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Serving a career in the Armed Forces can be a great way to learn a skill or trade that can then be used to get a job after retiring from military service. With the education benefits available to all service members Tuition Assistance and Tuition Top-Up it can be easy to get a postsecondary education all the way up to a four-year college degree while serving. One could also go back to school after military retirement and use the GI Bill for an advanced degree.

Here is a sampling of jobs in the Armed Forces that directly convert to the civilian sector, along with information on median salary, growth potential, and the education or training required by most companies to compete for these positions.

Best Jobs After The Military For 2022

Not everyone who joins the Armed Forces spends their entire career in the military.

Therefore, upon completion of their military service, many members move on to jobs in the civilian sector.

There are several military careers that qualify Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines for excellent job opportunities outside of the military.

Here is a list of the 15 best jobs for service members to seek after the military.

One of the most sought-after professions in the legal field, paralegals are responsible for helping out with the day-to-day activities of lawyers.

They differ from legal secretaries in that paralegals have a deeper understanding of the law and how its interpreted.

Paralegals essentially work under the direct supervision of a practicing attorney and can tend to many of the same tasks that lawyers do.

According to Indeed, the typical salary for a paralegal hovers around $52,000 nationally.

Obviously that number can be much higher, depending on the firm at which you work, your experience level, and your location in the U.S.

Some of the military jobs that would prepare for a career as a paralegal include:

Chemical Biological Radiological & Nuclear Defense

In this field, Marines are responsible for handling defense against any type of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear attack that could occur in the area. They issue and inspect gas masks and related equipment and train Marines on how to use them.

In this field, Marines are responsible for handling defense against any type of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear attack that could occur in the area. They issue and inspect gas masks and related equipment and train Marines on how to use them.

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Artillery And Missile Officers

Artillery and missile officers manage service personnel, as well as weapons and operations. Depending on the military branch, they may coordinate the operation and maintenance of field artillery, fire control, intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear munitions, and weapons security. In the civilian world, these officers may find careers as logisticians, earning an average of $76,270 per year7.

The Military Vs Stem: Exploring Career Choices For Emirati Men

Career Fields &  Profiles

Student at Madar international school

In the United Arab Emirates, a significant number of male high school graduates do not pursue degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields, but instead aim for careers in the military.

There are several reasons for this trend. One is the cultural and societal emphasis placed on military service and national defense. Military service is seen as a duty and a source of pride for Emirati men, and many view it as an honorable and prestigious career path.

Another factor is the availability of financial incentives for those who choose to pursue military careers. The government and military organizations often offer generous salaries to encourage young men to enlist in military fields.

In addition, the military offers job security, a sense of purpose, and opportunities for advancement and leadership development. It is also seen as a way to serve the country and protect its national interests.

However, the preference for military careers over STEM degrees has led to a shortage of skilled professionals in these fields in the UAE. The country is actively trying to promote STEM education and careers, including through initiatives such as the Emirates Scientific Club, in order to meet the growing demand for such professionals.

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Transportation And Supply Services

Air traffic controllers track planes and give landing and takeoff instructions at air traffic control facilities.

Watercraft operators perform mariner duties and supervise other soldiers on Army watercraft.

Cargo specialists transfer passengers and cargo to and from air, land and water transport by manual and mechanical methods.

Parachute riggers inspect, maintain and repair survival equipment such as parachutes, aircraft life support equipment and air-sea rescue equipment.

Laundry and bath specialists perform laundry, shower and clothing decontamination functions.

Hospital food service specialists assist in the supervision of medical nutrition care operations.

Food service operations specialists prepare and service food in field or garrison food service operations.

Petroleum supply specialists supervise and manage the reception, storage and shipping of bulk or packaged petroleum-based products.

Petroleum laboratory specialists are primarily responsible for supervising or conducting laboratory tests on petroleum, oil and lubricant products.

Medical supply specialists receive, store, record and issue Army medical supplies.

Automatic logistical specialists perform management or warehouse functions in order to maintain equipment records and parts.

Mortuary affairs specialists handle the recovery, collection, evacuation and establish tentative identification, escort and temporarily burial of deceased Army personnel.

Department Of The Air Force Officer Talent Management Reforms

The Department of the Air Force is revamping the way it manages officer development and promotion. As part of this overhaul, the Line of the Air Force is being split into six separate developmental categories. How will interdependent policy changes affect outcomes of the personnel system?

  • Report

    The authors examine how joint educational institutions and stakeholders and the military services can support a transition to joint professional military education using the outcomes expected of graduates rather than traditional learning processes.

    May 26, 2021

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    Military Officer Special And Tactical Operations Leaders

    This category of special and tactical operations officers covers a number of operations officer careers not included under other categories. In the Air Force, for example, a special tactics officer provides air traffic control, establishes command and control communications, coordinates and conducts reconnaissance and surveillance, and keeps teams trained and equipped for missions. Because these officers need coursework in technical, administrative, and management areas, they may find careers as managers in various fields, with pay ranging from $49,100 to $151,000 per year12.

