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Why Pursue A Career In Healthcare Administration

Healthcare Management: A Complete Guide

1. Healthcare administrators serve the general public.

Communities need healthcare administrators. They have a direct impact on how well hospitals function. Without them, healthcare facilities will be a chaotic space and the quality of their services will be impacted negatively.

2. Healthcare administrators play an important role in the advancement of health institutions.

Healthcare administrators facilitate the improvement of health organizations. They do this by documenting the processes and medical practices, carefully evaluating them based on industry standards, and making necessary improvements happen through company policies. They also implement training programs for medical professionals to improve their capacity to contribute to the healthcare system.

3. Healthcare administrators make the pandemic endgame a possibility.

Healthcare administrators have a key role to perform in the ongoing pandemic. They are the ones readying the facility for COVID-19 patients, arranging the schedules of medical staff so the organization can respond to the best of its ability 24/7, and dealing with the financial and logistical constraints also brought by the pandemic.

4. Healthcare administrators can explore many career paths.

Healthcare administrators are very much needed by their industry today. However, they also have the option to explore career paths in sales, human resources, education, and business, among others.

5. Healthcare administrators have excellent earning potential.

Consider Going Back To School

If you have a bachelors degree or a masters degree in healthcare management, there are additional degree programs which will serve to dramatically boost your relevant qualifications within the field. There are other possibilities as well, such as a second degree in a closely related field, or a professional certification in a narrowly defined subset of healthcare management skills. Even without another degree on the horizon, however, going back to school can still be a rewarding experience. Additional, specific coursework in skills that are important to healthcare management looks good on your record, and can help you stand out above and beyond less qualified applicants for the next position along your career path.

Consider An Mha Program

For many candidates, the next step is to earn a master of health administration . Most higher-level positions require a graduate degree, so earning your MHA is vital for career advancement.

When selecting a program, look for a certification from the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education . This indicates that the program will adequately prepare you for a future career in the healthcare management industry. CAHME is the only certifying organization in the healthcare management education industry that is recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation.

When you choose a CAHME-accredited MHA program, you know that the program meets rigorous academic standards and provides up-to-date information. Likewise, employers know that graduates from an accredited program are well-prepared for the healthcare administrator role.

Also consider whether you should attend an on-campus program or complete your degree online. There are many benefits to an online masters in healthcare administration program, including flexibility and a wider variety of choices. You are not limited to schools in your geographic area and are free to choose the program with the best curriculum and reputation.


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Is A Degree In Health Care Administration Worth It

Earning your health care administration degree expands your career options in the quickly-growing health care field. It also involves a significant commitment of both time and money. Think about your career goals and lifestyle to decide which degree path is right for you.

If youâre already working in the field, check to see if your employer offers education reimbursement benefits. Some hospitals and practices will cover a portion of your tuition as you continue to work. This eases the financial burden while empowering you to immediately apply what youâre learning in a real health care setting.

Health Information Manager Working With Data

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Also known as a medical records or health information technician, a health information manager is a professional who manages and organizes all the data related to patients in doctor offices, hospitals, nursing homes, and other types of medical facilities. Some examples of the duties they are responsible for include:

  • Organizing and managing the data in clinical databases.
  • Keeping patient records safe and confidential.
  • Recording data electronically.

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Skills Of A Successful Healthcare Administrator

While hard skills are important for success, soft skills like communication are invaluable for healthcare administrators.

Competency in core subject matter:

Its critical to have an understanding of science, management, law, and technology to fulfill job responsibilities.

Interpersonal skills:

Effective communication is necessary because youll work with a wide range of professionals, including physicians, lawyers, and executives.

Attention to detail:

Thoroughly and effectively completing tasks is crucial to a range from responsibilities from planning to budgeting.

Career Goals For Health Care Administration Professionals

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

Setting career goals can help you earn more success professionally and achieve job satisfaction. If you work in health care, you may create patient-centered goals or objectives to improve your work environment. Learning about common goals for health care administrators can help provide clarity and give you ideas on how to set your own professional goals. In this article, we define health care administration, share career goals for this role and provide tips on how to set professional goals.

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Types Of Health Administration Degrees

Your choice of health administration degree might depend on your career goals, available time, budget and academic interests. Pursuing an undergraduate degree in healthcare administration can qualify you for entry-level positions, while a graduate degree can help you advance your career into managerial and executive roles. Here’s some information about each type of health administration degree you can earn:

Healthcare Administrator Career Outlook

Career Opportunities in Healthcare Administration

There is a tremendous demand for healthcare administrators, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting a 20 percent growth in employment of medical and health services managers through 2026. This is much faster than the average growth of other occupations, due in part to the increased demand for healthcare services as baby boomers age and remain active later in life.

