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Are You A Data Analyst

What Is the Career Path for Data Scientists?

Data analysts are generalists, which means they get to work in different teams and roles. They enjoy working on clearly defined, structured problems. They use data to extract and produce reports that are valuable to a business. Successful data analysts generally enjoy some level of complexity, but not as much as data scientists. Heres how you can tell if you are fit to become a data analyst:

  • You are a generalist.
  • You enjoy working cross functionally.
  • You enjoy solving concrete problems.

The Data Science Life Cycle

The image represents the five stages of the data science life cycle: Capture, Maintain Process Analyze Communicate .

The term data scientist was coined as recently as 2008 when companies realized the need for data professionals who are skilled in organizing and analyzing massive amounts of data.1 In a 2009 McKinsey& Company article, Hal Varian, Googles chief economist and UC Berkeley professor of information sciences, business, and economics, predicted the importance of adapting to technologys influence and reconfiguration of different industries.2

The ability to take data to be able to understand it, to process it, to extract value from it, to visualize it, to communicate it thats going to be a hugely important skill in the next decades.

Hal Varian, chief economist at Google and UC Berkeley professor of information sciences, business, and economics3

Effective data scientists are able to identify relevant questions, collect data from a multitude of different data sources, organize the information, translate results into solutions, and communicate their findings in a way that positively affects business decisions. These skills are required in almost all industries, causing skilled data scientists to be increasingly valuable to companies.

What To Expect From Your Career Path As A Data Scientist

Learn about the roles between you and the Director of Data Science.

Nate Rosidi

Data science is an exciting field. The possibilities within it are expanding, both in terms of applications and job opportunities. Whether youre considering entering the field, already have your first data science job, or youre already a few years in, heres an overview of what to expect when youre expecting to stay in data science.

Like with most career paths, the skills needed at higher levels build on those developed at the lower levels. Its a good idea to look at the skills needed and the tasks youll be expected to handle at the level above where you are now. By looking for opportunities within your work to develop those skills, you can demonstrate your value when you go for your next promotion.

Theres a decent amount of overlap between positions that are directly above or below one another. When I worked in data science, my more senior coworkers job wasnt too different from mine, but they handled much more complex projects. Our boss was on another level, and the higher up the management chain you go, the less likely it is that youll be expected to or that youll have the opportunity to do technical work, like implementing models. This pattern holds true for a lot of the tech world, and data science is no exception.

Lets dig into the different steps on a data scientists career path.

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What Are The Different Career Paths For Data Scientists

Data science is a broad field that beholds a variety of different paths and career options within it. Its quite natural if youre confused or unsure what each role is about or which career path is more suitable for me.

Youll not find a clear distinction between these roles in the industry. Hence Ill try to explain the different data science career paths youve within data science and what each one of them means.

Let’s explore them. !!

Data Analyst Job Description

What is a data scientist

A data analyst, unsurprisingly, analyzes data. This entails gathering information from various sources and processing it via data manipulation and statistical techniques. These procedures organize and extract insights from data, which are subsequently given to individuals who may act on them.

Become a pro with Data Analytics with these 12 amazing books

Users and decision-makers frequently ask data analysts to discover answers to their inquiries. This entails gathering and comparing pertinent facts and stitching it together to form a larger picture. Knowledgehut looks more closely at a career path in analytics and science, and helps you determine which employment best matches your interests, experience, and ambitions.

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Is It Considered To Be Difficult To Land A Job In Data Science

Getting a job is often a tedious task, and when you are planning to take up a job in any booming field, you need to put in more effort. Data Science is gaining immense popularity in the market, with the relevance of data exponentially increasing for every company. This is why it is pretty difficult to land a job in data science.It is not always about the applicant being less skilled and not able to land a job. Sometimes, it is a recruiter or the company’s problem because they are not clear about the requirements and the skills they are looking for in the employees. If you know the concepts well, you can get a well-paying job pretty easily.

Stage : Data Science Manager

It takes at least three years to become a data science manager. This type of profession requires people to have good communication and programming skills. Managers are expected to implement predictive models and model automation initiatives. They also need to have a good understanding of database systems and database management. According to PayScale, data science managers earn around $139,993.

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Statistics Machine Learning And Programming

The basis of a data scientists knowledge is a good grasp of statistical concepts and machine learning models. These are the basic constructs through which a data scientist delivers insights. Beyond that, a data scientist must be proficient in at least one programming language. The most commonly used today is Python, but some data scientists use other languages like R, Java, or Node.js.

