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Strategy : Put Your Personal Strengths And Innate Talents To Work In Your Career

Fordham Alumni Career Workshop and Networking Reception: Career Transitions

As a career coach and career counselor in New York City with nearly two decades of experience coaching people to make successful career changes and transitions…

I’ve seen many talented people fall into the trap of NOT recognizing or valuing their strengths and abilities.

I know everyone has a unique combination of skills, talents and interests… and that is what makes each one of us special.

When you know what they are and you align them with your work, you’ll thrive. You’ll be valued and respected by your colleagues. And you’ll be set to achieve your potential.

If you’re not clear on what your best transferrable skills and experience are, no worries – I’ll help you identify them in our work together.

Here Are Guidelines For Successful Interviewing

Do Your Research. Research the company you will be talking to, Understand their product and service. What projects have they worked on recently? What is their reputation and position in the marketplace? Integrate this information in your interview. Find out as much as possible about the organization and know the requirement of the job for which you are applying.

Look for Opportunities to Ask Questions. What is the employer or interviewer really looking for? Very often, job descriptions do not fully articulate what the real needs of the company are. Dont be afraid to ask questions. Where are they in the hiring process? What are their areas that are of most concern to them?

Present Features and Benefits. The features are your skills, abilities and experiences. Be prepared to offer specific examples of specialization or accomplishments. This is an opportunity to get your good points across. Sometimes telling a real experience or story is easier and more authentic.

Focus On What The Company Needs. Make sure youre addressing the companies problems, not your own. If youre not part of the solution, youre part of the problem. Dont talk about how eager you are to move ahead or how much you would enjoy working there. What can you do for them?

Practice, practice, practice, Interviewing is a skill. Becoming proficient at something takes practice. The interview is no exception.

Rachel Was Able To Help Me Transform What I Thought Were Loose Ends Into A Narrative That Not Only Empowered Me

to take chances again, but really helped me to redefine my strengths, identify new avenues and build up confidence that I so clearly had been missing.

What I really appreciate about Rachels approach is how warm and engaging she is while also reinforcing new and challenging information. She provides accountability and structure with tremendous support and understandingall of which allowed me to really internalize and process each session and *want* to do the work.

Now, I can look back and celebrate all Ive accomplished and am much more self-assured. Rachel literally advocated for me to be my own biggest advocate! She has helped me see that its ultimately up to me to steer the course, and I couldnt be more excited about whats next.


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What’s Your Investment To Have Career Satisfaction

I’m committed to offering an affordable career coaching and career counseling solution that gives you all of the expertise and tools you need to identify the right new job and career for you and make your transition.

Most of my 7,000 clients received all of the clarity coaching services they needed for the modest investment of $380.

For this investment you receive:

  • A thorough online assessment that makes sure our 1st coaching session is productive
  • 1st Career Clarity coaching session to help me learn about you and gather the information I need to identify the best alternate job and career ideas for you
  • My comprehensive research to identify your best job and career options
  • 2nd Career Clarity coaching session to present and explain to you the alternate jobs and careers that best match your skills, interests, motivations, personality, and more
  • to help you quickly learn about each job and career option
  • Proprietary training modules that will help you research and evaluate alternate job ideas so you choose the best new career direction for you

Not Sure? Here’s How You Can Use My Career Coaching & Career Counseling Risk Free

I understand if you’re unsure…

  • You’ve probably never used a professional career coach or career counselor before… or maybe you had one and didn’t have a good experience
  • Maybe you have doubts about whether hiring me as your career coach will really help you
  • Or maybe you’re thinking you should wait to start

Free Consultation Offer…

Q: What If I Am Not Satisfied With My Resume Or Cover Letter

Transition Coaching

Once the final version of the resume or cover letter is delivered, we can not issue a refund. Should this issue arise, please communicate with your coach to work toward a resolution. This resolves nearly every case.

If you are not satisfied with your initial call, contact right away and we will issue you an 80% refund.

If you are not satisfied with your first draft, contact right away and we will issue you a 50% refund.

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Five Strategies To Identify & Transition To Your Ideal Job & Career In Nyc

Strategy 1: Be Genuinely Inspired

Many people “push” themselves to succeed at work.

Pushing works well for some people… usually for a limited period of time.

But when we keep running into a big obstacle at work – or a series of small ones – it takes a LOT of pushing to get past them.

… That can be exhausting.

That’s why pushing ourselves at a job is typically a recipe for frustration and unhappiness.

Wouldn’t it be easier – and better – if we feel pulled forward effortlessly to our sucess at work?

