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4 Healthcare Administration Career Options | + Salary | + Education Requirements

If you are one who likes variety, a profile in healthcare administration is the perfect first step toward plenty of choices for career paths. While all of the jobs listed below are leadership roles in healthcare, you can take your pick depending on your interests and preferences. Some of the many jobs that you will qualify for with a degree in healthcare administration include:

  • Hospital manager/CEO,

  • Wellness program administrator.

Your Path To A Career In Health Care Administration

Health administration encompasses many different careers with one shared goal: helping organizations provide top-quality patient care. By building your skills in this field, you can prepare to work in a wide range of areas, such as finance, accounting, human resources, operations management, and information technology.

Regardless of what stage youre at in your career, theres likely an opportunity that fits your goals. Weve developed this guide to help you learn more about health care administration and determine whether this career path is right for you.

Career Options For Health Service Administration Graduates:

Individuals who begin their health administration career with an associates degree frequently find employment as traditional administrators. These administrators order supplies and organize schedules. They also navigate medical software to bill patients, access patient records and perform other management functions.

An experienced administrator may be given the responsibility of overseeing a facilitys employees, finances and procedures. This allows health administrators to obtain higher-paying positions.

Responsibilities might include:

  • Balancing each departments budget
  • Managing group practices with numerous locations
  • Reviewing projects

It is also possible to find an assistant manager position with a nonprofit group, a local health agency as well as with a state or national health agency.

Reinforcement from scientific advancements has helped the field of clinical research continue to grow. The complexity of clinical research requires the coordination of researchers, study participants, physicians and pharmaceutical executives.

Federal oversight measures must also be addressed. Individuals who choose to pursue a degree in health service administration and become clinical research managers must also be proficient with financial management and budget planning.

Make a bigger impact in your career with the University of Scranton. Request more information about our online MHA degree to get started today.

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Consider An Mha Program

For many candidates, the next step is to earn a master of health administration . Most higher-level positions require a graduate degree, so earning your MHA is vital for career advancement.

When selecting a program, look for a certification from the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education . This indicates that the program will adequately prepare you for a future career in the healthcare management industry. CAHME is the only certifying organization in the healthcare management education industry that is recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation.

When you choose a CAHME-accredited MHA program, you know that the program meets rigorous academic standards and provides up-to-date information. Likewise, employers know that graduates from an accredited program are well-prepared for the healthcare administrator role.

Also consider whether you should attend an on-campus program or complete your degree online. There are many benefits to an online masters in healthcare administration program, including flexibility and a wider variety of choices. You are not limited to schools in your geographic area and are free to choose the program with the best curriculum and reputation.


Clinical/patient Care Route Vs Healthcare Management

Masters in Healthcare Administration Salary Details &  Outlook

Patient-oriented professionals provide excellent programs and support to community organizations interested in bettering the health of society as a whole. Employee-oriented professionals work hard to ensure that employees receive the best training and support during their careers in a medical facility. Each of these directions provides an irreplaceable service to medical facilities.

It is unlikely that a hospital would be able to function effectively without the help of education healthcare administrators. Throughout their careers, professionals in this field have found that their versatile degree choice provides well for them, with management salaries around $92,810 per year on average . A higher degree is the best choice in the medical field. The growth of this field and the continuing innovation contribute to a widely popular degree option for upcoming students.

The best option to stand apart from the crowd and have access to higher level positions is to go forward into a masterâs degree program. A Masterâs degree in Healthcare Administration is the best choice for individuals wanting to take part in the continuously growing medical field.

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A Senior Mentor Can Make A Huge Difference

Theres serious value in turning to experienced administrators for guidance and adviceand not just through this article. Whether this mentor-mentee relationship is developed through an organized, formal program or just an organic outgrowth from the people you work with, theres tremendous value in hearing their perspective and getting their feedback on what you should improve.

Even if you dont expect to have a long-standing relationship with a more experienced colleague, it can still be valuable to gather their inputeven if some of it may sting a little.

After transferring out to another role, I proactively asked my current supervisor to do an honest critique, Welfeld says. With nothing directly at stake, he agreed and I actually cried because he was so tough and brutally honest. It was the best thing that ever happened!

Calder is another firm believer in the value of a mentorship. She says as a masters student she pleaded with her pastorwho happened to serve on the board of Yale New Haven Hospitalfor an opportunity to attend a community reception for the president and CEO of the organization. At the event, she made a positive impression on the CEO, who then helped her secure an internship. Long story short, this bold networking attempt turned into a fruitful, long-term, professional relationship.

This grew into a great mentoring and sponsorship relationship with and an amazing career at Yale New Haven Health for 11 years and counting, Calder says.

