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Education Requirements For Physical Therapy Assistants

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There are more than one path to become a physical therapy assistant or aide. Physical therapist aides typically need a high school diploma or equivalent plus on-the-job training that can last from about one week to a month. States do not require PT aides to be licensed.

In all states, physical therapy assistant need to be licensed or certified which typically requires graduation from an accredited physical therapy assistant program. PT assistants also need to pass the National Physical Therapy Exam for assistants, which is administered by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy. Some states may also require that applicants pass a test on the states laws regulating the practice of physical therapy assistants, undergo a criminal background check, and be at least 18 years old. Physical therapist assistants also may need to take continuing education courses to keep their license. Check with your state board for specific licensing requirements.

How Do You Become A Medical Technologist

To start off your medical laboratory scientist journey, you need to find a great school first. How do you choose? Well, check out how the school performed during past board examinations. Thats a good indicator.

Once enrolled, youll have to crawl your way through several series of chemistries. No joke. Chemistries. Lots of chemistry. On the bright side, there are fewer maths, and youll be using the basics for most computations related to the profession.

The not-so downside is that you will be required to memorize many things, and coffee will be your best friend. But if you make it through, which I know you can, and graduate, youll be able to work even without a license as a medical technician or a phlebotomist.

Then the final hurdle: the medical technology board examinations. The gate and threshold between you and that craved RMT.

Career Outlook For Radiologic Technicians

Radiologic technicians are expectedto have a 9% growth in employment from 2020 to 2030, according to the BLS. Since diagnostic testing is such an important part of healthcare, these job are expected to have continual growth.

The BLS explains that radiologic technicians who have certifications in different areas and have graduated from accredited programs could have the most positive career prospects.

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Skills Needed For Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

Skills neededto work as a diagnostic medical sonographer include:

  • Ability to focus on tiny details to help during the diagnostic process
  • Interpersonal abilities to work with patients
  • Hand-eye coordination while using the imaging equipment
  • Technical abilities with specialized equipment
  • Stamina to work on your feet and move or lift patients when necessary

What Do Medical Technologists Do

Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) Certification â MedCerts

At a lab or doctorâs office, medical technologists are behind-the-scenes testing and analyzing body fluids and tissue samples. These laboratory test results aid in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Medical technologists, also called medical laboratory scientists, clinical laboratory technologists, or technicians, often work in hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, physiciansâ offices, outpatient care centers, or school campuses. If you work in a small laboratory or clinic, you might perform a variety of tests. In a larger setting, itâs more common to specialize. Some specialization options include:

  • Blood bank or immunohematology technologists collect, classify and prepare blood for transfusions.

  • Immunology technologists analyze samples involving the human immune system and its responses to foreign bodies.

  • Chemistry technologists prepare specimens and analyze the chemical and hormonal contents of body fluids.

  • Cytotechnologists examine body cells under a microscope for abnormalities .

  • Microbiology technologists examine and identify bacteria and other microorganisms.

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What Is The Job Outlook For Medical Technologists

The job outlook for medical technologists is very positive. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical technologist jobs are projected to grow by 16 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations. This growth is due to several factors, including an aging population and increased reliance on medical technologies.

How Can You Advance As A Medical Technologist

There are several ways that you can advance your career as a medical technologist. Following are some of the most common pathways:

  • Become a supervisor or manager: A supervisor or manager oversees the day-to-day operations of a laboratory. They ensure that all tests are completed accurately and on time.
  • Receive certification in a specialty area: There are several specialty areas in medical technology, such as hematology, immunology, and chemistry. You can become certified in one of these specialties by passing an exam from a professional organization.
  • Pursue a bachelors or masters degree: A bachelors or masters degree in medical technology or a related field can help you advance your career.
  • Earn a Ph.D.: A Ph.D. in medical technology can help you become a research scientist or professor.

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Average Salary For Medical Technologists

Medical technologists make a national average salary of $57,483 per year, though averages are frequently updated on Indeed Salaries. Keep in mind that your salary as a medical technologist will vary depending on your geographic location, your level of experience and your employer. In addition to your salary as a medical technologist, you may also receive employee benefits such as relocation assistance, a retirement plan and health insurance.

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Education Requirements For Medical Assistants

CAREERS IN MEDICAL LAB TECHNOLOGY BMLT,Certification Courses,Job Openings,Research,Salary Package

According to the BLS, most states prefer to hiremedical assistantswho have completed formal education. There are programs available from vocational schools, technical and career training schools, community colleges, and universities.

There are one- and two-year programs available. Students typically work in the classroom, in laboratories, and in the field under the supervision of healthcare professionals.

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What Is A Medical Technologist

A medical technologist is a healthcare professional who performs laboratory tests on blood, tissues, and other body fluids. These tests help doctors diagnose and treat medical conditions. Medical technologists may also work with patients to explain test results and help them understand their health condition.

