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Certified International Tax Analyst

Advance your career with payroll certification

Certified International Tax Analysts can allow you to gain knowledge in international taxation. The Global Academy of Finance and Management offer this certification. Being a CITA allows you to pursue many career opportunities in different countries and locations. If you’re interested in becoming a market analyst, lawyer, financial manager or financial officer, this may be a helpful certification for you to earn.

Society For Human Resource Management Certifications

SHRM offers memberships for HR professionals interested in learning, networking and gaining certifications related to human resource management. This national organization offers two distinguished certifications for HR professionals: one for professionals early in their career and one for senior level HR professionals.

Certification: SHRM-CP

Cost: Early-bird exam fee of $300 for members and $400 for nonmembers standard exam fee of $375 for members and $475 for nonmembers

Duration: 3 hours and 40 minutes

Curriculum: You dont need a degree or past HR experience to be eligible for this certification. The CP exam is for HR professionals whose job function is operational or students pursuing a career in human resource management. The test evaluates candidates at the competency level of an HR professional involved in implementing policy, supporting daily departmental functions or serving as a point of contact for staff and stakeholders.

Certification: SHRM-SCP

Cost: Early-bird exam fee of $300 for members and $400 for nonmembers standard exam fee of $375 for members and $475 for nonmembers

Duration: 3 hours and 40 minutes

Get Recognized As An Expert In New And Current Technologies

Earning a certification on a new operating system, platform or application will demonstrate that you have achieved what few have done up to that point: become certified on a new product.

Passing an exam for a new certification presents several challenges due to the lack of study material and advice available from other certified individuals. Earning an IT certification on a new product can make you the subject matter expert in your organization putting you in a positive light for your early efforts.

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The Most Recognized Speech

First things first, even before completing a masters degree in speech-language pathology, aspiring SLPs typically have their sights set on earning the CCC-SLP. This is the king of all certifications for an SLP, and required for licensure in many states, but its far from the only one available.

Before an SLP can even take the CCC exam, they must earn their graduate degree, clock their 400 clinical hours, pass the Praxis SLP Exam, and complete a clinical fellowship, but what happens after that? Is that the end of the line or are there opportunities for advancement in speech pathology? There are absolutely paths that an SLP can take to further their careers and become experts in specific areas of the field.

What can a SLP specialize in? So much. With the types of treatments available and types of patients to focus attention on, there are specialties in child language, fluency, and swallowing, along with techniques involving voice volume, non-verbal communication, muscular therapy for language development, and more. Speech-language pathologist credentials span a wide range of specialties, areas of interest, and patient populations. If an SLP has a passion for working with children, they can become certified in child language disorders. If someone had a beloved grandfather with Parkinsons disease and is dedicated to helping those who suffer from it, theres a certification for that too.

Are You Ready To Upgrade Your Credentials

Find the Best Certifications to Advance your Career

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting or have been working in your field for several years pursuing certification can benefit you. Displaying a willingness to learn new things and upgrade your skills to stay current with changes in the workforce can help you advance in your career through promotions or by finding your dream job.

The list of certifications provided in this article isn’t an exhaustive list of the credentials you can pursue. You can seek some certifications to upgrade your skills if you’re a data architect or data engineerâ.

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Free Certification Courses To Enhance Your Resume

Want to give your resume a boost? Free online certifications are a great, affordable way to help get you noticed.

If you’re searching for a job, listing certifications on your resume is a great way to help bump up your credentials and get you noticed by hiring managers. In many ways, certifications act as evidence of the experience and skills listed on your resume, verifying them for the hiring manager. They basically say, Hey, I know how to do this, and here’s proof.

Don’t have any certifications to list? There are a number of websites, organizations, and companies that offer online certification programs for free.

So, if you have some time on your hands, and you want to give your resume an impressive boost, it’s worth exploring these free online certification programs.

Safety And Chemical Engineering Education

The Safety and Chemical Engineering Education certification from the Center for Chemical Process Safety and the AIChE shows a person’s proficiency in chemical engineering areas like safety and sustainability. This certification is primarily for current college students studying chemical engineering or chemical engineers working on continuing education. It involves three levels of courses that professors can incorporate into their curriculum, up to the advanced level, which includes optional additional classes.

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Best For Sales Leadership: Certified Professional Sales Leader

Similar to the CPSP certification, CPSL is an online course offered by NASP that is focused on sales leadership. Designed for Presidents, VPs and directors of sales, account managers and salespeople looking to move into leadership sales roles, the course covers strategies and behavioral techniques to help you manage sales teams.

