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Truity Career Personality Profiler

Career Cluster Interest Inventory

Truitys Career Personality Profiler evaluates your interests and your personality traits to help you find the best career options. Youll learn about college majors, careers, and industries that match your results. The test also reports on activities, projects, and tasks that you would enjoy working on.

The test has 94 questions and takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. A summary of your results and career suggestions is free, but there is a fee to receive a comprehensive report.

My Next Move: Onet Interest Profiler

The O*NET Interest Profiler is a tool designed to assess an individuals vocational interests. The web-based version of the tool features 60 items which measure six types of Holland occupational interests: Realistic , Investigative , Artistic , Social , Enterprising , and Conventional , collectively called RIASEC. Students discover the type of work activities and occupations they may find engaging and relate to their interests.

AGE BAND: 14-21 years oldCOST: Free

Career Interests And Assessments

Assessment is a natural first step in career development. Assessments help students to better understand their abilities and interests which guides students as they formulate a career path. Assessments also assist educators to prepare students for the careers in which students are interested.

The Transition Assessment Toolkit developed by the National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center, now known as the National Technical Assistance Center on Transition: the Collaborative , recommends the use of multiple evaluations that are used on an ongoing basis and answer the following questions:

  • What do I want in life, now and in the future?
  • What are some of lifes demands that I can meet now?
  • What are the main barriers to getting what I want from school and my community?
  • What are my options in the school and community for preparing me for what I want, now and in the future?

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Vocational Assessment For High School Studentstruitys Big Five Personality Test

Truitys Big Five Personality Test assesses your personality by offering a number of statements you may relate to. Some of the statements are:

  • My moods change easily
  • I have a vivid imagination
  • I avoid philosophical discussions
  • I often worry that I am not good enough

You can rate these statements on a five-point Likert scale, ranging from inaccurate to accurate. Truity advises that you rate the statements based on what you are like in truth, rather than what your ideal version of yourself is. When you submit your answers, you get a detailed report of your personality.

The Big Five Personality Test assesses your personality based on the Big Five theory. The theory recognizes five factors or personality traits that are found in people to a certain extent. Take a look at what they are:

Personality Trait

Truitys test presents which traits you possess in percentages. For example, you may be 89% agreeable and 45% conscientious. The report analyzes your personality in great depth, telling you about your:

  • Personality patterns

Even though its a personality trait, The Big Five Test is worth taking when deciding what career you want to pursue. You can study your report thoroughly to reflect on your values, motivation, and overall decision-making.

Its also worth noting that the Big Five theory is generally more accepted by psychologists than the MBTI model for determining personality types.

Find A Career That Matches Your Interests

Rick Duff

An interest assessment can help you identify careers that meet your interests. Interest assessments usually ask you a series of questions about what you like and don’t like to do. Then they match your likes and dislikes to careers.

When you choose a career that matches your overall interests, you’re more likely to enjoy your job. You’re also more likely to be successful.

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Activities That Students Do To Determine Their Interests

There are plenty of activities that students do already that can help determine their preferences to guide their career exploration. This activity list can be a career guidance tool for elementary students, middle school students, high school students and even college students!

One fun way to learn about careers and jobs is this Career Word Search and Activities Packet.

Where To Get Career Advice

Even though career quizzes and aptitude tests are helpful, getting professional assistance is one of the best ways to get help planning your career. A career counselor or coach can help you explore options, plan your career, and achieve your employment goals.

Many colleges and universities offer free career counseling for both students and alumni. If youre a college graduate, check to see what services are available.

You may also be able to find free or low-cost career coaching services to help you with the career planning process.

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Examples Interest Inventory For Students

Here are 30 questions for your students to try answering to help to determine their interests.


1. Do you like working with your hands?

2. Do you like working with tools?

3. Do you like building things?

4. Do you like being outdoors?

5. Do you like working with animals?

6. Do you like caring for people?

7. Do you like helping others?

8. Do you like working with numbers?

9. Do you like working with computers?

10. Do you like researching things?

11. Do you like writing?

12. Do you like painting or drawing?

13. Do you like music?

14. Do you like acting or performing?

15. Do you like being around people?

16. Do you like being by yourself?

17. Do you like working in a group?

18. Do you like leading others?

19. Do you like following directions?

20. Do you like organizing things?


21. What are some other things that interest you?

22. What are some things that youre good at?

23. What are some things that you enjoy doing?

24. What are some things that make you happy?

25. What are some things that make you feel fulfilled?

26. What are some things that make you feel successful?

27. What are some things that give you a sense of accomplishment?

28. What are some things that make you feel proud?

29. What are some things that make you feel good about yourself?

30. What are some things that make you feel confident?

Faq: Your Free Career Test

Career Unit Interest Inventory Student Sample

Question: Is this resource test useful for students as well as adults?

