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It’s frustrating when your career isn’t working for you and you don’t know what to do next.In this program we will help you to evaluate your options and decide the next step in your life and career. You will have regular meetings with a professional who will get to know you and will help you shape your future. It’s a chance to have an objective sounding board to sort out your thoughts, feelings and ideas. You will go from indecision to having a clear target.

Once you decide what’s next in your career, we’ll work with you to make it happen.We offer guidance to create a career that’s right for all your needs .You’ll know exactly what you need to do to move forward.You’ll make the most of your time and energy and start feeling excited about life, again!Our team of professional coaches have helped 100s of people. And we would like to help you to move forward with confidence.This program is available in 7 or 12 sessions depending on your needs.

Lack Of Engagement With The Workplace

A recent report suggests, about 32% of employees are motivated and engaged in the workplace while around 50% of employees are reported to be not engaged. The remaining percentage is reported to be completely disengaged to work.

Such issues arent a joke anymore. This is a waste of time on both sides, for both the company and the employee himself. The firm can recruit potential candidates in that place who will show better engagement. Similarly, the individual can find himself a satisfying job where he can contribute better. Considering the dilemma they face, whether job change can be fruitful, why are these challenges there in the workplace, and how they can be sorted, the help of a professional counsellor is required.

You Clarify Your Career Goals

Career development is a lifelong process therefore, career counselling is appropriate for everyone, from school students planning for the future , right through to experienced professionals seeking to change jobs while employed.

This is a superb resource enabling you to clarify your career goals through a range of discussions and assessments. Some key questions you may be asked include:

  • What are your work-related preferences, values and interests?
  • What are some of your favourite work experiences to date?
  • What kinds of relationships do you have with leaders, managers and organisers? Have you ever disagreed with others? If so, what did you do to resolve conflicts?
  • How do you learn best? When are you most challenged when learning? How do you overcome challenges?

Career counselling plays an important role in choosing your career, giving you the opportunity to get to know and understand yourself and the world of work in detail, and thus helping you make more informed and meaningful career decisions.

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With life gradually returning to normal after COVID, some people report that theyre having difficulty adjusting. Some feel exhausted, unmotivated, unsettled, anxious, and perhaps even depressed. For the last two years, all of us have had to draw heavily on our physical and emotional resources. But, lets face it, those resources are not

Why Career Guidance And Mentoring For Professionals

Career Counseling Services for Experienced Working Professionals

There are a lot of external factors that predict the success and satisfaction of a person at work as well, including management, coworkers, job function, passions, etc. A career test and discussion with a mentor thus allows you to discover and factor in these considerations in your decision making. It is essential to weigh these factors against the requirements of the occupation/role, and see if you have the right fit.

These decisions have become even more critical these days as career paradigms change, given the rapid technological changes, and the advent of artificial intelligence causing many roles to become obsolete. Decisions such as when to make a career change which skill to enhance or advanced educational program to take up, and how to get a job after being fired / laidoff, are made easy with the assistance of the right career guidance. In addition, a career mentor/coach can also identify opportunities which will be in demand in the future.

Presently very few online career guidance platforms offer career advise to working professionals and promote occupation or role changes to professionals by accurate and researched based career assessment tests.

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How Edumilestones Provide Best Career Counselling In India

Edumilestones is the pioneer incareer counselling in India since 2008. Edumilestones integrated career counselling platform is providing the widest network of 1500+ senior career counsellors across 54+ locations. Our Career counsellors have counselled more than 350,000 candidates and impacting career life of more than 1 Lakhs students and professionals every year. In year 2020 edumilestones has crossed 3 lac career counselling report mark in india.

Edumilestones integrated platform is not only limited to career assessment. Edumilestones has launched Indiaâs first career lab where information of 50,000 colleges in India and Abroad, 300 + exams, Abroad studies application process, 20+ online courses, career library all are included in a single platform.

Edumilestones career assessment is available in multiple languages like English, Hindi, Gujrathi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and many more languages. Select any language.

Students donât need to search numerous websites for information. All the information that is published in edumilestones portal is updated every month. Our Aim is to provide the best career counselling in India with the most affordable prices near your location and reaches to those students who need career counselling the most.

How Can Career Counselling Benefit You

If you choose to seek career guidance, there are a number of issues and topics the counsellor may address, depending on what you want to gain from career counselling.

Common issues and topics covered in career counselling sessions include:

  • Helping you to identify negative thoughts/behaviours so you can change them.
  • Working out what career path/role/opportunities would make you truly happy.
  • Looking into personal issues that could be impacting your work life.
  • Identifying and addressing problems at work that are holding you back.
  • Learning to make the most of your skills, attributes and experiences.
  • Advice on CV and cover letter writing.
  • Assistance with using creative ways to find a job that suits you.
  • Realising the importance and impact of your work within your life.
  • Formulating a set of attainable goals and a plan of action.
  • Taking steps to change your life and become healthier and happier.

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Why Is Career Support Needed

For many, the main goal in life is to pursue a career that is meaningful and fulfilling. It can be highly rewarding to be in a role that you are passionate about and that reflects you – where you can apply your skills and talents while growing at the same time.

Unfortunately, not everyone ends up in such a role, and many people are in jobs that make them feel bored, unmotivated and frustrated. With the average Briton spending over 40 hours per week at work, if you’re not enjoying your job, you could be spending a large proportion of your life feeling unhappy and unfulfilled.

Resolving your career issues, however, can be difficult. Many people are clueless as to what job would satisfy them and feel stuck in a rut, while others want a change, but feel unable to leave their current role. Some may be struggling with a personal issue or problem at work that is preventing them from enjoying their job and performing at their best.

