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Licensure And Certifications For Mechanical Engineers

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In the United States, mechanical engineers offering services directly to the general population may need to hold a state license.

While engineers working in the private sector and manufacturing are not required to become licensed professional engineers , PE licensure boosts credentials.

Each state sets specific licensure regulations, ensuring that public-facing engineering projects prioritize public safety.

All licensure candidates must earn a four-year degree and work under a licensed professional engineer for at least four years before they can apply. Candidates must also pass two intensive competency exams.

The National Society of Professional Engineers sets national licensure standards and a code of ethics for engineers, regardless of their practice area. Engineering licenses remain valid only within the state in which they are granted.

Professionals can also pursue voluntary certifications, such as credentials issued by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, to boost their resumes and signal expertise to potential employers.

Typical Requirements To Be Hired

For those looking to obtain entry-level mechanical engineering positions, a large amount of recent graduates generally tend to have the following things in common:

  • Hold a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Seeking positions in mid-sized companies
  • Are career-oriented
  • Find positions in high-demand cities like San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco
  • Have internship experience
  • Have taken online courses that relate to their major

Education For Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineers typically need a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or mechanical engineering technology. Mechanical engineering programs usually include courses in mathematics and life and physical sciences, as well as engineering and design. Mechanical engineering technology programs focus less on theory and more on the practical application of engineering principles. They may emphasize internships and co-ops to prepare students for work in industry.

Some colleges and universities offer 5-year programs that allow students to obtain both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. Some 5-year or even 6-year cooperative plans combine classroom study with practical work, enabling students to gain valuable experience and earn money to finance part of their education.

ABET accredits programs in engineering and engineering technology. Most employers prefer to hire students from an accredited program. A degree from an ABET-accredited program is usually necessary to become a licensed professional engineer.

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What Can You Do With A Bachelor’s In Mechanical Engineering

Full-time learners seeking a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering can graduate in four years, completing about 120 credits.

In addition to general education requirements, major-specific courses include manufacturing systems, dynamics and vibrations, and solid-state mechanics.

Mechanical engineering students often choose to tackle a concentration, such as design and manufacturing, robotics and mechatronics, or energy and the environment.

What Does A Mechanical Engineer Do

Top Jobs 2013: Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engieers design and build heavy machinery, engines, and thermal sensors. This process starts with research to determine how the new device should work and includes extensive troubleshooting to ensure proper functionality. Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest and most versatile engineering subfields.

Some mechanical engineers work with power-producing machines, while others focus on buildings, transportation, or computer technology.

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Can You Get A Mechanical Engineering Job With Just A Certificate

Unlike other disciplines that offer certificate programs, mechanical engineering programs offer specialization certificates to bachelors degree graduates. Entry-level jobs in this field require at least an associate degree. A group of U.S. senators, however, is seeking to amend the Pell Grant, the financial aid for higher education, to expand eligibility to technical programs to provide broader access to those who lost employment due to the pandemic .

Some students, instead of acquiring certificates, go on internships as it is perceived as one of the best ways to gain real-world experience as a mechanical engineer. This is also a good way to showcase knowledge and skills to an employer, as interns get hired for full-time positions as associate engineers.

Start A Career In Mechanical Engineering Technology With Neit

You can acquire one of the many positions open for mechanical engineering technicians as long as you have a bachelors degree or associates degree in the subject.


Earn your degree in Engineering Technology from NEIT and begin your new career path today!




In these courses, you will learn the basics of design principles, CAD, engineering materials, manufacturing processes, and machine work.

Our bachelors degree will also allow students to delve deeper into the inner workings of the industry and acquire a more holistic understanding of the industry.

The credits earned in our associates degree will also count towards the bachelors degree should you wish to start with the associates degree and get a bachelors at a later date.

Heres your chance to build a fruitful career talk to our admissions officer today.

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A Career In Computer Hardware Engineering

A career in computer hardware engineering requires an advanced degree and specialized training in the field. While an undergraduate degree will suffice, a masters degree in computer hardware engineering can be advantageous for employment in a larger firm. Students may choose to specialize in computer engineering, business administration, broadcasting, navigation, or communication. An MBA can help students in various leadership roles and open doors to business ownership. A masters degree in computer hardware engineering may not be necessary for entry-level positions, but it will improve their chances for advancement.

A degree in computer hardware engineering involves laboratory work and internships. Internships are common requirements of many programs, and these experiences are crucial when looking for a job. Students will also complete senior design projects, which require independent research and development. Finally, masters degree students will complete an independent project or thesis based on their research. To get started in a career in computer hardware engineering, students should have strong analytical and communication skills.

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Introduction To The Job

Jobs for Mechanical Engineers? | What is Mechanical Engineering?

Do you enjoy designing, building and testing mechanical systems? Do you want to expand your professional skill set into other disciplines? And do you enjoy interacting with many different people, enthusing them with ideas and motivating them to contribute? If so, this position as opto-mechanical engineer could be the ideal career step for you.

