Career Path Based On Birth Chart


Gemini Midheaven Or Third House Of Communications And Intellect


If your Sun sign rests in the Third house, it indicates that your life purpose is related to communication, education, and transportation.

You might find yourself with a teaching, law, or writing career. You also tend to gravitate towards things that give you the chance to travel and sight-see more.

Cancer Ascendants: Career Governed By Sun Mars And Jupiter

In accordance with the Cancer ascendant, Sun, Mars, and Jupiter are the most essential planet for predicting the most beneficial and growing career option for the native. If the placement of the above-mentioned planets is good or has conjunction or interchanges between each other, then the possibilities of having a thriving and ever-growing career are on the card of the native.

Career profiles that match the characters of a Cancer ascendant are:

  • Technical Field such as Mechanical or Software Engineering
  • Hotel Management

Leo Midheaven Or Fifth House Of Romance And Creativity

If your Sun sign rests in the Fifth house, you might find that your life purpose is related to a career that involves a lot of creativity and romance. You always enjoy putting your heart into things that motivate you with love and desire.

You just love to love what you are doing. You might go after a career that allows you to show off your creative and intellectual side. It is also written in the stars that you could even be a celebrity one day.

You love to be a leader and inspire those around you. You would be an excellent entrepreneur, doctor, artist, or any other career that helps you channel the characteristics you possess.

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Venus In 10th House: Personality Natal Chart More

In Spirit, Traits, Zodiac sign

Venus in the tenth house of the natal chart is one of the most important placements to consider when interpreting an individuals personality and life path. This placement has a strong influence on an individuals career, public image, and reputation. It can also reveal a persons need for recognition and success, as well as their relationships with authority figures.

The Significance Of Career Astrology To You

Career/life Purpose Tarot &  Natal Chart Reading

Logic tells us that there are many significant elements to consider when selecting a career that is good for you, and your career horoscope is unlikely to be towards the top of that list. However, that doesnt mean you shouldnt think about the personality traits linked with your astrological sign while deciding what to do next in your career.

We will all have times in our life when we are undecided about what we want to accomplish with our professions. You may be new to the workforce and perplexed by the variety of career options available to you. Perhaps you are starting to feel restless in your present role or have reached a roadblock and know you need to make a change but have no idea what that change should be.

Examining your professional horoscope may not necessarily offer you the answers, but it will allow you an opportunity to reflect on your weaknesses and strengths, your passions, and your goals in life. A job horoscope may have just a shaky tie with genuine science, but you could be shocked at how much of yours is accurate.

Understanding who you are and what you are excellent at is a vital step in selecting a career that will allow you to thrive.

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Flawless Predictions Best Results In Asrology: Dr Sohini Sastri

Right way to select career according to date of birth

Read each and every word here to understand the right way to choose career according to date of birth. The mother of a very bright child with an inclination towards a career in Science consulted me. Boys Birth details 08.01.2009, 12.26 pm, Patna Bihar, India. His ascendant was Aries and Moon Sign Taurus. She said the boy never goes below 99% and wanted him to pursue Medical or Engineering. Now understand the precision of astrological calculations I used for him to select the career according to birth chart, which were in zeal with his passion also But one of the choices he selected was wrong. Understand how:

Best choice for him was Medical, and that too better at a foreign land. I will explain many combinations to justify this. 1. Mercury, the Lord of the 3rd and 6th house, was placed in the 10th house. Mercury , Lord of 3rd house , and Lord of 6th house were placed in the 10th house . So medical was a perfect professional choice for him. 2. Now see the other angel involved. Jupiter is for higher education, and for him, it is the Lord of 9th house , Lord of 12th house placed in the 10th house . So this was another supporting narrative for him: Go for Medical line and that too better at a foreign land.

Can astrology help in selecting best career

Astrology to select your childs career

Career Selection According To Birth Chart

You know your skills and passion, next you need to check their conformity with what your birth chart says and competence of the astrologer. To select right career according to date of birth, you need an astrologer.

We all dream of a successful career that promises a luxurious lifestyle and recognition in the society. A career should be such that it helps the native to realize their full potential while earning considerable income and recognition. But most of the time, we remain unsure what career options are the best for us.

The main point to see here is – your skills, passion, and interest in a career and to decide between which career I want to go for AND which career I should/can go for?. The micro difference between want and can/should can be a turning point in a persons life. A career needs not only your skills, interest, and passion but also needs support, what your birth chart says. Do not be in haste to undermine the importance of astrology in right career selection but understand the precision behind it.

