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Employers Who Dont Go Virtual Will Be Left Behind

Nationwide Student Survey Results: Student Success & Career Preparation

Students whove worked hard to transition to virtual job searching wonder why there are some companies that havent reciprocated. When asked their opinion about employers that have not adopted virtual fairs, virtual events, and virtual recruitment tools, many students believe this failure to adapt will have a negative impact on their recruiting efforts. Here were their top answers:

  • 41.2% said that these employers will eventually have to adopt virtual recruitment tools
  • 19.4% believe slow-to-evolve employers are going to fall behind
  • 11.8% simply say that it will be harder for the employers to connect with them and their peers

All in all, thats more than 70% of students who believe that employers will either be forced to adapt, or will struggle to keep up as their competitors adopt superior recruiting practices in a virtual world.

Attract Visitors To Your Booth With Competitions Or Giveaways

Competitions can dispel potential candidates hesitation and get them excited about your company the second they approach your booth. There are lots of great ideas for contests out there: drawings, photo contests, caption contests, trivia, and so much more. Prizes can range from gift cards to shot glasses to audio speakers.

Giveaways can also generate buzz about your organization and get people to approach your booth. Students at the fair will be looking to collect company swag, so you should have a nice supply ready. Pens are a classic item here, but you can go further. Students typically like t-shirts, tote bags, and flash drives, since they are likely to use them long after the fair is over.

Stem Career And Internship Fair

Connect with University of Nevada, Renos students in STEM majors seeking career and internship opportunities. Build brand recognition on campus, establish relationships with student leaders and college administrators, and connect with qualified students.

The STEM Career and Internship Fair:

  • Wednesday, February 15, 2023

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The Virtual Job Search Has Its Benefits

The pivot to fully virtual recruitment might have been an unexpected curveball for students, but there are bright sides. When asked what they like about the virtual job search process, almost half of students reported feeling less intimidated when meeting with potential employers. More than half of respondents who feel this profound sense of relief are women connecting face-to-face in a calm, virtual setting appears preferable for this cohort over trying to self-advocate and make a memorable impact over the dull roar of traditional gymnasium career fairs. Some of the other top reasons why students like virtual recruiting events are that these types of events reduce scheduling barriers, and participants feel theyre able to better prepare for interviews.

Communication And Connection Are Common Challenges

NACE: The most used job

On the other hand, when asked what they dont like about the virtual job search process, 52% of students reported finding it challenging to communicate effectively in online settings and that they worry about not making a genuine connection with recruiters during virtual events. If this sounds familiar to you, check out these resources:

For communicating effectively during virtual events and interviews:

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Virtual Interview Prep Is Essential

After theyve selected confidence-boosting virtual career fair outfits and fueled their job searches with favorite snacks and drinks, students find a few key preparation rituals key to their success at virtual recruiting events. More than two-thirds of students research the companies theyre meeting before a virtual job interview. Nearly half of students participate in mock interviews to work through their nerves and practice answers to common questions. Finally, more than 40% of students utilize meditation and deep breathing to manage stress and calm their jittery nerves before hopping on their interview call.

Clean Up After Yourself

Candidates are not the only people you need to impress during a recruitment fair. While it is a no-brainer, remember that how your team conducts themselves during the event can decide whether or not you will get to attend it next year.

After cleaning up your booth and making arrangements to bring items back to the office, you should consider leaving your sign-up station until the final moment for last-minute candidates.

Consider getting in contact with the Hosts. You will want to know if there is anything new in terms of their portal dashboard or new upcoming activities and events. Maybe a chat with the hosts will also give recruiters insights on the actual event performance to evaluate if the event was successful or not.

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Event Survey Questions For Career Development Events

Students and professionals everywhere rely on career development events for access to resources, employment opportunities, and job preparation. In a highly competitive job market, its important to make sure participants can get the most out of your job fair or career development event. Leveraging post-event survey responses can be really helpful for understanding your audience and maximizing improvement potential.

So, we created a complete set of event survey questions for career development events to save you some time.

Here are a few examples:

1. What made you decide to attend this event?

  • Career resources

2. Were you able to connect with all of the programs/offices you wanted to during the event?

  • Yes, I was able to connect with them easily
  • I was able to connect with most of the programs/offices I wanted to
  • I was able to connect with a few of the programs/offices I wanted to
  • I was not able to connect with any of the offices I wanted to

3. Were there any resources/opportunities missing from the event that you wish had been offered?

  • ____________________

To get the full list of 17 event survey questions for career development events, fill out the form and click Download Template.


