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Personal Trainer Career Options

Career Opportunities – Personal Training Sales Counselor

Posted: Mar 23, 2022 · Table of Contents. Personal Training in a Nutshell. Educational Requirements for Personal Training. Personal Trainer Setting and Salary Statistics. Working in a Gym. #1 Training and Coaching Individual Gym Members. #2 Group Exercise Instructor. #3 Team Player. #4 Independent Classes.

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Popular Personal Trainer Career Options

Posted: Personal training careers are quite rewarding and with the increase of attention being paid to overall health, wellness and fitness, the options of specializing within the personal trainer career field is also expanding. There are 3 very popular avenues that one can take to specialize as a personal trainer.

Do Personal Trainers Get Paid Well

The average personal trainer is paid $39,517 annually or $18.12 an hour. Personal trainers can earn more depending on experience, additional certifications, work setting, and side hustles.

No matter your career path in the field of personal training, you will need a software platform that allows you to track clients, send invoices, automate training plans, and set appointments with ease. Request a demo of our All-In-One Fitness Business Management Software to find out how fitness business management software can help you advance in your personal training career.

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Careers In Health And Fitness

Posted: Career development opportunities: There are a wide range of routes to take within a health club. In particular, instructors can train to become an Advanced Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer but can also take on more responsibility from an operational side such as Duty Manager, Fitness Manager or Operations Manager. PERSONAL TRAINER

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Become A Professor Or Instructor

Personal trainer

There are countless courses and classes you can teach, depending on your niche, experience, and education. If you have a formal education, you can teach courses at a college or university. If youve been trained in a niche like yoga or Zumba, consider taking the steps to teach others.

There you have it a complete guide that keeps you growing and passionate in your personal training career! If you decide to pursue another career in fitness, personal training is an excellent foundation to fully comprehend and assimilate new information.

No matter your life stage, schedule, or current fitness level, theres always an exciting job waiting for you as a personal trainer.

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A Sports Injury Led To A Brand New Career

Michael had been involved in athletics and fitness all his life, but he struggled picking a career path. Following a sports injury, he realized the impact that a healthy recovery made on his life. He decided then to get certified. Michael started training family and friends, but once he moved to a new town he used his ACE Certification to build his client list. He quickly became the busiest and most sought-after trainer at the gym. Michael loves to help people uncover strengths they have hidden inside, especially for the special populations he works with like senior citizens, rotary athletes and people recovering from injury. His advice for those starting out is, “Work hard, and believe in yourself. Gain experience, observe veteran trainers, learn lessons and have the confidence to create something special.”

Hirari Watanabe | ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Hip Hop Dance Instructor

Can Personal Trainers Have Tattoos

Yes, personal trainers need to set an example. They should be in good physical shape and live a healthy lifestyle. But whether or not they have tattoos is irrelevant. When it comes down to it, judging someone because they choose to have tattoos is no different than judging someone because of the way they dress…. see details

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Option : Get Certified As A Personal Trainer


  • Faster than going back to school
  • Costs way less money.
  • Learn enough anatomy and physiology to feel semi-competent.
  • The certificate I earned after taking the test would make me seem more credible to potential clients.


  • Doesnt seem as credible as a degree.
  • I dont know which certification is good and which certification is bad.
  • Still doesnt teach me much about change psychology or business development.

So what did I do?

I got a crappy personal training certification, sweet-talked my way into a job as a fitness assistant at a local gym, and started training clients.

At times, I felt like I was on top of the world. I had gamed the system! Here I was working with people, building my business, reading nutrition and exercise textbooks, and attending seminars. I felt like I had a big head-start.

But at other times, I felt like a fraud. I worried that everyone would look at my lack of formal education and know I was unfit to work with people, even if I was a certified trainer.

I worried that because I didnt follow any sort of path, my new career in fitness was a joke. It was debilitating and even a little depressing.

But as I would later learn, my lack of a formal fitness and nutrition education put me in good company.

How To Become A Personal Fitness Trainer

The Perfect Health and Fitness Career | Personal Trainer Jobs

Posted: Aug 18, 2021 · A complete guide that will help you start your career as a Personal Fitness Trainer. Follow these essential steps to becoming a Personal Fitness Trainer. Learn about career path, skills, education, certifications and salary. … Between 2018 and 2028, the career is expected to grow 13% and produce 45,700 job opportunities across the U.S.

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Emerging Careers In Sports: Job Options Salaries & Resources

Posted: Jul 14, 2022 · Salary. The average mean salary for GM’s in all “Spectator Sports” at all levels is $112,200 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, GM salaries span a wide range, depending on the sport and the team. GM salaries in professional sports usually fall somewhere between $500,000 and $3 million and up.

