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Education And/or Training Programs

CA Career Zone – How to view your Interest Profiler results!

Use the California CareerZone to identify schools and programs for your occupation. Log into your California CareerZone account. Go to your occupations profile page under Your Opportunities select Education and Training to see a list of programs select a program option.. Read the About This Program section and then select Find Colleges. Select a schools name to see the Institution Profile. Choose the schools website link to find details about programs they offer. Identify programs at schools you think are a good match for you. Return to the California Career Center and fill in the Education and/or Training programs section of your Career Action Plan.

California Career Zoneexternal Site From California Career Resource Networkexternal Site

The California CareerZone includes O*NET assessment tools and the O*NET occupational taxonomy to assist students contemplating college or career. Users may assess their interests, skills, and work values with the O*NET Interest Profiler, Skills Search, and Work Importance Profiler. They may explore and compare occupations by browsing O*NET Job Families and selecting occupations to compare on Job Zone and primary Interest area, as well as on salary, projected growth, and possible college majors. The California CareerZone, part of the California Career Resource Network, is linked from the sites of One Stop Centers throughout the state.

Creating A Career Action Plan

The California Career Center Career Action Plan is where you record your occupational goals and the actions necessary to reach your goals. Your Career Action Plan has 11 sections and can be updated as often as needed. Career Action Plans can be created and modified by using the My Stuff CAP mobile app or in a California Career Center My Stuff account.

The following instructions will help you complete your Career Action Plan in the My Stuff CAP app. Additional detail is available when logged into your My Stuff account.

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California Career Zone Unlike Career Tests This Ecourse Has Proven Results

The New York Times sums up our when it states, you should ask the same sorts of questions that a portfolio manager might ask when analyzing conventional investments, like stocks: Am I buying a reputable credential.

When you take this eCourse, you will receive case studies about real-life people who used this course to strategically pave a new career path. Most importantly, you will see how the step by step approach presented throughout the modules positively impacted them.

You will even learn the career goals of business or entrepreneur icons Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg. If you are still not convinced, keep reading.

Resources To Assess Your Skills

Career Readiness / Career Assessments

What jobs closely match the skills of your last job?Enter a previous job title at mySkillsmyFuture to receive a list of jobs using similar skills. Information includes comparison of earnings, skills, knowledge, and the typical level of training, licensing, and certification.

Are you a veteran who wants to find a civilian job? Visit the Services for Veterans page for information on EDD resources, occupational resources, and more. You can also visit the Monster Veteran Employment Center or the Military Crosswalk Search to translate your military skills, experience, and training to find career opportunities available. You can get assistance with your self-assessment at a local America’s Job Center of California location. Use the EDD Office Locator to find an office near you.

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Unlike California Career Zone Your Perspective On Career Choices Will Become More Open

I wont lie. The California Career Zone does an excellent job providing you with an initial career planning mindset. The service does obviously talk about career assessments, but it also presents you with topics like money management and explains possible industries such as engineering and hospitality.

It even helps you find local colleges or opportunities with its career hub. What it lacks, however, is making sure you are confident in your next steps. How will you align your decisions with your success? Plus, who says you are only a junior in high school?

In my eCourse, the training will be inclusive to people from all walks of life. You will learn the various ways you can invest in your dream besides the traditional college and internship experience.

With my years of coaching experience, I know that you can only reach your goals if you have a game plan specific to your circumstances. Also, I do not want to present your dream career path in limited light. You never know.

Your quest to become an English teacher might land you in Brazil instead of an hour from your home town. When it comes to your dream career, the skys the limit. You need a course that demonstrates this.

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6. The eCourse Will Goes Beyond The Typical Career Assessment And Provide Life Advice

7. You Will Become Part Of A Life-Long Community


Interest Profiler : : Questions

Use your mouse and click on L if you think you would Like to do the activity or select D if you think you would Dislike the activity. Select the ? if you are not sure whether you would like or dislike the work activity.

Alternatively, you can answer the highlighted question by typing the corresponding key on your keyboard.