What Do Healthcare Administrators Do

Healthcare administrators are responsible for planning, coordinating, and directing health and medical services. Depending on their credentials, they may manage entire healthcare facilities or specific departments within a facility.

Most healthcare administrators work for state, local, and private hospitals. Some work directly for physician’s offices, nursing homes and residential care facilities, government agencies, and outpatient care centers. Most of them work full time, including nights and weekends. Some remain on call in case of emergencies.

The typical duties of healthcare administrators include:

  • Establishing clear goals and objectives for facilities and departments.
  • Communicating with department heads and medical staff.
  • Keeping facilities in compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • Recruiting, training, and supervising facility staff members, as well as creating work schedules.
  • Managing patient fees, billing, and other financial matters.
  • Ensuring that departments operate within available funding.
  • Representing facilities and departments when meeting with governing boards and investors.
  • Organizing and maintaining records of healthcare services.

To get the full scope of the day-to-day responsibilities of a healthcare administrator, you can read Monster’s healthcare administration job description sample.

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What To Expect From Health Administration Salary

Those who enter health administration typically have a great deal of experience in a clinical setting before moving up the ranks. For instance, many health administrators begin as nurses who moved into leadership positions, then chose to expand their work by earning a higher degree or taking advantage of openings in administration. Due to this extensive experience and higher degree status, salaries in healthcare administration tend to be above average, depending on the position.

According to, the median income for health administrators is $65,471 per year. But that is just the beginning of the story. Pay tends to be commensurate with experience, which is why those in the later years of their career might make 52 percent more than the national average, those who have some serious experience might make 24 percent more, and those who are in the middle of their career might make 10 percent more. On the other hand, those who are just moving into an entry-level position are likely to make about 16 percent below the national average.

Out of 171 votes from health administrators on, all rated their contentment level as extremely satisfied.

Health administrator salaries vary widely depending on numerous factors including education level, geographical location, industry, company size, years of experience, and more. Below, the February 2015 salaries reported by illustrate this fact:


The Health Administration Job Search

Health Administration: A Career with a Calling

When searching for a job in health administration, there are many routes one can take to find the best fit. Those who have been in the field for a great deal of time have likely built up a substantial network and can use that to look for promotions to better positions, but what about those who have just graduated from a health administration program? They need a bit more help in finding the right place to begin their work.

Fortunately, there are many ways that a graduate can evaluate the job market and look for the right fit. In some cases, the faculty and staff of the school they just graduated from can make for great references, and might even have some networking opportunities that can help former students land a great job. Dont underestimate the career services department, either they are there to help graduates move into the job market and be successful in their search.

There are other job resources that health administration professionals can tackle on their own. Job boards that are specifically dedicated to health careers are a good place to begin, as they list new openings on a regular basis. Another good place is a professional organization specifically for those in health administration, where job boards are filled with very specific opportunities.

Those who have earned real-world experience might see the best job opportunities in healthcare administration.


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General Medical And Surgical Hospitals

General medical and surgical hospitals are large organizations dedicated to providing broad care to patients, including intensive care, pregnancy care, pediatrics, and emergency care. These operations typically have many departments and include both physician and nonphysician staff.

Average Salary: $124,180

How To Find Healthcare Administration Jobs

Now that you’ve learned the basics of how to become a healthcare administrator, your next step is to put your job search into focus. Start by updating your resume so you can market your skills and credentials to potential employers. Monster has several resume writing tips and visual samples you can refer to. We can also show you how to write a cover letter that sets you apart from other qualified candidates. If you need help with formatting and organization, check out our free cover letter samples.

Once you’ve polished your resume and cover letter, you’re ready to start applying for healthcare administration jobs and public health administrator jobs at Monster.

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How Much Do Healthcare Administrators Make

According to Monster’s salary data, the median healthcare administration salary in the U.S. is $68,422 per year. But as a healthcare administrator, you can earn an annual salary of up to around $114,134 a year. It all depends on your location, experience level, and job title and the type of facility you work at.

You can look up the median salary for healthcare administrators in your area using Monster’s Salary Tools.

What Jobs Can You Get With A Healthcare Administration Degree

MBA Healthcare Administration Jobs: 6 Careers To Pursue

A degree in healthcare administration opens up career opportunities across the healthcare sector.

Hospitals, medical laboratories, and physicians’ offices serve as common work settings for healthcare administrators.

Healthcare administrators can also find career opportunities with insurance companies, government agencies, pharmaceutical corporations, and outpatient care facilities.

When beginning their job search, healthcare administration graduates should consider factors like industry, setting, location, and local population. Each of these factors can impact job availability, salary rates, and career growth.