How Did We Come Up With The Template

The Student Engineers’ Council Career Fair at Texas A& M University

To come up with the best event survey template for career development events, we started by gathering survey questions from hundreds of events. We carefully reviewed, sorted and analyzed each question. Then we interviewed some of Whovas most experienced event organizers to find out which kind of questions produce the best results.

Whova Solution

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Collect Data For Further Improvement

Each recruitment fair is a chance for your team to improve. Data like:

  • The number of candidates you interacted with at the event,

  • The number of resumes received,

  • The number of qualified resumes received

  • The number of interviews scheduled

  • The number of resulting hires

  • Any other appropriate data

Are necessary for the entire team to look back on their performance. You can compare to previous recruitment fairs and identify what is working and what is not.

Tips For Designing A Career Assessment Survey:

The basic need and purpose of this survey is to evaluate your potential and personal preferences and describe a career that is most suitable for you and whether you do it with a questionnaire in form of a survey or a career counselor has a meeting with you, there will be almost same set of questions that you need to answer. Some of the key parts of a Career Assessment Survey include

Here is preview of This First Sample Career Assessment Survey Template created using MS Word,

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Have Your Materials Together

A display booth of your companys mission alone will not give your candidates reason to remember your company. If you want your name to remain relevant long after a career fair, consider distributing useful materials to your candidates.

In the old days, paper-based materials like categories and flyers sounds like the best idea, but the today world has given us much more flexibility and creativity. With the steady rise of hybrid recruiting, there is a chance a good portion of your career fair will happen online. Your materials can be anything from a well-designed video introducing your organization, digital PDF pamphlets with contact information, etc.

To top it off, recent research from Deloitte suggested that the young generations are becoming more conscious about sociopolitical and environmental problems. Going paperless is an is a win-win situation for everyone!

Get The Word Out That Youll Be There

Student Performance Evaluation Examples Lovely Student Evaluation form ...

You can find more than a few candidates just by letting them know they can meet you in person at a career fair. Get creative when it comes to your communication method:

With a branding-focused ATS, you can create an attractive pre-event landing page where candidates can. and even do early registration so that you already have their information in advance. Want an example? Check out Billograms amazing landing page created by our ATS.

Another way is to connect with the hosts of the career fair. Have your organization listed, access the University Portal for sourcing candidates, or give candidates information about going to your career page and pre-register before the actual meet-ups.

Once you have collected the candidate information through the pre-registration and sign-up, there are tools such as traditional SMS and emails to establish further communication. Want automation? A CRM is your best bet for automated messages tailored to the community you are targeting.

Social media posting is the go-to way to reach your potential candidates. There is a group on Facebook, Twitter, or Linked In for almost every topic and position. You can try vocational-specific groups on Facebook or LinkedIn, interact and spread the word on the events social media channels, etc. Remember to follow the community and content guidelines.

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Create Rapport With Your Top Candidates

Your top candidates need special attention, and the best way is to create a communication plan thats meaningful and personal. Those that participated in these events have a genuine interest in your organization and opening positions. How to achieve this? Recruiters have a range of communication methods from emails and sms campaigns to hosting Q& A sessions. A personal post-event communication plan can create a good rapport and get you quality candidates, whether directly or through referral.

Who Participates In The Recent Graduates And Students Career Fair

  • The fair is open to juniors and seniors from undergraduate, graduate, and PhD programs, as well as recent graduates . This is a great opportunity to recruit for any remaining unfilled internships or part-time/full-time opportunities.
  • A wide range of organizations recruit at this event including Fortune 500s, non-profits, government agencies, and start-ups.

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Careereco Privacy Disclaimer Statement

The Georgia Tech Career Center uses third-party platform, CareerEco®, to facilitate your registration for, and participation in, the All-Majors Virtual Career Fair and other related virtual career fair events. To register for the All-Majors Virtual Career Fair youll need to provide information such as your name, email address, phone number and resume. CareerEco® may also ask you for additional demographic or other information. Any information you provide to CareerEco® is done so voluntarily. Please carefully review the CareerEco®Privacy Policy to understand how CareerEco® uses and shares your personal information. Please also carefully review the CareerEco®Terms of Service for use of the CareerEco® platform. You may address any questions or concerns regarding CareerEco®s use of your information and terms of service to: and the Georgia Tech Career Center via Briana Edwards at .

Decide Whether Youre Taking Resumes

CMS students attend job fair to start career in hotel industry after graduation

If a candidate hands you a paper resume, will you accept it or will you refer him/her to your website? If youd rather refer your candidates to apply on your website, keep in mind that the No. 1 complaint from job fair participants is that they talk to the employer and then theyre told to go online and apply.