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Mechanical Engineering Career Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for mechanical engineering jobs will be at 4% through 2029. As of May 2020, the average mechanical engineering salary in the U.S. is $90,160. The top industries that employ mechanical engineers are scientific research and development services, computer and electronic product manufacturing, and transportation equipment manufacturing. As of June 2021, there were 826,000 unfilled positions in the U.S. manufacturing industry.

Overall, the job prospects for mechanical engineers are expected to be good, especially with the latest developments in the field of nanotechnology and biomedical engineering. Those with training in the latest software tools, particularly in computational design and simulation, are in the best position to take on roles in emerging fields.

Moreover, those who know how to eliminate the need for prototypes and take projects from the conceptual phase directly to a finished product will be in high demand. Mechanical engineers who are knowledgeable in three-dimensional printing, and in creating virtual simulations, will have better job prospects in modern companies that aim to reduce product development cycles.


What Can I Do With A Masters In Mechanical Engineering

Senior Mechanical Engineer

The senior mechanical engineer oversees the planning, design, development, and production process. The job also involves improving mechanical and electrical systems of various products to pursue efficiency.

Median salary: $99,683

Mechanical Engineering Manager

With strong leadership and communication skills, the mechanical engineering manager oversees the entire mechanical engineering departments operations. They also serve as lead engineers in project teams and manage engineering and design teams.

Median salary: $113,139

Senior Applications Engineer

The senior applications engineer provides expert-level technical support for automation duties and system protection. They also handle engineering tasks related to machine functioning and are mainly responsible for the development and testing of applications to address product needs.

Median Salary: $96,799

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Which Certification Is Best For Mechanical Engineering

Getting a certification will contribute to your career advancement. Certifications in the field of mechanical engineering will allow you to specialize in specific fields. Some associations such as the ASME or the Society of Value Engineering administer certification programs.

certificate programs are open to applicants with a bachelors degree. Typically, the courses in a certificate program can be credited towards a masters degree in mechanical engineering. Some of the certificate programs for mechanical engineers are:

  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Human Factors in Data Science
  • Human Factors in Medical Devices and Systems

Certifications are essential to career growth as it facilitates upskilling and reskilling. Li et al. , in their research published in the Journal of Manufacturing Systems, identified the gaps in critical skills and domain knowledge essential to the digital transformation in manufacturing. Their study entitled Data science skills and domain knowledge requirements in the manufacturing industry: A gap analysis confirmed that skills associated with many Industry 4.0 job positions require multidisciplinary skills and domain knowledge topics. The results indicated that many manufacturing employees lag behind data science and computer science-related skills for Industry 4.0. The analysis conducted by Li et al. also highlighted that the manufacturing workforce needs programming skills to narrow the gap between current job requirements and workforce skills.

How Can I Advance My Career In Mechanical Engineering

Needless to say, mechanical engineers can work in many types of ...

For engineering faculty positions in higher education, advanced studies, especially a Ph.D., is essential. This also applies to mechanical engineers who work for companies that focus on research and development, such as those that conduct studies on nanotechnology and alternative energy. Mechanical engineers typically pursue specialization certificates such as in the field of aerospace, machine intelligence, advanced manufacturing, and computing and information science. Mechanical engineers may also earn graduate degrees in business administration while some pursue advanced studies to learn new technology. After gaining significant work experience, mechanical engineers become managers and administrators.

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Whats The Average Salary For A Mechanical Engineer

Knowing what to study and where to study is not always enough to get more people interested in the field, with a deeper look into salary expectations being important. You will often have to spend several lifetimes worth of money to study at a university when living in the US.

For this reason, it is important to look at what the entry-level mechanical engineer will be getting compared to the top 10% of the field. This gives a deeper look at your salary expectations when you are just entering a field of work you have studied for four years.

Are Mechanical Engineers In Demand

Yes, mechanical engineers are in demand and will always be in demand, owing to the wide range of specialties that the field is connected with. You may often find that no other engineering position is being offered at a company other than mechanical engineers.

Usually, this is because mechanical engineers can branch out into some of the other engineering fields. The initial training in the degree focuses on electrical engineering and some structural engineering, which can cause mechanical engineers to help in other areas.

Demand for mechanical engineers is only low in areas where suburban and white-collar jobs are in higher demand. However, it should be noted that even in areas where tech or office jobs are much more common, mechanical engineers will be working behind the scenes to keep everything going.

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Different Types Of Jobs For Mechanical Engineers

Posted on – Last updated: August 18, 2022

When you start studying to be an engineer, you may find yourself wondering what engineers are doing. When looking at mechanical engineering, it can be pretty overwhelming when you have to choose what you will specialize in once you have your degree.

The most common type of job for mechanical engineers is just being mechanical engineers in a production line. Mechanical engineers can also be maintenance engineers, aerospace engineers, CAD technicians, or mining engineers, as the field is required in most engineering positions.

