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Administrative Assistant Resume Sample Statements

Administrative Assistant Career Overview
  • Over 10 years of experience assisting high level executives and managing business relationships in a corporate environment.
  • Maintain excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Self starter that can work independently or with a team.
  • Accustomed to fast paced offices, juggling multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Organize and maintain company reports and accounting documents.
  • Creative problem solver, recognized for getting most of out of limited resources.
  • Provide sales support through advanced word processing.
  • Plan and coordinate events, meetings and conferences.
  • Develop and deploy presentations and speeches
  • Coordinate and organize special events.
  • Read and filter corporate email, serving as first line of customer support.
  • Prepare corporate personnel agendas, schedules and itineraries.
  • Strong knowledge of office and administrative software including Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Best Administrative Assistant Resume Examples 2022

Administrative assistant resume sample and guide with examples. Learn to write a great admin assistant resume!

  • Sample Resume Objective for Administrative Assistant
  • Examples of a Senior Administrative Assistant Resume Summary
  • Administrative Assistant Resume SamplesExperience
  • How to Write About Administrative Experience in a Resume
  • Action Words and Power Verbs for an Administrative Assistant Resume
  • 20+ Top Hard and Soft Skills for Administrative Assistant Resumes

When To Use An Administrative Assistant Resume

An administrative assistant handles a variety of important everyday tasks, and plays an important part in helping businesses and organizations run smoothly.

Different companies have different needs, and therefore there is no single item that every Administrative Assistant employer is looking for on a resume.

Some specialized businesses may require certain kinds of knowledge and experience, but for most positions, simply having education or experience in the business world will give your resume a leg up.

Aim to prove this through either highlighting your past experience or detailing your relevant education. An Associates in a business-related field, for example, would certainly make you equipped for the job!

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Choose The Best Format For An Administrative Assistant Resume

To get started with your resume administrative assistant, you need to pick the right layout first. Hiring managers have hundreds of applications on their desks. Every applicant has something to offer, but only a few get noticed. Thus, if you fail to grab the recruiterâs attention right away, youâll never land an interview. First, recruiters always quickly scan applications to find candidates that match the job best. Thatâs the main reason why the formatting of your resume matters so much.

A perfect administrative resume format should spotlight your biggest accomplishments, skills, and experiences. Our experts recommend you stick to the reverse-chronological format that puts your most recent accomplishments first. It is the most professional and effective format.

As for the template, the ideal sample resume administrative assistant template is simple, clean, easy to scan, and well-organized. It should be clearly structured with headings and have plenty of white space.

What Are An Administrative Assistants Duties And Responsibilities

Administrative Assistant Job Description Resume : Admin Assistant ...

As with mostjobs, administrative assistant duties can vary from one company or position tothe next. Every CEO has different needs. Some are influenced by personalpreference, while others are impacted by the organizations industry.

However, there are also some similarities between many of the roles. Heres a look at the duties and responsibilities youll find in a typical administrative assistant job description:

  • Generate reports
  • Distribute memos
  • Manage expense reports

Essentially, they handle critical but somewhat mundane tasks to ensure the CEO doesnt have to spend their time on them. The primary purpose of an administrative assistant is to manage the day-to-day, ensuring company leaders can concentrate on the bigger picture, drive innovation, or keep the company moving in the right direction.

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Summary For Administrative Assistant Resume

  • Top-notch assistant with ten years of experience managing business relations and special projects at the senior management level.
  • Service as primary point of contact for and liaison between management, sales teams, personnel, clients and vendors.
  • Maintain excellent written and oral communication skills, problem resolution abilities and high level of confidentiality.
  • Equally effective sales management and advanced word processing support.

Administrative Assistant Resume Summary

Action Verbs For Administrative Assistant Resumes

Each bullet point in your work history section should begin with an action verb. These action verbs are strong ways to showcase your experience and achievements by showing, rather than telling. Examples of great action verbs for an administrative assistant are negotiated, supervised, calculated, established, and more to speak to your accomplishments in the role. These words imply the ability to effectively communicate with vendors, leadership and management of other team members, proficiency in numbers, and creating something new. Descriptors such as responsible for, helped, assisted with, and handled imply that you did the responsibilities of the job, but leave the recruiter wanting to know what you specifically achieved in your past roles.

For more sample bullet points and details on how to write effective bullet points, see our articles on resume bullet points, how to quantify your resume and resume accomplishments.

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List Common Skills For An Administrative Assistant

Applicants with a strong set of administrative assistant skills are easier and faster to train and, as a result, are highly desirable to hiring managers. Here are some of the top soft skills and hard skills required to fulfill an administrative position:

Additionally, keeping your administration skills up-to-date on your resume will help you stand out from other applicants. With that in mind, we surveyed the most popular administrative assistant skills of 2022:

These skills can either be added to your resumes skills section or highlighted with examples in your experience section.

Summary Resume Example: Get Noticed

How To Make a Resume For an Administrative Assistant | Microsoft Word

Your resume summary, also known as a profile, is especially important because you need to show off your personality. Here is where you make yourself sound great. Dont be shy. This resume guide will walk you through the steps to get it done. Why a summary? Because you dont have much time to impress and you want to distinguish your resume from the start.

