Career Lessons For Elementary Students


Which Career Awareness Activity Works Best

NED’s Career Day for Children – Tech/Gaming Lesson

When it comes down to making a decision on which career awareness activity to use, it depends on your needs and flexibility!

Each option can be a good supplement to add into your existing career readiness curriculum.

However, if you need a full curriculum to teach career awareness and exploration among other concepts and skills, consider looking into our Business& ITCenter21 digital curriculum.

Business& ITCenter21 contains more than 140 hours of content to help you teach dozens of career readiness skills through hands-on activities, engaging digital lessons, and more.

Itâs a great option for anyone just getting started as a career readiness teacher.

Teach Students And Kids About Careers With These 19 Free Worksheets And Lesson Plans Career Exploration For Students To Do

One of the most important reasons behind a formal education besides teaching your students how to think for themselves is to get kids ready to take on an engaging and exciting career.

And a career? Well, thats the foundation to any person being able financially provide for themselves what we call, financial independence.

Thats why I take a real interest in helping kids, tweens, and teens get the best fun career exploration activities resources out there.

So that one day, they can find a fulfilling job and be able to earn enough money to not only survive, but thrive.

College And Career Readiness Activities For High Schoolers

Secondary education is a pivotal period in a students educational journey, and college and career readiness have to be at the forefront during these years. As early as 10th grade, learners might take the PSAT, and even classes and extracurriculars taken in ninth grade can influence students next steps.

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Career Readiness Activities For Elementary Students

Looking for career readiness activities for elementary students? It is never too early to introduce your students to the number of career options they have ahead of them. While introducing your students to this subject can be difficult, were here to help make the process a little easier. Use the below lesson plan in tandem with Vault Understanding Money to show your students the endless career possibilities they have in store for their future.

Career Awareness Exploration And Preparation Activities Timeline

Career Exploration Classroom Guidance Lesson for Elementary School Cou ...

This is a guideline created to give examples of activities to support districts/BOCES education personnel in the career development process . The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation is a partner who could assist in this career development process for students. This is a tool to be used in cooperation with your transition, schools, teachers, and teams and should be integrated into your current programs. This is intended as guidance . Each local team should coordinate to identify programming that best meet the needs of their students and their community.

  • Summer career exploration with industry

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Career Guidance Lesson Plans From The State Of Washington

Provider: Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

Grade Level: 6-12

The Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction has a complete career readiness program for students in the state. Unlike other resources, the State of Washington has created a robust curriculum of career readiness resources for students at each grade level.

The program, entitled Career Guidance Washington, features college and career development resources for grades 6-12. For each grade level, instructors will find dozens of lesson plans designed specifically to develop career readiness knowledge and skills relevant to students at that particular grade level.

Since Career Guidance Washington is designed for students of different ages, the materials for each grade vary. Each lesson focuses on getting young learners excited about their future goals and developing the skills they need to achieve their dreams.

Some of the activities and lesson plans available through Washingtons program include:

  • Effective Test Preparation
  • Personal Motivations, Assets, and Character Traits
  • After Graduation Planning

Career Exploration For High School Students List Of Websites For Development Opportunity

A wide range of career exploration trivia game options isnt everything for high school students looking for career exploration opportunities.

In fact, there are various high-impact, well-organized career sites for high school students designed to help them explore their skills and develop realistic goals about their professional path.

The websites below will help you gain awareness about career opportunities, organize your schedule, find examples of CVs, templates for motivational letters to apply for jobs, and more.

My Future an informative website for students and parents about military careers and post-high school planning.

Career Girls Career Quiz a website focused on womens empowerment, contains a trivia career quiz for girls based on their personality characteristics.

Career Exploration and Success virtual resources for creating CVs, templates for cover letters, and tips about career exploration.

Discover your strengths and unlock your potential with

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Claim Your Future Game

Available as a classroom or online game, this resource has students develop awareness about career options through different scenarios. In addition to asking about future financial goals, students are given an average salary and have to make decisions about career paths.

Learn more: Claim Your Future

So What Are Career Activities

KY Saves and Other College and Career Resources for Elementary Students

Career activities are fun ways to introduce your kid or students to the endless possibilities out there in the world of work.