The field of mechanical engineering is genuinely so large that you can do almost anything once you have the degree. Understanding where you may be most needed and where you are most likely to be paid a much larger salary is essential, with some mechanical engineers never needing to build anything at all.

What To Do With A Mechanical Engineering Degree

Mechanical Engineering Job Tier List | Best Jobs for Mechanical Engineers

Are you interested in pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering degree? Youve come to the right place! This article will discuss the different paths you can take with a mechanical engineering degree, as well as its career outlook, current salaries, and relevant statistics to help you see if its the right choice for you.

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What Else Can A Mechanical Engineer Do

Sales Engineer selling manufacturing equipment and medical devices requires the expertise of highly technical engineers. The mechanical engineer may take on the role of a sales engineer to ensure that products meet the requirements of customers. The sales engineer can also provide input to product management.

Management Consultant since mechanical engineers are trained in analyzing systems and processes, they may also take on the role of a management consultant, which is focused on production processes and productivity management. Management consultants with a mechanical engineering background help organizations in designing optimal work processes and procedures.

Project Manager mechanical engineers can be project managers in related fields in which they possess technical expertise, such as projects that involve installing heat and air conditioning systems, or in projects that are related to equipment manufacturing. Since mechanical engineers are trained to oversee product development from conceptualization to testing, project management is one of their core skills.

Electrical And Electronic Drafter Job Description

An electrical drafter is a professional who creates schematics for electricity distribution and transmission lines. These lines are crucial to the function of electrical equipment and wiring systems, so attention to detail is vital. If errors are made during a drawing, it could result in faulty wiring or improper installation of electrical equipment. An electrical drafter must be meticulous and have the ability to analyze complex designs in order to produce accurate, high-quality drawings. Their work is highly skilled, but it is also very rewarding.

An electrical drafter lays out schematics and calculations for electrical systems. They also check for code compliance and determine the duration required to install a system. These professionals have a broad range of knowledge and expertise in a variety of areas, and they need to continue their education to remain up to date with changes in the industry and code requirements. Despite the variety of tasks associated with this job, the demand for electrical drafters is expected to remain stable for the next decade.

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What Kind Of Job Can I Get With A Doctorate In Mechanical Engineering

Research and Development Director

The research and development director is responsible for ensuring that the organization meets its objectives. Through conducting research and improving existing products, the R& D director manages the day-to-day operations of the R& D team.

Median salary: $129,995

Senior Applications Engineer

The senior applications engineer is responsible for front-end engineering efforts, system build, and technology validation. This role entails providing on-site services and remote support.

Median salary: $96,799

Professor, Postsecondary Education

The engineering professor, aside from conducting lectures and research, also works with students in facilitating the conduct of research, dissertations, and thesis-based papers.

Median salary: $114,130

Mechanical Engineering Salary Information

Hiring Mechanical Project Engineer for Leading Company in Saudi Arabia ...

In addition to being a rewarding and flexible career, mechanical engineers earn a highly competitive salary, even compared to other fields of engineering, making an average of $91,010 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The range of mechanical engineering salaries is dependent on a number of factors including specific job functionality and location. The BLS reports that those who work in scientific research and development services, for example, make an average of nearly $100K annually.

As discussed above, a mechanical engineering salary can be increased by obtaining a masters degree in mechanical engineering, but, furthermore, the university chosen to earn the degree and the location in which someone works can make a difference.

Industry blog Interesting Engineering recently released a report that gathers the average salaries of mechanical engineers by state. While the average salary for a mechanical engineer in Michigan is $91,100, engineering alumni from Michigan State University earn 20% more than that at an average of $109,966, according to PayScale.

A mechanical engineers earning potential also varies based on their job title. Heres a look at some popular job titles and their average salaries:

Mechanical Engineering Job Title

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About Michigan State Universitys Online Master Of Science In Mechanical Engineering

The 100% online Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University leverages extensive mechanical engineering research as well as a connection to industrial giants to help mechanical engineers position themselves for successnot only in the classroom, but in transforming the disciplines they work in.

The program offers engineers an opportunity to tailor their educations, with two in-demand tracks in thermal fluids science and in mechanics, dynamics and manufacturing. Online students also benefit from the full support of an R1 research institution and faculty advisement, ensuring their path of study will yield the highest benefit for their individual career goals.

Why Become A Mechanical Engineer

Many learners choose to become mechanical engineers because the role aligns with their natural abilities and pre-existing skill profiles. Analytical people who enjoy technical challenges and have solid skills in identifying patterns through deductive and inductive reasoning thrive as engineers. The occupation is also a great fit for students interested in mathematics, technology, or the physical sciences.

Mechanical engineers identify mechanical problems and work to build new tools and machines to solve those problems. Finding those solutions requires patience, technical know-how, and effective time management. Success is often determined by experimentation, trial and error, and consistent troubleshooting. As such, mechanical engineers often derive satisfaction from designing efficient and streamlined engineering solutions to increase productivity and improve societal infrastructure.

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