Medical technologists perform a wide variety of laboratory tests on body fluids. These tests can help doctors diagnose a variety of medical conditions, including infections, cancer, and heart disease. Medical technologists may also work with patients to explain test results and help them understand their health condition.

Becoming A Laboratory Technician

A bachelor’s degree in medical technology may prepare you to work as a clinical or research laboratory technician. Laboratory technicians have many possible job opportunities for a graduate of medical technology. They can work in clinic, hospital, university, or research laboratories, performing laboratory tests on biological specimens.

Laboratory technicians perform tests in order to assist physicians in diagnosing diseases, monitoring disease treatment, determining effects of medication, and may perform other testing for research purposes, according to the University of Central Arkansas. This may include a variety of duties from studying the effect of viruses on the human body to determining how far cancer has progressed.

Positions in laboratories typically require passage of a medical technologist certification exam. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a median wage of $53,120 for medical and clinical laboratory technologists and technicians in 2019. Job growth is expected to be 11 percent through 2028.

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What Does A Medical Technologist Do

A medical technologist typically performs the following tasks:

  • Collects blood and other body fluids for testing-Medical technologists use a variety of methods to collect blood and other body fluids for testing. They may use a needle to draw blood from a patients vein, or they may use a device called a skin puncture set to obtain a blood sample from the surface of the skin.
  • Performs tests on body fluids-Medical technologists use special equipment to perform tests on blood and other body fluids. They may use a microscope to examine cells and tissues, or they may use chemical or biologicals methods to test for the presence of certain substances.
  • Runs tests on cell cultures, bacteria, and parasites-Medical technologists can also use special equipment to grow cells, bacteria, and parasites in a laboratory setting. They may use this equipment to test for the presence of certain diseases.
  • Produces images of internal organs for diagnostic purposes-Medical technologists may also use special equipment to produce images of internal organs for diagnostic purposes. This equipment may include an X-ray machine or a CT scanner.
  • Interprets test results-Medical technologists must be able to accurately interpret test results in order to provide accurate information to doctors and patients. They must understand the principles of the tests they perform and be able to identify any abnormalities that may be present.

Career Opportunities And Outlook

Health &  Wellness Archives

The median salary for a medical lab scientist is $57,800, though salaries can range between $30,000-$79,000 depending on education, location, and previous experience.

Job growth and security are high for medical laboratory technicians and scientists. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is currently a shortage of medical lab technicians and scientists in many parts of the country which guarantees ample employment opportunities and sometimes higher salaries for graduates. With the volume of laboratory tests continuing to increase due to both population growth and the development of new types of tests, job opportunities are expected to increase faster than average with over 26,000 new positions expected to be available by 2030.

With additional training and experience, a medical lab scientist can become a department lead or lab manager. Others may seek specializations to advance their careers. Typically, a medical lab technician will progress to a medical lab scientist with more training.

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Where Does A Medical Technologist Work

Medical technologists work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and doctors offices. They may work in a laboratory setting, performing tests on blood and other body fluids. They may also use special equipment to produce images of internal organs. Some medical technologists may also work in the field, conducting tests on patient samples outside of a laboratory setting.

Some of the top recruiting companies for a medical technologist include:

  • LabCorp A global medical laboratory company that employs over 48,000 medical technologists.
  • Quest Diagnostics A Fortune 500 company that is the largest provider of diagnostic information services in the world. They employ over 34,000 medical technologists.
  • Aerotek A leading recruitment firm that specializes in the placement of skilled professionals in the medical field. They have placed over 1,000 medical technologists in the past year.
  • Kelly Scientific Resources A leading provider of scientific and technical staffing solutions. They have placed over 9,000 medical technologists in the past year.
  • Hospital Corporation of America The largest for-profit healthcare organization in the world. They employ over 190,000 medical technologists.

What Can I Do With A Medical Technology Degree

  • Highest Paying Science Careers
  • Within the practices and professions within medicine, a mixture of medical knowledge, judgement, and proper data is undoubtedly important. With that said, a mountain of medical knowledge or judgment is almost useless without an ability to gather information about a patient, gather information about a health condition, and effectively deliver a treatment. Technology is to an ever-increasing degree at the heart of all three of these abilities.

    Whether a state of the art lab or a field hospital at a disaster site, medical technology ranges from basic tools like a stethoscope, or a blood pressure detector, to MRI machines that can image your brain. Behind the scenes, skilled laboratory professionals provide cutting-edge diagnostics on-demand to help support medical objectives.

    In this guide well cover the below topics on medical technology degrees as well as careers you can enter once youve obtained your degree.

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    Become A Medical Laboratory Technician

    For science and detail-minded individuals who want to start working sooner rather than later, a career as a medical laboratory technician can be a great option. These technicians require only an associates degree to start working in a lab running diagnostic tests for such instances as AIDS, cancer, diabetes, and infectious diseases. Medical lab technicians generally do not work as closely with physicians as histotechnologists or cytotechnologists. Instead, MLTs are typically employed under the supervision of a lab manager or medical technologist.