This professional sales certification covers:

  • How to implement the leadership habits of Fortune 500 sales leaders

  • How to train and lead an effective sales team

  • Behaviors and strategies to equip your team and level up their performance

  • How to develop an understanding of the emotional needs of your sales team and adapt your leadership and communication to have the highest impact

To complete this course, you must commit to around 30 minutes per day for the daily online modules and achieve a minimum 80% correct score on the final exam.

If youre a sales leader or are looking to become one, this sales professional certification will help you become a great sales manager. It provides you with the skills and techniques needed to build rapport with your team, challenge them to grow as salespeople and align their emotional needs with the business needs of your organization.

Structure: Comprehensive six-week online courseCost: $795

What Is A Job Certificate

IBF Certification – Advance your Career in Finance!

A certification program is generally a faster, more affordable way to get job training without going the traditional college route. Sometimes, certification programs help college graduates dig deeper into the little details of a particular field. Earning a certification is an important part of your professional development.

Whether you’re an IT professional or a business analyst, a human resources worker or an electrician, getting a certificate in your area of expertise will help you develop a deeper understanding of the skills you need to do your job, make your application stand out to hiring managers and put you in the running for a higher salary.

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Why Take A Professional Certification Course

A recent survey of 400,000 people across the globe revealed that after completing an online certification, 76 percent of those surveyed reported a salary increase or promotion, as well as an increased sense of fulfillment at work.

Across multiple industries it was found that employees who go the extra mile to earn certifications, particularly in areas that are in most demand by their employers, receive a bump in career earnings and the quality of work assigned.

As you grow your competencies through certifications, it can help you become more confident as an employee, manager, or freelancer. The professional certificates mentioned below offer training for individuals who want to expand their education and develop in-demand skills.

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Certification Provides You An Opportunity To Prepare For In

Due to the rapid rate of technological advancement, the need for new skills is increasing. The digital transformation resulted in positions that require a specialized set of skills that are not easy to find.

As recruiters and executives struggle to fill these roles, it may be the perfect opportunity for employees!

According to the World Economic Forum, by 2022, more than 50 percent of the workforce will require reskilling and upskilling. You can stay ahead of the curve by doing your research now and learning valuable skills.

Researching the most in-demand skills can help you understand what organizations are currently in need of. Make sure to upskill frequently, so you are always up-to-date. Evolving your knowledge over time and staying relevant will secure your position in the industry of your choosing.

It can help you get back in the saddle quickly, even if you find yourself in need of a new job unexpectedly.

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Business Management Essentials Certificate

A business management certification helps students and professionals gain skills to succeed in a business-focused role. Covered topics include communication, decision-making, organization, leadership, planning, strategizing and evaluating in a business setting. With a business management certification, you can become more competitive in roles like business analyst, administrative assistant, customer service associate or marketing manager.

Cornell University offers the online Business Management Essentials Certificate. You learn about financial and accounting principles, management strategies, leadership skills and marketing fundamentals. Anyone wanting to improve their management skills to better navigate the business landscape can apply. The program is three months with four to six hours of coursework each week.

Vmware Certified Professional Data Center Virtualization 2022

#MCSEcertification is very helpful to advance your #career. During this ...

The VMware Certified Professional Data Center Virtualization 2022 certification is the most recent version of the exam, and it validates your ability to administer and troubleshoot vSphere 7 infrastructures to build stable virtualization environments. In the past, VMware certifications expired after two years, but as of 2019 the company removed expirations on certifications, allowing IT professionals to revalidate their skills on their own timeline. The VCP-DCV 2022 certification is most popular with systems and enterprise architects. Those who report holding this certification are most likely to have an NCP-MCI certification as well and also hold nine IT certifications, on average.

Average salary: $138,349

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Comptia A+ Technician Certification

Technology is one of the best industries in America right now. There are hundreds of thousands jobs that need to be filled, but not everyone is well-versed in computer programming, troubleshooting and even the right terminology. CompTIA A+ Technician certification is a good place to start if you want to break into the technology field but don’t have a formal computer science education.

Graduates from this certification will be able to troubleshoot computers, laptops, operating systems and mobile devices. They will typically become a support specialist or help desk technician and can then work their way up the career ladder through additional on-the-job training. The course typically requires a performance-based element along with a written exam. For many professionals, the cost of the exam and time spent studying is worth it as opposed to re-enrolling in college and getting a technology-related degree.

Human Resources Job Certifications

Skills in human resources are valuable to any company because they help companies build great relationships with their employees. Types of certifications for human resources are:

  • Professional in Human Resources
  • Senior Professional in Human Resources for those with more experience in the industry

Those who have a job as a human resources manager are responsible for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding new employees. Theyre also responsible for managing appropriate communication with current employees and their superiors.

This role is a vital position in any company, which puts these skills in high demand with employers. Having a certification shows that you have the skills to communicate and hire outstanding employees. Learn more about how to get started on a human resources certification.

