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How Can You Increase Diverse Applicants Through Your Career Page

Design your career page

Here are some ideas thatll help you reach out to diverse candidates through your careers page:

Include an equal opportunity employer disclaimer

An equal opportunity employer disclaimer even an informal one is a good place to start. Encourage people to apply for your open roles, despite their race, gender, background or age.

Avoid bias in your text

Be aware of subtle bias in your language. Opt for gender-neutral job descriptions and dont discriminate against a certain age group

  • Tools like Textio analyze writing to determine how masculine or feminine a text is and help you avoid unconscious gender bias.

Use photos to promote your diverse workplace

Use pictures and videos from your workplace to prove that diversity is a real goal of your companys. Use data and infographics to show that you make a conscious effort to combat bias.

Ensure Your Career Page Is Easy To Navigate

A career page that is easy to navigate means potential candidates can easily find the information they need to make a career decision. Follow these rules for a clean and concise career page:

  • Set the tone immediately. The first item on your page should tell the candidate at a glance what your company is like and why they should apply. This usually includes an image, caption, and branding. Captions may be an invitation, a mission statement, or the primary value of working for your company.
  • Provide a clear job titleand include the location and whether or not youll accept remote work. If you have a large number of job listings, consider creating a searchable database that can handle a search by title, career field, qualifications, and locations.
  • Make use of subheadings and groupings, and use jump links to get to jobs if you put them at the bottom of the page.
  • Links to other pages that explain a section in detail can make your career page cleaner and easier to navigate. However, always include a link back to the jobs page.
  • Use lists such as Top 5 Reasons to Join our Team or What We Believe Inrather than long explanations or company descriptions out of the employee handbook.

Show What You Stand For

Emphasizing your core values should also be the top priority in designing a career page. You want to find employees that are compatible with your company.

Skills are a priority, but ultimately, if your employees dont agree with your brands values and mission or vice versa, then the working relationship isnt built to last. Putting your companys core values on your page filters through applicants, leaving only the most suitable candidates.

A great example of showing what you stand for can be seen with Slacks career page. From the moment you enter the page, you can see which core values the business revolves around.

They use their graphics wisely, emphasizing their inclusivity with the headlining image at the top of the page. They also highlight this throughout the page, as seen in their values and other descriptions.

Like Slack, Etsys career page also showcases its values through lovely images and nicely worded descriptions. The section dedicated to their mission and core values is one of the first and longest parts of the page, efficiently getting the message across even as employment seekers scroll past it. We love this example of eCommerce website design applied to a careers page.

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Designing A Career Page: What Is Important

Now lets talk about the design of your career page.

A common faux pas of many companies: You may have a career page, but it looks very different to your actual web presence.

Talents who access the career page via a companys homepage inevitably feel lost and wonder: Am I in the right place?

You should definitely avoid such an inconsistent look and align your career page with the corporate identity of your company.

Otherwise, you run the risk of candidates dropping out because they no longer feel they are on the right site.

What you should keep in mind:

  • Use the same main, secondary, and accent colors and the same fonts

  • Ensure that the content is uniformly structured with headings and a font size gradation across pages

  • Do not forget the company logo

Company Awards And Achievements

Web design showcase: Best web design for career pages

Where do you stand as an organization? Are you an industry leader and have won awards for performing well?

Dont shy, show all the awards and certificates you have achieved on your career page. This will attract the right candidates who want to work in leading and excelling organizations.

You can share if you have been listed as the Best place to work, Best Employer, or simply your shining rating from Glassdoor.

Here is a best practice example found on Slaloms career page:

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Demonstrate Who You Are

Your career page must describe who you are as a brand.

Your referral program should be designed to attract the attention of employment seekers who are already familiar with your brand. Start by teaching them about your brands core values with a brief description of how it came to be.

Talk about when it started, how it was founded, the team behind your business, and who is currently working with you.

Consider your tone and language when writing blog posts and other content for your page to make sure that it matches the overarching voice you want your brand to be known for. Doing so will help ensure that referral program participants are more likely to be engaged with your brand and refer others who are a good fit for your company.

Take the Pipedrive website above as an example of great SaaS website design, especially in the career page department. The interface for their website and career page is neat, simple, and readily contains all of the information that prospective candidates need to know about the brands core values and its history.

Employee engagement is a huge part of employer branding, and Pipedrive does a great job of sharing its teams story on its website and career page. The included pictures of their team are a nice touch, as they help applicants become more familiar with the people behind the business. Locations are also clearly stated at the top.