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How To Find A Career In Astrology

How to find a Career in Astrology: Are you, confused about which career is best for you? No worries! here Astrology can actually help you and today I will present simple techniques that will benefit you to find a Career in the Horoscope. Today is the time where we have so many career choices that we just need to have little awareness of our passion and inclinations. And then we are able to choose the right path, and which takes us towards fulfillment or achievement.

In a horoscope, there are twelve houses,nine planets, twelve signs, and twenty-seven nakshatras. So all these combinations give us the details. The analysis of Rashi, Planet, Bhav, and nakshatra has to be done. Here the question is regarding Career so we will see the D-1 chart and the 10th house.

I would suggest starting the chart with Ascendant and its lord, Moon and its nakshatra, 10th house, Planets in the 10th house, 10th lord, so note down all the planets.

Now check the career options signified by these planets. Now check the education attained by the person. Check the running Dasha and what work is signified by the current timeline.

Next, you need to see the D-9 chart to check the strength of the planets and check the position and Rashi of the 10th lord of D-1. Then we will open the D-10 chart and check the Lagna and its lord and 10th lord of D-1, this will tell about your Career. Now lets discuss the technique to find a career in Astrology.

Jobs Based On Your Birth Chart

â¨CAREER PREDICTIONSâ¨vedic astrology birth chart

You can use astrology to help you make important decisions in life, such as choosing a romantic partner, where you should live, and what kind of jobs or career to pursue.

To choose rewarding jobs or a career based on astrology, you should look at the tenth house of your birth chart. The planet in your tenth house will help you decide what you should do to make a living.

Before we delve into choosing a career using Astrology, I wanted to point out the Related Articles section at the bottom of this page. Ive collected a number of articles that I know you will love. Make sure you check them out!

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    The Second House And Career In Astrology

    The second house has to do with your money, savings, resources. The natural house of Taurus, the second house shows what you find valuable. In the natal chart,it speaks about your earning power. It also describes how you can make money. Planets here and the sign on the cusp can give you some food for thought when it comes to finances.

    The second house is also a talent house. It describes what traits you already own and you can capitalize on.

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    Scorpio : October 24november 21

    Lets get one thing straight, Scorpios are stunning and not in the usual sense, but in the sparkly, terrifying, cant-take-your-eyes-off-them sense. Also, lets be clear on this: Scorpios know youre looking. They adore it. They are bathed in looks and glares equally. Is it any surprise that many end up on the screen or a pavilion?

    Being a Scorpio, you observe someone assessing you and see it as an obstacle. Scorpios have a natural ability to persuade others. They enjoy pushing the boundaries and reveling in a compelling argument, no matter how risqué or controversial. Scorpios may be both charming and repulsive Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are both Scorpios.

    These meme legacies alone demonstrate the wide range of reactions that Scorpios in the public spotlight are capable of eliciting. Yet, beneath your thick façade, you may become frustrated and furious with yourself. It is not the public perception that is important, but rather your inner voice. You frequently refuse to communicate your doubts, which simply exacerbates them, especially in the workplace.

    Scorpios are almost compulsively determined and very idealistic, giving them the ability to self-analyze as well as self-sabotage. Allow yourself time to digest your feelings in private before healthily expressing them. Accept constructive criticism attentively instead of taking it personally.

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    Aquarius Midheaven Or Eleventh House Of Friendship Hopes And Dreams

    If your Sun sign lives in the Eleventh house, then you are often drawn to a life path that involves using your innovation and deep-thinking skills. Your goal is to make society and the community you are a part of, a better space for everyone involved.

    However, you dislike being told what to do so you excel in a career where you have an opportunity to be independent. You would make an incredible teacher, scientist, psychologist, business owner, or something of that nature.

    What Your Mc Can Tell You

    I have recently done my birth chart and I

    Hanging out at the very top of your chart, your MC characterizes your most public, visible achievements, the type of work you’re drawn to doing, the persona others see in a professional or public image-related context , and how you show up when you take the reins on a major project or assume new responsibilities.

    Your MC sign also speaks to your big-picture goals, what you aspire toward accomplishing, how you feel about achievement, and how you want to be perceived by others in your career. And it’s a point that we astrologers look to when we’re aiming to better understand a person’s relationship to people in a position of power, whether that’s authority figures on the job or a parent or caregiver who influenced your career path. After all, each house is associated with a sign and a planet, and the tenth house of career is ruled by Capricorn and its ruler, taskmaster Saturn, which oversees discipline, hard work, tough lessons, and authority.