Healthcare administrators are more important now than ever, says Dr. Earlene Avalon, assistant professor and lead faculty member for the Health Management and Health Sciences Programs at Northeasterns College of Professional Studies. The more complex our healthcare system gets, the more there is a need for greater accountability as well as a reining in of medical care costs. And as more hospitals are merging because of funding-related issues, there is a greater need for professionals who understand the impact this has on patient care, the community, and personnel.

In addition, the emergence of healthcare applications has brought new opportunities for healthcare administrators. The confluence of healthcare and IT is driving a demand for people who understand the implications this has on everything from legal issues to operational issues, Dr. Avalon says. These companies need someone at the table who understands the healthcare sector and how technology can improve health outcomes.

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The Evolution Of Healthcare Administration

As a career field, healthcare administration has developed right alongside advances in medical science and the growth of hospitals in the United States. Until the early part of the twentieth century, the wealthy received care in their homes, while the poor and those without family turned to the hospitals for care. During that time, there were few opportunities to improve the health of patients in the nations hospitals.

However, the implementation of anesthesia, the development of modern surgery, and the discovery of antibiotics transformed hospitals into places that could relieve suffering and provide cures. Between 1875 and 1925, the number of hospitals in the U.S. grew from 170 to about 7,000, while the number of hospital beds increased from 35,000 to more than 860,000.

Early hospital administratorsoften called superintendentswere usually nurses with administrative responsibilities. It wasnt until 1916 that the first formal hospital administration and nursing school administration educational programs were established.

In 1968 the Accrediting Commission on Graduate Education for Hospital Administration became the accrediting agency for graduate programs in health administration. Today, a large group of educational and professional associations sponsor this agency, including the American College of Healthcare Executives, the American College of Medical Practice Executives, the American Public Health Association, the American Hospital Association, and more.

Career Goals & Objectives For Healthcare Professions

If you’re looking for work in health care, defining your career objective is important if you’re aiming for a specific position. While the health care sector boasts a surplus of jobs for the well-qualified, securing the ideal position requires demonstration of initiative and self-awareness. To write a strong resume objective that shows your commitment to professional development, think carefully about how your strengths and interests align with the advertised job opening.

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Where Do Health Administrators Work

Heres a closer look at five places where health administrators work and their roles.


A hospital administrator may oversee the operations of a department or the entire facility. If they oversee a department, they may specialize in areas like finance or health information.

Public health department or agency

A public health administrator may create public health policies and oversee community outreach campaigns that improve public health.

Group medical practices

A practice administrator may be in charge of the daily operation of a clinic, physicians office, or outpatient center.

Nursing home

A nursing home administrator supervises and manages nursing homes while advocating for residents and communicating with relatives.

Home healthcare agencies

A home healthcare administrator oversees staff and operations of an agency that cares for patients in their homes.

Seek Careers In Health Care Administration With Mvnu

3 Great Ways to Identify Your Career Goal

At MVNU, we understand that it can be challenging for working students to pursue a degree in health care administration while juggling a job, family, and other responsibilities which is why we provide a convenient solution with our online MBA in Health Care Administration degree program. This graduate program combines business and health care courses to help students learn the skills they need to reach their career goals.

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How Much Does A Healthcare Administrator Make

According to the BLS, medical and health services managers earn an average annual salary of more than $115,000. The most lucrative sector for these professionals pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing pays an average annual salary of over $204,000.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 18% job growth for medical and health services managers between 2018 and 2028. A degree in healthcare administration provides the essential knowledge and fundamental skills needed to make the most of this rapidly growing field.

The demand for medical and health service managers remains high the BLS projects that 71,600 new positions will be created between 2018 and 2028.

Median Annual Salary for Healthcare Administration Careers

Job Title

Choosing A Career In Health Administration

Health administration jobs are as varied as the people who work in them. When deciding on a healthcare administration career path and the type of degree you should earn, there are several factors you should take into consideration, including your skills, interests, strengths, weaknesses and even your personality traits.

Do you enjoy working closely with others? noyes

Are you interested in a career in which you help people ?noyes

Would you prefer a quieter pace versus a more lively environment ?noyes

Responsibilities: Inventory managementand personnel safety ensuring compliance with WHO standards in regard to bio-waste disposal

Salary: $100k

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What Jobs Can You Get With A Healthcare Administration Degree

A degree in healthcare administration opens up career opportunities across the healthcare sector.

Hospitals, medical laboratories, and physicians’ offices serve as common work settings for healthcare administrators.