How Can You Improve Your Careers Page Conversion Rate

Good functionality and design are the keys to a successful career website. Here are some careers page best practices that will enhance your conversion rate:

  • Display your job openings. Help candidates navigate through your job listings by adding prominent buttons . Use filters that let candidates search by location and/or field of expertise.
  • Design simple and quick application forms. Use a short, straightforward application with a few relevant and concise qualifying questions. Consider including features like LinkedIn Apply, which lets applicants use their LinkedIn data to apply for jobs.
  • Showcase your teams and culture. Demonstrate why job seekers should consider your open roles and workplace. Use photos and videos to illustrate your culture and company personality.
  • Present your benefits. Mention both standard and unique benefits that are important to candidates.
  • Introduce your employees. Include testimonials from employees to add a human touch to your page. Consider linking to their personal Twitter accounts so candidates can get a sense of who they are outside of work.
  • Create a mobile-friendly careers page. Being able to look through jobs and apply through mobile devices is convenient for candidates and helps you attract job-seekers on the go.

If you already have a careers page that embraces the above characteristics, but you still want to improve your conversion rates, consider the following:

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Companys Perks And Why Its A Great Place To Work

The job itself and getting paid arent the only reasons someone applies for a job. And as much as you want your mission and vision to inspire, people still want to know what youre company offers in terms of benefits and perks.

Be sure to prominently feature any added perks that come with being an employee at your company. Possible perks include:

Let potential employees know what theyll receive when they come to work for you.

Example: The Union Home Mortgage career page lists all the perks and benefits that make it a good place to work.

Careers Page: Design And Content

Elementor Template To Create Your Career Page Website In WordPress Using Easy.Jobs

The design and content of your careers page play a major role in how candidates perceive your company and whether or not they go on to apply. While your careers page should accurately reflect your company, a few easy-to-implement tips will help you level up. Weve broken it down to three main elements:

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When You Want To Showcase Your Culture

Its a challenge to promote your company culture without overselling yourself. Surely, in a careers page, you cant talk about those less attractive things that could and do happen at work, such as occasional overtime, offices in an unsexy location, or salaries a touch below the industry average.

If you try to sugarcoat everything about your work life, you risk sounding inauthentic. Candidates dont expect to find negative things about your company in your own site, but big, bold statements of how happy your employees are or how youve built the best workplace are too vague and abstract. Its best to give candidates something more tangible.

Here are two examples of how you can describe your company culture in a genuine and informative way:

Soho House & Co

As a private members club company for creatives, Soho House couldnt get away with a boring careers page they needed to include creative content and sources to stand out and attract top talent.

Its easy to see the companys international orientation and its remarkable presence in hospitality. They use beautiful images for each department to make the navigation for candidates easier based on their expertise:

Boost your brand

Attract talent and boost applications with Workables careers pages that put your brand and jobs in the spotlight.


A Window Into Company Culture

Your career page should also give candidates a birds-eye view of your company culture. A great way to showcase company culture is by showing your employees interacting with each other. The use of video and photos can visually draw people into your company, allowing them to picture themselves working there too.

Example: Sprinklrs career page gives prospective employees an authentic look into their company culture through images of employees socializing. They also include a personal welcome message in video form from their Chief Culture & Talent Officer.

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What Do We Want To Achieve The Vision Statement

Each company has a unique vision and the entire team is vested in that vision. Putting it right out there enables you to get the candidate invested in the vision right from the beginning. It is also a great filter to find people with the right cultural fit.

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The entire world probably knows about SpaceX! For an organization like SpaceX or even yours, its highly important that candidates know the vision of the company before they apply and decide whether they want to contribute to that vision or not. SpaceX nails the vision statement on its careers page.

Ideally, the vision shouldnt be more than 2-3 lines and should drive interested candidates to the culture of the company and the people they would be working with.

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What Do Candidates Look For On A Careers Page

Template Edition

Candidates who visit your careers page want to be inspired to apply to one of your jobs. They need ways to visualize themselves working for your company.

Candidates browse your careers page to learn about your business, company culture and open roles. Your careers pages should answer the following questions candidates will have:

  • What job opportunities do you have?
  • What benefits do you offer?
  • What do your offices look like?
  • Who are your current employees?
  • How do your current employees feel about working at your company?
  • How do you apply for an open role?
  • Why should I work here?

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Action Words And Gender Biases

Use power words to convey the importance of the role the candidate will play: Learn, create, understand, improve, lead, spearhead It makes all the difference in how candidates react to a job description.