Leveling Up: Four Career Paths For A Data Analyst

Ep.23.| 7 Different Career Paths In Data Science | Data Science As A Career

As you gain experience as a data analyst, you may encounter opportunities to advance your career in a few different directions. Depending on your goals and interests, you may progress into data science, management, consulting, or a more specialized data role.

In this video, data professionals discuss the various career options you could choose to pursue as you continue to build your data skills.

Let’s take a closer look at four possible career paths you might take in the world of data.

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The Generalist Technician Data Scientist

I started a career as a web developer. Over a period of time, I acquired certifications and gained managerial experience. I did multiple roles in project planning and program management. In the last 6 years, I have managed quality program operations. My path included a postgraduate program in data science. Eventually I moved into a senior advisor for machine learning role. I am passionate about learning I am also a fan of the numerous certifications offered by Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, and similar. ~ The Generalist Technician Data Scientist.

For mid and late career professionals, after acquiring a wide range of skills and experiences, you sometimes naturally become a generalist. Another important observation from this composite is that the data scientist can credit a life-long interest in learning new things for overall professional success.

Advanced Machine Learning Feature Engineering And Cross Validation

In the section titled, Machine Learning, you have all of the most powerful tools used for advanced machine learning, feature engineering, and cross-validation/hyperparameter tuning. THIS is a goldmine!

Advanced Machine Learning

Heres my personal favorites. Im a big fan of two machine learning packages :

  • Tidymodels: I use this for making adhoc models and then explaining
  • H2O: I use this for automatic machine learning and in production
  • Another skill is feature engineering. Im always using THIS package to create features:

    • Recipes: Has preprocessing tools to transform numeric data and create features from date, time, and text data.

    Next is hyperparameter tuning / cross validation. Here are my goto packages:

    • Tune: Fore Hyperparameter tuning
    • Rsample: For resampling and cross-validation sets that are inputs to tune
    • Yardstick: For using pre-built accuracy metrics to minimize/maximize your loss during cross-validation.

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    The Computer Scientist Data Scientist

    Why be one kind of scientist when you can be two?

    First, I went to undergrad in computer science and after working for 14 years as a business intelligence analyst I went back full-time to get my masters in applied economics and statistics. Before graduating I got a principal data scientist offer with big pharma. ~ The Computer Scientist Data Scientist.

    Economists make strong candidates for data science roles. Studying economics often requires knowledge of computer programming and statistics. Computer programming and statistics are at the core of data science work. The fields share a skill and tool set.

    Job Roles In Data Science

    What is a data scientist

    So, what did you learn?

    Roles in a data science team arent exclusively technical. While programming and statistics are needed for the core stages of the process, contextual skills are essential for the planning and reporting stages.

    Indeed, the data scientist role is a crossover between many different disciplines. Data scientists are multi-talented professionals, who can see the big picture, while also being programmers, statisticians, and good data storytellers.

    However, in a data science team, there are people with diverse roles, and they all contribute in different ways. If the data scientist career path is the ultimate goal, there are various ways you can get there.

    Taking the data scientist career path: Find out what role fits you best

    Data analysts, for example, are more involved in day-to-day tasks, focused on gathering data, structuring databases, creating and running models, trend analysis, making recommendations, and storytelling.

    Business intelligence analysts, on the other hand, should be able to see the big picture, situate the business unit in the market, having considered its trends. Normally, BI analysts have expertise in business, management, economics or a similar field. However, they must also speak data. BI analysts work with tons of information, and spend most of their time analyzing and visualizing the data they have gathered from multiple sources.

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    Data Scientist Vs Data Analyst

    Data analysis and data science are often misunderstood since they rely on the same fundamental skills, not to mention the very same broad educational foundation .

    However, the day-to-day responsibilities of each role are vastly different. The difference, in its most basic form, is how they utilize the data they collect.

    Stage : Principal Data Scientist

    Principal data scientists are directly responsible for data design, development, and management to build new products. This position is considered the most technically skilled because these professionals solve the most complex problems. According to PayScale data, principal data scientists earn around $149,562.

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    Are You A Data Engineer

    Data engineers are very technical. They essentially organize and give structure to raw data in order for the data scientists and data analysts to execute their work. A good data engineer enjoys building data pipelines and likes software development. They have an advanced understanding of programming languages such as Java, SQL, or SAS. Therefore, youll be an ideal candidate for data engineering if:

    • You enjoy highly technical roles.
    • You like building and managing data infrastructures.
    • You enjoy software development.

    A data science degree can fast-track your career, but there are other paths to learning important concepts: Explore seven data science self-study tips.

    Becoming A Data Scientists: A Survival Guide

    Data Science Career: (Is Becoming A Data Scientist ACTUALLY Worth It?)