There are natural pulls in your life – things that genuinely inspire you, increase your energy, and empower you to be your best.

When you choose a new career that aligns the natural pulls in your life… and you’ll create a “vacuum effect” that pulls you forward in your career effortlessly.

You’ll have much more satisfation and motivation at work… and in your personal life too. You’ll be more creative. You’ll feel more fulfilled. And you’ll be more successful.

Strategy 2: Put Your Personal Strengths and Innate Talents to Work

As a career coach and career counselor in New York City with more than a decade of experience coaching people who are changing careers…

… I’ve seen many talented people fall into the trap of worrying about their weaknesses and lack of ‘required’ skills and experience.

This is a form of damage control that can prevent failure.

… and discover the exciting job and career options that use them frequently.

But here’s a crucial tip…

How We Choose Winners

Each of the NYC career coaching services below was reviewed, taking into consideration the following:

Price of the service compared to other New York City career coaches.

Overall experience, awards, and certifications.

Effectiveness of the process from start to finish.

Client reviews on third-party platforms.

This list was hand-curated to serve all industries, professions, and career levels. While many of the services on this list are from New York City, these career coaches are virtually available whether you are in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, or any other New York city.

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Happiness Joy Pleasure Balance

Do you experience these qualities in your life? From time to time, we may need adjustments in our career or personal life to bring us the satisfaction, motivation, or fulfillment we need to improve the quality of our life. Life is too short and precious not to enjoy every part of it. Consider making a career change if: your job situation or responsibilities have changed you are feeling unfulfilled or dissatisfied in your work and in your life you are unhappy or bored with the career you have chosen interpersonal issues at work are getting in your way and affecting your performance stress affects you emotionally, mentally or physically you feel daily pressures are too burdensome.

Why Is Career Counseling Important

Career Transition Bio Coach Sujinda Areepong

Career counseling can help you discover your career path, help you overcome challenges preventing you from finding happiness in your job, or help you learn more about career opportunities that are available to you. Career counselors are typically counselors who specialize in helping guide people into their best career choices. As professionals, they have typically completed a masters degree in counseling with a focus on career counseling and bring a nuanced understanding of the emotional blocks that prevent someone from doing what they love or getting ahead in their current position. Here are some of the ways that career counseling can help:

  • Identify your skills and talents and how they correlate to different career paths
  • Educate you about the educational requirements for launching in various careers and what earnings can look like
  • Help you understand the kind of environment you want to work in, and which careers are best suited for that
  • See opportunities to transfer your existing skill set to other career areas
  • Help you identify causes of tension or unhappiness in your current career and how to overcome those difficulties
  • Help you create a game plan for moving forward
  • Provide a safe space for you to understand your feelings about career choices youre making

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Welcome To The Next Steps In Your Career Transition

Welcome to Lynn Berger Coaching. Whether you are looking for a new position, striving for that dream job, starting a new business of your own or looking for a position that matches your current skills better, Lynn can help. If that little voice inside tells you that its time to look at a new challenge in your career, she can help. Career Transition involves evaluating your values and capabilities, developing your personal brand, discovering opportunities for new or different career opportunities and finally job search. During your sessions with Lynn you will determine relevant topics and a path to find the position you desire.

Nyc Career Coach & Career Counselor Specializing In Career Clarity Career Transitions & Career Change 18 Years Experience 7000+ Nyc Clients

Here’s the proven, practical, and results-oriented career coaching process I use to help my career coaching and counseling clients to identify exciting new job and career paths in as fast as 2 weeks:

  • Clients complete a comprehensive, proprietary assessment before we meet, which guarantees our work together is focused and productive.
  • In our 1st career coaching session, I’ll learn about you, your skills and experience, your situation, and your preferences.
  • After our session, I’ll conduct comprehensive job & career idea research on your behalf.
  • In our 2nd career coaching session, I’ll tell you about the specific job options and career paths that best fit you.
  • After our 2nd session, I’ll send a comprehensive package with Summary Profiles for every job idea we discuss , and comprehensive resources to help you evaluate each job idea.
  • 95% of my coaching clients know what types of jobs and careers they want to target after reviewing the materials and researching them.

If knowing the best job and career path for you is worth a $380 investment in yourself, I invite you to schedule a 10-15 minute complimentary phone consultation so I can confirm I have the right experience to help youand for me to answer your questions .

You truly have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain by scheduling a complimentary consultation to discuss your situation.

