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Crime Scene Clean-Up: Missed Job

Once you have completed the relevant crime scene cleaning qualifications, you can start applying for crime scene cleaner jobs. Most crime scene cleaners work for specialist cleaning companies. You can search for trauma scene cleanup jobs online or contact companies directly to enquire about positions.

Many employers provide induction training to teach employees the specialist skills and knowledge needed to work safely in crime scene cleanup. Look for an employer that offers structured training and career development.

Are You Ready To Become A Crime Scene Cleaner

Once you earn the necessary qualifications, you can officially become a crime scene cleaner. If youre ready to get started, check out our learn from home online courses. We operate in a variety of different states and we hire cleaners who specialize in crime scene and drug lab cleanups, biohazard jobs, and even more.

Complete Training And Earn Certifications

Though formal education is usually optional to become a crime scene cleaner, you may need to complete some specialized training before beginning this career. There are many useful training and certification programs for crime scene investigators, including biohazard handling training, personal protective equipment training and pathogen training. Getting trained in these areas can help ensure that you can perform your job as a crime scene cleaner safely and effectively.

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Crime Cleaner Job Description


A crime scene cleaner, also called a CSI cleaner, responds to the scene of a violent crime, suicide, accident or other trauma and cleans away blood, bodily fluids and other biological material. Blood-borne pathogens are a primary concern. Crime scene cleanup jobs entail the safe removal of biohazards, bedding, furniture, carpet and other contaminated items. Crime scene cleaners are hired by family members or by business owners where a trauma occurred to spare themselves the emotional pain of dealing with the scene themselves.

What Are Crime Scene Cleanup Job Regulations

Crime Scene Cleanup: The Newest Career for the Compassionate, Steel ...

Because crime scene cleanup companies have only become widespread in recent years, the industry typically follows broad federal, state and local regulations regarding working with biohazard material. This helps to maintain safety on job sites and protect the public from exposure to hazardous waste. For example, crime scene cleanup professionals adhere to the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration , and some states have additional regulations regarding the handling and transport of medical waste.

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Safegroup Service What To Expect

Here are six aspects of a crime scene cleaning service you can expect from SafeGroup.

  • A fast response. We will aim to be on site in hours to assess the work that needs to be carried out.
  • We will start working with your crisis management team immediately to develop a plan for keeping premises open, if possible, while sealing off and sanitising contaminated areas.
  • Every stage of the cleaning process will be documented and recorded according to needs of insurers or loss assessors.
  • We will be mindful of your business processes, especially any developed under ISO 14001 and work to your quality standards.
  • Our teams will act with discretion, professionalism and sensitivity at all times, even in the media spotlight and in public situations.
  • We will always display respect for victims and compassion for affected staff and members of the public.
  • Using Ppe And Respiratory Protection

    Since youll deal with foul smells, human waste, and potentially dangerous substances, all crime scene cleaners need to wear personal protective equipment and wear specific equipment to enable easier breathing.

    Most crime scene cleaners wear a Hazmat suit, but your employers may require different or additional equipment. Youll have to go through training to properly use the equipment. Your employer will provide this training, but its recommended you do some research on your own.

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    How To Become A Crime Scene Cleaner In 6 Steps

    The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

    Crime scene cleaning is an important job that keeps businesses, homes and other places safe and sanitary. Crime scene cleaners clean up the scenes of crimes and show compassion to the people affected by them. If you’re interested in becoming a crime scene cleaner, then you may find it helpful to understand the steps to take to get a job in crime scene cleaning. In this article, we explain what a crime scene cleaner is, how to become a crime scene cleaner and frequently asked questions related to being a crime scene cleaner.

    Why Choose Our Crime Scene Cleaning Service

    ‘A job that’s not for everybody’: An inside look at crime scene cleanup
    • It may not be reasonable to expect regular staff to deal with a traumatic incident due to the impact on their wellbeing. We train and prepare our teams and fully support them in carrying out this challenging task.
    • There may be financial, legal or regulatory repercussions from cleaning a crime scene yourself for example if that invalidates insurance cover.
    • SafeGroup will provide expert advice to help you recover more quickly and fully from an incident.
    • We will use the right techniques to restore building fabrics and furniture or will give you evidence you can use to support an insurance claim if they must be replaced.
    • Thorough, professional removal of bio-hazards will ensure there are no longer-lasting issues, for example pest problems, such as flies infestations.
    • Professional biohazard cleaning technicians will have training and experience in dealing with potentially harmful hazards.
    • Using experienced crime scene cleaners will reassure staff and customers that you have fully considered their health and wellbeing.

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    What Skills Should Crime Scene Cleaners Have

    Crime scene cleaners typically have both soft skills and specific crime scene cleaning skills. Useful skills for crime scene cleaners include:

    • Attention to detail: In order to clean and sanitize spaces, crime scene cleaners should have exceptional attention to detail.

    • Compassion: Crime scene cleaners often interact with people who have experienced challenging events, so compassion is an essential soft skill in this occupation.