Answer: The free career tests in this resource are useful for students and adults for career exploration. School districts, colleges, and workforce centers use this with their students and clients for career research. The content is written at an 8th-grade level when possible and is most easily understood by students that are at least 13 years of age and older. Some schools do use this as a resource with students that are younger than 13 to get them interested in STEM careers. However, younger students that are not in high school yet should be supervised when taking any of the tests so any questions can be explained if necessary. Also, some careers are more technical than others and younger students may find the terminology a bit more difficult to understand, especially in the job description.

Question: How much time does it take to complete the free career tests?

Answer: They are designed to take no more than five minutes to eliminate test fatigue. Some free career tests can be completed in as little as two or three minutes. Our flagship free career test is our most popular and may take the full 5 minutes for an adult or student to complete. All career tests can be taken on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. However, it may take users on a smartphone or small tablet a minute longer to complete.

Question: Can you share more about the results page?

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Types Of Career Inventories

Career inventories provide educators with vital information needed to accurately assist students in their career planning process. Inventories are used to help students learn more about their interests, values, and skills. Inventory instruments are used to help students understand their career needs, and possibilities so that they can make well-informed decisions about their future. There are several types of inventories educators can utilize to assist students, below are a few you can explore.

Enterprising Activities For Kids

1. Setting up a lemonade stand

2. Having a yard sale

3. Creating a new game or sport

4. Planning parties

5. Organizing outings with friends

6. Creating and selling arts and crafts

7. Leading games with friends

8. Starting a band

9. Writing a neighborhood newsletter

10. Babysitting for families in the community

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Career Interest Inventory Pictorial Version

The Career Interest Inventory Pictorial Version helps students relate interests and abilities to career choices. This interest inventory is based on the six types of Holland occupational interests: Realistic , Investigative , Artistic , Social , Enterprising , and Conventional , collectively called RIASEC. The pictures help students identify the career areas they find interesting and might want to explore.


Interest Inventory For Students

Adult Education and Career Planning Assessments, Products for Adults ...

Do you want to encourage your students to find their interests and explore careers? A good way to start is by completing an interest inventory for students. This can help each individual student identify potential careers and hobbies.

There are many different types of student surveys when it comes to career ideas and suggestions. This student interest survey is based on the idea that most careers can be placed into six types of work environments. Based on a students personality traits, learning style, natural talents, life experiences, and preferred school subjects, these types of career interest surveys can be one of the easiest ways to get started.

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Robust Broad Perspective Career Questionnaire

Developed by psychologist E.K. Strong and continually refined and researched, the Strong Interest Inventory is an indispensable tool for the modern workplace. It benefits from a variety of lenses through which career interests and preferences can be assessed: starting with a broad view of general fields of interest, the inventory goes on to suggest specific career options for the individual, and gives them an insight into their likely professional style once in a job.

Career Assessment Tools For High School Students123 Career Test

The 123 Career aptitude test is unusual yet highly effective. In the 15-part quiz, you get pictures that represent job requirements. In each set, you get four images, and you pick the one that is most appealing and the one that is least appealing to you. When the quiz ends, you get a detailed assessment of your career personality and the list of occupations that may interest you.

The quiz is free, it takes 510 minutes to complete, and doesnt require account registration. The website advises you to not consider salary or status when you tick off occupations that you like. You should also put gender or ethnicity out of the equation and select the jobs you can picture yourself performing.

The test assesses your career personality based on the Holland Code theory. John Holland developed a theory that every occupation requires certain personality traits from an individual. There are six of Hollands career personalities:

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Free Career Aptitude And Career Assessment Tests

When you are not sure about what type of job you want or what you would like to do next with your career, a career aptitude test can help you narrow down your job choices and choose a career path that is compatible with your interests, skills, values, and personality.

Taking a career test is a little like playing “What do you want to be when you grow up?” but with a twist. The twist is that career tests don’t just give you a chance to dream about what you want to do they can give you concrete ideas about what you may be best suited to do. They can help you understand the type of environment and work that will help you thrive as a person.

Review information on how career assessments can help guide your career choices and what the assessments will evaluate, and try free career tests that you can use to learn about jobs that may be a perfect fit.

