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For Students: Potential Majors And Careers

Workplace Training for Young Adults With Disabilities: CHOP Career Path

If youre a student looking to get into the workforce for the first time or are interested in starting on a career path, career counseling can help you make practical choices based on sound data and relevant information. In this process, youll also gain self-knowledge vital to becoming empowered to design your own future career.

Maybe you are hesitating on choosing a major to start on a future career? Or, perhaps youre afraid that youll make a wrong choice and leave college without a clear sense of direction? It is reassuring to know, career counseling can help you ensure your years of investment of time and energy wont go to waste. There is hope and help for you!

What Should I Expect In Career Counseling Sessions

You play the active role in managing your career and will be largely responsible for the outcome. A career expert does not tell you what to do or make decisions for you. However, you can expect motivation and support through the process as well as practical assistance in how to get there.

Collaboratively, goals will be set and action plans established to provide direction and help you achieve short and long-term career goals.

In order for you to get the most out of career counseling, it is helpful if you start thinking ahead about the things you want and dont want out of your life.

Your career counseling experience will be unique and tailored to your specific needs and career goals.

To help you clarify your career path, career testing services are also available. Career assessments can help you identify your personality type and career options based on your career interests and strengths.

While the majority of our career counselors dont write resumes and cover letters for you, we can refer you to our partners who can. If this is a service you need, please be sure to let our Client Care Coordinator know when you call.

What Is The Career Counseling Process

Our process generally involves discovering the answers to the following questions: who am I, what do I want, where am I going, and how do I get there?

Because everyone seeks assistance at different points in their life, the actual process is customized to your particular needs and you may touch on each of the four steps concurrently.

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Career Counseling Resources: 10 Techniques For Your Sessions

Gabriella Lancia, Ph.D.

Throughout our lives, we are likely to be troubled with questions or experience self-doubt regarding career choices and what to do next.

We may turn to friends, family, and even colleagues for advice regarding our lack of career advancement or dissatisfaction regarding our current career path .

Dedicated career counselors are available and provide professional advice on career decisions, coping with change, job searching, and identifying learning opportunities .

This article introduces resources to help career counselors provide the necessary career interventions to help clients find that path.

Before you continue, we thought you might like to . These detailed, science-based exercises will help your clients realize their unique potential and create a life that feels energizing and authentic.

Career Coaching For Young Adults

Too $hort, Career Counselor

Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? Well, get ready for a huge sigh of relief, because most of us are still trying to answer that same question. Some people get lucky. They know what they love, it makes them tons of money, and life appears to be pretty great. The other 99.9% of us are left wondering why we cant be the same. Of course, social media glamour plays a huge role in making us doubt our choices, but its a bit more complicated than that. If you are totally lost, unfulfilled, or struggling with the changes happening in your life, career coaching can help.

Adulting is more than just making sure that you are paying your bills and doing the laundry. Its about finding where you fit in the world and how you can create a life that is fulfilling and tailored to your needs. This can and likely will change as you grow older. The dreams you had as a child and a teen may not match up with the realities of your life as an adult now. Reconciling the two can be a difficult and complicated process.

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How Do I Get There

This step involves practical strategies to find a job, change career, get started with your business ideas such as how to access the hidden job market, or focus your business goals. It might even involve developing additional competencies or taking on new roles in your current position to prepare for your next transition.

You might consider developing professional skills, pursuing career and education opportunities, or additional continuing education.

In this stage of the process, we will get specific about concrete steps you can take to move forward as a job seeker, focusing on the simplest and most doable action steps.

A career counselor can also help you choose and take the next step in your career, or give you tools for dealing with, and in some cases, leaving a toxic work environment.

Do You Offer In Person And Online Career Testing And Assessments

Yes, we offer the Myers Briggs Personality test for careers as well as the Strong Interest Inventory assessment for career exploration, career fit or career change.

A career skills and personality test for career direction can help you identify your personality strengths and areas of interest if you aren’t clear about them. Studies show that people happiest with their jobs are those doing something they love and that comes naturally to them .

Career assessments and personality inventories are great tools for gaining insight about yourself though they are not aptitude tests. You may see patterns emerging or find some clues to follow. You may also discover both personal and career insights and possibilities you had never before imagined.

