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Indian Air Force Airman

Careers in the Royal Air Force

As an airman in the Indian Air Force, you make sure that all the air and ground operations run smoothly. From operating air defence systems to fitting missiles, you are actively involved in all the action happening in the air base and give your support to various missions.Depending on your educational qualification, you can join the Air Force in the Technical Trades or Non-Technical Trades. No matter at what level you start your career, the Air Force gives you opportunities to learn and grow to newer heights.The positions are available for people having qualification viz. matriculation or below, intermediate, diploma, graduate and post-graduate.

Can You Become An Officer

If you’re enlisted in the Air Force, you can become an officer after serving for a significant amount of time in a lower-ranking role. If your goal is to become an officer, you can improve your chances early in your career by attending college. The Air Force has five specialized programs that can help you reach an officer-level position:

  • Airman Scholarship and Commissioning Program : Enlisted Air Force personnel are eligible for a $15,000 scholarship if they attend college.

  • Scholarships for Outstanding Airmen to ROTC : Air Force commanders can select enlisted Air Force personnel and offer them the chance to attend college with a $15,000 scholarship.

  • One-Year Professional Officer Course-Early Release Program : This program gives active-duty Air Force personnel who can become eligible for college within one year the opportunity to be full-time students until they earn their bachelor’s degrees.

  • Professional Officer Course-Early Release Program : This program gives active duty Air Force personnel who can become eligible for college within two years the opportunity to be full-time students until they earn their bachelor’s degrees.

  • Officer Training School : Enlisted Air Force personnel with a bachelor’s degree or who are seniors at colleges accredited by the U.S. Department of Education can apply to attend the officer training school, which is a program that develops the required skills for operating as an Air Force officer.

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Identifying The Job That Is Right For You

AFCS jobs are categorized within entry, mid, and senior levels and are associated with different qualifications, eligibility requirements, and pay grade levels. In addition, there are jobs categorized for students, recent graduates, veterans, military spouses, for individuals who have status, and for individuals with disabilities.

Read the USAJobs announcement or the job posting found on job boards, within social media or within advertising or marketing materials for specific employment opportunities. You can access these jobs from the Jobs Map above or from the Hot Jobs listing above. Pay close attention to the instructions that will guide you through the application process, including any specific questions that must be answered, the forms and formats that must be used to present your resume and your qualifications and eligibility for the job. Help can be found

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Change Of Policy For New Recruits

The DoD has long maintained a strict zero-tolerance policy that prohibits troops from smoking, eating, or otherwise using marijuana and marijuana-derived products. That includes those that contain CBD or THC. However, it has largely been up to the individual services to set their own policies on how to handle those applicants who have used those products before enlisting.

As much as some Air Force officials might not like to admit it, the service is actually following the lead of the United States Navy. It began a two-year pilot program last year that allowed qualified applicants who had tested positive for marijuana or THC at MEPS to receive a waiver to move on to boot camp following a 90-day waiting period. That program, which began in April 2021, will continue until April 2023. It is important to note that waivers are still only being authorized for a positive drug test for marijuana or THC.

The other services also have issued waivers for those who tested positive or marijuana.

The United States Army currently enforces a 90-day waiting period before recruits who test positive for THC when entering MEPS can request a waiver to join the service. However, if a first-time offender subsequently tests positive again for any drug, that individual would be disqualified from joining the Army.

Likewise, the United States Marine Corps currently allows THC-positive recruits to request a waiver that would override their disqualification.

The Sky Is Not The Limit

U.S. Air Force

The U.S. Space Force is challenged every day to find new heights. And with career fields ranging from keeping satellites safe and operational to developing new technology and launching rockets, theres never a dull moment. The Space Force and its Guardians do whatever it takes to defend our way of life on Earth. For careers in the Space Force, visit their website. Careers immediately open to new Academy graduates may vary from this list based on the needs of the Air Force and Space Force.

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Discussing Your Goals With Your Commander

No matter what your career goals may be, its important to make sure your commander knows about them!

As a brand-new pilot, this includes your Flight Commander, but you should also speak directly with your Squadron Commander about it. Most Squadron Commanders are happy to talk about career development with you. Its best to talk to the bosss executive officer or secretary and get an official meeting scheduled on his or her calendar.

No matter whom youre speaking with about career progression, you need to do it tactfully. As a brand new Lieutenant, your #1 concern should be learning how to employ your aircraft well. Youre supposed to spend almost all of your time worrying about that, and very little time thinking about 5-10 years in your future. You should make sure that people know you as a hard worker who knows his or her stuff and flies the aircraft well before you broach the subject of career progression with anyone.

Once you start having those conversations, you should not jump directly to what you want in the future. You should humbly and genuinely ask for feedback on how youre performing in your current job. Its okay to bring up your future goals but do so carefully. At first, you should just mention your goals in terms of asking what else you can do in your current job to make yourself eligible for those opportunities.