Access Free Resources To Explore Interests And Aptitudes:

How to Choose a Career Based on Interests – The Strong Interest Inventory
  • O*NET Interest Profiler helps students find out their interests and how they related to the world of work.
  • The Career Index Plus – Everything You Need in One Place
  • You Science – The power of YouScience lies in our performance measures of aptitudes and our ability to connect natural talent with in-demand careers. We cut through social noise and gender biases to create more equity and access matching users to their best-fit careers and giving them the confidence and data to make informed decisions about their futures. Contact to access YouScience for free in your school or district.
  • My Colorado Jounrey – sign in to access all sorts of profiles. “Select goals and actions based on your ambitions and chart a path to achieve them.”
  • Free Enneagram Coach – Personal coaching and online courses with a Christian approach to the Enneagram.
  • – get a great deal of insight about the core components that make up who you are.
  • True Colors Each color represents a different primary personality type Fosters an environment of understanding and collaboration.
  • Holland Code Career Test – Free quiz uses the scientific Holland Code model to show you which jobs will suit your interests, talents, and aptitude.

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Career Assessment For High School Studentsheres Where You Can Do The Tests And Why

As the college application process draws near, you must determine what you want to do in life.Only then can you choose the major and the higher education institution that will help you reach your goal. If you have any work experience, such as volunteering or doing an internship, you might already have an idea of what your skills and interests are. It takes time and a lot of reflection to know exactly what your dream job is.

Career assessment quizzes are there to help you reflect on your skills, interests, and personality type. The purpose of getting to know yourself better by taking career tests is to decide what industry and job positions you want to build your career in.

Wait no longer and find out what career assessment tests for high school students are. Youll also learn where you can take the best tests out there and how they help you choose the right career for you.

Whats Your Take On The Skills Assessment Tests For High School Students

Have you ever taken a career assessment test, or would this be your first time?

In either case, we want to hear what you think about career aptitude and interests tests. Did they help you learn something about yourself you werent aware of before? Do you know which careers you may be perfect for after taking the test?

Write to us about your opinions on career assessment for high school students and offer any additional advice you have on choosing a major or career. Well share your insight with our readers to help high school students across the country make the choice thats right for them.

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How To Explore Career Options

Once youve generated a list of potential career options, you can take a closer look at what each job entails to learn whether it would be right for you. Enter a job title in CareerOneStops Occupation Profile tool to get details on the occupation, including a job description, required experience, education or training, earnings potential, and job outlook.

The U.S. Department of Labors Occupational Outlook Handbook is a career guide with information on occupation groups and individual jobs. It provides details on what workers do on the job, the work environment, training, education, and certification needed to get started in the occupation, median pay, and expected job prospects.

What Is A Free Career Assessment For High School Students

Strong Interest Inventory® Profile Report, High School Edition ...

A career assessment for high school students is a test that helps you gain ideas for what major you want to study or the career you want to pursue.

Career assessment tests are usually put into two broad categories:

  • Career aptitude testsassess your strengths and weaknesses to suggest career and college major ideas
  • Career interests testsevaluate your likes and dislikes to help you choose a career or a college major

Depending on the test you take, you will answer the questions that ask you about your:

  • Likes and dislikes
  • Personality traits

Note that there are no wrong answers. Career assessment tests are entirely personal, and it is your choice what answers you want to submit or what statements you relate to. You should keep in mind that the more accurate answers you provide, the higher the chance is that you will benefit from the report you get.

Most career assessment tests consist of a number of multiple-choice questions. There are usually four answers to choose from. Other tests offer a list of statements that you may relate to. You can choose whether the statements apply to you completely, not at all, or to a lesser or greater extent. The neutral option should also be available if you are undecided on some statements.

If you have ever taken a teen stress test, an anxiety test for teens, or a social anxiety test for teenagers, you have an idea of how career assessment tests work.

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Career Keys Career Interest Inventory

In the career interest inventory Career Key Discovery, youth and adults learn about themselves and identify hundreds of diverse, promising careers and education programs that match their personality and interests. It helps them understand the value of personality-environment fit based on Hollands Theory of Career Choice and contains downloads and resources to take concrete steps toward a decision.

It is a true measure of the six Holland personality types. Nationally recognized counseling psychologist and counselor educator, Dr. Lawrence K. Jones, NCC is the inventory author. Career Key Discovery is scientifically valid, meaning it measures what it claims to measure based on research published in national journals. More technical details are available in Career Key’s professional manual.

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