But remember, these personality tests are just part of the total self assessment process. It’s unlikely that you’ll suddenly discover your ideal career from taking a career test although it can be a great start in narrowing things down.

The assessment process is enhanced by working with one of our trained career coaches, bringing out additional information from the data and working with you to create a journey that is specifically tailored to you.

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Appreciation For Your Work

Regain the feeling of self-worth and ditch the unloved job where your daily input just doesnt count. Youll take an important step ahead and leave a toxic workplace that drains you emotionally. A career coach will help you find a prominent role and build the social ties thatll power up your work with more meaning and value. Most importantly, youll land a position that perfectly matches your interests and expectations.

Returning To Work Checklist

What will you become now that you have grown up? | Christos Taousanis | TEDxUniversityofMacedonia

If the client has been out of the working environment for some time, perhaps with parental responsibilities or long-term sickness, a return to the workforce may prompt concerns regarding a lack of skills or relevant strengths .

Use the Returning to Work Checklist to remind clients of their many strengths and transferable skills from previous employment or in response to their duties outside.

Every person brings with them skills and strengths. The exercise above helps to remind the individual that these skills and strengths may have been developed or practiced outside the workplace.

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Best Activities For Individuals & Groups

There are typically four stages to group career counseling :

  • What is your earliest memory?
  • Describe an important childhood memory .
  • Describe an important adolescent memory .
  • Describe an important adult memory .
  • Describe another important memory .

Understanding a clientâs narrative can help the counselor make more informed decisions regarding future interventions.

Career Counseling Services In Houston Or Online

Because each of our career counselors are trained in mental health and career counseling, we have a unique insight and understanding into the mental, emotional, and physical challenges of a career transition.

Our counselors have worked in careers outside of counseling. We have real-world job finding skills and know what employers look for in a student or job applicant.

Regardless of your schedule and location, our professional career services can help you plan for your future. Our services are available face to face, or through online carer coaching via phone or secure video conferencing. Specify your preference when scheduling your coaching session.

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Career Decisions Can Be Hard To Make

Career Counselling

Many people feel anxious about their career choices. No one wants to spend their days in a job that makes them miserable. Even if a job is okay or fine, feeling unfulfilled or bored can drain energy and enthusiasm for life.

Whether they are a college student, just entering the working world, in the middle of a career or life transition, or have been in their job for decades, most people want a job that utilizes their skills and makes them proud of what they do each day.

Sometimes, you may feel as though there is no such job for you. But everyone has a path, and we can help you find yours.

By clarifying your interests, values and skills, examining your resume and cover letter, looking at your life experience, and identifying what is relevant to your dream career, we can help you see yourself in a fresh, more positive way. Many of our clients dont see all the strengths they actually do bring to the table because we tend to take what comes easy to us for granted.

In fact, because the things you excel at come easily to you, you may not realize that you have a talent for public speaking, design, time management, wood working, etc. Once you and your counselor have identified your core strengths, you can develop a better understanding of your unique job qualifications.

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Common Reasons Young Adults And Working Professionals Seek Professional Counseling And Therapy

For many young adults and working professionals who experience the presenting issues noted above, there is a desire to experience relief and the opportunity to overcome the obstacles that seem to be getting in the way of living your best life. Below is a list of 10 of the most common reasons young adults and working professionals believe counseling and therapy can benefit them:

  • You have a desire to manage your mood more effectively. When you experience mood swings that feel uncontrollable, it can seem very disruptive with respect to your work and relationships. Through counseling and therapy, you can learn how to regulate your emotion more effectively and recognize that our emotions are often signals to us to take some sort of action.

  • You want to navigate your life transition more effectively. As a young adult or working professional, there are numerous life transition issues that may present themselves. These phases of life can seem incredibly overwhelming without a plan and an approach that empowers to sharpen your focus and concentration.

  • You have a desire to re-engage the people, places and things that bring your joy. Often when young adults or working professionals experience periods of depression, social isolation and withdrawal can occur. The reality is that you are not alone with these experiences and counseling can provide that affirmation validation needed to re-engage your life.

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    Benefits Of Therapy For Young Adults

    Young adults can set themselves up for success by opening up, expressing their emotions, and coming to terms with past trauma.