    When delineating your MC, we look not only at the sign it’s in but any planets that are interacting closely with it. For instance, if you have the confident sun conjunct your MC meaning it falls within about 8 degrees plus or minus the degrees of your MC your core identity is very much linked up with your achievements and long-term goals. You probably also have a great chance of shining in a very public way in your life. This is the mark of celebrity it’s no wonder Paul McCartney and JLo both have sun conjunct MC.

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    Aries Ascendant: Career Governed By Jupiter Saturn And Venus

    As per the Aries ascendant, Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus are the important planets which play a crucial role in predicting the career of the native. Their placement should always remain good and just in case they interchange between one another or have conjunction with the others, it gives beneficial results for the native in the form of good career growth and direction.

    Few of the career profiles that suit Aries ascendant are:

    • A technical field like engineering in any stream
    • Management in any field

    Dominant Planets And Career In Astrology

    If a planet receives many aspects in your birth chart, placed in a sign where they are strong, or in a position where it becomes stronger .

    Dominant planets infuse the whole chart with their energy. These planets can be a significant influence through your life. Depending on the entire chart, they might be even used as indicators of profession in the birth chart. For example, someone with Venus as their dominant planet can be attracted to professions that include fashion, cosmetics, art, luxuries, mediation, etc.

    Planets in good dignity suggest important resources in the natal chart.

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    How To Select The Right Career

    Choosing a career merely based on your interest, anxiety, inheritance, parental or social pressures, and popular trends or may be complacency can lead to the wrong selection of career. Spend few minutes with a good astrologer for the selection of a right career as per your birth chart. Career decision actually starts with selecting the right subject at the right age & then pursuing the same stream for final career. A career decision is like a marriage decision that once taken live with you for the whole life, so do not be in haste. Now, I will explain as to how astrology can help you in the selection of the best career for you?

    Leo Ascendants: Career Governed By Mercury Jupiter And Mars

    Doing THIS Reveals YOUR CAREER Based On Your Natal Chart ð¼ âï¸?ð°| 2021

    In the case of Leo ascendant, Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars are the most important planets when it comes to making the right prediction for the professional life of a native. In the event that these planets have a good placement or conjunction, or they interchange between one another in a positive manner, then it means that the career graph of the native will always rise consistently. They might face small hindrances every now and then, but it will not affect their growth process at all.

    The career option that can be considered good for Leo natives are:

    • Administrative Job Profiles
    • Art and Creativity related Job
    • High authoritative Job in the Government
    • Law Enforcement

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    Need Help Choosing A Career Path Your Zodiac Sign Can Help

    Selecting the right career path is one of the most confusing and anxiety-ridden decisions in an individual’s life. If you are facing trouble picking a profession, career astrology can help. Read this article to know the best jobs or professions suitable for you as per your zodiac sign.

    All of us are concerned about our careers and our progress in our professional life. We all hope to proceed in the right direction, as our profession ensures that we lead a luxurious lifestyle and get recognition. As it plays such a key role in our lives, people find it incredibly confusing and worrisome to pick the right job or profession.

    It’s quite common for people to select a specific career path or profession and then feel that it isn’t the right fit for them or that they are not skilled enough. This creates an enormous mismatch between what you are skilled at, what suitable career you should pick, and what you end up picking. If you are wondering what will be a suitable profession for you, astrology and zodiac signs can offer you help.

    Lets read on to find out.

    Aries Midheaven Or First House Of Personality And Appearance

    If your Sun sign rests in the First house, it could indicate that your life purpose relates to your identity and personality. You might realize you gravitate more towards opportunities where you get to lead with your unique and individual personality.

    You might find yourself in a leadership position where you get to hold the reins for yourself and others. You also tend to have a lot of bravery so you would be great as a police officer, doctor, firefighter, or athlete.

    Whatever it is you decide to be, you are incredibly capable of reaching your goals.

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    Discover Your Lifes Calling Vocational Astrology Simplified

    Discover your lifes calling through vocational astrology. In this article well discuss the art of guiding ourselves and our clients to fulfillment and success in our vocation, in our careers, in our creative projects and endeavors, in the path of our hearts desire. All astrologers, no matter what school we follow or what methods we utilize, advise people about how to find their way in the world of work and vocation, where most of us spend much of our adult lives, earning money, serving others, performing roles in society, and investing our energy in creative activity.

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