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Skills To Include In A Medical Assistant Resume Objective

How to Prepare a Medical Assistant Resume With NO Prior Healthcare Experience!

Here are some industry-specific skills you may want to list in your medical assistant resume objective:

  • Time management

When youre looking to impress an employer, your objective statement is your first opportunity to make yourself stand out as a job candidate. Your objective statement tells hiring managers why youre equipped with the skills needed to succeed in the role. Its where you can highlight your personality and show the attributes you have that make you a perfect fit for the role. For the role of a medical assistant, skills such as organization and teamwork are especially important.

Whatis A Job Description

A job description is a list of duties, tasks, and responsibilities that an employee is expected to perform for assuming a job position in a company.Employers looking for someone to hire usually describe the available job by publishing the task, duties and responsibilities such a person will be expected to perform when they join the organization.In addition to the tasks expected to be performed, a job description also contains the minimum requirements in terms of knowledge, competence, skills, educational qualification, license, and sometimes physical requirements that are needed to perform effectively on the job.A Job description is created by performing thorough analyses of the job, including looking at the various tasks associated with it, ensuring that the tasks are realizable. It also includes looking at the competence and skill set required to perform the job effectively.

What To Write In A Medical Assistant Resume Objective

As discussed earlier, a Medical Assistant plays a vital role in the operations of a clinic, hospital or doctors office. You will be tasked to manage patient records and it is very important to keep these updated accurately.

For doctors, you have to be sure you have the medical history properly encoded. Not only will patient records be a reference for prescriptions and future diagnosis but it will also be used for filing insurance claims.

The Medical Assistant resume objective, emphasize valuable soft skills that are relevant for handling administrative and clerical duties. Examples would be meticulous, dedicated, disciplined, patient and organized.

In this type of profession, it is also important to show empathy. You may find yourself frequently dealing with patients and interactions can be emotionally charged should there be discrepancies. It is important to highlight attributes that define your ability to work with people.

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Tip : Include Your Medical Certificates

Certificates or educational background in itself related to the medical fields implies professional knowledge and achievements. Despite the seemingly easy medical assistant duties, a recruiter will surely prefer those with strong background knowledge than those who dont.

Reminder: This becomes a must if ones writing a certified medical assistant resume!

What To Write In A Medical Assistant Resume Skills Section

Medical Assistant Objectives

Considering that as a Medical Assistant, your scope of work and responsibilities may cover administrative, clerical and clinical duties, you should indicate all the relevant trainings, certifications, apprentice programs, seminars that support your proficiency and level of competence.

You should also include soft skills or personal attributes that tell prospective employers you have the right disposition and attitude for the job.

Here are the qualities that you should have in your Medical Assistant resume skills section:

  • Highest Educational Attainment achieving a level that is higher than secondary education will be to your advantage.
  • Certification Courses other than for Medical Assistant work, any course that is related to its job description will be to your favor. These include courses on transcription, medical billing and coding.

When a patients health and financial support are in the balance, doctors would prefer to hire someone with the ideal work and soft skills. Be as comprehensive as possible in disclosing your skill sets. But be honest about your attributes. Once you indicate specific traits and qualities, the employer will expect to see these from you during the performance of your responsibilities.

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Write A Professional Resume Summary For A Medical Assistant Job

A medical assistant resume summary highlights a candidates highest achievements and skills.

Its like a bio, and is generally located at the very top of the resume. A medical assistant professional summary helps the recruiters to easily locate ones most capable skills and achievements, and provide more chances for an interview.

The gist of medical assistant professional summary:

  • Read the medical assistant duties on the recruitment board. Take note of the duties and match the candidates own experience and skills into the summary.
  • Structure the medical assistant resume summary. Although there is no definite structure, keep the writing concise and easy to comprehend.
  • Start with an essential adjective = personalize the candidate .

Samples of medical assistant resume summary:

  • Sympathetic, AAMA certified medical assistant with 4+ years experience in medical facilities. Served 35+ patients per day and is known for dedication to offering prime patient care.
  • CMA with 3+ experience in family medical practice. Provide advanced medical and patient care abilities.
  • Compassionate medical assistant with 2+ years of experience advocating for non-profit childcare. Thrives in providing patient care in apace environments.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a fresher, you can create a powerful medical assistant resume using CakeResume. Download free medical assistantresume PDF and get the dream job with ease!

Best Examples Of Resume Objectives And Resumes

To help you master writing a good objective for your resume whenever you need to make one, we have tons of resume objective examples as well as resume samples that you can apply.

You are free to directly use any of our objective statement samples in your resume or CV with or without editing or modifying it, so long it meets your career purpose.

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How To Write A Medical Assistant Resume

Most medical assistants do one thing wrong – and it might just be the hundreds of resumes we looked at – their resumes are generally too long, cluttered, and extremely broad.

Honestly, if we were to suggest something, it would be to:

  • Focus on hands-on direct patient contact experience
  • If you dont see a certification requirement on the job description, they want a person who can do multiple thing vs a typically certified MA.

