructor availability

    What Is A Career Coach

    A career coach is a professional who helps clients reach their career goals. They work with individuals or groups to assess their skills and interests and develop a plan to help them find the right job or achieve their desired level of success in their current role. Career coaches often provide one-on-one counseling, coaching, and advice, as well as access to resources such as job boards, networking groups, and online courses.

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    Udemy Career Coaching Certification

    The Udemy Career Coaching Certification is offered at the graduate and postgraduate level, and it is a relatively new certification. It has no prerequisites, and it takes a total of 12 hours to complete. The certification is valid for two years, and it costs $199.

    The Udemy Career Coaching Certification offers access to several online resources, including an email course, a discussion forum, and a certificate of completion. It also provides students with the opportunity to network with other career coaches.

    However, it does not offer any form of accreditation. Additionally, it is only valid for two years. The Udemy Career Coaching Certification is most useful for individuals who are looking to gain industry-specific experience. It can also be used as a supplement to other certifications and degrees.

    Elevating Your Natural Skills

    Professional Career Development and Transition Coaching Certification Program

    Heres the thing: You might already be coaching in some form, although you may not call it that or realize thats what youre doing. And even if you are aware that youre actively engaging in coaching as a practice, youre more than likely just skimming the surface in terms of acquiring the necessary skills, tools and processes to be highly successful. What you need is a program that can show you how much more there is to know about this field, as well as help you elevate your natural abilities to a level of effectiveness you may never have considered possible. So while youre evaluating programs, consider whether transformative coaching skills are taught as part of the package. With transformative coaching, your job is to help your client uncover whats really holding them back from sustained success. Along the way, theyll probably feel more empowered and connected to their purpose, too.

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    Job Outlook For Life Coaches

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that in a professional survey, life coach practitioners reported an average annual income from coaching of about $61,900.

    The BLS also noted that many life coaches often have another career, which informs their practice as a life coach. For example, an experienced business leader may have a coaching practice for clients who want to achieve specific career goals in addition to their primary job.

    Payscale.com reports that the average fee for life coaches is $31.45 per hour. Experience life coaches can charge $150.00 and above per hour depending on their specialty.

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