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What Is The Loneliest Job

TOP FIVE Contributors to Job Satisfaction

The loneliest job is a job in the law profession, according to a 2018 Harvard study of 1,624 full-time employees. Coupled with high stress and long working hours spent alone, lawyers often feel isolated for long periods of time.

But its not just Saul whos lonelythere are other common jobs that also face loneliness:

  • Medicine. People with medical degrees are 25% lonelier than those holding just a bachelors.
  • Science. Lab assistants, technical wizards, oh my! These workers spend long hours on the computer or researching, leading to increased loneliness.
  • Engineering. Engineers are often steeped in their plans and can be introverted from the get-go.
  • Civil servants. Government employees, surprisingly, reported lower levels of social support than other workers.

So if youre a die-hard extrovert and cant help being surrounded by people, try finding a suitable job that fits.

One thing I find that helps a lot of individuals is mastering their own communication skills! Whether its learning to read body language, developing public speaking skills, or just being more likeable, the right training can dramatically impact your job performance.

The 20 Best Jobs With The Highest Satisfaction

We all know salary is an important consideration when choosing a career, but its far from the only thing. For many people, enjoying the work they do on a day-to-day basis is what matters most of all. So what are the jobs people find the most satisfaction in?

To find out, we looked at the 50 Best Jobs in America and ranked them in order of job satisfaction. Below are the top 20 with the highest job satisfaction scores if youre the kind of person who puts your happiness first, consider applying to one of the positions listed here today!

Passion For The Position

First and foremost, the individual has to consider their passion for the position and the field as a whole. Even though being a statistician is considered one of the most satisfying careers, if you hate math, its not going to be satisfying to you. Passion, abilities, and interests definitely plays a role in satisfaction rates.

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Make The Right Career Choice

This list of top five careers with the highest job satisfaction is just scratching the surface.

Just because a job has highly rated job satisfaction doesnt mean you will be completely fulfilled for your entire working life.

To better understand what makes a fulfilling career, check out our guide on how to choose a fulfilling career.

Youll soon enough be on your way to finding the perfect job that makes you happy!

Job Satisfaction By Compensation

Here are the 50 Best Jobs in America, according to Glassdoor. Where ...

Though already mentioned, its important to understand just how much compensation affects job satisfaction. While higher-paying jobs do generally have higher levels of satisfaction, it isnt black and white. Heres what we found:

  • Any job that pays over $75,000 per year has an average job satisfaction rate of 59%.

    Higher compensation raises job satisfaction, to a point. While those with higher salaries are generally more satisfied with their jobs, satisfaction can also be impacted by other factors as well.

    You might think that a surgeon who makes an average of $304,000 per year would be the happiest, but this isnt the case with a job satisfaction rate of 83%. Overall, any job that pays above $75,000 per year has an average job satisfaction of 59%, meaning that any pay raises above that have little effect on satisfaction.

  • Job satisfaction is lower for those who make below $30,000 annually.

    Due to all the financial hardships of living in poverty, our research has shown that only 39% of employees are satisfied with jobs that pay below $30,000 per year, even if they find the jobs meaningful. A vast majority of these jobs also have job satisfaction rates below 75%.

  • 54.2% of American employees would leave their current job for a raise.

    Raises matter to Americans, as a considerable 54.2% of employees say they would leave their current job for a pay raise.

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    What Makes A Job Satisfying

    For a job to be satisfying, it usually has to meet a number of requirements. For example, a job that earns you a lot of money is not necessarily fulfilling. A job that has very long hours might not feel satisfying.

    Again, everyones version of a satisfying job varies. However, here are some factors that people tend to look for in a job that brings satisfaction:

    What Job Is The Least Stressful

    So you want to kick back, relax, and not have to worry about all that work stress?

    First, according to CareerCasts annual Most Stressful Jobs report, you probably want to AVOID these jobs :

    • enlisted military personnel: 72.58
    • pharmacy technician: 9.19
    • massage therapist: 10:39

    Diagnostic medical sonographer came in first as the least stressful job ever! If you dont know what that is, thats the person responsible for performing diagnostic procedures, such as using ultrasound cream on a pregnant womans belly to see the fetus.

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    The Most Satisfying Jobs You Can Get In The Us

    What are the most satisfying jobs you can think of? You might be amazed at the diverse range of careers that people find the most fulfilling. Many of them are in sectors like healthcare, education, and human services. But they also include jobs in law enforcement, business, engineering, the creative arts, and a host of other areas.

