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What Is Exactly Is Career Step

CareerStep Medical Billing and Coding

CareerStep is an online school which offers a variety of programs, one of them being the medical transcription program. Career Step has been in business for over 20 years as a vocational school. The medical transcription program takes between 3 to 12 months, and you can go at your own pace and have access to the materials 24/7 online.

As many of you home-based workers know, medical transcription or any type of transcription can be a great work-at-home career. Local doctors in your area as well as online companies and even bidding sites such as Elance look for medical transcriptionists.

While the medical transcription training course will not allow you to become certified upon completion of the course, you can take the exam for either the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity certification or the Certified Healthcare Document Specialist certification .

Career Step will even give you a $250 voucher to take the AHDI exam upon completion of the course.

It appears that they only accept US and Canadian students for the medical transcription program.

An overview of the program and what types of courses to expect from it would include:

  • Medical Billing

Why Choose Us Career Institute


$79 monthly payments, 5 day risk-free preview and 100% money back commitment.


100% online and self-paced. No set class schedules so you set the pace and study when you can 24/7.


Custom-designed, mobile-friendly student portal.


Focus on real-world skills that will help you gain the knowledge and skills you need for employment and to prepare for industry certifications.


Your tuition includes access to instructors, learning materials and career support.


A+ BBB Rating, 40 Years in Business, 4.8 out of 5 TrustScore, 97% of students would recommend us to a friend.

Want a competitive edge? Take a look at ourMedical Specialties Degree Program with low monthly payments of just $139!

Medical Coding & Billing For Outpatient Services Program Outline

Our program is divided into 15 individual courses that cover all the most recent coding best practices and standards.

Program Orientation: Medical Coding and Billing for Outpatient Services

  • Initiate the Medical Billing and Coding for Outpatient Services program.

Computer Fundamentals

  • Identify basic computer hardware and interpret system requirements.

  • Navigate a Windows operating system environment, as well as install and operate basic software utilities.

  • Use a web browser to navigate between websites in multiple tabs or windows, send and receive email, and access search engines to find information and troubleshoot basic computer problems.

  • Recognize basic technologies related to an office environment.

Comprehensive Medical Terminology

  • Analyze how medical terms are built using common word parts.

  • Properly spell, define, and pronounce medical terms associated with each of the major body systems.

  • Identify and define the word parts most frequently associated with the major body systems.

  • Interpret common abbreviations used in medical terminology and cautions to remember when using them.

Medical Billing

Law, Liability, and Ethics for Healthcare

Introduction to Healthcare

  • Identify health information management concepts common to allied health professionals.

  • Describe characteristics of health care delivery and settings in the United States.

  • Delineate career opportunities for health information management professionals.

Comprehensive Electronic Health Records

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Is Tuition Assistance Available

There are several financing and funding options available to Career Step students.

  • Eligible military students may qualify for the MyCAA programs which offers education training with no out-of-pocket expense.
  • Career Step is an eligible training provider with Vocational Rehabilitation and Workforce Services in many states.
  • Students in Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada and New Mexico may be eligible for an Education Line of Credit with Mountain America Credit Union.
  • Active duty service members may be able to use their tuition assistance benefits through a Career Step partnership with Georgia Regents University.
  • Career Step also offers payment plans and monthly promotions.

While Career Step training does not guarantee employment, graduates have done well on exams and in finding employment. Career Steps partnership with employers also means their training is recognized and recommended by hundreds of employers nationwide.

Shopping For Medical Coding Training

Coding Clarified is here to help you every step of the way to achieve ...
  • Information for finding an ideal coding program is offered by The Health Information Careers provides.
  • The American Association of Professional Coders allows a search of classes for CPC and CPC-H training across the country.
  • There are many reputable companies that secure legitimate and rigorous medical training, but students should be careful about programs which make promises of guaranteed jobs or at-home work, which sounds too good to be true.
  • provides common medical transcription/billing/coding scams.

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Is Job Placement Assistance Available To Career Step Graduates

Graduate Support Advisors help students with their resumes and interview skills. Job search techniques are also shared. Career Step recently announced a partnership with RCM Health Services. RCM is a premier provider of staffing solutions for over 400 healthcare institutions, placing more than 72,000 healthcare professionals in both remote and traditional new jobs across the nation. They intend to employ Career Step graduates, specifically those trained for careers related to health information management.

Careerstep Is The Best Choice You Wont Regret It

Careerstep has been such a wonderful experience!!Im so glad I chose them for my online classes! This is the first time in my multiple attempts of going back to college that I have lasted an entire years worth of classes or lasted a year in general. I enjoy their online class set up, and how easy it is to get the work done, take your quizzes or test, and ensure you can pass all your classes. All of my professors and instructors, as well as the administration staff have been extremely helpful and willing to go the distance with me! Being a single mother while furthering my education isnt an easy task, but with Careerstep they were so understanding, patient, and so easy to work with. I couldnt recommend another school anymore than I do this one!

