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Time Frame For A Medical Coding And Billing Certification

Career Step Medical Billing and Coding Update: Halfway Point

It is also essential to take into consideration how much time you have to spend in medical coding schools. If you are in need of a job as soon as possible, then choosing an online medical coding and billing program is going to be your fastest route to your new career. However, if you have the time and the money to spend in college, you may want to consider earning your associates or even a bachelors degree.

Career Step Tuition And Fees

Career Steps tuition prices vary depending on the program you choose.

The Professional Medical Coding and Billing program, which includes a voucher to take the Certified Professional Coder certification exam, costs $3,699.

You have the option to choose a 12-month payment plan with 8% interest.

If you need help with funding, your state may have assistant available through its Workforce Services or Vocational Rehabilitation programs so youll need to look into them.

If youre active duty or a military veteran, you are eligible for funding assistance for you or your spouse for the program of your choice.

How To Apply For Mycaa

Our dedicated Military Career Advisors make this process quick and painless. If youre interested in receiving funding from MyCAA, heres a quick rundown of how to apply:

  • Talk to one of our dedicated Military Career Advisors .
  • Create a MyCAA account on the MyCAA website.
  • Once your account is approved, explore CareerSteps online career training programs.
  • Find a training program that is approved by MyCAA and matches your interests.
  • Apply for MyCAA financial assistance.
  • Work with your Career Advisor to complete the process and start your training.
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    Medical Coding & Billing For Outpatient Services Program Outline

    Our program is divided into 15 individual courses that cover all the most recent coding best practices and standards.

    Program Orientation: Medical Coding and Billing for Outpatient Services

    • Initiate the Medical Billing and Coding for Outpatient Services program.

    Computer Fundamentals

    • Identify basic computer hardware and interpret system requirements.

    • Navigate a Windows operating system environment, as well as install and operate basic software utilities.

    • Use a web browser to navigate between websites in multiple tabs or windows, send and receive email, and access search engines to find information and troubleshoot basic computer problems.

    • Recognize basic technologies related to an office environment.

    Comprehensive Medical Terminology

    • Analyze how medical terms are built using common word parts.

    • Properly spell, define, and pronounce medical terms associated with each of the major body systems.

    • Identify and define the word parts most frequently associated with the major body systems.

    • Interpret common abbreviations used in medical terminology and cautions to remember when using them.

    Medical Billing

    Law, Liability, and Ethics for Healthcare

    Introduction to Healthcare

    • Identify health information management concepts common to allied health professionals.

    • Describe characteristics of health care delivery and settings in the United States.

    • Delineate career opportunities for health information management professionals.

    Comprehensive Electronic Health Records

    What Is Medical Billing And Coding

    Online Medical Coding &  Billing Certification Training Program

    Although many people think medical coders and billers are the same, these are actually two separate jobs. Some employers, especially small organizations, hire one person to perform both jobs. It is more common, particularly among large organizations, to employ billers and coders separately.

    You can study to become a medical biller, a medical coder, or a biller/coder. Youll select your educational path depending on your interests, available time for study, and job goals.

    Medical billers and coders both fulfill tasks within the revenue cycle of a healthcare organization. This cycle begins after a patient has received care and continues until a provider has received full reimbursement from insurance companies, other payers, and/or patients themselves.

    Billing and coding responsibilities require attention to detail, computer skills, and excellent communication. Accuracy and compliance affect not only reimbursement to doctors, explains Robyn Korn, MBA, RHIA, CPHQ, an adjunct instructor of medical coding at Purdue University Global. Coding and billing correctly protects the healthcare organization from fraud investigations.

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    Train For A Career In Health Care

    UNM Continuing Education has partnered with CareerStep to help students like you train for a rewarding new career. Career Step is a Leader in online allied health education and job training, offering preparation for national certification & employment. Founded in 1992, Career Step has trained over 60,000 students.Youll receive career focused education and job training that includes real world practicum and software used in the workplace from instructors with industry experience and certifications. CareerStep courses are self-paced and can be started at anytime.

    In-Demand Clinical Medical Jobs

    38147 – Medical Coding and Billing for Outpatient Services

    We provide valuable learning opportunities and certification programs that invest in our local workforce and economy while also providing a means for lifelong education and personal improvement.

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    Reasons To Complete Your Medical Coding & Billing For Outpatient Services Training With Careerstep

    Move at your own pace.

    With 12 months of full program access, you can train on your own terms and complete your program on a timeline that works for you.

    Gain essential skills.

    24/7 web access means you can learn whenever and wherever you want, fitting online medical billing and coding study time into your busy schedule and everyday life.

    Get certified

    Our career training provides the knowledge and certification prep materials you need to sit for industry-relevant certification exams.

    Ask for help anytime.

    Our training is online, but youre never alone. Real people support you every step of the way via phone, live chat, and email.