    We offer you a data science survival guide. In this article, we will navigate your way through the pool of data science job opportunities. We will show you the data science pipeline, or the sequence of events that gets a project up and running. A real-life case study on Heineken comes in handy when explaining the different job roles in a data science team. In the end, you will be equipped with actionable tips about what you can do right now to become a data scientist.

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    How To Become A Data Scientist In The Investment Industry

    A data science career path requires competence in computer science, programming, and mathematics. For data scientists who wish to work within the investment industry, a broad understanding of financial markets, financial instruments, and investment products is also highly valuable.To become a data scientist, in addition to getting a Bachelors degree in a relevant field, you may want to consider specializing in a specific industry or skillset to differentiate yourself across candidates. For example, a data scientist can specialize in:

    • Data visualization
    • Industry-specific data analytics

    There are certifications available to help you specialize in a specific field. However, if you are not interested in specializing, you can become a generalist by attaining a broad range of skills that can apply to various job functions.

    Data Scientist Career Path Faq

    How do you grow in a data science career?

    First, you must develop high levels of communication skills. Second, be a team player and go the extra mile. Last, seek guidance and feedback from senior professionals.

    Can a data scientist become a product manager?

    Yes, a data scientist can become a product manager. Job responsibilities include working with customers and envisioning the product direction. For data scientists to grow into product managers, they need to focus on the activities related to the development of products and services.

    Are there any other career paths for a data scientist?

    Yes, there are other career paths you can choose in data science. Jobs like business intelligence development, product management, and data analytics are occupations that data scientists can pursue.

    How hard is it to become a data scientist?

    Its pretty challenging to become a data scientist, especially with no prior experience.Data science is a broad field. Knowledge of other domains such as statistics, business, and computer science is required to get a job in data science.

    “Career Karma entered my life when I needed it most and quickly helped me match with a bootcamp. Two months after graduating, I found my dream job that aligned with my values and goals in life!”

    Venus, Software Engineer at Rockbot

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    The Rest Of This Post Will Show You Exactly How Mohana Did It

    This post includes career research from Glassdoor, and case studies from 2 data scientists that are growing their careers faster than Ive ever seen anyone do it. In this post, well answer questions like:

    • What data science roles exist?
    • The career path for a data scientist
    • The skills needed to get promoted to Senior and Lead Data Scientist
    • Case Study 1: How to 2X your salary in 1-year
    • Case Study 2: How to make a splash

    First Up Is Datatable

    Building a career in data science and analytics: the ultimate guide
    • data.table: This is the premier package for blazing speed. You can see how fast this is by exploring the Data Table Benchmarks here. Its faster than Spark, dplyr, pandas, dask, and most major data engineering and database softwares.
    • dtplyr: Now the big knock from tidyverse people that are used to dplyr is that the data.table syntax is weird. I eventually learned it, but people that want to skip the pain can use dtplyr. Dtplyr is the data table translator for dplyr. And, if you want to get up to speed quickly, I wrote a comprehensive dtplyr tutorial here.

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    What Does A Data Analyst Do

    Data analysts are responsible for answering questions about data. Unlike data scientists, data analysts are not concerned with using data to find trends or figuring out the businesss future. Their job is to analyze historical data, create and run A/B tests in product, and even design systems. Data analysts need to be proficient at data storing, warehousing, and utilizing tools such as Tableau.

    Core Data Analyst Skills

    • A/B testing: A/B testing is a statistical approach used to compare two versions of a variable in a controlled environment. A/B testing is employed to determine which variable version performs better.
    • Domain knowledge: you can think of domain knowledge as specialization. For example, if you have significant experience working specifically in the retail sector, you have domain knowledge in retail.
    • Excel: Microsoft Excel is often used to manage small data sets.
    • Data Visualization: like data scientists, data analysts must know how to use data visualization tools such as Tableau to tell stories to stakeholders with data.
    • Programming: data analysts should have competent programming skills in languages like R and Python.
    • SQL: SQL is a database language used for data management and building database structures. SQL is often used instead of Excel because its more apt at handling large datasets.
    • Reporting: as a data analyst, you need to report your data insights, which means you should also have excellent communication and presentation skills.

    Are You A Data Scientist

    Data scientists love complexity. They enjoy answering questions that are broad and amorphous. They thrive on project-based assignments, and get excited about delivering insights. Data scientists are less likely to work on a wide variety of assignments in comparison to data analysts. Therefore, you might be a good fit for a career as a data scientist if:

    • You enjoy complexity.
    • You like delving into a single question.
    • Youre okay with not finding an answer to a problem.

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