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What Creative Jobs Are In Demand

Career Paths: 3 Engaging Non-Desk Jobs

Each year, The Creative Group releases a salary guide for creative and marketing jobs.

Since businesses are increasingly focusing on digital initiatives, design thinking and improving customer experience, creative professionals with experience in these areas can see higher salaries, explains Domeyer.

She lists some of these occupations and corresponding average salaries as follows:

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What Does An Event Planner Do

  • Promote events to potential customers
  • Answer queries regarding services provided and the price for room and equipment rental, as well as catering and other associated services
  • Meet with clients to speak with them about their needs, then discuss package options to achieve the clients goals
  • Arrange a variety of services catering, displays, decorations, audiovisual equipment, location and venue, transport and more
  • Negotiate the type and costs of services to be provided within budget
  • Evaluate a clients requests
  • Work collaboratively with contractors and tradespeople in the early stages of the design process


  • Planning and organising 82% skill level
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution 78% skill level
  • Building and construction 66% skill level
  • English language 62% skill level
  • Sales and marketing 60% skill level

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Special Effects Artists And Animators

Median Pay: $77,700 per year

Job Outlook: Through 2030, multimedia artist and animator positions are projected to grow by 16%.

Typical entry-level education: Bachelors degree in computer graphics, art, or a similar field.

Special effects artists and animators earn the highest wages in the states of Connecticut , California , New York , Oregon and Washington .

Types Of Design Jobs For Creative People

Pin on Career Preparation

By Will Erstad on 05/03/2021

Your love of color, artistic eye and impeccable sense of style cause people to label you a creative personand you wear that label proudly. You embrace it as you enjoy expressing your originality and making things visually appealing.

But what if we told you there was a way to exercise your creativity full time instead of just on the side with occasional projects? Better yet, what if you could get paid to be creative on a daily basis? The truth is theres a wide array of design careers where people just like you can thrive.

So whats out there for people with an eye for design? Weve identified 10 types of design jobs that are perfectly suited for creative people. Included below is a brief breakdown of what each position entails and some of skills needed for success. Take a look and see which creative careers interest you most.

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Content Manager Job Description

Content marketing is a booming field within digital marketing that combines creative, journalistic writing with marketing disciplines. It involves creating and sharing online educational content, unlike traditional marketing which directly promotes a brand, or its products and services. Content marketers produce articles, videos, newsletters, reports, infographics, apps, games, quizzes, and even in-person experiences. As a content marketing manager, youll develop and run content campaigns, plan and supervise the work of individual content producers, measure results with key metrics and present them to your supervisors.

What Does A Content Manager Do

  • Plan, develop and implement content campaigns to support business goals
  • Manage a variety of creators, such as writers, designers and video producers
  • Analyse data regarding website traffic and audience behaviour
  • Coordinate an editorial calendar
  • Execute content-related SEO projects
  • Provide constructive feedback to team members


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What Does A Photographer Do

  • Plan the logistics of photoshoots, including hiring people, organising equipment transport, and securing locations
  • Consult with clients, negotiate jobs, and plan briefs
  • Select camera settings such as apertures, shutter speeds and focus depending on environmental factors as well as what effect is desired
  • Set up artificial lighting and other equipment, such as flashes and reflectors
  • Direct and coordinate subjects and assistants
  • Test equipment before its use to ensure it is working efficiently
  • Enhance, retouch and resize images if required, using digital software and other equipment


  • Customer service 72% skill level
  • Sales and marketing 69% skill level
  • Fine arts 84% skill level
  • Using photography equipment 68% skill level
  • English language 54% skill level

Occupations For Creative Workers

Ash Thorp – Steps on a Creative Career Path

Most occupations involve some form of creativity. A retail salesperson, for example, might design a more engaging product pitch, and a physicist might devise some new way of understanding nature.

In some occupations, creativity is an integral part of the job. Among these occupations are those for artists and related workers, designers, and media and communication workers.

Artists and related workers

Artists and related workers create aesthetic pieces that try to capture certain beliefs, feelings, or ideas. For example, a painter may try to express happiness through a watercolor landscape of a summer day. These workers typically develop a unique style.

The occupations described in this category include art directors, craft artists, fine artists, and multimedia artists.

Art directors. Art directors design the vision for a product or work of art. They decide which artistic styles and elements to use, and they supervise artists. Art directors work primarily in visual communications media, including advertising, publications, video games, theater, and film.

Craft artists. These artists create handmade arts and goods using a variety of raw materials, such as wood, metal, and fabric. Craft artists may sell their work at craft fairs, in art studios, or to customers directly on commission. Examples of these artists are quilters, woodworkers, potters, and jewelers.