    • Interpersonal communication: Crime scene cleaners should possess skills in interpersonal communication to communicate effectively with clients.

    • Biohazard knowledge: Knowing how to deal with biohazards and other dangerous materials is crucial for crime scene cleaners to perform their jobs safely.

    • Physical stamina: Crime scene cleaning can require physical exertion, so crime scene cleaners should be physically fit to clean thoroughly and effectively.

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    Tips When Looking For A Job

    As stated previously, most employers cover specific training materials for you. However, youll at least need to be certified before finding crime scene cleaner jobs. After you finish your training and earn your certifications, its time to find a job!

    Knowing these tips will help you get hired:

    • Write an effective resume that lists your certifications, skills, qualifications, and related experience
    • If you worked in construction or cleaning previously, youll have a better chance of getting hired
    • Pass a background and drug test
    • Find emergency cleaning companies that specifically handle crime scene and biohazard cleaning

    After finding a job, you should also look into therapy or a support group. Even if you dont think youll need it, many crime scene cleaners find the emotional toll worse than the mess. Have a therapists or support groups contact information for when youre ready.

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    How To Make Crime Scene Cleanup Your Career

    Whatever your inspiration, whether it be CSI or the movie Sunshine Cleaning, becoming a crime scene cleaner takes a bit of work, but nothing more than most jobs. Like most careers, becoming a crime scene cleaner requires specific qualifications and certifications. Remember the job at hand is cleaning up biohazardous waste. To do that youre going to need specific training to perform it safely and correctly.

    While theres no formal degree the certifications are plenty. Youll need specific certifications that show you know how to safely and correctly remediate spaces following biohazardous exposures, bloodborne pathogen training, and more.

    If youd like to find out more how to become a crime scene cleaner we have a full blog on just that.

    How Do You Become A Crime Scene Cleaner In The Uk

    Good Paying Jobs Nobody Wants

    by The Ultima Team | Jun 4, 2021 | News |

    Crime scene cleaners play a vital role in restoring trauma scenes and protecting public health. The job is diverse and can lead to a long and satisfying career in a unique and progressive field.

    You dont need a degree to apply for crime scene cleaner jobs, but you must have a strong stomach and a willingness to learn specialist cleaning solutions. If youre considering pursuing a career in trauma cleanup, then here are the key steps to become a crime scene cleaner in the UK.

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    What Qualities And Qualifications Do Crime Scene Clean

    As you can imagine, a crime scene is a difficult location to work, in terms of both physical safety and mental wellbeing. To be a successful crime scene cleaner, certain qualities and qualifications are required, which is why this is a job best left to the professionals.

    Here are the most important requirements for a crime scene clean-up.

    What Does A Crime Scene Cleaner Do

    Crime scene cleaners use cleaning tools and special chemicals to sanitize areas of crimes or traumatic events. They typically deal with biohazards and other hazardous materials. Because of this, crime scene cleaners learn to follow specific health guidelines to protect themselves and to make spaces safe and sanitized.

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    Contact Direct Cleaning Group To Find Out More About Crime Scene Clean

    A crime scene clean-up requires expert knowledge and specialist equipment to be completed safely. Crime scenes are potentially dangerous and distressing places, so its recommended that a professional service is contacted for an efficient and professional clean-up.

    Direct Cleaning Group provides an expert crime scene clean-up service across the North West. Our teams can be called in at short notice, in urgent situations. Get in touch today to find out how our team can help you. Call us on or send a message to .

    Unit 1 The Arena

    Did You Know We Offer Trauma And Crime Scene Cleanup Here’s Our Process

    Gory Crime-Scene Cleanup | National Geographic

    Serving Nashville by helping make property damage like it never even happened

    SERVPRO of Belle Meade and West Nashville is versatile in our services. Our trauma and crime scene cleanup services fall into the category of commercial cleaning. It’s devastating from an emotional standpoint to bear witness to the remains left behind at a crime scene. That’s why our team at SERVPRO strives to treat every crime scene with the utmost empathy and respect for the people involved. Usually, after the police have examined and processed evidence from a crime scene, the cleaning and restoration process can go underway. This is where we bring our expertise and protective equipment to clean blood and other harmful contaminants from the scene properly.

    What Kinds Of Trauma And Crime Scene Cleaning Services Do We Offer?

    What Else Do You Need To Know About Trauma And Crime Cleanup?

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    Learn About The Role Of A Crime Scene Cleaner

    You must have a clear understanding of what crime scene cleanup jobs involve and the sanitising products used in forensic cleaning. Witnessing crime scenes can be extremely traumatic and take a toll on your physical and emotional health. Crime scene cleanup is a gruelling responsibility and the role is not for everyone.

    What Are Crime Scene Cleanup Jobs

    Crime scene cleanup jobs are positions held by professionals who are trained in the disposal of biohazard materials and the cleaning and sanitation of buildings where crimes or accidents take place. Cleaning a crime scene requires the use of specialized tools, chemical solutions and personal protective equipment . Crime scene cleaners typically need on-the-job training and may require certification before pursuing a crime scene cleanup job position.