Healthcare administrators can also find career opportunities with insurance companies, government agencies, pharmaceutical corporations, and outpatient care facilities.

When beginning their job search, healthcare administration graduates should consider factors like industry, setting, location, and local population. Each of these factors can impact job availability, salary rates, and career growth.

Career Goals In Medicine Essay

Health-Care Administration MBA

Career goals in medicine can be different. If you need to write a paper about yours, take a look at our essay sample written by an expert.

The field of medicine has been a major interest to me since I was relatively young and when it came to choosing a major, the choice of pursuing nursing came to me naturally. I find the thought of taking care of others very intriguing and embarking on this career path will enable me to improve myself seeing as I have always been a caring and patient person. I know that nursing can be demanding and challenging, but the satisfaction and fulfillment that comes with the job is quite rewarding. Over the years, my interest in the medical field has evolved tremendously. Each experience has equipped and enriched me with a broad range of knowledge with each experience bringing me closer to my focus of being a family nurse practitioner. It is, for this reason, that I would like to pursue a degree in Doctor of Nursing Practice because it would give me a chance to develop both my leadership and advocacy skills as well as clinical knowledge.

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Unit 4 Assignment: Outlining My Career Goals In Healthcare Administration

It is my career goal to become a physician of hematology and oncology. So I need to set goals in order to do so, and Kaplans Career Center is a great tool to help me in this task. I will be starting of with receiving my bachelors of science in health care administration, and from there I will be taking the MCAT test prep course that Kaplan University has to offer. While taking that class I will be continuing in my career in HR at the hospital that I work, and try to advance more on the clinical administrative side. I will also use the Career Center that Kaplan has to offer which includes things such as: career assessment/exploration, occupational direction, career networking tips, and online career fairs .

Consider Earning Professional Certification

Certification isnt required to be a healthcare administrator, but employers may look for them, depending on the role.

Professional certifications can help prove to employers that you have absorbed knowledge from your degree and can apply it to the profession. You can also pursue specialty certifications that showcase your competence in a specific field.

Here are some common certifications for healthcare administrators:

  • Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives
  • Certified Healthcare Administrative Professional
  • Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management

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How Do I Start A Career In Healthcare Administration

Earning a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration is a common pathway to enter a career in the field. Professionals with a background in medicine or business may also have insight into healthcare administration, facilitating entry into the profession. Starting a career in healthcare administration requires strong communication, interpersonal, and critical thinking skills.

Think About Where You’d Like To Work

Clinical Development Plan Template Luxury Collection Examples Smart ...

Knowing where you want to work not only helps you focus your job search, but helps you decide what major strengths you should focus on in your career objective. If you’re switching from one area of specialty to another, consider how the skills developed in past positions transfer to your new area of interest. For example, a physiotherapist who works at a community health center would have to develop exercise and rehabilitation programs. If he decides he wants to move from the community health setting to a position with a sports medicine clinic, his years developing adaptive and rehabilitative exercise regimens would relate directly to the responsibilities of the job he wants.

Explicitly state the kind of work you’re looking for near the beginning of your career objective statement.

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What Type Of Degree Do I Need

Healthcare management is a deep and growing field and Herzing University offers three levels of education in healthcare management to offer students a personalized career path catered to their professional goals. Each program may be completed online and opens a variety of different career paths:

  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Development Director

Several years of experience working in the healthcare industry plus an MBA in Healthcare Management will make your resume jump out to potential employers.

As a healthcare manager, youll learn the inner workings of the healthcare system. Your management skills will allow you to serve as a competent and capable leader, helping hospitals, small practices, insurance companies and a variety of other institutions navigate the changing healthcare environment.

Faqs On Why I Want To Be A Healthcare Administrator

Question 1. What makes a good healthcare administrator?

Answer: A good healthcare administrator is someone who is skilled in navigating the complex maze that is healthcare. They are able to read between the lines and be patient and understanding while understanding that things change seemingly overnight. A good healthcare administrator has a positive attitude, and they can find what you need quickly without leaving a trail of red tape. They are like a good detective they look for the clues and follow them for the truth.

Question 2. What does a good healthcare administrator do?

Answer: A good healthcare administrator is someone who has a broad knowledge of their field and they can teach their clients how to navigate the healthcare system. They have great negotiation skills and are able to get the best deal for their client as well as the best care for their patients. A good healthcare administrator will strive to create a positive work environment and maintain efficient systems. They will also try to keep other employees happy by providing them with proper training. Good healthcare administrator manages their time wisely, dedicating enough time to each task so they are not overwhelmed when faced with something new.

Question 3. Why are healthcare administrators important?

Question 4. Is healthcare administration a good career choice?

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