    Engineering Science And Technical

    Defensor Fortis: A look into the Air Forceâs largest career field

    Radio operator/maintainers handle all maintenance checks and services on assigned radio communication equipment.

    Network-switching systems operators perform maintenance on electronic switches, control centers, combat radios and other equipment associated with networks. They also use computers to troubleshoot the system when errors occur.

    Cable systems installer/maintainers install, operate and perform maintenance on cable and wire communications systems, communication security devices and associated equipment.

    Microwave system installers install, operate and maintain microwave communications systems. They also work with associated antennas, multiplexing and communications security equipment.

    Multi-channel transmission systems operators work directly on communication devices and equipment that communicate through more than one channel. They handle installation, repair, operation and maintenance check of these devices, antenna and associated equipment.

    Satellite communications systems operator/maintainers install, operate, maintain and repair strategic and tactical multi-channel satellite communications.

    Satellite/microwave systems chiefs plan and supervise the configuration, operation and maintenance of microwave communications.

    Signal support systems specialists work with battlefield signal support systems and terminal devices.

    Information systems operators/analysts are responsible for maintaining, processing and troubleshooting military computer systems and operations.

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    What Can I Do With An Associates Degree In Military Science

    After earning ones associates degree in military science, one can continue studying to earn a bachelors degree in military science in order to get a commission to the armed forces and join the service with a rank of 2nd lieutenant .

    In many cases, an associates degree in military science can serve as the basic portion of the ROTC program, which is the second route to earning a commission to the armed forces. One can enroll in a college that offers ROTC to take the advanced portion. Once this has been completed, one qualifies for a commission in the armed services.

    Police Officer

    An associates degree in military science is an excellent choice for those who have an eye on the military service but want to keep their options open. Because the curriculum is diverse, an associates degree in military science will give one a good foundation on military subjects while introducing civilian law enforcement topics as well.

    A student, therefore, has the option to pursue a career in law enforcement upon receiving ones associate degree in military science. Since most police departments have the same minimum requirements of a high school diploma or GED, having an associates degree should put one in competitive standing among other applicants to the police force.

    Entry-level police officer base salary: $56,987/year

    Enlisted Personnel in the Military Services

    Entry-level enlisted personnel will receive a salary of $47,407/year.

    Judge Advocate General Corps*

    Work for the strongest law firm. It’s not just the strongest law firm. The Judge Advocate General’s Corps was established in 1775, making it the oldest law firm in the nation. As a JAG attorney and officer, you’ll serve as prosecutor or defense counsel in international, operational, labor, contract, environmental, tort and administrative law. You’ll provide military, state, and federal legal services for the U.S. Army and its Soldiers. You’ll also have immediate experience, handling real cases and significant legal issues.

    To become a JAG attorney, you must first pass the Bar Exam after attending an American Bar Association accredited law school. You must also be admitted to practice law before the highest state or federal court. Those who enter the JAG Corps will receive a direct commission as a first lieutenant and will reach the rank of captain within six to nine months. Find out more about being an Army attorney here.

    *Requires degree completion in respected career field and typically requires a Cadet to apply for an educational delay during their undergraduate schooling in order to attend specialty graduate school

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    Machine And Vehicle Mechanics

    Aircraft powerplant repairers perform maintenance on aircraft turbine engines and components.

    Aircraft powertrain repairers supervise, inspect and perform maintenance on aircraft powertrain systems.

    Aircraft structural repairers perform maintenance on aircraft structures.

    Aircraft pneudraulic repairers perform maintenance on aircraft pneudraulic systems.

    Aircraft components repair supervisors oversee maintenance on aircraft components, aviation communications and other electronic/electrical systems associated with Army aircraft.

    UH-1 helicopter repairers perform maintenance on UH-1 helicopters.

    AH-64 attack helicopter repairers perform maintenance on AH-64 attack helicopters.

    OH-58D helicopter repairers perform maintenance on OH-58D helicopters.

    UH-60 helicopter repairers supervise and perform maintenance on UH-60 helicopters.

    CH-47 helicopter repairers perform maintenance on CH-47 helicopters.

    Observation/scout helicopter repairers perform maintenance on Observation/Scout helicopters.

    Utility airplane repairers perform maintenance on utility airplanes.

    AH-1 attack helicopter repairers perform maintenance on AH-1 attack helicopters.

    Construction equipment repairers maintain construction equipment that is used for earth-moving, grading and compaction, lifting and loading, quarrying and rock crushing, asphalt and concrete mixing and surfacing, water pumping, air compression and pneumatic tools, and power bridging.

    Officer career fields

    Types Of Enlisted Personnel

    Career Management Field 88 Career Map. Use this as a road map for the ...

    The following are examples of types of occupations for enlisted personnel:

    Administrative personnel maintain information on personnel, equipment, funds, and other military-related activities. They work in support areas, such as finance, accounting, legal affairs, maintenance, supply, and transportation.

    Combat specialty personnel train and work in combat units, such as the infantry, artillery, or Special Forces. For example, infantry specialists conduct ground combat operations, armored vehicle specialists operate battle tanks, and seamanship specialists maintain ships. Combat specialty personnel may maneuver against enemy forces and fire artillery, guns, mortars, or missiles to neutralize them. They may also operate various types of combat vehicles, such as amphibious assault vehicles, tanks, or small boats. Members of elite Special Forces teams are trained to perform specialized missions anywhere in the world on a moment’s notice.