Bear in mind that some words have masculine or feminine connotations, and can make your job descriptions gender-biased. There are language tools you can use to automatically scan your copy for such biases. Here are a couple that you can use for free: Kat Matfields Gender Decoder, and TotalJobs Gender Bias Decoder.

How To Make A Career Page Stand Out On Your Website

REVIEWED BY:Charlette Beasley

Charlette has over 10 years of experience in accounting and finance and 2 years of partnering with HR leaders on freelance projects. She uses this extensive experience to answer your questions about payroll.

Jennifer Hartman is an HR Specialist and staff writer for Fit Small Business, with over 15 years of experience in accounting, payroll, and human resources.

This article is part of a larger series on Hiring.

The best career page is a fully featured page with images, links, and information on company culture that helps your business stand out so you can attract top talent. The career page should list what job opportunities are available and inform the job seeker why they should work for your company.

When creating your career page, be sure to provide all necessary informationwithout cluttering the page. The following guidelines will assist you in creating the best career page.

Your career page should be easy to navigate and make applying for your open positions simple.

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When You Want To Keep It Simple

Simple doesnt mean boring. Or, poor in content. A simple careers page is about minimal design and clear copy. There are many reasons why you might want to go towards this direction when building your careers page. For example, you may not have the budget for a very fancy website, or you want to ensure that job seekers wont get overwhelmed with information. Or, perhaps, a simple design better matches your companys overall aesthetics.

Heres an example of a beautifully designed, yet simple, careers page:


This Polish software development company uses its characteristic green neon color to illustrate its careers page and highlight the different categories:

Job seekers can browse those different sections to find exactly the type of information theyre seeking. For example, if they want to learn more about the team at Netguru, by clicking the Meet us sub-category, theyll find articles that describe work life and past projects and theyll read what kind of perks employees have. Likewise, if theyre already considering to apply, a visit to the Recruitment FAQs section will answer the more specific questions on candidates minds.

How To Make Awesome Career Listing Pages

How To Create Your Career Page In Elementor With Easy.Jobs

Your career listing pages are the first thing that potential applicants will see when theyre considering whether they want to work with you.

Thats why you need a career page design that is straightforward and complete, but interesting enough to make them want to read more about your individual job listings.

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How To Create A Career Page On Your Website

As we learned earlier, a career page defines you and differentiates you from others, and therefore you must include all the details there.

Before composing a job description and application, explain your Brand Identity, who you are, and what is your story from the birth of the company to where it has come over the years. This will create a connection with the prospective candidate.

Specifying your vision and mission will help them understand your goals better, and placing video testimonials of existing employees will help in developing trust and authority.

Use Recruiting Key Indicators As An Argument

You can also integrate important recruiting indicators in clear graphics, for instance:

  • 10 days until interview

The effect of this information is very strong.

Clear information on the duration of individual process steps creates trust.

Accordingly, 74.4% of applicants click on pages with clearly communicated KPIs.

Without this information, an otherwise identical career website is only selected by 25.6% of applicants.

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Evaluate The Performance Of Your Career Page

However, once your career page is online your work is not over.

Instead, use the various analysis options to permanently improve your site.

Here are some of the most important KPIs to help you do this:

  • Conversion: How many applications does the site generate?
  • Impressions: How many people have visited the site?
  • Conversion rate: ratio of the number of conversions to the number of impressions
  • The ratio of new to returning visitors
  • Traffic Sources: the origin of your site visitors
  • Conversion Sources: From which source did the site visitors come who applied in the end?
  • Hires: How many candidates do you ultimately hire through the career page channel?

Used correctly, these recruiting metrics are a powerful tool to measure, evaluate and ultimately improve the performance of your career page.

Google Teaches The Basics Of Search Structure And Seo

25 beautiful website design examples for your inspiration

Why this page rocks: No matter where a visitor goes on Googles sprawling careers page, theyre always just one click away from being able to search for positions or see a list of vacancies. Job seekers can filter the results by location, role, division, education required, date posted and more.

All of the positions follow the same structure , and the option is available to add any job to a list of personal favorites to keep an eye on them.


The takeaway: The creative flourishes on your careers page are crucialand well get to them belowbut it will all be for naught if you cant get the nuts and bolts right first. Its important to ensure all of your job listings are formatted the same way, implement a working search function and make it easy for job seekers to apply for a position from anywhere on the site.

And, if youre thinking about naming your accounting roles something quirky like Number Gurus to stand out, dont. For search engine optimization purposes, you should use the most popular phrase to describe each role so that job seekers can find your listings with ease.

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