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How Can I Dance After 12th

The basic requirement for training in dance is 10+2.However, for post graduate level courses, graduation in the subject is compulsory. Duration of courses: while certificate course is of one year, Bachelor courses are of three years and Diploma and Post Graduate level courses are of 2 years…. continue reading

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Personal Trainer Jobs For Our Graduates

Posted: Heres a few calculations to give you an idea of what you could make as a successful Personal Trainer in this club: 15 one-hour PT sessions per week + 10hrs gym floor: £13,500+ annually. 20 one-hour PT sessions per week + 10hrs gym floor: £18,500+ annually. 25 one-hour PT sessions per week + 10hrs gym floor: £25.000+ annually.

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Personal Fitness Trainers: Salary Career Path Job Outlook

Personal Training With Everyone Active

Posted: Careers for Fitness Trainers and Instructors Aerobics instructors Certified personal trainers Exercise instructors Fitness directors Fitness trainers Fitness workers Group exercise instructors Group fitness instructors Personal trainers Pilates instructors Specialized fitness instructors Trainers, fitness Weight trainers Weight training instructors

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Careers In Personal Fitness


If you love staying in shape, studying nutrition, sports medicine, exercise physiology, fitness and conditioning and you love working one-on-one with consumers, athletes and patients, you can find a wide variety of fitness careers options.

To maximize your income and give yourself the most freedom and flexibility in your personal life, you might also need to learn how to run a small business so you can set your own hours and fees in many careers involving fitness and nutrition. If youre not interested in being a business owner, you can still work for many different employers looking for good fitness professionals.

Careers In Club Ownership

What if your ultimate goal is to own your own club? If you know right off the bat that you want to run a business, you may choose to enter the fitness industry as an entrepreneur, starting a business from scratch or buying from a well-established franchise. On the other hand, you might first create a platform as a personal trainer, group instructor or fitness manager before parlaying that success into ownership of one or more facilities.

Benefits. Depending on the club, its systems and its expansion model, club ownership can be one of the more highly profitable arenas in the fitness industry. This is especially true if the facility has the potential to expand and/or provides multiple revenue streams, such as boot camps, personal training, group exercise, product sales and other health services.

Becoming the owner of one or more clubs can help elevate your profile in your community and, with careful planning, should allow you to make a decent living, even when you are not physically at the club working.

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Health & Wellness Coach

At this point you may be wondering what the difference is between a health and wellness coach and a lifestyle and weight management consultant. The main difference between the two is that a health and wellness coach typically guides their clients through making diet changes and information about health and diseases that their client may be at risk for based on their current health and fitness level/condition. Since a health and wellness coach mainly focuses on improving diet and physical health, this will exclude the the effect lifestyle choices have on our mind and bodies. Such as, routine, career choices, relationships, life choices, etc.

Still interested in learning more about a future career in fitness? At AFPA, we are dedicated to providing you with educational programs, opportunities and content that shares your passion and motivates you to pursue your fitness aspirations. for future information related to all things health and fitness!

The 9 Highest Paying Fitness Jobs

What Careers are there in health and fitness?

Posted: Fitness Manager. Salary Range: $44,660-$73,585. Fitness Managers are responsible for growing fitness revenue through the sale of fitness memberships and other fitness related products. In addition to sales, they monitor team performance, member satisfaction, and profits. They also manage personal trainers, instructors and lead trainers.

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Careers In Fitness And Exercise That Don’t Need A Degree

Posted: Jun 24, 2003 · Becoming a personal trainer or fitness instructor is always an option, but there are other careers to check out as wellsome of which don’t require a degree. Wellness Coach While personal trainers focus mostly on exercise, wellness coaches look at the bigger picture.

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What Education Is Needed To Become A Personal Trainer

A personal trainer must be certified by a qualifying certification agency like the American Council on Exercise or the National Academy of Sports Medicine. A high school diploma or GED is the minimum educational requirement to be accepted, but higher education or certification is extremely beneficial.

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Top Fitness And Exercise Careers

Posted: 1 Fitness Careers 1.1 Athletic Trainer 1.2 Exercise Physiologist 1.3 Health Coach 1.4 Personal Trainer 1.5 Physical Therapist 1.6 Physical Therapy Assistant 1.7 Sports Physical Therapist 1.8 Sports Medicine Aide 1.9 Sports Dietitian 1.10 Sports Medicine Nurse 1.11 Strength & Conditioning Specialist 2 Exercise Science vs. Sports Medicine

Learn How To Coach Real People

personal trainer jobs

After youve spent some time learning about movement, nutrition, and exercise programing its time to learn how to coach your clients.

