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Plan For How Youll Conclude Each Interaction

Aviation Maintenance Career Fair in Wichita | AIM

Next, have a plan for how to wrap up the conversation with each of the employers/recruiters you talk to at the career fair.

You want to close the interaction in a confident, professional way. I suggest asking each company about the next steps in their hiring process and who to follow up with.

Give the recruiters/employers your resume if they have any relevant jobs, but also make sure you have a plan moving forward to stay aware of new opportunities from the company.

Asking to stay in touch whether or not they have an immediate opportunity will show employers that youre thinking about the big picture and youre genuinely interested in the opportunities their company can offer .

This is going to impress employers, since many candidates come across as simply being in a rush to find any job they can find, without much thought into the future.

The bottom line is: You can set yourself apart from other job seekers and get more out of job fairs if you plan how to end each conversation with the various companies you talk to.

If attending in-person career fairs, you can ask for business cards, for example. If attending a virtual event, you can ask whether it would be okay to connect with the recruiter or other company representative on LinkedIn.

Kansas Career Opportunities Health Care Career Fair

Kansas Career Opportunities is an annual health care career fair. KCO provides an opportunity for resident physicians, health care job seekers, and students to network with health care employers from across Kansas.

If you have any questions about KCO, or are curious about future support and advertising opportunities, give us a call at 316-293-2649. Our KCO coordinators, Laurie and Allison, will be happy to assist you!

Representatives from over 50 health care employers use this opportunity to meet and begin building relationships with prospective employees. During KCO, health care employers from across Kansas recruit for current and future positions. Employers who have found and hired health care providers they connected with during KCO earn the title of Star Community.

Participants are provided the opportunity to:

  • Learn more about what rural and underserved communities have to offer
  • Start building relationships with potential employers
  • Find out which employers offer special incentives and benefits
  • Brush up on interviewing and communication skills
  • Inquire more about loan forgiveness and repayment options
  • Build connections to begin providing locum tenens/temporary coverage services

Target Audience

  • Medical, allied health, and behavioral health students
  • Pharmacy students

The Following Hiring Events Will Take Place At Wyandotte County Workforce Partnership 626 Minnesota Avenue Wyandotte Ks 66101 For More Information On Any Event Please Call 279

The United States Census Bureau is hosting a hiring event at the Wyandotte County Workforce Center every Tuesday throughout the month of November from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. The US Census Bureau is hiring for Field Representatives. For more information and to schedule your interview, contact Workforce Partnership via email at or call 279-2600.
Job seekers, a KansasWorks account and a valid ID are required to attend. Please also bring an updated copy of your resume. Click the KansasWorks link to create an account today! #GetHired
The next On Demand Employment Services hiring event is happening at the Wyandotte County Workforce Center on Wednesday, November 16th, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. On Demand is searching for candidates to hire for various jobs, including as a Furniture Mover and a General Laborer. For more information about the event, contact Workforce Partnership via email at or call 279-2600.
Job seekers, we strongly encourage you to create a KansasWorks account for the event. Please bring an updated copy of your resume. Visit KansasWorks to create an account today!
Visit the Wyandotte County Workforce every Wednesday throughout the month of November from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM for the UPS hiring event. For more information about the event, contact Workforce Partnership via email at or call 279-2600.

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Kansas City Career Fair

Please Pre-Register Now!

This is a Sales and Management focused career fair. This is an in-person hiring event for the greater Kansas City area and surrounding metro regions.

Its designed to connect job seekers with hiring managers from several companies in one location. This is not a cattle call career fair crowded with hundreds of other candidates and lines out the door. Candidates enjoy an intimate setting that begins with a short presentation from each hiring manager, to help them know which specific opportunities are a good fit.

Pre-register now

Job seekers can accomplish several days worth of interviewing in just a couple hours. Meeting people is more impactful than only relying on the apply button and hoping to be contacted in return. Take charge of your job search and shake a hand.

The job fair spans professional level opportunities in several industries. Hiring managers from multiple disciplines are available to accept your resume and begin the interview process. Job seekers enjoy bypassing a phone interview and engage in a more personal interaction with the hiring managers and influencers.

Key Event Features:

Evening Hours: The event begins promptly at 6:00 pm so candidates can attend without raising suspicion or using a personal day off of work. Curious to see what opportunities are available? You can just stop by on your way home from work.