Below are a few resume sections that would help you project that you are a perfect candidate:

Medical Assistant: How To Add Certification In Resume Sample

Medical Assistant Jobs at Holland Hospital

There are a few medical assistant certification exams that you can get and add to your resume, such as:

  • CMA Certification â donât be surprised if the job expects medical assistants to be CMA certified.
  • RMA-certified is the next most-recognized certificate for medical assistants that you gain through the AMT .
  • Get the NCMA certificate through the National Center for Competency Testing. This one prioritizes physician assistance rather than office management.

Next question: how do you represent certificates in your resume?

Weâve got an example right here:

Certifications Certified Medical Assistant , AAMA, 2013 Certified Phlebotomy Technician , 2014 CPR & First Aid Certified 2006 â Present

Itâs worth noting, you may still land the job whilst still working towards your certificates.

If thatâs you, make sure you note that youâre in the process of getting your certification.

Any medical-related certification will boost the odds of you getting hired it makes your resume a lot more competitive.

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Medical Assistant Resume Objective

In the past, every resume required an objective. These short, one-sentence statements simply explained to hiring personnel about your medical career goals. However, employers arent looking for these goal-oriented objectives anymore. Writing a resume objective has evolved into creating a summary statement. These small paragraphs highlight your current strengths in the front and back office, and how these skills can benefit a single doctor, clinic or hospital.

Medical Administrative Assistant Resume Objective

With the above resume objective examples, it is important to mention that you need to write an objective which suits your skills and experience for your targeted job. You should tailor your objective so that it fits the job description in each and every resume that you send out. This means that your objective should be written in such a way so as to highlight the skills which you have attained through your experience, knowledge or training.

  • Possess excellent organization and problem solving skills, with great attention to detail.
  • Seeking employment as a medical assistant at your reputable healthcare facility where I can utilize my extensive interpersonal skills.
  • I am interested in becoming a Medical Assistant to expand my knowledge, while utilizing my interpersonal skills.
  • Knowledge in emergency procedures
  • Experience working in a medical office or hospital
  • Willing to travel when needed
  • Seeking employment as a medical assistant in an environment where I can perform all administrative duties in addition to providing patient care.
  • Seeking employment as a medical assistant at your reputable healthcare facility where I can utilize my extensive organizational skills.
  • Intend to become a medical assistant in a healthcare setting where I can utilize my interpersonal skills.

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Choose The Right Resume Format

Resume formats provide a layout on which your resume is drafted and strategically help you highlight your skills and experiences. Choosing the correct fit among the three formats â chronological, combinational and functional â is based on the amount of experience under your belt and your career progression.

Chronological format centers around the work history section and can be perfect for candidates with long, consistent and accomplished careers.

On the other hand, a functional resume benefits candidates with little to no previous experience as it highlights their professional skills while downplaying their work history.

However, a combination format is ideal for career changers, career restarters or candidates seeking a promotion. The combination resume equally emphasizes the skills and work history, therefore, presenting you as a well-rounded candidate.

Visit our resume formats guide for a comprehensive understanding of their differences and implementation.

Knowledge Of Basic Medical Procedures

Medical Assistant Objectives

As you gain experience, you are likely to be asked to perform basic medical procedures. These can include changing bandages, drawing blood, and administering vaccines. If you are applying for an advanced position, you should already have a certain amount of experience with this. Highlighting your related medical skills and experience will help you to stand out from the crowd.

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Medical Assistant/ Medical Secretary

Scheduling appointments, answering phones, insurance verification, ordering supplies, collecting copays, greeting incoming patients, scheduling procedures.

  • Rooming patients, vitals, obtaining history, ordering lab work and procedures, administering vaccines, obtaining test and lab results, contact with triage and ER when sending patients to hospital.
  • Setting up and assisting physician with procedures. Labeling specimens and ordering testing.
  • Specific experience with Leep, Essure, Colposcopies, Biopsies, Urodynamics, IUD placement and removal, excisions, GYN and OB exams
  • Super User with Epic EMR.
  • Travel to separate satellite office with physicians at least twice per week. Act as secretary and Medical Assistant.

Break Your Objective Into Three Main Components

It can be overwhelming to try and sum up your greatest qualifications in three sentences. One way to make it easier is to break your resume objective into three manageable sentences. The sections below describe what each sentence should do:

1. Describe your experience and skills

In the first sentence, describe your previous experience. If you dont have any formal work experience yet, describe some of your transferable skills and any qualifications.

2. Highlight how youre qualified

Use this sentence to note your education as well as any related licenses or certifications. In this example, the certification has already been listed in the first sentence, so the second sentence can be used to highlight additional qualifications, such as relevant skills.

3. Explain what you would like to accomplish in the new position

Use the last sentence in your resume introduction to impress the hiring manager with how you plan to make a valuable contribution in your new role.

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Common Key Skills And Action Verbs For Medical Assistant Resumes

Hiring is becoming a more automated process, with many health care companies using automated tracking systems to help narrow down the candidate pool. Hiring managers often get inundated with resumes, and ATS sort through the applications, highlighting those that are the best fit. To get your resume sorted into the most qualified stack, it is important to use the right combination of keywords as early in your resume as you can. Boost your chances at landing the interview by seamlessly incorporating some of the most used keywords for medical assistants.