What Are The Requirements For The Air Force

When you enlist in the Air Force, you will be given the opportunity to select a job, called a Military Occupational Specialty as long as you meet the minimum qualifications for the job you are choosing. The Air Force has several requirements that potential enrollees must meet before enrolling including minimum and maximum age enlistment, minimum education, minimum health and physical condition, and minimum ASVAB test score requirements.

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Tactical Air Control Party Officer

Air Force TACP Officers are on the frontline, operating sophisticated technology, engaging enemy forces, and executing airstrikes.

They will create and engage in surface to surface and air to surface strikes.

TACP Officers must complete the JTAC specialty course, become experts in survival, attend Airborne school, and follow specific assessments four times a year.

Enlisted TACP specialists have similar job functions.

They work closely with Army and Marine units and call in airstrikes as well.

Job functions may be similar, but Officers hold more administrative duties, are required to train others, and be leaders on and off the field.

Indian Air Force Officer Jobs

U.S. Air Force: Refuel/Bomber Aircraft Maintenance Career Chat

One can join the Indian Air Force as an officer in the flying, technical or the ground duty branches depending on his/her educational qualification. These three branches of the IAF have further sub-streams:

Flying Branch: Fighter pilots, Transport pilots, Helicopter pilots You would be working as any of these pilots both during peace and war. You can get into the flying branch as a graduate . You can also get in after 10+2 by qualifying the NDA/ NA exam.

Technical Branch: Mechanical, Electronics You would be taking care of some of the most sophisticated equipments in the world You can get into this branch through the exam, AFCAT or through University Entry Scheme

Ground Duty Branch: Administration, Accounts, Logistics, Education, Meteorology As part of these mentioned departments, you would be looking after and maintaining human & material resource/ managing funds, work as internal auditors/ work as air traffic controller or fighter controller. You can get into this branch by qualifying AFCAT.

On the basis of your educational qualifications, here are the opportunities available for you to join as an officer in IAF:

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Do You Choose Your Career In The Air Force

So How Exactly Does the environment Pressure Enlisted Job Selection Work?. The Environment Pressure Enlisted Job Selection may appear complicated, but its not really! Heres a simple explanation. When a job candidate enlists in mid-air Pressure Enlisted Job Selection, theyll undergo MEPS, gain qualifications, and provide a summary of preferred jobs to some counselor. Once one of these simple jobs can be obtained for reservation, the

However for applicants with a lot of versatility, the environment Pressure comes with an additional program known as the quick ship list. If another applicant drops out in the last second, the environment Pressure enables Delayed Entry Program applicants around the quick ship list to accept abandoned reservation. In situations such as this, the phone call to depart comes in under per week.

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Difficulties The recruiter will pre-screen you to determine if youre qualified for enlistment. They will ask about your education level, criminal history, age, marital/dependency status, and medical history. You will also be given a medical pre-screen and a pre-ASVAB test to determine if you will meet the Air Force Enlisted Job Selection requirements. This whole process should take a few days. If there arent any disqualifying factors, the recruiter will arrange for you to attend MEPS .

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What Are Air Force Jobs

Air Force jobs are professional roles within the air service branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. The Air Force employs individuals in a wide variety of career positions, including medical, technology and legal positions. While some Air Force jobs assign professionals to a specific Air Force base, many positions in the Air Force allow individuals to travel frequently while performing their duties.


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Can You Pick Your Job As An Air Force Officer

Recruiter Negotiations Meeting with an Air Force recruiter is similar to a very detailed job interview. You will first undergo a rigorous screening process to help the recruiter get a feel for your potential and uncover trouble areas you’ve had, such as substance abuse, criminal convictions and other red flags.

Heroes Are First To Raise Their Hands

Air Force Jobs List For 2020: A List Of All 135 AFSC


Up to $50,000 Enlistment Bonus Available


Up to $50,000 Bonus Available



Up to $40,000 Enlistment Bonus Available


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Faq: Can You Switch Jobs In The Air Force

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

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Jenn, a career coach at Indeed, presents tips for strategically planning and executing a successful career change even without prior industry experience.

People who work for the Air Force usually have specialized roles, and they sometimes have the opportunity to change jobs. The process of changing jobs involves specific phases and eligibility requirements. Knowing how you can switch to another job within the Air Force can help you advance your career. In this article, we provide the answers to several frequently asked questions related to switching jobs in the Air Force.

Iaf Airman Eligibility Criteria

16 ½ to 19 years 19 to 23 years 18 to 28 years 20 to 23 years 19 to 23 years 18 to 28 years 20 to 25 years 18 to 28 years 20 to 25 years For Airmen:16-20 years 16-22 years 16-22 years 20-25 years 20-28 years Sex: Male/Female Nationality: Indian SingleEssential Qualities:Unlike other career options Air Force is replete with risks, obstacles and thrills galore. Hence the aspiring youth need to do some serious thinking about adopting this profession.If you happen to possess any or most of the following qualities, consider yourself eligible for a post.You must be bold, dashing and daring.