How Do I Prepare To Attend A Career Fair

CiCi in KC: Kansas City Zoo Job Fair, 1/28/12
  • Register on Handshake and check your student email for updates
  • Review event details to know what to expect during the career fair
  • Research the companies that are attending
  • Practice your pitch, including how to introduce yourself, sharing your pertinent experiences expressing your interest in the company
  • Plan what you will wear – visit the Professional Wardrobe Studio if you need clothing for the event
  • Bring several printed copies of your resume, your portfolio and a note pad to the event
  • Connect with the employer on LinkedIn – use the LinkedIn QR code during the event
  • Schedule a 1:1 appointment with a career coach on Handshake
  • Attend a Career Fair Prep event

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Why You Should Attend A Kansas City Career Fair

Why You Should Attend Career Fairs

Career fairs provide a rare opportunity to meet many employers and company representatives in one place. So you will be able to have many short interviews with members of HR teams and submit your resume. You can also make some inquiries about their standard online recruitment procedures and interviews. Hence, you can gain an advantage over those who have not attended the job fair. Remember that many of the people you will interact with may be very difficult to see when they return to their corporate offices.

Receive Valuable Feedback on Your Resume

Interacting with potential employers can help you to get quick feedback on your resume. You will know whether your desired job position is in high demand by the companies you want to work for and your ability to meet the basic requirements for the position. The actual qualifications required for the job will be provided by these employers. This includes factors such as work experience, minimum educational qualification, and average salary offered. Bear in mind that to obtain adequate information about a potential job position, you will need to ask short and direct questions, in a friendly manner. This will help you to cover as many employers as possible within a short time.

Discover New Recruitment Trends

How Do Virtual Career Fairs Work

Virtual career fairs are similar to in-person career fairs, with the difference being that youll log in to an online portal instead of visiting a physical location. Within the online career fair portal, you can participate in various rooms which will allow you to meet with various employers to network and find out what career opportunities theyre offering.

A virtual career job fair format may make it harder for you to build rapport and stand out as a job seeker since theyre not face-to-face with employers.

Yet this virtual format can also be an advantage if youre introverted, not great at in-person networking, or living far away from potential job opportunities and are open to relocating.

Theres another major financial advantage to virtual events, too. Virtual job fairs are an incredible opportunity because they cost you little time and almost no money and can be attended from home.

You dont have to commute to the virtual career fair or pay for parking, transportation, or a hotel if the fair is in a different city, and you dont even need to wear full business attire .

For these reasons, virtual career fairs are an excellent option for any students or new job seekers, especially those short on time and money.

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Recap: Why Career Fairs/job Fairs Are Worth It

Career fairs cost you almost no time or money and can lead directly to job opportunities and information that will aid you in your job search.

Attending career fairs also allows you to build long-term relationships with employers to stay aware of future job opportunities as your career progresses.

Its worth attending job fairs if youre a student or other candidate near the beginning of your career.

Dont rely solely on job fairs in your job hunt, though.

I suggest also , talking to your network to find out about opportunities, and .

Additional Benefits Of Attending Career/job Fairs

IRS in Kansas City holding job fair

I mentioned above that as a student or job seeker, youll gain access to immediate job opportunities at job fairs, plus the potential to network and access opportunities later in your career.

There are more benefits to attending these events, too.

First, you can get feedback on your resume. Bring many copies and dont just hand your resume to employers for a job opening ask them what they think, whether they have any questions or concerns, and if there are any changes theyd recommend making based on what their company looks for in a candidate.

If youre an entry-level job seeker, ask what type of qualifications they look for in students and recent grads. This will give you insight into how companies decide who to hire when you dont have any formal work experience.

This is valuable info that you can then use to improve your resume. Many companies will be happy to share feedback with candidates, whether youre attending a virtual career fair or talking in person.

Another benefit to attending events like career fairs and job fairs: Youll get to hone your elevator pitch.

If someone asks, What do you do? are you prepared with a good answer?

Could you explain your background, what youre looking to do next, and why they should care, in under 30 seconds?

In all of the above situations, you only have one chance to make a strong first impression and keep their attention.

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Are Career Fairs Free

College career fairs/job fairs are typically free. These events dont charge candidates to attend, whether virtual or in-person. The fact that career fairs are free is one of the top reasons that I recommend them and feel theyre worth it.

Be wary of any job fair charging money to job seekers. The largest and most reputable job fairs tend to be free for the candidate.

Do not pay for access to job opportunities. Entrance fees are a surefire sign of a scam and a way that shady companies prey on entry-level candidates.