Date of experience:October 14, 2022

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What Is Career Step And How Does It Work

Career Step is an online healthcare education and training solutions website for students focused on gaining employment, advancing their careers, and professional development.

You can take continuing education courses in the healthcare field from the comfort of your own home and gain the skills you need to start a new career in just 3-12 months.

Career Step develops the curriculum for their programs based on industry needs and works with employers to identify those needs to ensure youre being properly educated.

Medical Billing And Coding School Faqs

CareerStep Reviews: Enoch, Medical Coding and Billing Student

What is the salary for a medical billing and coding role?

Medical records and health techs have a median salary of $44,090 per year,² and job growth is projected to increase faster than average in the next several years. Learn more about a potential career as a medical billing and coding specialist in our Medical Billing and Coding Salary Guide.

Where can I work as a medical billing and coding specialist?

Are you new to the medical field or are you looking to move to a different sector of the medical industry? Becoming a medical billing and coding specialist can help you take the first step toward a new career in the healthcare field. Trained medical billing and coding professionals find jobs in a variety of medical and healthcare environments, such as offices of physicians, hospitals, insurance and administrative companies, and skilled nursing facilities.

How much does a medical billing and coding certification cost?

We keep our program costs low so you can keep your goals within reach! Your program includes a CBCS Exam Voucher in the cost of the program and we offer discounts and payment plans. Visit our tuition page for the most current tuition information.

Is the medical billing & coding program accredited?

What skills will I learn in this program?

Do I get textbooks? What are my textbook options?

What certifications will I receive from the medical billing and coding program?


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Reasons To Complete Your Medical Billing Training With Careerstep

Finish quickly.

You can complete your training and be ready to work and earn in as little as 12 months.

Study on your schedule.

24/7 web access means you can learn whenever and wherever you want, fitting study time in and around your everyday life.

Get certified

Our career training provides the knowledge and certification prep materials you need to sit for industry-relevant certification exams.

Ask for help anytime.

Our training is online, but youre never alone. Real people support you every step of the way via phone, live chat, and email.

Enjoy financial security.

Prepare to take valuable certification exams.

Why Work In Medical Billing And Coding

Now is a good time to jumpstart your career in medical billing and coding. As a large number of health care workers enter retirement, the demand for certified professionals grows more and more each day. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects there will be upwards of 370,600 jobs nationwide for medical records and health information technicians by 2029.

But perhaps the best benefit of becoming a professional medical biller or coder is how quickly you can get started in the field. Many students earn their certificate online, which allows them to work part-time as they study.

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Online Medical Coding & Billing School Faqs

Q. How can I become a Medical Coding and Billing Specialist? A. Becoming a Medical Coding and Billing Specialist typically requires a HS diploma or equivalent and formal training through an accredited institution can also be helpful. After completing a recognized program, the next step is to sit for and pass an industry certification exam. Graduates of U.S. Career Institutes Medical Coding and Billing Program are prepared to sit for several certification exams. We recommend the Certified Professional Coder Apprentice exam offered by the AAPC or the Certified Billing & Coding Specialist exam offered by the NHA .Back to top

Q. What does a Medical Coder and Biller do? A. Medical insurance billers and coders are tasked with assigning patient diagnoses, procedures and visits into medical codes using the ICD-10 CM and CPT® code books and filing and managing the medical claims to ensure patients are billed properly and the doctor is paid for their services. You will gain two career skills in one program.Back to top

Your CBCS exam fees are included in your tuition-up to a $125 value.

Q. What is the growth potential of a Medical Coder and Biller? A. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Medical Coding jobs are expected to increase 9% by 2030.*Back to top

Q. What is the salary of a Medical Coding and Billing Specialist? A. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Medical Coding and Billing Specialists earn up to $45,240 a year.*Back to top

Career Step Review: Start A Career In Medical Billing And Coding

341 best Medical Coding &  Billing Specialists images on Pinterest ...

Medical billing and coding is a flexible and sustainable career that gives you the option to work in-office, from home, or even start your own business, but youll need the proper training and education to qualify you for work opportunities. Career Step provides a training solution that you have you job-ready in about a year!

Currently, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, the field of medical records and health information technicians is expected to increase by 13% through 2026.

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How To Become A Medical Biller And Coder In California

Because the profession is in high demand, youll find plenty of schools offering medical billing and coding programs, including certificates, diplomas and associate degrees.

