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Brand With Job Seekers In Mind

How To Prepare For The Career Fair

When it comes to engaging with job fair attendees, appearance matters. With both the booth and the people staffing the booth, your company is being represented, so ensure that job seekers first impressions are positive ones.

Looking professional, interesting, or even exciting, and creating an inviting booth all go a long way. Keep in mind that your industry, company brand, and the type of job you are recruiting for should influence how you present during a job fair.

For example, if you are a tech startup, be sure to display the attributes that make you unique. What is your office setting like? How is the work culture among employees? Brag about who you are and why they would want to work for your company. Remember, you are competing for talent that companies in the booths on either side of you are also targeting.

Keep in mind that these candidates are also potential customers, and building dynamic engagement with passersby builds your brand and the emotions that make up your brand connection with the public.

Check out our guide on employer branding.

How To Prepare For A Job Fair

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Job fairs are one of the best options to connect with employers, hiring managers and recruiters. These events allow you to connect with a variety of companies and possibly land your dream job on your career path. To increase your chances of getting hired at job fairs, it’s important to take these events seriously.

In this article, we discuss some tips to help you prepare for the job fair and stand out from the competition.

Create And Configure Your Career Fair In Handshake

Create the Career Fair

  • Create your career fair and configure all fair-related settings. For detailed instructions on how to create a fair in Handshake, refer to Career Fairs: Creation.

Best Practice: create all relevant surveys to add to your fair for students and employers, before creating your career fair. Check out Creating and Testing Surveysfor help creating surveys

  • Payment Options within Career Fairs: There are two ways to handle payments for your career fairs in Handshake, and manual payments:

Credit Card: In order to use credit card payments you must integrate with Stripe, TouchNet or CASHNet and have your Payment Preferences school settings configured. See Payments System Setup and Testing Guide for a step by step guide to setting up payments.

Manual: You can specify instructions for employers to be able to pay with cash, check, or link to external payment method, like PayPal. If you use this option you will manually need to mark employers as paid in Handshake as you receive their payment.

Best Practice: set Your Default Invoice message: This is the message that employers will receive along with their invoice. This will prevent you from having to type out this message multiple times when creating & sending invoices.

Best Practice: select Automatically invoice after approving for career fairs and events. This will allow you to automatically be prompted to create and send invoices for your employer once you mark their registration as approved.

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After The Career Fair Ends

  • Don’t leave yet!

Although things may slow down near the end, dont leave early. That makes everyone look bad. If youre shipping materials from the fair, be organized with everything you needpackaging, your courier contact details, and account number, etc.

  • Follow-up with each new contact as soon as possible

Meet with your team to consolidate your lists of new candidates and categorize them for following up. Call or email each of the contacts youve made as soon as possible. Some may already have interviews booked with other companiesor even job offers.

  • Follow-up with campus contacts

Plan Your Booth Setup

Employee Performance Review Checklist

If youre new to career fairs, theres more that goes into your booth setup than you might think. First, youll need to check with the venue for specifications on the size of your space and the materials theyll provide. Some venues provide a table. Others require you to bring your own. Some offer electrical outlets and WiFi to every exhibitor. Others charge extra for these.

Think about how youll use your booth to catch the eye of career fair attendees. Will you have banners? Digital media like TV monitors or computer screen displays? Interactive elements?

Remember, its going to be crowded, so anything you can do to set your booth apart from the sea of others will be helpful.

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Develop Your Recruitment And Hiring Goals

Meet with your team members beforehand to discuss and determine your goals for recruiting a new employee. Define the qualities, traits and characteristics of your ideal employee. Set goals that establish which roles youre searching for at the event, so your employees know which positions theyre aiming to fill when meeting candidates.

Establishing job search goals also helps you determine which events to attend. For instance, if you hope to hire an IT specialist, plan to attend a job fair for IT professionals or attend college career fairs if youre filling entry-level or internship roles.

Arrive Early To Set Up The Booth

Get to the event at least 30 minutes to an hour before it starts. This gives you enough time to get used to the surrounding environment, hang your signs and lay out your materials on the table. Youll feel more relaxed and comfortable knowing you have plenty of time to set up and prepare for attendees.

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What Is Job Fair Recruiting

A job fair is an event that employers and recruiters attend to find qualified candidates to fill their companys open positions. Candidates attend job fairs to learn more about available roles in different industries and fields. Colleges host career fairs for students to find entry-level positions to pursue after earning their degree. Other organizations hold job fairs for community members and local businesses to attend. Job fairs are a great place to meet diverse candidates and learn about their backgrounds, skills and qualifications to determine if theyre a good fit for your company.