You should also never pay recruiters for help in general. The company pays for the recruiting services .

Education & Public Service Career Fair Registration Open

The University of Kansas would like to invite you and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to attend the Education and Public Service Career Fair on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 from 1:00-3:00PM. This event is going to be a great showcase for your organization, providing you with the chance to meet with hundreds of college students who have a passion for service. Whether you need to fill internships, full-time opportunities, or simply want to promote your brand, this event is an extremely effective way to introduce your organization to KU students.

to reserve a table at this years job fair!

Have you attended a KU Career fair previously? Login to your employer profile and register using your email address and your password.

If you have not registered previously for this fair, you will see New Participants on the right hand side of the screen. Select the button below that is labeled Proceed to Registration form.


  • Completely fill out the registration form
  • Review your information
  • Select CONFIRM in order to complete the registration.
  • After pressing CONFIRM, a green box will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the screen reading Registration Saved. This signifies that you have successfully submitted your registration.
  • We manually process the registration and send a confirmation email with an attached invoice.

If you do not get this email within the week, please contact us to verify if we received your registration.

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Are Career Fairs Worth It

If youre wondering whether career fairs are worth it, then read on.

Im going to share what to expect at a career/job fair, the most important benefits of going to a career/job fair, and whether its worth it to attend as a job seeker.

Ill also share a few key preparation steps you should know before attending any job fair, so make sure you read until the end.

Lets get started

Jobnewsusacom Kansas City Job Fair

Career Fairs

GET HIRED! Your next career opportunity is right around the corner at the Kansas City Job Fair! Whether youre looking for an entry-level position or a more experienced management job, this hiring event will have something for you. On-the-spot interviews & job offers will be made!

We encourage you to register online and upload your resume so that companies exhibiting at the job fair can access your information, increasing your employment opportunities!

Tips for Job Fair Success:

Dress professionally as if attending a job interview

Practice your personalized pitch which should summarize your skills and experience

Make a good first and lasting impression with each recruiter

Bring several copies of your updated resume or work history to the event

Parking and Admission are FREE!

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Find Your Future In Kansas City’s Tech Community

Looking for a new opportunity in the tech industry? Whether you’re considering different options or looking for a fresh start, the KC Tech Council’s Virtual Tech Career Fair is your first stop.

Explore open jobs, have real-time conversations with talent professionals and discover opportunities at the virtual “booths” hosted by some of KC’s top tech employers, all from the comfort of your home .

How Do Career Fairs Work

Career fairs are organized events that allow job seekers to meet with representatives from multiple companies and receive information about internship and job opportunities. Employers each typically have a table or booth at the career fair and spend the day meeting with job seekers to discuss their companys job openings.

Career fairs are popular with job candidates because they dont cost any money, so you may have to wait in line to speak to some employers.

Career fairs, also referred to as job fairs, may be located on a college campus or at a different venue.

Specific industries or even individual organizations may hold job fairs at times when they need to do a lot of hiring. For example, when a hotel chain is opening a new hotel in a city, they may hold a one-day hiring fair to quickly hire their start-up staff.

Dont think of career fairs as just a way to get immediate opportunities from employers, though. Thats one big benefit of attending

But you should also think about building a long-term relationship with each company that you find interesting.

Employers prefer to hire candidates they know/trust, so students and early-stage professionals can get ahead later in their careers by starting to build relationships with key people at top companies before they need that relationship.

So even if a company isnt recruiting for your exact talents or level at the moment, consider exchanging contact info with a recruiter to stay in touch.

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University Of Kansas 2019 Biological Sciences Career Night

You are invited to the 2019 University of Kansas Biological Sciences Career Night on Tuesday, October 22

The event will be held at the Kansas Union Ballroom and is sponsored by KUs Biological Sciences Advisory Board and the Undergraduate Biology Program.

The purpose of Career Night is to provide an opportunity for biology students to interact with professionals and explore career opportunities that are available for biology and life sciences majors. Career Night has been very successful in past years and we hope to have another great event this year!

Date: Tuesday, October 22, 2019Time: 6:00-7:30 pm Location: Kansas Union, Ballroom

Registration is required, but there is no fee for participation. Please register online at:

Parking is available at the Mississippi Street Garage, located north of the Kansas Union. After registering, we will follow up with additional information and instructions on parking.

Questions? Please contact Ann Hartley at 785.864.4517

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