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Chula Vista High School

California Career ZoneCalifornia CareerZone is a spin-off of the New York CareerZone, a proven, successful career exploration and planning system designed especially for students. Users are encouraged to work through the Interest Profiler, Work Importance Profiler, and Assess Yourself assessment based on the Holland Codes for self-exploration. Comprehensive information on 900 occupations includes state specific wages, worker attributes, job characteristics, and much more. There are 300 career videos that give users a snap shot of the featured occupation. Job openings on Job Central are easily accessible within each occupations profile. Please continue on investigating from the Resource link where other useful resources are listed.

College Board My RoadMyRoad is a comprehensive online college and career planning resource for students and educators. This easy-to-use website helps middle school, high school, and college students explore comprehensive information on majors, colleges, and careers. MyRoad also provides educator tools to help you support your students in planning their future.

MyRoad enables students to:

Career Information by College MajorRutgers University developed this site to help students explore different majors. On the Career Services page, click on choosing a college major. Approximately 50 academic majors are highlighted the information includes an overview of the major, related occupations, typical employers, and jobs obtained by graduates.

Degree And/or Certification Required

Promoting Informed Career Planning with the Career Interest Profiler

Use the Occupational Outlook Handbook website to discover the training, education, certification, and/or license youll need to enter this occupation. On the Occupational Outlook Handbook homepage, type your occupations title into the Search Handbook box. Look for your occupation in the results list and click on the title. On the profile, look for the tab How to Become One. Read the requirements for how to become one to see what you need to enter and advance in that occupation. Return to the California Career Center and fill in the Degree and/or Certification Required section of your Career Action Plan.

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California Career Zone Interest Profiler

Users may assess their interests, skills, and work values with the o*net interest profiler, skills search, and work importance profiler. Identifies occupations based on your interests and level of education desired

210 Resolve To Win Master Achieving Your Career Goals Ideas Career Goals New Career Vision Board Inspiration

Job Zone 1 Some Of These Occupations May Require A High School Diploma Or Ged Certificate

California career zone interest profiler. Identifies occupations based on what you feel is important to you in a job and/or work setting The o*net interest profiler offers personalized career suggestions based on a persons interests and level of work experience. California career zone has a few tools to assist you:

Job zone 2 these occupations usually require a high school. On each screen, click the next button at the bottom to continue. Once you click interest profiler, select, start a new interest profiler. you will go through numerous pages of questions in order to.

Identifies occupations based on your interests and level of education desired You can find out what you like to do. The original career labs are immersive career workshops, led by successful career professionals.

Identifies occupations based on your interests Visit and go the assess yourself option. You can find your interest profiler results in your portfolio summary report.

The o*net interest profiler helps you decide what kinds of careers you might want to explore. Identifies occupations based on what you feel is important to you in a job and/or work setting The holland codes is a system to classify jobs into job categories, interest clusters, or work personality environments.

California career zone website career research activity step 2: Hover over explore and view assess yourself. Are you realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, or conventional?.

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Users May Assess Their Interests Skills And Work Values With The Onet Interest Profiler Skills Search And Work Importance Profiler

. There are a number of other great tools you can utilize in California Career Zone. Typical Interest Profile of people in this occupation. The California CareerZone portfolio option.

The California Career Center CalCC is your career planning website with tools to help you map your future whether looking ahead to college apprenticeship the military or other options. The California CareerZone helps students educators jobseekers and others access up-to-date information on wages job openings and other information specific to their state along with great information on careers colleges and more. An interest inventory asks you to respond to a series of statements to determine what work activities you would enjoy doing.

Welcome to the Interest Profiler Select the option that best reflects how you would feel about performing the activity below. Exploring Occupations exercises to help have a successful experience with the site Page 7. Job Zone 3 Most occupations in this zone require training in vocational schools related on-the-job experience or an associates degree.

View your profile and continue. Level of preparation needed to enter this occupation. Your portfolio is yours to use and refer to while in college.

The Interest Profiler helps you decide what kinds of occupations and jobs you might want to explore based on your interests. Ment and Interest Profiler Pages 5 – 6. Job Zone 5 Most of these occupations require graduate school.