A resume summary should highlight your soft skills while injecting a bit of professional personality. The rest of your resume will be focused on your experience, education and skills, with little room for creativity, but here you have a chance to make yourself known and get human resources to take a longer look at your resume.

Since you may be the first person with whom visitors to your office interact, it is in your best interest to feature your personality on your administrative assistant resume. Are you cheerful, calm, eager to help, a problem-solver? Highlight those qualities in your resume summary. Include your past professional achievements in this section as well.

Three out of four senior managers said the responsibilities of their office support workers has increased in the past five years, according to an OfficeTeam survey.

Employers and recruiters want to know how you will enhance the office environment with your skills, knowledge of the field, and personality, so show them in your administrative assistant resume summary.

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Summary With Professional Goals

Example:Business Administration graduate with drive and initiative, thorough attention to detail, with excellent time management and task prioritization skills. Seeking an Administrative Assistant position in a globally competitive firm with ample opportunity for professional growth and career advancement. Committed to performing all tasks with the highest level of professionalism and competence.

This summary emphasizes the applicants desire to be a valuable member of the workforce.

Administrative Assistant Resume Examples

Looking for Administrative Assistant resume examples that you can easily customize? Resume-Now provides hassle-free format, template & keyword options. View now!

  • See What People are Saying About Us
  • High school diploma
  • What makes you a perfect candidate for an administrative assistant job?
  • How do you acquire the position of an administrative assistant?
  • Is an administrative assistant a good career opportunity?

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Write A Strong Career Summary With Powerful Keywords

Dont put an administrative assistant objective on top of your resume since its obsolete. Instead, write a clear and strong administrative assistant resume summary which will serve as your elevator pitch.

As you can see on the administrative assistant resume example above, Amy Brown used powerful keywords which are relative to her target job. These words are hands-on, efficient, and accomplishing multiple tasks which are targeted for the job.

The 23 Hard And Soft Skills That Hiring Managers Want

10+ Executive Administrative Assistant Resume Templates â Free Sample ...

What about your skills?

Our editor has three different Skills sections to choose from: Skills, Hard Skills, and Soft Skills.

Note: By clicking on Layout in the top menu, you can choose the Custom Layout and have a drag & drop feature to adjust the sections as you need.

Its best to include a general Skills section and then choose between Hard or Soft Skills based on the needs of the job.

Administrative assistants need a lot of soft skills to shine in these roles. Heres some that you may want to highlight on your own resume.

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, SharePoint
  • Database management
  • Proficiency with photocopiers, scanners, and projectors
  • Accurate data entry
  • Flexibility and efficiency

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Administrative Assistant Resume Example And Writing Tips

Resume example and downloadable template for an administrative assistant/office manager position, with writing tips and what to include.

An effective office manager or administrative assistant keeps everything in the office in order, from schedules to supplies, and so much more. Often, people in this role are fixers: If they dont know the answer to a question, they know who can help. They are also skilled at solving problems . Office managers may supervise staff as well.

  • Management Skills
  • Example 3 Receptionist/administrative Assistant At Mercury Systems

    A thorough, informative responsibilities section can make a huge difference in your retention rates. Mercury Systems does an excellent job of describing each responsibility in detail. It doesnt just say that candidates will have to manage supplies instead, it provides a detailed explanation of what managing the office supply inventory entails.


    You are responsible for:

    • Answering phone calls and directing the caller to the appropriate personnel, department, or voicemail to ensure all calls are addressed
    • Welcoming on-site visitors, determining the nature of business, and notifying visitors to appropriate personnel to ensure good customer service
    • Providing callers with basic information such as company address, directions to company location, company fax numbers, company website and other related information
    • Maintaining office supply inventory by checking stock to determine inventory level, anticipating needed supplies, placing and expediting orders for supplies, and verifying receipt of supplies to ensure supplies are available and organized at all times
    • Maintaining office equipment by troubleshooting malfunctions, calling for and expediting repairs to ensure equipment are operational
    • Assisting in generating requisitions for non-production materials in support of Engineering, Operations and Facility requirements

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    Employment History Resume Example: Show What You Know

    This section is more challenging if you are starting or changing your careeras an administrative assistant, but no matter your job history, you can craft a skill-focused experience section that shows off your value. Your first step here is to think about each job you have had, whether it be full time or an after-school position. Instead of writing a job description, think in terms of accomplishments and skills.

    Analyze the description of the job you want. Describe career successes that illustrate the skills the employer is looking for. Think about how you used those skills to the organizations advantage. For example: How did you use those skills to streamline office processes? On your administrative assistant resume, link as many of those skills to your previous years of experience. Check out our administrativeassistant resume example block below to see more samples of how to do this.

    If job descriptions seem too vague or too wordy, heres a way you can cut through the mess. Try using a word cloud program such as Wordle or WordArt. Paste the job description into it. The more often a word is used, the more important it is to the employer. Follow the pattern to implant keywords into your resume.