    Build a strong foundation.

    With a strong emphasis on Outpatient Services, weve tailored our program to benefit learners looking to get their foot in the door and jumpstart their career.

    Learn by doing.

    Youll learn through simulations and real-world scenarios thatll give you experience that applies directly to your day-to-day responsibilities once on the job.

    Developed in Partnership With EHR Go

    This program is an exclusive offering developed in partnership with the EHR Goone of the nations leaders in Outpatient Services training. With 600+ customizable activities built around the various cases and stories healthcare professionals see every day, Go gives learners a coding experience that mirrors true on-the-job responsibilities.

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    Why Work In Medical Billing And Coding

    Now is a good time to jumpstart your career in medical billing and coding. As a large number of health care workers enter retirement, the demand for certified professionals grows more and more each day. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects there will be upwards of 370,600 jobs nationwide for medical records and health information technicians by 2029.

    But perhaps the best benefit of becoming a professional medical biller or coder is how quickly you can get started in the field. Many students earn their certificate online, which allows them to work part-time as they study.

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    Our Happy Learners Say It Best

    Career Step Medical Billing and Coding Review, I

    If you are looking for a career in the medical field to better your life and earn a competitive salary, CareerStep is the source for your success! I am taking the course in medical coding and billing and I am very pleased with the lesson plan, the online assistance, and the one on one coaching with counselors that are there to help you succeed. CareerStep gives you all the resources necessary to make your dreams a reality. Look no further than CareerStep, in taking the next step into your future.

    CareerStep has been so useful and has taught me new things. They are willing to help you through the online process. Its a great online program and is easy to continue your studies while working as well. I have been very pleased with CareerStep.

    I am on the last segment of the medical billing & coding program with CareerStep. Yes, the last segments I am finding out to be the most challenging. But if you are motivated to stay focused & detail minded, you will persevere. CareerStep has a lot of resources to really help all their students to succeed. My advice: Use all the resources to your advantage & stay focused!

    Prepare to take valuable certification exams.

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    What Is A Medical Biller Or Coder

    Medical billing and coding is a system that organizes and updates information in patient records and bills. This system documents medical issues and conditions as well as treatment options. Working in this field requires a driven individual with the skill set to handle many medical records and the attention to detail to accurately organize vital patient information for treatment. These professionals are also in charge of medical insurance claims and the overall billing process. This role supports healthcare providers while directly impacting patient care and privacy.

    Programs Available Through This Partnership Include:

    Request information today to learn more about the CareerStep online training programs offered through Jefferson State Community College, youll receive additional details by email. You can contact us about the Jefferson State Community College program directly at 877-225-7151 or

    Campus Locations

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    Tap Into Referrals Recommendations And Networking

    Enrolling in a medical billing and coding program is a great way to meet others in your prospective career field. Many companies offer bonuses to employees who refer qualified candidates so your classmates may be happy to recommend you if they land a job somewhere youd like to work. You can also submit a publicly visible recommendation on LinkedIn.

    As a UMA graduate, you can take advantage of the ConnectUMA private networking platform which includes an alumni directory, job board, mentorship opportunities, and much more.

    How Long Does It Take To Become A Medical Coder

    Career Step

    How long it takes to become a medical coder depends largely on the path you take to get there. If you plan to pursue a certificate/diploma or associate degree, the length of time will be contingent on the duration of the program.

    Many diploma programs can be completed in under a year. If you intend to enroll in an associate degree program, you may be able to complete your training and earn your degree in under two years or less.

    If you are planning to pursue CPC certification, you would need to factor in additional time to take the certification exam and meet the eligibility requirements for CPC certification. If you pass the exam but do not have the necessary work experience required for full CPC status, you will receive the CPC Apprentice designation until you submit proof of experience and/or education.

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    Start Preparing For Your Medical Billing And Coding Career With Sjvc

    Want to take the next step towards a new career? Start by applying at SJVCs online Medical Billing and Coding program. Students training to become a medical biller and coder earn a certificate in as little as 7-9 months or an Associate of Science degree in as few as 15 months. Our online programs are convenient and flexible for any lifestyle.

    Request more information on either program or contact our office to speak with an admissions advisor today.

    Visit for important information about program outcomes.

    Why Choose Us Career Institute


    $79 monthly payments, 5 day risk-free preview and 100% money back commitment.


    100% online and self-paced. No set class schedules so you set the pace and study when you can 24/7.


    Custom-designed, mobile-friendly student portal.


    Focus on real-world skills that will help you gain the knowledge and skills you need for employment and to prepare for industry certifications.


    Your tuition includes access to instructors, learning materials and career support.


    A+ BBB Rating, 40 Years in Business, 4.8 out of 5 TrustScore, 97% of students would recommend us to a friend.

    Want a competitive edge? Take a look at ourMedical Specialties Degree Program with low monthly payments of just $139!