Key Skills & Proficiencies

Get Your Resume Reviewed

Medical Assistant Student at U.S. Career Institute

In order to get the attention of hiring managers for medical assistant jobs, you want to make sure that your entire resumenot just the objectiveis optimized. Could you use some, er, assistance? Get a free resume evaluation today from the experts at Monster’s Resume Writing Service. You’ll get detailed feedback in two business days, including a review of your resume’s appearance and content, and a prediction of a recruiter’s first impression. Let the experts at Monster help you fine-tune your resume so that you get an awesome, inspiring job.

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Identify The Tasks From The List That You Have Knowledge In

If you studied a section in medical patient charting, for instance, note your current capabilities in taking medical history. If you have experience in using electronic medical records to assist the physician in offices, realize that you can handle that task when offered to do so in a clinical setting. Medical assistant schools have training programs that combine externships of 150 hours in the field for students to get the feel of the clinical environment so students rarely need internship or work experience outside of school.

What’s The Objective/summary All About

Though similar in many ways, a resume objective and summary are two slightly different types of paragraphs to consider including in your medical assistant resume. Both are highly specified, short paragraphs, but an objective will emphasize why you’re seeking the job, whereas a summary highlights the skills you’ve honed throughout your career.

Consider including a resume objective if you’re going through a substantial career change, such as a dental assistant to a surgical assistant. An objective can also be a helpful place to emphasize why you’re seeking a particular role if you have very little experience.

On the other hand, resume summaries focus on skills and specializations that have been developed throughout your career. Consider adding a resume summary if you’re a seasoned medical assistant with 10+ years of experience.

If you decide to include a resume summary or objective, you’ll need to commit to customizing it for every job to which you apply. Let’s review some great examples of highly-specialized resume summaries and objectives.

Example 1A poorly written objective:

Want to improve my career prospects with a job that will get me experience in the medical field.

Example 2A strong resume objective:

What we like: Specific skills, years of experience, job title, hospital name, and work contributions were mentioned. A resume objective like the one above and the visual sample below deserve the space they take up on your resume.

Example 3 – A poorly worded summary:

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Leading With What You Want

The final example involves making it clear what you are looking for. Starting your resume objective in this way shows the hiring manager that you have chosen the job carefully. Here are some ways to make it clear what you want in your resume objective.

  • Seeking a medical assistant position where I can utilize my interpersonal and organizational skills.
  • Looking for an entry-level position.
  • Desire an advanced medical assistant position.
  • Looking for a medical assistant role where I can apply my extensive clinical knowledge and administration skills.

Why You Need A Good Objective Statement For Your Resume

Medical Assistant Objectives

Starting off your resume with a compelling objective statement puts it at a better chance for success.

Considering the multitude of resumes and CVs employers commonly get from job applicants for available positions, it makes sense to improve your resumes quality and stand out among the pack before sending it.

One area you need to work on in your resume or CV to have an advantage is the career objective statement.

Being the first thing the employer will read when they pick up your resume, your career objective must be well crafted to fire up their interested in your offer and pull them into the resume to continue reading it.

If your objective statement is able to do this, then you will be increasing your chances of being selected for an interview.

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Work Experience Section For A Medical Cv

In your resume work experience section, put the spotlight on your relevant experience and skills.

A good example would be this:

Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist

  • Assistant to an endocrinologist, attending over 5,000 exams including regular blood draws
  • Managed phone and online appointment setting using Acuity Setting
  • Controlled medical inventory maintaining stock levels and sourcing best supplies, with a 4% drop in costs YoY

What makes this work?

There are details about actual tasks being completed, complemented with facts and figures.

Pro-Tip A recruiter wants to see you excited and engaged in your work. Descriptions like âMedical assistant work, patient triage, gave injectionsâ donât scream enthusiasm and the lack of detail shows youâre not passionate about medical assistant duties.

Medical Assistant Resume Sample You Can Copy And Use


Certified Medical Assistant with 6+ years of experience in fast-paced hospital environments. Highly skilled and accurate in recording data with HealthPro and EPIC. Implemented a new pull system to cut down on wasted supplies cutting costs by 30%. Seeking to leverage my expertise to assist St Andrews Hospital in expanding and setting up new sites and community events.


  • Booked appointments and verified patients demographics data in EPIC with 98% accuracy.
  • Recruited study participants at Reliant Medical Group sites and community outreach events. Assisted in the set up of new community events.
  • Obtained electronic informed consent and questionnaires.
  • Answered phone calls with inquiries from study participants.
  • Prepared and coordinated the shipment of biospecimens.

Key achievement: Identified inaccuracies in the supply management, designed and implemented a new pull system to cut down on wasted supplies. Slashed costs by 30%.

University of Ohio Hospital, Columbus, OH20132015

  • Registered Medical Assistant , American Medical Technologists, 2017
  • Certified Clinical Medical Assistant , National Healthcareer Association, 2015
  • Clinical Medical Assistant , American Medical Certification Association, 2013

Read on for a breakdown of how to write a medical assistant resume that gets you the job.

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