Candidates want to know that by showing up in person for a career fair, they are having an advantage over people simply applying online. With the right tool, recruiters can multitask with ease. Imagine taking candidates resumes and filling in evaluation forms while still actively engaging with candidates on a personal level. The only thing matter is: Do you want your candidates to truly enjoy being at the fair meeting you?

Want more detail on Campus Recruiting Strategy? Check out our detailed guide on the topic!

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Career Fair Success Guide

Regardless of your major, year in college, or future goals, there are benefits to attending a career fair:

Adapted from Atlanta University Center Career Day Guide

What Employers Expect at Career Fairs

  • According to Job Web, more than one-third of surveyed employers expect students who attend Career Fairs to be familiar with their organizations. Students should check with Career Services for an updated list of companies who will be attending a specific fair. Then research the companies you are interested in. Employers are mindful of student dress at Fairs in that 32% of companies surveyed expect that students wear business suits 56% indicated that casual business attire is acceptable. In terms of what to bring, the majority of employers are looking for hard copies of student resumes. Cover letters also ranked high among what students should bring to a Fair. The survey results indicate that student follow-up is important. It is noted that many employers do not extend an interview invitation unless the student sends a thank-you-letter or makes a phone call to them after the Fair.

Resource The Career Voice Quarterly Publication

How to Sell Yourself at the Career Fair

A Career fair is a great place to gather information about potential employers and make contacts that can lead to your first job, internships or summer positions.

What to Take to the Career Fair

Things Not to Do at the Career Fair

Five Things to Take Home From the Career Fair

Companies Could Make The Process Easier

In addition to adopting virtual recruiting tools to adapt to the evolving COVID-19 landscape, students feel that employers could do more to make their virtual recruiting process better. According to our survey data, the top three ways employers can make students virtual job search/interview easier is by:

  • Being specific about what theyre looking for in candidates
  • Detailing out the process ahead of time
  • Offering guides on how to navigate virtual events and fairs
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    Prepare The Right Questions For Potential Candidates

    You most likely have a good idea of the positions youre trying to fill and the skills, experiences, and personalities youd like to see in candidates for those positions.

    A great way to make good use of your time at a career fair is to conduct pseudo-interviews to pre-qualify candidates. Prepare a list of evaluation questions that could be used to gauge potential applicants skills, background, and interest in your organization.

    Common Career Fair Questions

    Career Fair 2017 â The Prospector

    Why should I attend a University of Houston Career Fair?

    • The University of Houston is one of the most diverse, public research institutions in the nation.
    • In Fall 2020, over 47,000 students were enrolled.
    • We are a Hispanic Serving Institution
    • Nearly 40-50% of our students identify as first-generation.
    • Our students are hardworking, most work and go to school at the same time!
    • On average we see between 700 students per in-person career fair . Virtual career fairs average 350 students.
    • Easy to register and strong communication from our employer team!
    • Career Fairs are excellent recruitment, networking and branding opportunities.

    What online platform do we use?

    • University Career Services, the central career center on campus, uses Symplicity.
    • Our colleagues in the Bauer College of Business, College of Engineering, College of Hotel and Restaurant Management and Law Center also use Symplicity.
    • The College of Technology uses Handshake.

    Are there multiple career fairs at UH?

    • University Career Services hosts multiple events per semester.
    • Our colleagues in the Bauer College of Business, College of Engineering, College of Hotel and Restaurant Management, Computer Science Department, College of Architecture and Design and College of Technology also hold career fairs, only for their students.
    • The University of Houston system is also home to other campuses, like UH Downtown, UH Clearlake and UH Victoria. These are separate institutions, with their own mascots!

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    Be Open For Delay Sign

    Most candidates are likely to request your recruiters to give them time to weigh their options. You can allow these candidates to sign-up to receive recruiting information from you and to leave you their resume, if appropriate.

    Want to manage these candidates more consistently? You can create a talent pool in your CRM and start a custom SMS or email campaign to sway them to your side.

    Follow Up With Everyone

    Following up with applicants is very important if you want to keep people interested in your organization. Failure to do so promptly can keep you from finding the people you want and can hurt your organizations image.

    Any savvy job-seeker will send out more than a few applications, and the company that replies fastest can easily come out on top. If you dont reply, someone else most likely will.

    If you wait too long after receiving an application, not only will you lose the applicant, but you will also cause people to regard you as rude and uncaring or lumbering and inefficient.

    Rakuna Student Survey reveals valuable insights:

    90% of respondents prefer to use email and phone as their favorite professional communication channels and hear from recruiters within one week after the first interaction.

    Thus, recruiters need to prepare a post-career fair communication to guarantee positive candidate experience and give you an upper hand in winning top talents. And dont forget to check your landing page and ATS for any sign-up resulting from your event.

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