Follow these six steps to becoming a medical biller or coder, from getting certifications to landing a promising career in the field. There are some medical biller and coder requirements in California that may not apply outside the state.

About Career Step Llc

Career Step, LLC offers classes online only. This school offers training in 27 qualifications, with the most reviewed qualifications being Medical Coding Certification, Clinical Medical Assistant Certification and Medical Billing Certification. Time to complete this education training ranges from 2 months to 2 years depending on the qualification, with a median time to complete of 11 months. The cost to attend Career Step, LLC ranges from $1,500 to $4,000 depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $3,000. When asked how they paid for their training, most reviewers responded, “I paid for it myself”.

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Time Frame For A Medical Coding And Billing Certification

It is also essential to take into consideration how much time you have to spend in medical coding schools. If you are in need of a job as soon as possible, then choosing an online medical coding and billing program is going to be your fastest route to your new career. However, if you have the time and the money to spend in college, you may want to consider earning your associates or even a bachelors degree.

Choose A Medical Billing And Coding Training Program

Career Step Medical Billing and Coding Course Review – 1st Package Unboxing

There are hundreds of ways to land a dream job in medical billing and coding. Anyone considering a career in medical billing and coding must consider which educational program is right for them. For most, each student has to choose from three distinct areas: certificate, diploma or associate degree. These options require different courses and deliver different academic backgrounds, but all are beneficial options when looking to start this career.

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Prepare For The Cpc Certification Exam

Upon completing SJVCs certificate or associate program, youll want to take the Certified Professional Coder exam given by the American Academy of Professional Coders . This is a medical billing and coding certification. While certification is not always needed to work in this field, many employers list CPC as a preferred or required job qualification. Earning this credential can help you stand out in the job market as a preferred candidate.

Is There A 4 Week Online Course For Medical Coding And Billing

Some medical coding and billing courses last just a matter of months, and you can finish a select few within a handful of weeks. But is there a 4-week medical coding and billing course available online, and is it worth your money?

James Mielke


James Mielke is a freelance writer currently based in Louisville, Kentucky. In addition to higher education topics, other areas of research and writing include food history, cooking, dining, and golf. James has a history degree from Belmont University and is an unapologetic fan of the Grateful Dead.

Medical billing and coding are two of the fastest-growing careers in allied health. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates an 8% growth in job openings in the field between 2019 and 2029. Whats more, both medical billing and medical coding are fairly quick to enter. Many programs take between four and six months to complete, with students who graduate from an accredited program sitting for the required certification exam. But the question many students are asking today is, can I earn my milling billing and coding credential even faster?

Programs that might interest you:

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What You Need To Start A Home

Aside from having your own computer with a reliable internet connection if you plan on working from home, youll need to have a private dedicated work space in a secure location to abide by health privacy laws so no one else can access the medical records you deal with.

Another important thing youll need to get started is obtain the proper training and education from a reputable program. A certification is not always required, but it will help you land a quality job.

If you want to become certified, youll need to pass a test after your training to become certified and prove you can take on tasks like:

  • Translating medical terms for procedures and treatments into codes that can be used by providers and insurance companies
  • Understanding insurance guidelines along with the claims submission process and protocol
  • Properly filling out complex insurance claim forms
  • Analyzing Explanation of Benefits forms which helps verify insurance companies have paid for charges

Medical coding and billing is a great career field to get into especially since you can work from home and train from home with programs like Career Step.

Medical Billing And Coding Outcomes


Medical Billing and Coding Professional



Penn Foster’s Medical Billing and Coding Program is designed with job-readiness in mind. Study the skills you need while preparing for any required industry certifications and state licenses, so you can get started on your career path as a medical billing and coding professional or advance your current career.

State Licensing Requirements

Licensing and/or certification requirements for jobs in certain fields are not the same in every state and may include educational, testing, and/or experiential requirements beyond those offered by your Penn Foster Program. You should contact the state professional licensing board or similar regulatory body in the state where you plan to work to determine their requirements before enrolling in your program. See the State Licensing page for contact information for state licensing/regulatory boards and certain industry licensing information. Please review state board requirements that are applicable to your field of study. State boards may impose a variety of different requirements, which vary from state to state.

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Medical Coding And Billing Program Tuition And Financing

We strive to ensure our Medical Coding and Billing program is both flexible and affordable. This is why we offer low, monthly payment options for every student. We are committed to providing you with a high-quality education at an affordable price. Make an investment in yourself today!

For more information, please visit our Tuition and Financing page.

Join the thousands who have trained with U.S. Career Institute. Get started on your online medical coding and billing program today and be ready to work in as little as five months!

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