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    Hours Of Physical Labor

    The crime scene cleaner role is different from your average cleaning job. On average, youll be spending 9-10 hours cleaning one site. The role also often involves heavy physical labor which is why most companies require you to be able to lift at least 50 pounds with ease.

    Keep in mind, not every crime scene is extremely intense. Most of your tasks will consist of cleaning carpets, scrubbing walls, cleaning furniture, and airing out strong smells. Understand that youll likely be cleaning blood, body parts, and maybe even other foul bodily fluids. The goal of a crime scene cleaner is to make the crime scene look impeccable so people can live and work in that location again.

    What Do Crime Scene Cleaners Do

    Crime Scene Clean Up â Mens House

    Crime scene cleaners are tasked with cleaning up crime scenes, a job that can involve stress, physical danger, trauma and much more. Crime scene cleaners use specialist equipment and chemicals to return the location of a crime into a habitable, safe environment. For crime scene cleaners, this involves a range of cleaning tasks that depend on the severity of the crime.

    Crime scene cleaners often carry out the following duties:

    Clearing debris

    Crime scenes can be grizzly places, with cleaners called in to clear up everything from accidents, murders and suicides, to unattended deaths, car accidents, and more.

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    Crime Scene Cleanup Specialist Salary

    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics does not offer salary information specifically for crime scene cleanup specialists. However, the BLS reports that hazardous material removal workers earned a median salary of $45,270 per year, or $21.77 per hour, as of May 2020. The job website Indeed reports that crime scene cleaners earn an average hourly wage of $18.30.


    How Is Crime Scene Cleaning Different From Other Cleaning Jobs

    Crime scene cleaning differs from other types of cleaning jobs because of the types of hazardous materials involved in cleaning up crime scenes Crime scene cleaners complete training to handle biohazards and other materials, and they must follow standards and regulations for dealing with medical waste and biological materials. Additionally, crime scene cleaners use special tools, chemicals and procedures to clean and sanitize spaces so that they are safe for people to return to. They may also work irregular hours to provide emergency cleaning services.

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    What Is Appropriate Dress Attire

    Different levels of PPE are required for biohazard jobs, which means most garments are ill advised. Although you may encounter the client, the most professional attire in this career is wearing the proper PPE. So we suggest dress comfortably underneath your PPE, with clothes you dont mind getting dirty. We advise against wearing jewelry since it rubs against the skin and can fall off and get lost.

    Further ReadingAre you considering making a difference in the lives of others? We would love to help you prepare. Please see our other resources as well:

    Who Cleans Up Crime Scenes

    Murderer Walked Around Victim’s Home Barefoot | Fort Myers, FL

    Trauma scene cleanup is a challenging field and professionals must meet various background requirements. For instance, crime scene cleaners must have compassion and show integrity when dealing with sensitive situations.

    They must also have a good understanding of specialist cleaning solutions and be able to use pro clean products like a handheld fog machine and cleaning chemicals. A thorough background check is carried out to make sure that candidates meet the necessary requirements.

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    How To Get Crime Scene Cleanup Jobs

    Wherever people live, there is going to be a need for biohazardous cleaner and crime scene cleanups. Thats just the unfortunate nature of people. So youve got yourself some certifications and equipment and now youre ready to do the work.

    So how do you get crime scene cleanup jobs?

    Well, we can tell you from our experience it helps to know people for sure, but you know whats better? Being known as reliable, trustworthy, and caring!

    First, get out there and market your business like you would any other, and then once you get that first job do the job right! You want anyone who considers you to be able to trust your speed, reliability, and discretion.

    When youve done it enough, youll become a known entity to the people who are in the area to make these kinds of recommendations. Emergency personnel, property managers, hotel managers, these are people who are more likely to need your services.

    Thats just good business. Word of mouth, reliable reviews, and becoming a trusted provider of the service is how you land the work.

    If youre in the San Diego or Las Vegas area, and you want to join the best crew of crime scene cleanup techs give us a call. If youre looking to start a business in your own area, best of luck! Youll need grit, determination, and attention to detail to deliver what people need. This job isnt for the faint of heart, and its not for the lazy or messy either. Its a necessary service that has to be done right to ensure safety for everyone!

    So You Want To Be A Crime Scene Cleaner

    Are you interested in pursuing forensic jobs and have a strong stomach? Dont mind potentially cleaning blood, guts, and other body parts? Crime scene cleaners are always in demand and this is a great way to get your foot in the door! Even though the FBI reports that violent crime is on the decline, these crimes still unfortunately occur, and our biohazard cleanup services apply to accidental deaths as well.

    After the crime scene, professionals need to clean and disinfect the area to ensure there are no signs of the crime left. Heres how to become a crime scene cleaner, including the necessary skills, qualifications, and training. In addition, we will discuss some facts about the job to ensure its the right gig for you.

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