    Even if you are unsure about attending therapy sessions, it can be worth trying, at least for a few weeks, to see if talking can help you overcome the issues that youre facing.

    Career Coaches Are Impartial

    Can you Work in Private Practice as a (young) Early Career Therapist?

    Their training means that they are only interested in helping you to achieve YOUR goals. Counselors are experienced at digging deeper than the average person to get the core of what you need. Perhaps, you have an idea of what you think you need when really the root of your issues are a little deeper than you expected.

    Having someone impartial on your side means that you are able to discover what you need without worrying about the expectations of others. Parents, partners, friends, and coworkers all have an implicit bias even if they are there to support you. Talking with a career coach can allow you to let your guard down in a real and powerful way.

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    Operations Update: Covid 19

    Our centre is fully operational and open for psychological assessments and therapy. We now offer bothteletherapy and in-person therapy services. Assessments arein-person only. Please note that we implement all protocols recommended by Public Health Ontario to ensure the safety of our clients and staff. Please contact us for more information.

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    Therapy For Young Adults

    Here are some online platforms, services, and therapist directories you can use to find a therapist who specializes in helping young adults.

    BetterHelp is an online platform that can help connect you with a licensed professional therapist.

    On this website, the therapists dont all specialize in helping young adults. However, plenty of their counselors do, and to connect with one, all you need to do is mention your preference when signing up. Then, the people at BetterHelp will match you with the right therapist or counselor meaning, you dont need to spend ages searching for the right professional.

    The cost of BetterHelp therapy is also very transparent its billed weekly, and the prices are very reasonable. Also, if youre facing financial difficulties at the moment, you can get access to additional discounts, based on the level of hardship youre facing.

    Each therapist on this platform is a licensed professional, with at least three years of practical experience. You get a live video session each week, at a time that works for you, as well as the ability to message your therapist in between each scheduled session.

    Teen Counseling helps those aged 13-19 get professional help from a licensed therapist.

    Therapists on Teen Counseling are licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited psychologists , licensed clinical social workers or licensed professional therapists .

    Therapy on Teen Counseling is done in four ways:

    What Is A Career Counselor

    About Robin Roman Wright â Boston Career Coach &  Counselor

    A career counselor is a professional who helps clients to plan their careers and achieve their employment goals. Career counselors and coaches work with clients to teach them strategies for how to find new or different employment successfully. Career counselors are employed by state departments of labor, community agencies, school systems, two and four-year college career offices, and private counseling firms.

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    For Adults: Midlife Career Changes

    Many people today are unsatisfied with their careers for a variety of reasons. Some people may have moved into their careers without much thought, and find themselves ill-equipped and continuously overwhelmed. Conversely, others may be very effective at their job, but feel it will never bring them joy or ever align with their purpose in life. Still, the fear of change can stop a person from acting on these feelings.

    How Do I Choose The Right Career Counseling Services

    People consult a career counsellor when they are at a crossroads or in doubt about their current choice. In todays uncertain climate and industry restructuring its important to rely on the counseling services provided by experts in your industry or from professionals with a proven track record in similar situations as yours.

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    Schedule A Career Counseling Appointment Today

    Navigating career decisions isnt easy in fact, its often very difficult. Thriveworks wants to help you through this difficult process. Whether youre embarking on the very beginning of your career journey, youre looking for a new start, or you fall somewhere in between.

    If career counseling sounds like something you want to pursue and could benefit from, consider scheduling an appointment at Thriveworks. You can meet with a career counselor near you, by finding your local Thriveworks office. Or, if youd like to talk to a counselor virtually, consider online counseling at Thriveworks instead. Either way, you can look forward to the following benefits:

    No Waitlists: Average wait times for mental health care can be three weeks or more. We provide same- or next-day sessions to new clients.

    Only Top Providers: The search for an exceptional provider can be discouraging. We hire only the top 4% of providers to join our team and provide the very best care to our clients.

    Full 50-60 Minute Sessions: Others hide how long your counseling session is, and its often only 20-30 minutes. We offer 50-60 minute sessions.

    Affordable Rates: Most counseling practices dont take insurance and have expensive rates, starting at $250 a session. We accept hundreds of insurance plans and offer affordable out-of-pocket rates as low as $99 a session.

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