  • Must have a sense of adventure
  • Must be willing to risk your life for the nation
  • Must be philosophical and realise the ephemeral quality of life
  • Must be hardworking, able to withstand strain
  • Must be fond of travelling
  • Must be able to fly for long hours
  • Must have a calm temperament and strong nerves

How to Apply

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Health And Safety Manager

Average yearly income: $93,863

As a health and safety manager, your main focus will be on planning, directing, organizing, and controlling safety activities as directed by Air Force superior officers.

In this role, you may have to provide training or instruction in line with air force and department of defense protocols.

Still, this job generally changes every couple of years: so you must be aware of any changes within the Air Force at all times.

How Can You Increase Your Chances Of Changing Jobs In The Air Force

The 5 best jobs in the Air Force

You can improve your likelihood of changing jobs in the Air Force by having a good reputation and a clean service record. The situations that can make it more likely for you to have your transfer accepted are:

  • If you’re re-enlisting: All Air Force enlisted jobs require a minimum enlistment time of four years, with the Air Force giving accelerated promotions for those who agree to enlist for six years. Re-enlisting and agreeing to serve an additional four years in the new role is usually an appropriate method of attempting to switch jobs in the Air Force.

  • If the specialty you’re looking to switch to is understaffed: You also have improved chances of switching Air Force jobs if there’s a shortage of personnel in the specialty you’re looking to pursue. In some situations, your service branch may actively look for people interested in making the switch.

  • If your current specialty is overstaffed: If there are too many people in your role, you may have improved chances of your service branch approving a switch.

  • If you enhance your education or training: Additional educational achievements, like earning a college degree, may enhance your skills to a point where you may be more valuable in a different role. Also, after serving for a few years in a specialized role, your training level may be high enough to qualify for a higher specialty.

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Salary & Allowances For Indian Air Force Officer Jobs

You start earning even before become an Air Force officer, during your last year of training a monthly stipend of Rs. 21,000.

The salary break-up of commissioned Indian Air Force officers :

  • Pay in Pay Band : Rs. 15,600
  • Grade Pay: Rs. 5,400
  • Military Service Pay: Rs. 6,000
  • Kit Maintenance Allowance: Rs. 500
  • Transport Allowance: Rs. 3,200 + DA or Rs. 1,600 + DA

Additional allowance:

  • Flying Allowance: Rs. 11,250 per month for Flying Branch officers
  • Technical Allowance: Rs. 2,500 per month for Technical Branch officers

In short, the monthly pay package of the officers would be:

Flying branch: Rs. 74,264Ground duty branch: Rs. 63,014

Aircraft Mission Systems Operator

Airborne mission systems operators function as IT professionals aboard aircraft vehicles. They maintain and repair all electronic technologies on the aircraft, such as radio, data, broadcasting and satellite systems. An aircraft mission systems operator might work on these aircraft before, during or after takeoff. Candidates should have at least a GED or high school diploma and experience in math, physics and computers. If accepted into the Air Force, aspiring airborne mission systems operators must first undergo a seven-month training course.

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Air Force Jobs That Require The Most Travel

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

If you enjoy traveling and helping others, you might like a career in the Air Force. Many members of the Air Force get to travel domestically, internationally or both to fulfill their job responsibilities. Additionally, Air Force members play a vital role in protecting civilians, both in America and around the world. In this article, we discuss what Air Force Jobs are and provide a list of 13 Air Force jobs that provide members with opportunities to travel.

Company Grade Officer Leadership Opportunities

U.S. Air Force

Your first real leadership opportunity as a Company Grade Officer will be as a Shop Chief for one of these departments. Some of the other military branches give the Air Force a hard time about not giving its officers leadership opportunities early enough in their careers. Those people simply dont understand how the Air Force works. Shop Chief is absolutely a leadership position, and youre vulnerable for the position as a 1Lt.

Youll potentially be in charge of officers, enlisted Airmen, and even civilians. Youll answer to your Squadron Operations Officer and/or Commander . Your ability to effectively lead your people will directly affect your squadrons ability to go to war. Its a lot of responsibility for someone in his or her early 20s.

Shop assignments are functional areas that keep a squadron running. Although a Shop Chief has authority over the people in the shop, this is not a command job, per se. Each Air Force Squadron is also divided up into three or more Flights. Each Flight has a Commander who reports directly to the Squadron Commander. This person is usually a Captain , though Ive seen unique circumstances where Flight Commanders held ranks from 1Lt through Colonel. Each Flight Commander has an Assistant, sometimes abbreviated AFC.

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