Commercial and industrial designers usually work on teams with engineers, managers, and other designers.

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Wages Employment And Outlook

Wages, employment, and outlook vary among creative occupations. In most of the occupations described in this article, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that wage and salary workers earned more than the $35,540 median annual wage for all workers in May 2014.

But those data do not include wages for the many self-employed workers in nearly all of these occupations. And, although employment growth is projected to be slow for most of them, the need to replace workers who leave the occupations is expected to result in opportunities.


According to the BLS Occupational Employment Statistics survey, wages were higher than the overall median in nearly all of these occupations in May 2014. However, these estimates do not include wages for self-employed workers, whose incomes may vary more widely than those of wage and salary workers overall.

Table 1. Wages for selected creative occupations, May 2014


Wages varied by geographic location, with workers in some metropolitan areas typically earning more than those in other cities. For example, graphic designers in the San Francisco metropolitan area earned a median annual wage of $74,930, compared with the median annual wage of $49,110 earned by graphic designers in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Employment and outlook

Table 2. Employment and self-employment, 2012, and job openings, projected 2012-22, for selected creative occupations


What Are Creative Jobs That Pay Well

There are tons of art and design jobs from which to choose, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics , an agency of the U.S. Department of Labor that collects data on employment and the average salary of different positions and roles within a wide range of fields and industries.

This includes information on median and mean pay, required education, and projected job growth or decline for particular occupations and lines of work. However, while the BLS collects data on hundreds of jobs, it does not cover every single occupation on the market.

So, while you will see many creative fields represented below, you will not see salary information for every possible occupation, simply because the BLS doesn’t provide the data on earnings and salary ranges. For example, the BLS has data on graphic designers but not on user experience designers.

For people with strengths in visual arts and design, there are many career possibilities available. And while the idea of being a struggling artist may seem unappealing, don’t worry! There are actually plenty of well-paying jobs for people interested in the visual arts.

According to the BLS, these are the 2highest-paying jobs in art and design fields:

Job Outlook: Through 2030, art director positions are projected to grow by 11%.

Typical entry-level education: Bachelors degree in a design or art field

Art directors earn the highest wages in the states of New York , California , New Jersey , Oregon and Washington .

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Types Of Creative Careers

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You know that you’re creative when…

  • The music that plays in your head is original
  • You doodle cartoons or drawings when taking notes at a business meeting
  • People compliment you after you act out scenes from your favourite movie

Have you wanted to apply your artsy talents to earn a living? Use that great voice of yours as a radio broadcaster. Write your way to fame and fortune in advertising or marketing communications. Or picture yourself relying on your imagination as a web designer.

Artistic, creative people can struggle to find careers that fit. When you’re used to thinking out of the box it’s easy to feel boxed in by traditional jobs. Good thing the world of work is broad enough to need your unique abilities.

What follows are 10 types of creative jobs in which you can develop and amazing and rewarding carer:

Creative Careers Dont Result In Job Insecurity

Pin by Axy Alexandra on Human resources

Creativity is highly prized in every industry, so a career that revolves primarily around this trait doesnt necessarily lead to job insecurity. You are not condemned to a life of poverty because you want to combine your creative instincts with your professional career. Some of the most lucrative and lengthy careers are in fields that rely entirely on creativity, such as advertising and , journalism, and .

Creative people are often innovative, enthusiastic, dedicated, passionate, and excellent problem-solvers all of these qualities are in-demand by employers. With some creativity and research, you can find a career path that lets you put your skills to work.

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Looking For Careers That Will Keep Your Wallet And Your Soul Full Check Out These Jobs For Creative People

Creative jobs encourage you to think way outside the box.

Creative jobs may bring to mind painting and acting, but there are scores of careers that rely on imagination as much as skill. According to a study by the World Economic Forum, creativity will be the third most in-demand employee skill by 2020. With companies on the hunt for creative talent, its very possible you can get hired to think way outside the box.

Based on Bureau of Labor Statistics data, Monster found 10 creative jobs that will fulfill your souland bank account.