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What Are The Benefits Of Online It Certifications

There are several benefits to earning an online Information Technology certification, including:

  • Better Hireability: One of the most obvious benefits is it can help you land a job in the IT field as many employers require applicants to have at least one IT certification. By having a certification, youre showing potential employers you have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the role.
  • Increased Earning Potential: In addition to making you more hireable, IT certifications can also lead to a higher salary. Studies have shown certified professionals earn, on average, over 7% more than their non-certified counterparts.
  • Improved Job Satisfaction: Not only does having an IT certification lead to a potential higher salary, but it can also improve job satisfaction. A study by Microsoft found that IT professionals who held a certification were more likely to be satisfied with their jobs. They were also shown to be more productive.
  • Enhanced Job Security: In todays ever-changing job market, its important to have job security. IT certifications can help give you that peace of mind as they often lead to longer tenure in a role.
  • More Raise and Promotion Opportunities: Lastly, IT certifications can help you earn more raises and promotions. By demonstrating you have the skills and knowledge to succeed in your role, youre more likely to be promoted or receive a raise.

Coursera Ibm Data Science Professional Certificate

Advance Your Career and Earn Certifications in Prevailing Wage – LCPtracker Academy

Coursera is an online learning platform that pairs professionals up with a number of top-ranked schools, including Yale, Duke, and Stanford, and big-name companies, like Google and IBM. You can join the website for free, and tap into thousands of courses and more than 13 professional certificate programs, including its professional certificate in data science from IBM.

This course has more than 112,000 ratings and averages 4.6 stars. You’ll learn how to create and access a database instance on cloud and write basic SQL statements, as well as pick up additional data science, machine learning, Python programming, and data visualization skills.

According to Coursera, 46 percent of professionals who completed this specialization started a new career while 19 percent got a promotion or raise. If you spend about four hours a week with this course, you can complete it in 10 months.

Although you can join Coursera for free with a seven-day trial, after that you’ll have to pay a subscription fee, which usually runs from $39 a month to $79 a month. This will give you unlimited access to all the site’s courses and certifications. If you’re hesitant about making the commitment, you can cancel before the end of your trial.

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Certifications That Actually Impress Recruiters

With the rise of online learning, there’s no shortage of classes you can take that offer you a certification in a particular trade, skill, or software program. But outside of positions that require certifications pilots, emergency medical technicians, and insurance agents, for example do any of these make a real difference in a job application? We reached out to recruiters and HR professionals to get the answer.

The consensus: Certifications certainly can make a difference, but not all certifications are created equal. Below are some of the ones that recruiters say actually move the needle in their decision to hire a candidate.

Ba Graphic And Communication Design

The programme develops the creativity, imagination and technical proficiencies necessary to build a successful career in the creative industries. The course offers a studio and workshop atmosphere for you to explore your skills and disciplines of graphic design as you learn. It introduces you to the role of the contemporary creative professional and encourages you to develop innovative ideas by working with various techniques and formats in response to industry interests. You also get to enjoy guidance from graphic designers in building your portfolio and preparing yourself for the workplace.

The York College University Centre offers this, and they provide a unique learning experience with state-of-the-art teaching facilities. They provide technical classrooms, workshops, printing rooms, photo studios and Apple Mac suites. You get to explore subjects like Idea Generation, Drawing and Illustration, Typography, Branding and Identity, Narrative Illustration, Editorial Design and Bookmaking and Web and Interactive Design. It takes three years to complete, after which you receive a CV certification to function in web designing, publishing, design management, marketing, etc.

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Job Certifications Are The Perfect Way To Gain A Competitive Advantage Here Are The Best Certifications For Jobs To Get You Noticed

Its a dog-eat-dog world out there when pursuing a professional career. This makes it challenging to stand out from the competition.

Professional job certifications are a great way to shine and show you have the right skills to succeed. Certifications are proof that an individual completed a set of training programs that focus on a specialized area of study.

The number of professional certification options available is vast, some of them can even land you a great job without a degree. If youre overwhelmed by the options, weve provided a list of the best job certifications to set you apart from the crowd.

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Speech Therapy Specialties That Build On Ashas Ccc

10 Free Online Certification Courses to Advance Your Career in 2020 ...

Speech-language pathologists can choose to go a fairly straightforward route and become a board-certified specialist in speech pathology through ASHA. The BCS SLP in one of the areas listed below is an option only after first earning ASHAs CCC-SLP and working in the field for a few years.

SLPs can become specialists with the following certifications:

  • Board Certified Specialist in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders to be an expert in dysphagia.
  • Board Certified Specialist in Child Language to be an expert in working with children and adolescents up to 21 years old.
  • Board Certified Specialist in Fluency to be an expert in disorders such as stammering and cluttering.

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