    Of course, there are many ways to define job satisfaction . How much money you make is one consideration, but it might surprise you to learn that it’s not the most important one. In fact, research has found that higher levels of pay do not automatically translate into higher levels of career satisfaction. A Gallup study found that having meaningful work is often a more compelling factor. And a report by the Society for Human Resource Management found that being well-treated in the workplace is another important contributor to job satisfaction.

    To find out which careers are the most satisfying, we combed through data collected by salary information company PayScale. It surveyed 2.7 million workers across America and asked how satisfied they were in their jobs. Each of the 30-plus careers featured in this article had a satisfaction rating of 80 percent or more, which means that at least 80 percent of people in these jobs were either fairly satisfied or extremely satisfied with their work.

    Keep reading to uncover some interesting possibilities for your future!

    Top Pay: Associates And Bachelors

    High Salary Vs Job Satisfaction QA | How to Find High Salary + Job Satisfaction?

    According to this data from the BLS, there are currently 14 high paying jobs that doesnt require a Masters or Doctorate. That being said, a significant number of these asks applicants to have job experience before entry.

    Business, Administration, and Marketing courses:

    $80,370 Associates

    This list has a big knowledge and skill gap between majors as each one is extremely specified. That being said, its not automatically a bad thing. First it is a cluster 36% big showing that there are a lot of opportunities in Science and Engineering courses, and second, the occupation Architectural and engineering managers imply that its a managerial role representing multiple branches of engineering.

    Theres also something to be said that an Associates degree in Air Traffic Control can lead to a 6 figure salary right off the bat.

    Health science courses:

    $71,410 Associates

    One of the biggest categories to look out for due to a lot of the flexibility it offers. Taking ANY of the relevant courses for these occupation means that you get a decent salary only after 2 years of college. Aside from this, you can choose to complete the course as a Bachelors degree to be more competitive in the field. And if thats not enough, any of these courses can serve as pre-med if you choose to get a Doctorate in Medicine. A choice easily available to you and can pay in dividends as most of the highest paid salary occupations require a Doctorate in the field of medicine.

    IT courses:

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    High Paying Jobs With The Highest Satisfaction Rates

    The professions listed on our list of high paying jobs with the highest satisfaction rates are obviously everyones dream. But the catch here is this: job satisfaction for one individual will be entirely different from what someone else would consider contentment.

    The most prominent example that comes to my mind is that of introverts and extroverts. For an extrovert, a sales job involving abundant interaction with new people may well be the perfect job while for an introvert like me, the same job would be an utter nightmare and Im speaking from personal experience here. Likewise, the most satisfying careers for introverts might not do justice to extroverts. And while were on the topic, I have all the sympathy for you introverts so in case youre really struggling and dont even have a degree to your name, I would really recommend giving our article on the high paying jobs for introverts without a degree or experience a quick look. Trust me, its hard being an introvert, especially in the corporate world, so you should take all the help you can get.

    one photo/

    Occupational Therapy Assistant: $62k

    For people who struggle with routine tasks of living and working due to injury or disability, occupational therapy assistants can be an immense help. Under the direction of an occupational therapist, these assistants guide patients through therapeutic activities and exercises, demonstrate how to use adaptive equipment such as special eating devices, and monitor and record patients’ progress.

    • Satisfaction rating: 81 percent

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    Theatrical Makeup Artist: $76k

    In the entertainment industry, makeup artists use cosmetics to transform actors into the characters they’re portraying. Artists consult with directors about the look of each role and develop a plan to bring that vision to life. That could mean making a young person look old, making a human look like an alien, or making a healthy individual look mortally wounded. Training is available at many vocational schools.

    • Satisfaction rating: 80 percent

    The Uks Top 15 Jobs With The Highest Satisfaction

    8 Awesome Careers with the Highest SatisfactionCollege Raptor

    Corporate Recruiters have the most satisfying jobs in the UK, closely followed by HR Managers and Full Stack Engineers, according to analysis carried out by Glassdoors Economic Research team.

    Industry-wise,those working in education, tech and accounting & legal are the happiest, whereas employees from the fields of transportation & logistics, hospitality and health care report the lowest satisfaction levels.

    So what makes a job a satisfying one? Employee reviews on Glassdoor reveal its a mix of a good work-life balance, great company culture, clear senior leadership and opportunities for learning and development. Pay and compensation has the least impact on employee satisfaction.

