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Duties Of Air Force Education And Training Specialists

Defensor Fortis: A look into the Air Forces largest career field

These airmen develop and evaluate education and training programs in departments across the Air Force. They develop and validate the standards by which airmen in many facets of the service are trained, and they determine whether existing courses and programs are adequate.

They also collect and analyze job performance data, conduct occupational analysis surveys and compare individual knowledge and skills with job standards. It’s up to them to determine the most cost-effective method to deliver Air Force training and education programs, and to choose instructional design, methods and media.

In addition, these airmen recommend actions to correct any deficiencies in education and training programs, and they oversee evaluations and surveys. They’re constantly revising programs and instruction, coordinating user feedback with career field managers and education and training providers. And ultimately, they administer education and training programs, serving as program managers for offsite and onsite training.

Department Of The Air Force Officer Talent Management Reforms

The Department of the Air Force is revamping the way it manages officer development and promotion. As part of this overhaul, the Line of the Air Force is being split into six separate developmental categories. How will interdependent policy changes affect outcomes of the personnel system?

  • Report

    The authors examine how joint educational institutions and stakeholders and the military services can support a transition to joint professional military education using the outcomes expected of graduates rather than traditional learning processes.

    May 26, 2021

  • How Much Are Air Force Airfield Management Specialists Paid

    Pay for an Air Force Airfield Management Specialist is identical to all other enlisted personnel , based on an airmans rank and length of service.

    E-7 Master Sergeant $3,114

    Air Force Airmen with AFSC 17X1 may also be entitled to other forms of compensation including basic allowance for housing and base allowance for subsistence pay if eligible.

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    Whats Life Like As An Air Force Airfield Management Specialist

    Note: If you prefer, the video below does a great job explaining what a typical day in the life of a Airfield management specialist is like.

    Air Force Airfield Management Specialists certainly earn their pay.

    They must handle any number of duties such as performing regular inspections and working with the maintenance staff to make necessary repairs if required.

    If there is inclement weather, they often may have to make the determination if the runway must be closed.

    An Air Force Airfield Management Specialist will perform some if not all of the following during their tenure with the Air Force:

    Airmen who are performing or have performed Airfield Management services on Air Force bases seem overwhelmingly satisfied with their experience:

    Duties of an Airfield Management Specialist also allow a squared-away airmen to shine. When they do, people notice.

    Recently Airmen First Class Scott Shoemaker was selected as the Warrior of the Week while serving as the Airfield Management Shift Supervisor at Al Dhafra Air Base, United Emirates while on deployment.

    Airfield Manager Nathaniel L. Watts noticed the hard work of the shift supervisor.

    I feel Airman First Class Scott Shoemaker, is an outstanding worker! Scotts Warrior Of The Week award downrange is similar to multiple awards he receives at his home unit, back at Charleston.

    Th Security Forces Career Field Manager Selected

    APS Career field manager pays a visit

    20th Security Forces Career Field Manager Selected

    Chief Master Sgt. Donald S. Gallagher has been selected to become the 20th Security Forces Career Field Manager, becoming the top enlisted advisor to the Air Force Director of Security Forces.

    In this role, Chief Gallagher will advise on security forces policy, organizing, training, equipping, and maintaining mission readiness impacting over 38,000 total force Defenders.

    In selecting Chief Gallagher, Brig. Gen. Roy W. Collins, Director of Security Forces, said Chief Gallagher is the Chief we need right now to lead the Security Forces Enterprise with all of the challenging and exciting things we will do in 2022.

    Brig Gen Collins went on to say, Chief Gallagher definitely has the experience, new ideas, and teamwork mindset to lead our Enterprise.

    Chief Gallagher will takeover in April 2022. Its an unbelievable honor to have Brig Gen Collins select me to be his next Wingman. I am excited for this next challenge and I am so proud for the chance to represent and advocate for Defender Nation, 2022 is going to be a big year and I cant wait to get after it, Gallagher said.

    CMSgt Gallagher is thoroughly prepared for the new assignment.