    Construction personnel build or repair buildings, airfields, bridges, and other structures. They also may operate heavy equipment, such as bulldozers or cranes. They work with engineers and other building specialists as part of military construction teams. Some construction personnel specialize in an area such as plumbing, electrical wiring, or water purification.

    Human resources development personnel recruit qualified people into the military, place them in suitable occupations, and provide training programs:

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    Military Career Field Structure

    The general structure of the military is pyramidal, with the president of the United States acting as the commander- in-chief of the U.S. armed forces. The presidents responsibilities include appointing top military officers and maintaining the nations military strength.

    The secretary of defense is an appointed position usually awarded to a civilian. He or she is a member of the presidents cabinet, presiding over the Department of Defense and directing the operations of all military branches. The joint chiefs of staff, the senior commanders of the different services, work with the secretary of defense to advise the president on military matters.

    Together under the auspices of the Department of Defense, the individual servicesthe Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guardcomprise the armed forces. There are approximately 2.6 million people in the armed forces, with 1.2 million serving in the Reserve branches. The goals of all five branches are similar: the defense and protection of U.S. citizens, territory, and interests at home and around the world. Each service has a different role to play, however.

    The Army is the senior service. It is traditionally known as the branch that fights on land. Most of the United States more than 25 million living veterans served in the Army, and the Army continues to be the largest of the services in total recruits, with 487,000 soldiers on active duty.

    What Does A Military Do

    When it comes to the most important skills required to be a military, we found that a lot of resumes listed 29.8% of militaries included veterans, while 18.8% of resumes included hand tools, and 14.8% of resumes included ladders. Hard skills like these are helpful to have when it comes to performing essential job responsibilities.

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    Government Or Public Administration

    Those who have served in the military are more likely to serve in the government or other public service positions than those who have not been in the armed forces.

    Positions within the government can take a wide range of purposes, including managing different departments and working to promote the general welfare of people in the community. Candidates must demonstrate that they have the skills and understanding needed to navigate these positions. Superior communication and leadership skills can help those interested in pursuing these careers.

    Army Or Civilian Career


    West Point graduates are highly sought after. Those choosing a civilian career have attained great success in different professionsas doctors, CEOs of major companies, and engineers the possibilities are endless.

    Graduates who pursue an Army career do so because they feel the commitment and satisfaction of serving their country. The Army family takes care of its own during active duty and upon retirement after the first 60 days in service, all active duty members are enrolled in the Thrift Savings Plan which is much like a civilian 401 retirement account and they receive an automatic 1% of base pay, contributed by the Army. After 2 years of service, the military will match up to 5% base pay contributions. Additionally, active duty members who complete 20 years of service will earn 40% of their final base pay, up to 60% for 30 years of service, and reduced medical care for life, plus many other benefits.

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    The Mutual Rewards Of Hiring A Veteran: Q& a With Kyleanne Hunter And Kayla Williams

  • The authors analyze the policies and processes for reporting unfavorable information about U.S. military officers being considered for appointments, promotions, or retirements and make recommendations for improvement.

  • Report

    RAND researchers surveyed military behavioral health technicians and licensed mental health providers about BHTs’ contributions, training and supervision, and job satisfaction, as well as barriers to integrating them into clinical practice.

  • The authors review options for improving processes for classifying and reclassifying enlisted active-duty, nonprior service airmen for initial skills training in the United States Air Force.

  • In this report, the authors explore whether individual characteristics, economic and geographic factors, and the new Blended Retirement System can provide new insights into what predicts retention of maintenance, logistics, and munitions personnel.

  • After leaving the service, many veterans earn less money than they did while in active duty. This emphasizes the importance of helping service members build marketable skills and supporting their transitions into the civilian workforce.

  • Which features and indicators inform retention outcomes within the U.S. Air Force? A forecasting model for retention can alert decisionmakers to emerging problems and allow for time to consider adjustments.

  • More Military Career Information

    Each of the military services publishes handbooks, fact sheets, and pamphlets describing its entrance requirements, its training opportunities, and other aspects of military careers. These publications are available at all recruiting stations at most state employment service offices and in high schools, colleges, and public libraries.

    For more information on the individual services, visit

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    Supply Administration & Operations

    In this field, Marines perform ground supply administration and operations, including maintaining supply warehouses, ordering and processing equipment, and coordinating the distribution of supplies. Some of the jobs include basic supply administration and operations Marine, warehouse clerk, aviation supply clerk, and contract specialist.

    Improving Us Air Force Training And Development In The Cyber Field

    Women excel in new jobs

    The U.S. Air Force has been looking for ways to revamp the training of its offensive and defensive cyberwarfare workforce to develop the best fighting force possible. Is the training and development process that exists now working well for the cyber workforce? Is there a need for improvement?

  • Behavioral health technicians are enlisted service members who work alongside licensed mental health providers. They serve as care extenders, helping the Military Health System improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its behavioral health care.

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