Want to know more about my career coaching philosophy and career coaching services? Read on…

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Specializing In Career Clarity & Career Changes

I have two quick questions for you:

  • Do you want to discover the best job options and career choice for you?
  • Do you want a proven action plan to help you make your career transition?

If so, you’re on the right page.

I invite you to keep reading because I am going to tell you how you can quickly identify alternative jobs and career options in NYC that you will look forward going to each morning.

Over the past 12 years, more than 5,000 people have used my strategies to discover exciting new job & career options for them and support their career transitions.

Now it can be your turn…

Before I Worked With Rachel I Was Confident In My Skills And Experience But Not Sure How To Communicate Them In A Way That Connected As One Story

Career Advancement at Monroe College

Which was AWKWARD because my skills / experience are in…communication that connects. Rachel immediately GOT who I am, what I do, and how it makes sense, guiding me toward and suggesting sharp language that was both LinkedIn-friendly and felt like ME. Now I talk about ALL of what I do in one powerful wayand some serious sorcery is happening because not only is my startup right on track, but cool new consulting projects keep coming my way with zero hustle. Thank you, Rachel!


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What Is A Life Coach

A professional, accredited life coach works with people to help them make important changes in their life, either growing in their profession or changing gears in their personal lives. They help clients turn their dreams or wishes into realistic, attainable goals. They guide people through the process of making life changes by helping them evaluate the steps they must take to reach a particular goal, then help them decide how and whether to take those steps in the most efficient, effective and rewarding way possible. A life coach acts as a motivator, strategist and accountability partner. Unlike a therapist, a life coach doesnt help solve problems from your past theyre focused on helping you move forward with new ways of acting and thinking that will help you reach your goals. Some people specialize in particular types of life coaching, including life balancing coaches, small business coaches, executive coaches and personal finance coaches. Some meet clients in person, while others hold consultations over the phone.

Regardless of which type of life coach youre interested in, make sure the person holds an International Coach Federation credential. There are three tiers of credentials: Associate, Professional and Master, which require coaching experience ranging from 100 hours to 2,500 hours.

Outplacement New York Services Provide One

One-to-one coaching provides lots of benefits to lots of employees career transition. It aims to focus on leadership skills, setting better goals, making better decisions, and improves communication, with tangible ROI. It helps to improve the performance of employees. Individual coaching motivates employees to go hard on their career transition. They are encouraged to put forth their own goals and to achieve them. Ways to achieve their executive career change goals are also discussed. It brings creativity and empowerment in employees and above all the employees feel they are valuable, even though the redundancies may have been commercially necessary.

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I Want To Think Through What Im Doing In My Life I Havent Had A Chance To Explore This Before

A hard-working and high-achieving individual like yourself has gotten used to moving from one role to the next and you may not have considered or had the chance to think about what youre doing and why. There is no silver bullet to this kind of question and instead, it takes commitment to slowing down and assessing your values. Your values can help reinstill a sense of purpose in your career. In Career Counseling, this is a great opportunity to set aside time and space to do this kind of deeper exploration about your career.

Q: Ive Never Done Anything Like This What Should I Expect

Career Transition Series – Episode 10 | Devops Career Transition | Edureka

The exact deliverables for a specific service are available on that services page. As far as working with a coach, you will receive personalized attention from a career expert who will use impactful questions to best understand your career objectives and work toward meeting them. Expect a mix guiding questions, thought partnership, and action steps to help you with what comes next.

Like any other relationship, the more you put into your sessions, the more you’ll get out. Those who get the best results are receptive to feedback and open to doing the work after the session is over.

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The Sixth Surefire Strategy To Discover Your Best Job & Career Options & Make Your Career Change

Another thing I’ve learned as a carer coach helping thousands of professionals…

If all it took to identify the right career and make a career transition is a few assessments, online articles and sample resume book…

… then nearly everyone would know and have their ideal job already.

I know it’s vital to…

Strategy 6: Have a Qualified Ally to Help You Identify the Best Job and Career Options for You & Win Exciting Job Offers

To discover and land the right job and career for you and make your transition, have a qualified partner who can:

If you can imagine how this support and expertise could help you discover the right new job and career for you and make your transitoin..

… and you don’t have a career expert in your inner circle who can help you whenever you need it…

Here’s one way you can have an expert ally on your side right now…

There Are Simply No Words To Describe How Much Gratitude I Have For Our Paths Crossing

Not just because I got this job that is kicking my ass every damn day but because you helped me unlock some stuff that I thought I had already conquered. You helped me remind myself that Im still a warrior and one who is battle tested. And in the group, I feel as if I have a crew or to use the more modern term squad that I can turn to when I need it.


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