    Chief Gallagher Crossed into the Blue in 2003 after serving in the U.S. Army as a Military Policeman, Infantryman, and a Cavalry Scout. Chief Gallagher served in the US and Korea with deployments in Egypt, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti and Qatar.

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    Attracting And Retaining Enlisted And Civilian Personnel To Build The Best Cyber Workforce

    In addition to revamping the training of its offensive and defensive cyber operators, the U.S. Air Force has also sought to better understand some of the drivers of attraction to and retention in the cyber field. What could the Air Force do to attract and retain the best personnel?

  • Some human resource management practices might hinder the military services’ abilities to effectively manage their human capital. What is the potential utility of some new flexibilities for improving the management of Air Force human capital?

  • Additional Training And Opportunities

    Continued training is a part of life for the Air Force Airfield Management Specialist.

    For example, prior to earning the AFSC 1C751 one must demonstrate experience in and knowledge of airfield checks, NOTAM processing, emergency response actions, and maintaining flight information data and supportive displays.

    Further qualifications will be required for AFSC 1C771 and AFSC 1C791.

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    Sample Career Field Education And Training Plans

    The following pages are excerpted from two U.S. Air Force Career Field Education and Training Plans as samples representative of officer and enlisted CFETPs. The first is for Air Force Specialty Code 38FX, Force Support Officer. The second is for AFSC 3F0X1, Personnel, on the enlisted side. For each, CFETP general information is provided along with figures describing the education and training roadmap for each CFETP . Each roadmap identifies some of the competencies and opportunities for growing Airmen over their career. Specifics will vary between career fields and individuals, but the roadmap demonstrates that assignments should not be random and, rather, should progress through experiences that build upon each other leading toward targeted end states.

    Air Force To Reclassify Cyberspace Support Career Fields

    Air Force MTI career field

    The move aims to create more versatile cyberspace career airmen, training and curriculum.

    As the Air Force strives to become a digital force and embraces Chief Gen. C. Q. Browns vision of accelerating change, the service is streamlining its cyber and communications career fields. Headquarters Air Force leaders, National Guard and Reserve leaders and major command functional managers of the cyberspace support career field met at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas, last week to discuss how to develop the adaptable, agile communications and cyber career fields needed to support future Air Force requirements, reported John Ingle from the 82nd Training Wing Public Affairs. At the meeting, the leaders made a key decision to reclassify certain cyber career designations, driving toward an all-in-one cyberspace airman concept, Ingle said.

    Over the next year or so, the service will move from having multiple Air Force Specialty Codes for cyberspace support to a single AFSC, with so-called shred outs, or specialties within that one cyberspace career field. As a result, each cyberspace airman would have a broader scope of and greater capabilities in cyber, according to the leaders.

    Chief Master Sgt. Victor Cordero Jr., USAF, manager of the Air Forces cyberspace support career field, said he is intent upon developing agile airmen who can thrive in a robust cyberspace career field with modernized training and curriculum.

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    What Does A 6f0x1 Do

    Provides financial decision support, services, and resources to support the Air Forces war-fighting mission. Performs, supervises, manages and directs financial management activities both at home station and deployed locations. Provides customer service. Maintains financial records for pay and travel transactions. Maintains accounting records and prepares reports. Determines fund availability and propriety of claims. Accounts for and safeguards cash, checks, and other negotiable instruments. Processes commitments and obligations, payments, and collections. Serves as financial advisor to commanders and resource managers. Compiles, analyzes, and summarizes data. Prepares and executes budget execution plans. Performs audits and implements fraud prevention measures.

    What Are The Specialty Qualifications For A 6f0x1

    Knowledge. Knowledge of fiscal law, accounting and payment principles/procedures, contingency operations, financial management systems, and basic computer applications, pay and travel entitlements, Air Force organization, reporting requirements, analysis techniques, financial management policies, procedures and regulations, management principles and controls, budgeting principles, financial management decision support techniques, visual, oral, and written presentation techniques, and Air Force missions.