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    Medical Billing And Coding School

    If you want to work in the healthcare industry in a role with the option to work from home, you can pursue that passion with Penn Fosters online Medical Billing and Coding Career Diploma Program. Study with the support of helpful instructors and faculty, and enjoy a program that offers engaging visual learning aids and interactive assessments to help you practice as you go.

    • Penn Fosters Medical Billing and Coding Career Diploma Program helps prepare you to sit for your:
    • Certified Billing & Coding Specialist exam offered by the National Healthcareer Association
    • Coding Associate exams offered by the AHIMA
  • Penn Foster also provides students in the program with a voucher covering the cost of their CBCS exam as well as a complete exam prep study package.
  • Medical billing and coding professionals are paid a competitive salary.
  • Our online programs are flexible enough for you to finish them at a pace that works for you, based on how much time you can dedicate to your coursework each week.
  • Save up to $300Ends 1/10/2023

    Cost of Program

    Video Transcript

    What You Will Learn

  • How to apply CPT, ICD-10, and HCPCS coding guidelines to identify diagnoses, procedures, and patient medical records.
  • How to identify the procedures for patient record retrieval and reimbursement.
  • How to explain the role of a medical coder as a liaison between the health clinician and billing offices.
  • How to apply computer and information literacy skills using electronic health records software.
  • Medical Coding And Billing Job Duties

    Career Step Medical Billing and Coding Course Review – 1st Package Unboxing

    Medical billing and coding jobs consist of managing patients electronic health records. Its critical work considering that every patient is someones mother, husband, child, or other precious family member. As part of your daily responsibilities, youll assign standardized codes to the procedures performed by the healthcare facility you work for. Sounds relatively straightforward, but this is the first step in helping patients get their medical bills covered, so they have one less thing to worry about.All medical facilities need a medical coding and billing specialist because these professionals are the bridge between insurance and patient invoices. A doctor or office manager could perform this type of job. However, patient care is their sole focus, so hiring an expert to do this is ideal.What does it mean to be a bridge between the medical office and insurance?A medical coding and billing expert helps health systems manage insurance claims, invoices, and payments. Other responsibilities might vary, but the typical medical coding and billing work environment would include performing the following duties: Handling coding for services, procedures, diagnoses, and treatments Making preparations and sending out invoices or claims for payment Making corrections to rejected claims Tracking payments Following up and keeping in contact with patients and insurance companies about outstanding bills

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    Medical Billing And Coding Training

    Career Steps Medical Billing and Coding training program is employer trusted, AHIMA-approved , and ready to help you prepare for industry credentials so you can land a well-paying new career.

    The program is designed to be completed within 4 months of full-time study however, you can study at your own pace and will have access to the training materials for a full 12 months after enrollment.

    The Professional Medical Coding and Billing program includes three main sections:

    Foundations: This is the first section that teaches you the basic computer fundamentals needed for the job, along with the health information management process, and reimbursement methodologies.

    Biomedical Sciences: This section will teach you all about medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology, so you can correctly assign codes.

    Coding Training: The third and final section will teach you about all the different code sets and how to use them. Youll be able to practice coding medical records and reports as well.

    The training program includes:

    • Complete online access to expert-created curriculum
    • Access to 3M encoding software
    • ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS industry codebooks
    • AHA ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Handbook
    • One-on-one support from trainers and technical support team
    • Career support designed to help you turn your education into a job
    • A voucher to take the CPC national certification exam upon graduation

    Research The Specific Job Requirements In Your Area

    Before you decide if you want to seek education and if so, what type, you may want to look into the requirements for medical billing and coding careers in the state in which you plan to work, and with the employers for whom you want to work. Do most job postings specify a diploma is needed, or are local employers looking for candidates with an associate degree? Do they list industry certification as a requirement?

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    I Think Career Step Program Is An

    I think career step program is an excellent program it let you take courses at your own time without any hassle and it works out great for mothers who have to take care of there children my experience with the phlebotomist program is going very great I recommend anyone to take there courses with career-step if they looking to do a career in they file

    Date of experience:January 04, 2023

    Is Tuition Assistance Available

    Learn about Career Step

    There are several financing and funding options available to Career Step students.

    • Eligible military students may qualify for the MyCAA programs which offers education training with no out-of-pocket expense.
    • Career Step is an eligible training provider with Vocational Rehabilitation and Workforce Services in many states.
    • Students in Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada and New Mexico may be eligible for an Education Line of Credit with Mountain America Credit Union.
    • Active duty service members may be able to use their tuition assistance benefits through a Career Step partnership with Georgia Regents University.
    • Career Step also offers payment plans and monthly promotions.

    While Career Step training does not guarantee employment, graduates have done well on exams and in finding employment. Career Steps partnership with employers also means their training is recognized and recommended by hundreds of employers nationwide.

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