That means understanding the deeper psychology at play and saying the right things in the right ways at the right times. It means really connecting with your clients and helping them through their body transformations one step at a time.

You can have someone do all the squats and eat all the broccoli you want, but until you learn change psychology and the art of coaching, youll never be able to actually help your clients change their habits.

Where should you start?

Note: In the second article we share six books that will teach you the basics of change psychology. Use it as a jumping off point for digging deeper into this area.

And if youve done all that and youre ready to level up, you might consider these courses:

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What Are Three Career Opportunities In Personal Fitness

Careers in Personal Fitness

  • Personal Trainer. The most obvious path into a career in personal fitness is to become a personal trainer. …
  • Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics Instructor. More and more consumers are turning to yoga, aerobics and Pilates for fitness. …
  • Tennis Fitness Coach. …

10 Great Career Ideas for People Who Love Health and Fitness

  • Personal Trainer. …

Career Opportunities In Health and Fitness

  • Nutritionist.

Job Settings For Personal Trainers

In today’s world, your credentials as a personal trainer can give you job options that extend far beyond working in fitness centers, health clubs or your own private studio. Your expertise may gain you entrance into an array of settings, including leisure, recreation, business, retirement and the home.

This broad scope of career possibilities makes it an exciting time to work in this field. Here are some areas where personal trainers regularly find employment.

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Fitness Jobs You Can Get With A Certificate

Posted: Feb 08, 2019 · As a personal trainer, you can guide your client through a fitness plan that is tailored to their goals and current physical health. With a career in personal training, trainers can pursue a few different opportunities. 1) group exercise programming, 2) one-on-one training or 3) virtual training.

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Wellness Coordinators Are Holistic

Nutritionist & Personal Trainer – Career Insights (Careers in Health & Fitness)

Fitness isn’t only in the gym, as many companies are making workplace wellness programs a staple of their business. These programs, aimed at maintaining employee health, are ran under the guidance of wellness coordinators. Their responsibilities including running fitness classes after work, health and fitness assessments, and prevention programs. Most wellness coordinators have a background in health care, as well as experience working in fitness.

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Career Opportunities In Health And Fitness

As people worldwide become more and more aware of various health issues related to obesity and poor lifestyle choices, fitness has made its way in their lives in one way or another. Whether it be walking in the park or doing high-intensity cardio, everybody wants to be as fit as they can be.

Because of such a rise, there has been an increasing demand for individuals in the health and fitness sector. When it comes to careers in the health and fitness sector, we often think about personal trainers, gym instructors, and yoga instructors. However, these are not the only career paths individuals can take if they wish to apply their trade in such a field.

If you are someone who is a fitness freak and wants to try their hand in the field of health and fitness, then you have come to the right place. Today, in this article, we will share some health and fitness career opportunities that might be perfect for you. Some of these career opportunities are listed as follows:


Following a good diet is an integral component of having good health. When you work as a nutritionist, you will be responsible for creating dietary schedules for your clients. These can either be to help a client lose weight or to avoid health-related issues. Nutritionists also design diet plans for clients, such as athletes, who want to get in shape to perform the best they can.

Athletic Trainer

Sports Psychologist

Personal Trainer

The Final Words

Careers In Fitness Programming And Management

This area of the fitness industry offers plenty of promise for those seeking full-time employment with an annual salary, a regular paycheck and sometimes medical/dental benefits, depending on the size of the company. While it is possible to become a program director as a self-employed contractor or consultant, the position is more often associated with employee status.

Benefits. Working part-time in fitness programming and management is a smart way to supplement your job and income while learning a bevy of new industry-related skills. For example, if you have a keen interest in personal training but prefer not to train clients 40 hours a week, you might complement your training pursuits by becoming a program director for a personal training department. Likewise with group exercise: You could choose to teach a handful of classes while coordinating one or more group exercise programs. There are also opportunities to manage other divisions, such as the sales force, or to oversee an entire fitness club or chain.

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Dancer Uses Her Specialty And Her Certification To Create Steady Income

Newly certified, Hirari has combined her love for dance with her passion for exercise as a group fitness instructor. Working as a seasoned dance instructor, it was a challenge to make a full time living. With her ACE Certification she has found the perfect balance of having jobs that put her in control and in a place of being financially stable while doing what she loves. She has found it possible to set a competitive rate for her classes because of the niche that she serves. While her first year as a fitness pro consisted of much adapting and evolving, it has been very rewarding. Her advice for those starting out is, “Trust the knowledge you have gained, but always be open minded to feedback from your class participants and clients. They will help you make your class experience be outside the box, special and unique.”

Nancy McCarthy | ACE Certified Health Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, and Personal Trainer

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