    Education. For entry into this specialty, completion of high school with courses in mathematics, accounting, business law, ethics, and computer applications are desirable.

    Training. The following training is mandatory as indicated:

    • For award of AFSC 6F031, completion of the basic financial management and comptroller apprentice course.
    • For award of AFSC 6F071, completion of the financial management and comptroller craftsman course.

    Experience. The following experience is mandatory for award of the AFSC indicated:

    For more information on AFSCs and Shredouts check this article out!

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    How Much Are Materiel Management Specialists Paid

    Those without prior military experience or other relevant career-related experience will most likely be initially classified as an Airman Basic .

    New recruits into this career field with a strong retail, logistics or supply background may be able to start out as high as an Airman or Airman First Class .

    Here is the current pay scale for Air Force enlisted members based on time in service and rank:

    • Mobile readiness support
    • Inter-base logistics support

    Among the many different tasks that Air Force material handling personnel are asked to do include:

    This can be a good Air Force career for those that have families too.

    Thats because temporary duty assignments in this career field are not as frequent as they are with many other Air Force jobs.

    Academy Creates More Operations

    Career field managers, AETC improve Keesler training environment ...

    The U.S. Air Force Academy has created a new position to help further develop cadets into future rated Air Force officers through purposeful and intentional exposure to aviation and Airmanship.

    The term rated refers to an aeronautical Air Force Specialty Code with job duties which entail piloting an aircraft or the operation of aircraft systems and sensors.

    The Academys Operations Career Field Manager responsibilities include scheduling, advising and advocating for cadets and cadet involvement in Airmanship programs while working hand-in-hand with the Cadet Wing and all Academy mission elements to implement a four-year Airmanship program progression that grows the cadet experience.

    While the position is new to the Academy, the individual occupying the office is not. Ms. Vivien Wu, who recently took the reins as Operations Career Field Manager, has served in a variety of roles at the Academy most recently as the 306th Operations Squadron Commander from 2016-2018.

    The goal of this position is to increase the opportunity for exposure to rated career fields, for both cadets who have their heart set on a rated career path, as well as those who have never even thought of it before, Wu stated. The Academy has always had mentors and advisors for cadets in areas such as military decorum and profession, academic prowess and athletic might, but USAFA has not had a dedicated advisor in the past to help cadets focus on their future careers.

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    Qualifying For Afsc 3s2x1 Education Specialist

    To be eligible for this job, youll need a high school diploma or its equivalent. You have to have normal color vision and depth perception and need to have a state drivers license in case you need to drive government vehicles.

    Like all recruits to the Air Force and other branches of the U.S. military, youll take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery tests. Education and training specialists need a score of 59 in the general qualification area of the ASVAB, which is a composite score based on the Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension and Arithmetic Reasoning sub-tests of the ASVAB.

    There is no Department of Defense security clearance required for this job, and U.S. citizenship is not a prerequisite.

    Military Career Field Management

    Effective military leaders help nations meet their strategic goals, and the retention of these leaders is essential to preserving morale and unit readiness. RAND has conducted extensive research on training and career development programs that are designed to attract and retain personnel with the most promising mix of knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience.

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    How Do You Get To Level 7 In The Air Force

    Upon promotion to Staff Sergeant, individuals enter training for the 7 Skill Level. This level of training includes more CDCs, more on-the-job training, and for some jobs, a 7-level technical school. Once promoted to E-8, the person receives a 9 skill level.

    What is an Air Force functional manager?

    Major Command Functional Managers . Manage command training for their career field and coordinate command training and personnel issues across their MAJCOM staff and with AFCFMs. Disseminate AF and career field policies and program requirements affecting their career field throughout the MAJCOM.

    What is an Air Force Majcom functional manager?

    MAJCOM functional manager Enlisted MFMs are SNCO who mage enlisted career fields for a MAJCOM and serve a MAJCOM liasons for their respective AFCFMs. MAJCOM Functional Manger general responsibilities. A.) monitoring the health and manning of their career field within their command.

    How long is Phase 2 of 4N0X1?