The Skills Profiler Can Help You Explore Occupations That Require Your Skillset

Career Center

. Your portfolio is yours to use and refer to while in college. If you have a question for the career center during this time please email us at cuyamacacareergcccdedu. Abelldocx from MGT MISC at University of California Davis.

Career Perfect ValuesWork Characteristics Inventory. Users may assess their interests skills and work values with the ONET Interest Profiler Skills Search and Work Importance Profiler. Please visit our Covid 19 page to get current information on the status of services for students.

Quick Assessment Explore jobs that best match your personality. The California CareerZone is a web based career explorations system available free of charge. Are you realistic investigative artistic social enterprising or conventional.

Typical Interest Profile of people in this occupation. Occupation lists by Job Zone preparation required salary and more to help you refine your search. The Skills Profiler can help you explore occupations that require your skillset.

Level of preparation needed to enter this occupation. California Colleges Interest Profiler. FREE Career Self-Assessment Tools.

The California Career Zone has four different ways to explore and research careers. Summary 33121 601 PM Skills Profiler. This is a great resource to research careers and colleges.

They may explore and compare occupations by browsing ONET. CA Career Zone Skills Profiler Assessment About What skills have you. Summarypdf from ENGLISH 904 at Norwin Shs.

Parent S Guide

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The California Career Zone Is A 60 Question Test That Determines Which Career They Think Is Best For You Based Off Your Answersmy Interest Results Included Investigative Enterprising And Artistic

. California CareerZone Overview Page 4. California Career Zone Reflection In 12th grade I completed the California Career Zone Reflection. Holland Code Reference Print.

Pages 2 – 3. California CareerZone Overview Holland Code Tutorial Exploring Occupations Exercise The California CareerZone Portfolio set up Career Goal Worksheet. By using the Pennsylvania CareerZones Quick Assessment and Interest Profiler you will be able to determine your Holland Code that utilizes the first letter from the.

California Career Zone Interest Profiler Discover what your interests are and how they relate to the world of work. Holland proposes six personality types matched with six work environments. The California CareerZone for Local Pathways helps students educators jobseekers and others access up-to-date information on wages job openings and other information specific to their state along with great information on careers colleges and more.

Have students look into their portfolio and look for their Holland Code. Student activity for use with the California CareerZone Web site. You will go through numerous pages of questions in order to determine what career areas fit your personality see the Holland Code Tutorial information page to learn more about your work personality.

Since 1995 the Holland Codes Resource Center and other businesses have been. California CareerZone Quick Start Activity Author. Realistic Investigative Artistic Social Enterprising and Conventional summarized as RIASEC.

Major Myths Vs Reality

MYTH: Everyone has a major except me.

REALITY: Most students , even those who have declared a major, will change their at least once during their undergraduate career.

MYTH: My major determines my career.

REALITY: People, not majors, determine careers. It is possible to work in most careers with any major. Interpersonal communication, writing, research, and critical thinking skills are what prospective employers seek out the most in applicants.

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Interest Profiler : : Instructions

The Interest Profiler has a series of questions about work activities that some people do on their jobs. Your job is to read each question carefully and decide whether or not you would like to do the work activity. By answering the questions, you can identify your interests.

As you make your choices on The Interest Profiler try not to think about whether you have enough education or training to perform the activity or how much money you would make performing the activity. Simply think about whether you would like or dislike doing the work activity if you had a chance to do it.

Start at the top of each screen. Answer all the questions in order. You will not be able to move to the next page until you have answered all the questions.

  • To answer a question, you can use your mouse to click on one of the letters, or press the letter on your keyboard.
  • When you finish a page of questions, click on the forward button.
  • To review a screen you have already completed, click on the back button.

At any point during the Profiler you can change your answer to a question. Simply use your mouse to move to the question where you want to change your answer. Then select your new answer.


The only goal is for you to learn about your interests so you can explore work that might be satisfying and rewarding to you.

There are 180 questions.

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