Decide On Your Recruitment Goal

Preparing for a Job Fair: Company Research and Job Searching

Depending on your industry, current hiring needs and the type of candidate youd like to recruit, choose or plan a job fair that will be worth your time, effort and money. For example:

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Job Fair Tips For Employers + Free Checklist

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A job fair is a great opportunity to connect with multiple job seekers at once in a single location and can be a strategic addition to your hiring practices. Although each job fair is different, they all enable you to give information on job openings and hiring initiatives to potential candidates, casual job seekers, and HR professionals.


Job Fair Preparation & Tips

According to recent career outcomes data, UT students who attended job fairs had a higher chance of getting job offers AND accepted higher salaries than students who did not attend a job fair. Preparing for a job fair ahead of time will ensure a successful experience and outcome. This page demonstrates how to prepare for and navigate a job fair, and shares steps for following up after a job fair to ensure an enjoyable and successful experience.

Check out upcoming job fairs on Handshake.

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Corner Resources Are In Your Corner For Hiring

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Our staffing experts have a vast network of professional contacts across the country in addition to exclusive systems for sourcing hard-to-find passive candidates. Get in touch with us today and let us turn your next candidate search into the easiest hire youve ever made.

Prepare A Fair Employers

Free Microsoft EXCEL workshop is open to all jobseekers in the ...

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Make A Plan Of Action

Get a layout of the companies’ booths ahead of time so you know where each one is. You may speak with one or two of your low-priority companies first for practice and then speak with your high-priority companies.

Speaking with high-priority companies early on can be beneficial, as they are more likely to be approachable, as opposed to later in the day. If you’re a well-qualified candidate, employers may use you as a standard to assess other candidates. Speaking with them early on also ensures that you will not run out of time and miss them. With proper time management, however, it’s impossible to miss any targets on your list.

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How Do I Make My Company Stand Out At A Career Fair

Great ways to make your company stand out at a career fair include:

  • Host contests and giveaways to give people a chance to win exciting prizes from your business.
  • Bring employees with high energy levels and genuine excitement about the company to convince more people to stop at your booth and apply for roles.
  • Have games at your booth for attendees to participate in.

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Essential Campus Career Fair Checklist

Three-fourths of American employers now recruit on campus. With the majority of employers engaged in college recruiting, and unemployment at the lowest rates since 2000, competition for college hires is fierce.

In this chapter, we will walk you through why a well-planned campus recruitment strategy is essential to hire top student talent. Follow this checklist to maximize recruitment efforts at every career fair.

Be Virtual Career Fair For

How to be Successful at a Virtual Job Fair

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Stand In Front Of Your Table

Seriously! There will be dozens or even hundreds of other companies there, and if youre parked in a chair or blocked off behind your table, its far too easy for candidates to stroll on by without even looking at your booth. Even if they do stop, being on the other side of a table or in a chair creates an awkward dynamic for having a conversation.

Instead, get the most out of your investment in this opportunity by having your recruiters on their feet, actively engaging with the fair attendees. Again, this is a great reason to bring several people to share the staffing responsibility.

Be Prepared To Talk To All Students

Many freshmen and sophomores will attend the Career and Internship Fair. Interacting with these students is a long-term investment in your recruiting process. Taking time to explain career opportunities to these students now may produce dividends in the future when the student is seeking their first internship or job. They will remember the employer with whom they connected as a younger student.

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Get The Most Out Of Your Job Fair Interviews

Job fairs are often loud, busy, and full of static noise, but that does not mean that you cannot or should not interview during these events. Time is of the essence, and if you can get the initial interview out of the way, you may be able to schedule a second-round interview for the following week.

As a general rule, follow these steps when conducting interviews at job fairs:

  • Create a conducive space: As much as possible, create a private and quiet space for the interview. This can be difficult, particularly with in-person job fairs, as they are neither private nor quiet. Do your best with whats available.
  • Keep it brief: In some cases, interviews will last about five minutes, and that is enough to learn about the candidate. These initial interviews are mostly about confirming details on the resume, sharing some basic facts about the job you are meeting about, and answering any initial questions the candidate has about the role or the company.
  • Clarify expectations: At the end of the interview, share with the candidate what your timeline is and how long the process usually takes for interviews and hiring decisions.
  • Parting ways: Make sure that you have a clean copy of the candidates resume. Also, share a business card with the candidate and a brochure about the company and what it does.

Information On Work Environment


Your company representatives should be able to talk to prospective employees about the organizations corporate culture. This includes discussing whether the business offers a relaxed workplace or a straight-laced, strictly professional environment. Encourage representatives to talk with prospects about what they most enjoy about their jobs and to describe their experiences being part of your team.

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Prepare The Right Questions For Potential Candidates

You most likely have a good idea of the positions youre trying to fill and the skills, experiences, and personalities youd like to see in candidates for those positions.

A great way to make good use of your time at a career fair is to conduct pseudo-interviews to pre-qualify candidates. Prepare a list of evaluation questions that could be used to gauge potential applicants skills, background, and interest in your organization.

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