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    Tips To Find A Job You Love

    If you feel like your job isnt quite the right fit, heres some tips to finding a role that could be more fulfilling:

    • Be selective: If you are unhappy in your current role make sure you understand what isnt working for you. This can help focus on which job you next apply for.
    • Discover what you love: Ask yourself what your biggest motivators are when it comes to work, what are you passionate about and take Glassdoors quiz to find the job that best suits your life.
    • Network, network, network: Once you know the field you want to work in,reach out to companies you would love to work for and connect with people who might be able to help you with your next opportunity.
    • Schedule time for effective job searching: If you are already working, it can be difficult to find the time to look for a new role. Dedicate a certain amount of your week to your job search and make sure you are only applying for roles that really appeal.
    • Get the inside scoop: Check out what employees already doing the role of your dreams are saying and find out more about the companies on your wishlist.

    What Changed From 2020and What Didnt

    Java Developer jumped from #2 in 2020 to claim the #1 position for the first time in 2021, while Front End Engineer fell from #1 to #11. Data Scientist moved from #3 to #2. Devops Engineer held steady at #5 for both 2020 and 2021, while other jobs shuffled position but stayed in the top ten, like Product Manager and Software Engineer. Newcomers to the top ten jobs include Enterprise Architect, Information Security Engineer, Mobile Engineer and Dentist.

    Overall, the reshuffles and new additions reflect the sweeping changes that 2020 brought to the workforce. Automation Engineer leapt from #46 in 2020 to #15 for 2021. On the front line of the Covid-19 pandemic, multiple positions in healthcare ranked this year, including Clinic Manager , Physician Assistant and, for the first time, Clinical Nurse . Other careers making their debut on the list include Tax Manager, Construction Superintendent, Attorney and Back End Engineer.

    The highest-rated jobs for each of Glassdoors criteria include Software Engineer for the most job openings , Technical Program Manager for the highest median base salary and Corporate Recruiter for the highest job satisfaction score .

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    Medical And Health Services Manager

    Also known as healthcare executives or healthcare administrators, these managers coordinate and direct various health and medical services. Their work might involve supervising staff, managing finances, and communicating with both medical staff and department heads. They earn a median annual salary of $100,980, according to the BLS, which projects that job openings in this field will rise 32% over the next 10 years.

    Research And Development Sciences

    US workers report highest job satisfaction since 2005

    Jobs in research and development entail designing and leading research projects and analyzing results to improve services or products. Many research and development positions offer what one reviewer described as challenging topics in health care, pharmaceuticals, biosciences, and emerging technologies. Yet despite the high-level of knowledge required, working in R& D allows people to maintain a normal schedule while also experiencing high professional growth.

    Top workplace factors: job safety, eco-consciousness, work-life balance

    Common job titles: biological scientist, medical scientist,

    Number of jobs on Monster now: 37

    Growth predicted by BLS through 2024: 5%

    Find biology jobs and medical scientist jobs on Monster.

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    The 10 Happiest Jobs You Might Not Expect


    Occupational Therapist | Human Resources Manager | Actuary

    Nearly everyone wants a job that makes them happy, but job happiness can be hard to define. Studies indicate that people who find meaning in their work tend to be happier and more satisfied. But happiness can mean different things to different people. For example, a job involving work outdoors may appeal to some individuals but not others. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

    Airfield Operations Specialist: $53k

    Making sure that runways, taxiways, and all other areas of an airfield are ready for takeoffs and landings is essential to the safety of pilots, passengers, and aircraft. Airfield operations specialists do everything from repairing asphalt and controlling wildlife to removing debris and cleaning up hazardous spills. Many people with this occupation also respond to firefighting and medical emergencies.

    • Satisfaction rating: 83 percent

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    Focus On Benefiting Another Person

    You don’t have to be vaccinating orphans in Africa to find satisfaction in your work. For instance, solving a caller’s computer problem makes a difference. So does changing the oil in a car to keep a family safe on the road or designing a new mobility aid to give a senior more independence and freedom. Think about how the work you do makes someone else’s life better.

    You can even add meaning to your work by improving the lives of your colleagues. Offer to help out with a difficult task or just chat nicely with them about their day. Mentoring a new hire can also be a great way to feel good about what you do.

    Room For Career Growth

    Party Supplies ABC CANDLE TruDew High Quality Candle Satisfaction ...

    Career opportunities beyond entry level are also important for workers. And those that know there is opportunity for upward movement within a company or organization tend to be happier and more satisfied than those without. Employers can even take it a step further and provide a plan for their employees. This is when they clearly outline what you need to accomplish in a set period of time to get that promotion.

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    Physical Therapist Assistant : $59k

    As key members of the physical therapy team, PTAs work directly with people who are recovering from injury or illness in order to help them strengthen their muscles and improve their range of motion. They help patients perform a variety of therapeutic exercises as laid out in their treatment plans. They also explain what exercises or activities people should do on their own at home in order to continue their rehabilitation.

    • Satisfaction rating: 82 percent

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