    Medical laboratory technicians can also specialize in the career, working specifically in microbiology, hematology, or immunology. With proper training, MLTs can also specialize in cytotechnology or histotechnology, where their MLT background will qualify them for these careers.

    The demand for medical laboratory technicians is faster than average compared to the national average for all occupations . The BLS predicts that 21,800 new clinical laboratory technologists and technician positions will be needed .

    According to, in September 2022, the average annual salary for medical laboratory technicians is $44,580, with the lowest 10 percent earning $32,000 or less, and the highest 10 percent earning $62,000 or more annually.

    Skills Needed For Physical Therapy Assistants

    The 10 HIGHEST PAYING Medical Careers (Besides Doctors!)

    Physical therapy assistants nurses should have skills like:

    • Should enjoy helping people and working closely with them
    • Ability to be compassionate and empathetic
    • Stamina and physical strength, plus being comfortable using their hands
    • Ability to be organized, keep accurate records, and follow written and verbal instructions carefully

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    Medical Lab Technician Careers

    Of the following 8 careers, no one is more important than the other. Although some of the duties of each job may be similar, what is studied and researched is not. When sifting through the options, consider what appeals to you most.

    Most of the careers fall in the category of Medical/Clinical Lab Technician , although there is also a job title specifically related to that. Well cover the general MLT first, then proceed to specific specialties within the medical lab technician field.

    Is Medical Technology A Good Career Option

    Choosing to work in the field of medical technology is an excellent career decision. Many areas within the health care sector can expect significant job growth over the next ten years, including medical technologists and technicians. You should recognize the differences between medical laboratory technologists, also known as medical laboratory scientists, and medical technicians. While a bachelor degree in science is typically required for technologists, technicians graduate with an associate degree or earned certification. Medical technologists carry greater responsibilities, perform more complex tasks and supervise technicians.

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    Medical Technologist Career = Great Salary And Benefits

    So what is the salary of a MedTech professional in the Philippines?

    In the Philippines, a medical technologist can expect to make an estimated salary of around Php 25,000 to 50,000 per year, depending on the healthcare facilitys qualification, experience, and location. This is lower than the average salary for medical technologists in other countries, but it is still a good income due to the lower cost of living. Medical technologists in the Philippines may also find opportunities for advancement within the medical field due to its population.

    The salary of a medical technologist in the Philippines can vary depending on experience and qualifications. A medical technologist career can earn a median salary of Php 450,000 per year. The highest-paid medical technologists with side gigs can earn up to Php 1,200,000 per year.

    In addition, medical technologists in the Philippines may also receive benefits such as health insurance, retirement savings plans, and paid leave.

    What Does A Medical Lab Technician Do

    Histology Technician Program (Arizona, Florida and Minnesota)

    Before patients can receive medical therapy, healthcare specialists must diagnose their condition correctly. Because many distinctive illnesses and treatments might have conflicting symptoms.

    Above all, medical laboratory technician responsibilities and daily activities involve:

    • Creating the reagents or solutions to be utilized with the samples
    • Obtaining samples of patients blood, tissue, or other substances
    • Establishing, operating, cleaning, calibrating, and evaluating the cleanliness of lab apparatus

    Furthermore, MLTs must correlate blood types for transfusions. They analyze the chemical makeup of secretions or look at immune system components. Also, they use advanced laboratory equipment to look for bacteria, parasites, and other microbes in their samples.

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    What Are The Best Colleges To Study Medical Technology

    There are a number of colleges and universities that offer degree programs in medical technology. Some of the best schools include:

    • Johns Hopkins University A private research university located in Baltimore, Maryland. They offer a bachelors degree in medical technology.
    • University of California, San Francisco A public research university located in San Francisco, California. They offer a bachelors degree in medical technology.
    • University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio A public health science university located in San Antonio, Texas. They offer a bachelors degree and a masters degree in medical technology.
    • The University of Maryland, Baltimore- A public research university located in Baltimore, Maryland. They offer a bachelors degree and a masters degree in medical technology.

    Education Requirements For Social And Human Service Assistants

    Social and human service assistants have varying educational requirements for employment.The BLS explains thateven when a degree isnt a requirement, a certificate or an associate degree in the subject of human services is common for this position.

    Moreover, education can help you get additional responsibilities and may increase your chances for advancement in the field.

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    Career Outlook For Patient Care Technicians And Home Health Aides

    Home health aides are expected to see a massive hiring growth in the coming years due to the increased needs of the aging population, according to the BLS. This field is expected to see a 33% increase in jobs between 2020 and 2030.

    The BLS says that job prospects for home health aides are excellent. There are already many positions available, and the hiring is expected to continue.

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