In elementary school, students usually have a fairly narrow view of employment. They may know what their parents do, but there will still be so much for them to learn. As parents and teachers, its your job to help them explore their interests, natural skillsets, and true passions and thats where career exploration activities come in.

But before we go into those

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The Right Time For Career Exploration

As children reach adolescence, they do more complex thinking. According to Stanford Childrens Health, during adolescence which is from ages 12-18, children begin to do abstract thinking and thinking about possibilities as well as consider many points of view plus compare or debate ideas or opinions, amongst other things.

As students reach this stage, they begin to consider how they fit into society and what they want in the future. By middle adolescence exploration according to Stanford Childrens Health, deepens.

Specifically, young people begin to think long term, and, thinks about and begins to systematically consider possible future goals . And at the end of adolescence , students are begin to focus thinking on making career decisions.

When students get to the later years of high school, the question of what type of job or career they want is serious. It can also be anxiety-producing as students need to consider their post secondary paths. Questions such as can I succeed in a career, do I have the necessary talents for the position, are sure to arise. High school career planning can help ease some of these concerns as the job or career is less of a mystery due to the students exposure to it.

Career Exploration Activities For University Students

Many university students still dont have clear insights into their future careers. Therefore, career exploration activities can be useful to them to identify their preferences and set exact career goals.

Here are some of the most efficient career exploration activities for university students:

Internship programs internship programs for university students are accompanied by plenty of benefits. Specifically, students can gain valuable work experience, find out whether they like this career path or not, and how suitable it is for their skills. Also, they will develop proper skills, become more confident, and prepare for an actual job.

Explore career list introduce career summary pages with a list of possible job opportunities. Each profession is related to specific career paths and relevant jobs. Help the students imagine themselves doing particular duties and ask them how they feel about it.

Online resources encourage university students to use online resources. The internet is full of useful resources including career exploration tools, websites, or surveys. The online education community provides interesting ways to help students identify their future profession.

Personality surveys university students are the exact targets of the personality and career surveys. These instruments are designed to help people identify their personality characteristics and explore their strengths and weaknesses. That way students will have more clear ideas about their workplace skills.

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So Why Talk About Careers With Primary Grades

  • promotes goal setting
  • provides purpose to learning and high achievements in school
  • encourages confidence in their abilities
  • expands their thinking about their future

There are so many ways that you can work discussing career activities in with your lesson plans, just put in on your radar! Notice if in a word problem, science lesson, or story if there is a mention of a job that you could expand on or begin a discussion about with your students.

Now I completely know that if I had career activities and lessons in elementary school I still would have ended up being a teacher, but I would have learned a lot about myself and my abilities as well as information about other careers!

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Career Qr Code Activity

Career Day!

This is definitely a writing project! It gets students thinking, but also include research. The career template is an outline that can be used to create their own version of a person in that career. The QR code can link to a writing assignment or digital presentation created by the student. This is the perfect close to an elementary career unit.

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What Do You Do In A Career Exploration Class

Some high schools offer opportunities in career exploration. In these classes, you will be introduced to a variety of different careers.

Your teacher may discuss what draws a person to each career, which skills are needed, the education needed in the career, and other important elements that you should know about the job.

Overall Conclusion of Career Exploration for High School Students

To sum up, career exploration is a vital process for choosing the right professional path, getting a valuable job, and achieving success. Preparing students for their future lives is an important step for developing a more self-aware, productive, and responsible society.

Plenty of studies about career exploration proved that being informed about their skills, talents, and preferences should be a priority for people of all generations. Consequently, career exploration tools and websites are widely used by students around the world.

With the development of technologies, the career exploration tools and activities are becoming more diverse, and accordingly, teachers and professionals continue encouraging students to develop clear aspirations about their professional lives and get involved in the process of career exploration.

Career Activities For Middle School Students

June 23, 2022// by Shelley Uselman

If the question “what do you want to be when you grow up” leads to blank stares, then you’re in the right place! Middle school students are just beginning to recognize that they have a place in the world. Help them explore their potential through fun career activities!

These 20 middle school activities will help your students develop their own identities as they explore career choices. Many of the jobs they will have in the future are in fields that don’t yet exist make sure to focus on building essential skills alongside career research.