    Here are some goals of a well-written work history section:

    • Use action verbsto describe responsibilities and achievements
    • For example: performed instead of did reconciled data instead of found errors
  • Get specific by employing data and statistics to make your case
  • Administrative Assistant Resume Template

    Administrative Assistant Duties And Responsibilities

    Make sure you choose the right resume format to suit your unique experience and life situation.

    Administrative Assistant with 6+ years of experience preparing flawless presentations, assembling facility reports, and maintaining the utmost confidentiality. Possess extensive expertise in Microsoft Excel and database management. Looking to leverage organizational and time management skills as an Administrative Assistant at .

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    Putting It All Together

    Ultimately, administrative assistants are wizards in their own right. They handle so much, ensuring CEOs arent distracted by the nuances of the day-to-day. By acquiring and refining the right skills, you can make your mark in the field. Just use the information above as a guide, and maybe youll discover that theres no place youd rather be.

    Check out our other job description articles if youre exploring career options:

    Administrative Assistant Resume Samples

    Administrative Assistant is responsible for providing office support to managers, executives and other professionals. Even though the job settings may vary depending upon the objective of the company, the Administrative Assistant Resume should highlight the following monitoring and recording expenditures, scheduling appointments,assisting in office documentation work, managing files, editing and proofreading documents and taking charge of sending and receiving correspondence.

    Administrative Assistants should have a thorough knowledge of administrative bookkeeping software and show skills in understanding the basic concept of the job setting. They should also be a keen observer and be proficient in basic bookkeeping and accounting. While a high school diploma is normally considered mandatory, most of the eligible administrative assistant resumes depict a post-secondary training.

  • Administrative Assistant
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    Why Should You Use An Administrative Assistant Resume

    Recruiters usually look for candidates with a fearless approach, a sense of flexibility, and a positiveattitude.

    While applying for the target job, how do you show off these specific traits in your administrative assistant resume?

    It’s pretty simple.

    Writing a great Administrative Assistant resume starts with 3 simple but important steps:

    • Refer to the job description.
    • Highlight skills, awards and certifications that match your requirements.
    • Create a MasterCV and a summary of your qualifications.

    Administrative Assistant Resume Experience Statements

    11+ Office Assistant Job Description Templates â Free, Sample, Example ...
    • Liaison between all impacted departments to ensure proper communications and reporting practices.
    • Plan and coordinate corporate luncheons and develop presentations for related on-and off-site meetings.
    • Organize the details of special events, travel, arrangements, corporate agendas and itineraries.
    • Direct business relations and distribution of company literature to stimulate client interest and sales leads.
    • Manage capital purchases, direct vendor relations, generate and maintain equipment for tracking records.
    • Process monthly expense reports reflecting supporting documents and budget code indexes.
    • Coordinate and maintain weekly attendance and annual vacation records on departmental employees.

    Administrative Assistant Resume Experience

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    What Is A Resume Summary

    A resume summary is a short explanation of your skills and experience as they relate to an open role. Youll usually add a summary at the top of your resume, right below your name and contact information. That way its one of the first things an employer reads.

    Resume summaries are usually two to three sentences or statements. This makes it easy for hiring managers to read quickly to decide if your skills and experience match their needs. To make your resume summary more appealing, you can tailor it for each job you apply for.

    What Is An Administrative Assistant

    An administrative assistant is an individual who provides administrative support to a company’s management team and ensures a company’s efficient operation. They perform a variety of clerical and administrative tasks that help develop their transferable skills. Some of their duties include answering phone calls, scheduling meetings and appointments, greeting guests and sending and receiving correspondence.

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    Skills And Education Summary

    Example:Administrative Assistant with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and a solid background working in different human resources firms. Well-organized and able to multitask while maintaining a high level of professionalism and attention to detail. Expert level proficiency in all MS Office applications.

    This example mentions the applicants educational and professional background, both of which are relevant to an Administrative Assistant position. It also details hard and soft skills that are useful for the job.

    Highlight Your Professional Experience

    How To Quantify Your Resume As An Administrative Assistant

    This resume section is vital. Hence, its best for you to focus on your career highlights. Not all recruiters read everything on resumes, so be direct and show your value offers.

    Amys work history revolves around customer service, but she has transferable skills and experiences she can bring as an admin assistant. Some of them are carrying out admin tasks such as staff-update drafting and taking charge of daily inventory tracking.

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    Office Administrator Resume Format

    Office Administrator Resume Sample Melissa L. BrownAddress: 123 Oakwood drive, Los Angeles, CAPhone: 842 6475Email: Current Job: Office Administrator, DBM Medical Supplies Inc., Los Angeles, CAObjectiveA dedicated certified Office Administrator with 7 years of experience and multilingual skills seeks to join your growing organization as an Executive Office Administrator. I am proficient in a variety of project management software including programs for office administration and CRM. Competent in prioritizing, organizing and working with little supervision. SkillsCertified Administrative Professional . Excellent communication skills. Multilingual English, Mandarin and French. Well versed with different office administration software for Customer Relationship Management database, time management, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, notetaking and visual presentationsOrganized multitaskerCan work efficiently under pressureDedicated willing to work extra hours, overtime, weekdays and holidays.

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