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Do Healthcare Administrators Work

The healthcare industry is a booming field with opportunities for all levels of education and experience. Healthcare administrators work in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, doctors offices, and insurance companies, to name a few.

Healthcare administration is one of the most diverse professions because it requires people with many different backgrounds, such as lawyers, accountants, or nurses, which can lead to many rewarding career paths!

Here we have mentioned some places where you can find work as a Healthcare administrator:

How To Become A Healthcare Administrator

Employers are looking for candidates in healthcare administration who have strong analytical skills, technical skills, keen attention to detail, and experience using healthcare technology. Below, we discuss the education you’ll need to learn how to become a healthcare administrator and the credentials and qualities you’ll need to land a job in this lucrative field.

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Consider The Job By Education Level

Your level of education can say a lot about the types of jobs you can pursue in this field. Bachelors degree earners are best suited for entry-level positions in the healthcare field, since most graduates at this level are just getting started in the field and are in need of professional work experience. Those that pursue masters level or above may have the option to pursue more profitable options, such as leadership positions in the healthcare field. Our team of educational experts has provided a list of common career titles by degree level below for you to review.

  • Bachelors: Hospital Financial Analyst â $84,300 on average per year .
  • Masters: Medical and Health Services Managers â $98,350 on average per year .
  • Doctoral: Administrative Services Managers â $94,020 on average per year .

What Can I Do With A Healthcare Administration Degree

Careers in Healthcare Management

There are numerous benefits to having a health care administration degree, especially for those pursuing a career in administration. Mastering skills like management, leadership, and leveraging data and technology can help prepare degree holders for careers in the dynamic and evolving healthcare industry.

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Can You Get A Healthcare Administration Job With Just A Certificate

Yes, you can get an entry-level administrative position with a certificate. However, you may find it harder to advance your career without a degree. The job market is becoming increasingly competitive. So, if you are serious about pursuing healthcare administration careers, taking up an associate degree or bachelors degree is a step worth considering.

What Is The Difference Between Health Care Administration And Health Care Management

There may be some overlap between the job responsibilities in health care administration and health care management. Typically, health care administration deals mainly with the daily operational aspects of a health care organizationâtasks like monitoring legal compliance, managing medical records, processing insurance claims, and recruiting and training personnel.

Meanwhile, health care management tends to take a more proactive role in the overall running of the health care facility, including organization-wide coordination, business operations, setting budgets, and connecting initiatives with the organizationâs mission statement.â

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Gain Work Experience In Healthcare Administration

Before pursuing a higher level of education, it is beneficial to gain real-world experience. Some MHA programs, either on-campus or online MHA programs, may require up to three years of work experience. Other programs may prefer applicants who are currently working in the field.

Not all masters programs require work experience, but having some will help you stand out in a competitive program. You could complete an internship, apply for an entry-level job or work part time while completing your bachelors degree.

While direct healthcare administration experience is ideal, you may also get applicable experience in a different but related role. For instance, you might work for a hospitals human resources department or coordinate billing at a physicians office.

Healthcare Administration Careers Are Growing

Different Nursing Career Paths

The healthcare system is booming, and health administration careers are keeping pace. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those in healthcare administration can expect job growth of 18 percent from 2018 to 2028, which is much higher than the average for all occupations. Much of this growth is expected to stem from a healthcare system that will see increased demand from an aging baby boomer population, as well as technology that allows patients to live longer lives. This demand will mean more hospitals, clinics, physicians and other healthcare professionals are needed, and that means more health administrators will be called upon to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Those who choose to specialize in nursing home administration might see better opportunities in the future, as an aging population places a demand on the need for those services. Another growth area for health administrators is physician office management. As medical practices become larger and more complex, someone with the skills to keep it all under control will become very valuable to those organizations.

Those who choose healthcare administration careers can find work in areas other than the hospital or healthcare organization setting. These related careers show high growth rates and the potential for worthwhile employment:

  • Human Resource Managers7%

This health administration career involves managing healthcare practices, including large medical groups or physician organizations.

Growth: 18%

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Job Opportunities At Colleges And Universities

For some healthcare administrators, getting their masters in healthcare administration is an opportunity to transition to academia. Theyre able to take their real-world experience and combine it with new knowledge and leadership skills to help prepare the next generation of healthcare administrators to provide solutions in this challenging industry.

Health Care Administration Salary And Job Growth

The global health care market is expected to grow by nearly nine percent annually by 2022 . This demand can make health care administration a well-paying career option, as well as a rewarding one. The median annual salary for health care administrators in the US in 2021 was $101,340, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics .

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