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Job Interview Role Play Activity

Pair up students and have them interview one another for jobs. This is a fun exercise that allows students to play while learning about new careers. You can supply them with a list of generic questions about their skills, strengths and weaknesses and background to encourage them to consider how these attributes relate to specific careers.

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Career Day At Pixie Academy

NED’s Career Day for Children – Molly Moon’s Ice Cream Lesson

While targeting elementary grades, this reading activity does a fantastic job of exploring how we can individually contribute to our community through the variety of jobs we have. This activity would work for 6th grade, or older middle school students could be paired with younger students.

Learn more: Common Lit

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Explain The Lessons Guidance For The

The voices of elementary career counseling, and visual and challenge. This article houses my complete School Counseling Lessons with yearly outline. Message-Matching-Classroom-Guidance-Lesson-School-Counseling-. I will be meeting with students individually conducting classroom educational lessons on. School Counseling Corner Midway Elementary School. Our community consultation for guidance for use!

Career Exploration In Elementary School

The world becomes much bigger to children when they enter elementary school. They are exposed to a wide range of activities in various subjects and they engage in activities that help them to develop skills and identify interests.

Here are some things to keep in mind while your child is at this stage:

  • Doing well in school, knowing what some of their skills and abilities are, and getting along with peers are all very important for children. When children can identify the things that they can do well, they are better able to identify careers that might be good matches for them.

  • Help children feel accomplished by providing them as many opportunities as you can that will allow them to develop and enhance their skills and abilities.

  • Does your child enjoy drawing? Get some drawing books and sketch pads. Check out art classes offered for children in your community. Perhaps your child is interested in other art-related forms, such as design. Architecture, game design, and graphic design all have some aspects of design!

  • Is your child good at math? Find some math games or see if your childs school has a math, astronomy, or STEM club!

  • You can also provide resources to your child on specific careers. Remember that quality of resources varies. You should look over career materials to be certain it is helpful for your child. Below are some examples of websites that may be helpful:

    Career-Specific Parenting in Elementary School

    Content Area

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    Build A Tool Center Idea

    When studying future career options, students will need to know more about the tools that needed in various careers. These printable cards give students the opportunity to create the tools, using play doh. This is a way to explore exciting careers so students can see more in depth about what occurs within that field.

    Learn more: Counselor Keri

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    College And Career Readiness Activities For Your Students

    When a student has the confidence it takes to pursue their dreams, you know youre on the right track as a teacher. But when they develop a clear sense of what their dreams are and how to achieve them, thats when you know youve succeeded.

    Weve compiled several college and career readiness activities you can use to help students discover where their passions might lead them and what they need to do to get there. Take a look.

    Freebie For Your Career Activities

    During my school counseling internship, I made a career inventory activity to accompany the book, The Magicians Hat. This book is an incredible inspirational story that discusses students choosing a future career possibility based on their likes and interests.

    After sharing this book with the class, they completed this career inventory. This is the FREEBIE!! Click the picture above or the button to get the free career activity for elementary students. Students color in the activities they are interested in and then you reveal what types of jobs each category represents.

    This is a great way to begin discussion with your class about the types of careers they might want to do when they grow up and what is involved with getting there. It is helpful for students to begin to think about and believe in their potential to reach these goals. I also like to talk to students about which professions require college educations, just to get it in their heads now that they have the ability to do that!

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    Interest & Preference Questionnaires

    The first step in introducing students to career options is to determine what they like in the first place.

    Thats where interest and preference questionnaires come into play!

    These questionnaires help students collect their thoughts and place them on paper. For many middle school students, this will be the first time theyve had to do this.

    Some common interest questionnaires include:

    While it may sound dull, the results of questionnaires like this can be surprising both to you and your students themselves!

    You can take this information a step further as well, letting students derive their personal preferences for work environments, social interactions, and more from a simple questionnaire.

    Regardless of the extent to which you analyze these questionnaires, theres just something about getting those thoughts down on paper that gives students an ah-ha moment for their own lives.

    Once they have that moment, you can capitalize on it by discussing career paths that cater to those interests.

    Still, students need more than just an interest to start the career of their dreams.

    They also need to have skills or at least an interest in the skills that can point them in the right direction!

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