    How long is the 4N0X1 Tech School? 72 days for phase I in class and phase II is 3 months hands on. Youre correct on the Phase I time-span however, Phase II is only about six weeks .

    How Long Is Tech School For 4n0x1

    Knowledge Operations Management – 3D0X1 – Air Force Careers (Female)

    Training. After Military Training recruits will go to Ft Sam Houston in Texas for 98 days of training at the designated medical facility.

    What is the training plan for 4n0x1x airmen?

    The plan outlines training for 4N0X1X Airmen to develop, progress, and succeed in the career field. The plan identifies initial skills, upgrade, qualification, advanced, proficiency, and continuation training.

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    Force Support Enduring Principles

    For 38Fs to develop appropriately, they must understand the Talent Management Life Cycle Combat Support Core Processes and Combat Support Capabilities Force Support Capabilities and Force Support Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities.

    Introduction to Force Support Enduring Principles.

    Force Support shapes the manner in which Airmen are postured, employed, sustained, and recovered in order to support the Air Forces mission. It defines requirements, acquires and develops specific skills, postures them into an organizational and individual utilization strategy, sustains them from combat operations, and finally transitions them back to home station operations. Force Support provides unique capabilities for Combat Support. Force Support is, by design, not self-sustaining it depends upon other Combat Support Capabilities for secu-

    Suggested Citation:Strengthening U.S. Air Force Human Capital Management: A Flight Plan for 2020-2030

    rity, health, and infrastructure support. Force Support is an integral part of the structure employed to open, establish, and operate air bases worldwide and subsequently redeploy forces to their home installations. It is an enabler by delivering agile, responsive, and efficient approaches to deliver combat Airmen to any theater or environment. In order to accomplish this mission set effectively, 38Fs must understand the Talent Management Life Cycle and Force Support Capabilities.

    Suggested Citation:

    What Are The Duties And Responsibilities For A 6f0x1

    Provides customer service. Advises, interacts and coordinates with organizations on financial matters. Interprets and supplements financial directives. Prepares, verifies, computes and processes, and audits pay transactions. Processes, verifies, audits travel claims, estimates travel costs, determines fund availability, and performs follow-up on outstanding travel orders for travelers.

    Processes financial transactions. Performs follow-up on commitments, outstanding obligations, and processes disbursement and collection transactions. Disburses, collects, and safeguards cash, negotiable instruments and certified vouchers. Prepares accountability records and reports.

    Determines propriety of funding and certifies fund availability. Records, reconciles, and verifies entries into automated systems based on accounting documents. Certifies and processes payment and collection vouchers. Maintains appropriated funds, accounting records, and files. Schedules, prepares, verifies, and submits financial reports.

    Provides customer service and financial analysis for various organizations, vendors, and the Air Force Financial Services Center. Reconciles funding authorities with accounting records.

    Reviews financial data for accuracy and resolves discrepancies. Receives, reconciles, and distributes funding authorities. Examines funding and reprogramming actions to determine financial implications. Reviews reimbursement program status.

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    What Is Af Career Field Manager

    Your Career Field Manager is the single most important person in your career development and in ensuring your success in the program. Your CFM is a senior federal government employee at your host command. CM Provides guidance, consultation and assistance concerning career management and career services matters.

    What is the largest career field in the Air Force?

    Security ForcesAs the largest career field in the Air Force, its the job of Security Forces to protect, defend and fight. They are responsible for missile security, defending air bases around the globe, law enforcement on those bases, combat arms and handling military working dogs.

    Air Force Technical Training Information

    Career field managers, AETC improve Keesler training environment ...

    If you are not one of those people that like learning in a classroom setting than this is a great Air Force career choice.

    Most of the learning takes place in a hands-on type of environment.

    There is however a brief 33-day technical training period that covers the most basic aspects of being an Air Force Materiel Management Specialist.

    This training takes place right at Joint Base Lackland in San Antonio, TX.

    During technical training recruits will be taught such key material management functions as inventory taking, logistics, supply storage, accountability, parts database management, and aspects of proper customer service.

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