Portfolio And Work Samples

  • Digital portfolio links should be easy to find on a resume. Direct us to your best and strongest work with minimal clicks. Once there, the hiring team should not need to spend much time hunting for the work. Help us get there as quickly as possible to make an impact.
  • Show only your best work. Your content should be complete, polished, and bug-free. Bad stuff hides the good stuff, so if your work varies in skill level and quality, youll always be judged on the weakest/incomplete project. Even if you only have one completed character/level/project plan we recommend showcasing that over a mix of incomplete projects that arent consistent or dont bring a wow factor.
  • Clarify your contributions when showcasing the work. What tools/software did you use? Was it a solo or group project? If a group, how many people and in what timeframe? With the group projects, be sure to specify your particular involvement in the effort, and the final outcome/result.
  • Do not feel compelled to build a website from scratch for portfolios. There are many free or inexpensive sites available for you to showcase your work. And many also have a network of professionals that you can join. Remember, with portfolios simplicity is best. Get there quickly and show us the work you’re most proud of.

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Social Media Manager Job Description

Social media managers work with the broader digital marketing team, crafting a social media strategy that aligns with an organizations goals. The Social Media Manager has the final say in which platforms are best suited, and what kind of creative content and copy the team will make. They produce social media content, keep an eye on trends, analyse data and create reports, and manage content creation activities across their team.

Film And Video Editors And Camera Operators

PISCES – SEPTEMBER 2022 – Career/ Profession/ Creative Pathâ?¤ï¸?â?ð¥

Median Pay: $61,900 per year

Job Outlook: Through 2030, projected to grow by 29 percent.

Typical entry-level education: Bachelors degree in film/broadcasting or communications.

Camera operators earn the highest wages in the states of New York , California , New Jersey , District of Columbia and Maryland .

There are plenty of other media and communications positions available across the county, though they may not be as well compensated as the ones listed above. For instance, photographers receive an average salary of $41,280, according to the BLS.

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Top 5 Careers For Creative People

  • People working in creative fields tend to feel more satisfied with their careers.
  • Good creative jobs allow you to flex your creative muscles while earning a steady income.
  • Creative jobs that pay well include graphic designer, product designer, and PR manager.

Choosing the right career path after college can be challenging. This is especially true for creative types, who tend to be more interested in pursuing a career they’re passionate about than a profession that offers high pay and an abundance of job opportunities.

For many college graduates in creative occupations like acting, writing, music, and design, their work provides them with a sense of inspiration and fulfillment they can’t attain elsewhere. When you create something, you’re putting your all into that project, which can in turn lead to a strong sense of professional and personal fulfillment. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Erp System Responsibilities For Each Department

Although the ERP is a system , the sole responsibility cannot be put on IT. Instead, the business needs to take the lead and own the system. The ERP consists of multiple modules and those âownerâ departments have a vested interest to keep the system current and to maximize using the features and functionality.

IT is responsible for understanding how the system is intended to be used.

The business is responsible for deciding what to use.

One way to break out the responsibilities is as follows:


  • Maintains training documents, videos, and cheat sheets per business, and updates documentation when code is updated
  • Offers ongoing training classes
  • If there isnât a separate training department, then this responsibility reverts to the business.

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    Creative Jobs That Will Stoke Your Artistic Fire

    Creative jobs can be in many different forms. After all, the essence of creativity is the ability to generate, develop, and express unique and original ideas, which is a skill that can be applied to virtually any industry. Art careers and other creative occupations encompass an enormous range of activities, from drawing and illustrating to performing, composing, and writing. Creative abilities are also crucial for anyone who designs buildings, develops apps, edits films, or directs marketing campaigns. The range of possible jobs for creative people is much wider than you might expect.

    And the creative industries are a powerful economic force. The arts and cultural production industries employ 4.92 million people and contribute almost $764 billion to the U.S. economy.

    The following list of creative jobs is divided into different interest areas. However, many of these careers could easily fit in more than one category. These suggestions are meant to fire up your imagination and get your creative juices flowingso start exploring!

    Career Paths For Creatives

    Paint the âCareer Pathâ

    As a creative, you have many options when it comes to choosing a career path. You can use your creativity in different ways, and there are a wide variety of careers that allow you to do so.

    The most important thing is to find a career that youre passionate about and that enables you to use your creativity in ways youre comfortable with. Lets go over the seven most popular career paths for creatives.

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    Start Creating Your Ideal Design Career

    Its now clear that there are many different types of design jobs that will allow you to exercise your creativity day in and day out. With such a wide variety of opportunities, you should be closer to finding the creative careers that align best with your skills and interests.

    If you’re ready to take the next step toward creative career, a Graphic Design degree may be an excellent starting point for many of the roles highlighted above. Check out the Rasmussen University Graphic Design program page to learn more about the program, or request more information today to hear from an admissions advisor. .Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Creative Suite are registered trademarks of Adobe, Inc.EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was originally published in December 2013. It has since been updated to include information relevant to 2021.

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