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, you may benefit from seeking additional career support and guidance. Keep reading to find more information about career counselling, what to expect from sessions and the difference between a counsellor and a coach.

You Determine Your Strengths And Weaknesses

Best Medical Specialization After MBBS | Yousuf Almas | Counselor

A career test is an excellent way to determine your strengths and weaknesses. In this setting, you will perform a series of tests, including personality tests, aptitude tests, psychometric analysis tests and IQ tests. These will help you to discover the best career options for you based on your abilities.

Even if you excel in your chosen area and have plenty of qualifications, your career counsellor will show you which areas need improvement and will teach you how to improve on those areas.

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Working Professionals In Bangalore

Are you a working professional and looking for career counselling in Bangalore?

It is entirely up to you to create the life you choose. Its critical to have a strategy, goals, and ideas for achieving them. Adaptability, hard work, and optimism, on the other hand, are all essential. This will require a substantial amount of period and level of effort, but it is possible. Its critical to take a critical look at things. Its vital to be aware of the best opportunities in your field.

Working professionals are generally aspirational and are ready to take up a new challenge in their career. But with a huge amount of competition in todayâs job market, failure to find the right job can put a career on hold for a long time. So, its important to find a job that is in tune with your personality and career aspirations.

Working professionals in Bangalore must be cautious in their career selections. The city is one of the most competitive in India, and has a fast-paced work culture in which job postings are filling up in no time. Having a good career plan is very valuable for the favourable outcome of any working professional.

Since the job market is really not what it used to be, many companies are looking for younger employees. Getting professional advice is the greatest approach to figure out where you want to go with your career. Only the best career counsellor can assist you in comprehending current workplace dynamics and guiding you in the appropriate way for the future.

Is Our Online Career Counselling Package Right For You

  • You are an experienced professional stuck in a dead-end career, your job satisfaction has hit an all-time low.
  • You think an MBA / MS / PhD will make a big difference to your career prospects, but you arent sure if the huge investment will be worthwhile.
  • You have very specific problems at work that youd like some help on.
  • You have job or career related queries that you cant share with your boss or the HR department.
  • You are just too damn confused or frustrated about what you want from your career, where you are right now and where you want to take it.

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Exploring Your Skills And Attributes

A career counsellor can help to identify additional skills and attributes you possess which will be appealing to potential employers. They can put your qualifications, experience, strengths and weaknesses in a broad perspective while helping you to consider the desired salary, job market, location, and educational possibilities.

Master Of Science In Integrative Counseling And Coaching University Of East London United Kingdom

Why You Need Professional Counselling Before Starting Your Career

The aim of this program is to combine the resolution of internal conflicts that counseling offers with the goal and behavioral change solutions that coaching offers. Having skills in both domains is key for career counselors, as clients may seek a combination of both counseling approaches to attain success in their personal and professional lives.

This program requires three years of part-time study, offered both online and in person. While the first year focuses on counseling models with a strong emphasis on personal development, the second year integrates evidence-based coaching models, integrating both disciplines together under the framework of personal consultancy.

In their third and final year, students embark on an independent research project of their choosing to show how they have applied the knowledge they have gained in academic settings.

The program is accredited by the British Association for Coaching and Psychotherapy.

Find out more on their website.

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Career Professionals Of Canada Announces New Not

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Career Professionals of Canada Announces New Not-For-Profit Association Canadas largest national non-profit association for Career Development Professionals. New Hamburg, Ontario, July 1, 2022 Career Professionals of Canada today announced the creation of a new not-for-profit association for the career development sector, becoming Canadas first national

What Does Career Counselling Involve

Meeting with a career counsellor will typically take place in one-to-one sessions where you will be asked a variety of questions about your life plans, career intentions and goals. You can, however, request to take part in group sessions where you can support others and share interests and abilities.

Career counsellors are trained to help with a wide range of work-related issues and will respect your individual needs and values in their approach. Sessions are safe, supportive and completely confidential – providing you with the opportunity to explore your concerns in-depth and put together constructive career plans.

The content of your sessions will ultimately depend on your situation and what you hope to gain from work counselling. Some areas you may cover include:

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Significance Of Career Counselling For Working Professionals

Career counselling is generally given to students in school, college, UG, PG, and other institutions. It is highly beneficial in making their career successful by reaching out to ideal job, career goal and it is essential to note that it is not limited to students. There may be times when a working professional wishes to change their employment function, work in a different setting than expected, or have a position that does not provide long-term stability, among other things. A career counsellor for working professionals can provide career counseling at any point in ones life. Seeking advice from career counsellors for working professionals can help you choose the finest and safest path for you by providing you with valuable suggestions.

Why Is Career Counselling Important

Counseling: Becoming a Professional Counselor

Career counselling provides better understand and clarity about the career. It saves a lot of time, money, frustration because of career indecisiveness. A career counsellor not only helps the student to find out the most suitable career option but also provide a detailed execution plan.

Informed career decisions– Career counselling helps to make informed career decisions.

Clear Education and Career Road Map – Students will get a clear educational and career road map. Early-stage career counselling always gives more time for execution.

Career Satisfaction – Thing about to pursue a career that you love to. Career counsellor explores your interest areas, personality and abilities and based on that fins out most suitable career option for you.

Career Opportunities – Today a lot of career opportunities and new aged career options are available. Most of the students and professionals are not aware of these career opportunities, latest trends, salary packages and much more crucial information that plays an important role to select a career option. Trained career counsellors always update themselves for all such crucial information and systematically guide students to make the right career decision. A career in data science, a career in artificial intelligence, a career in digital marketing and many newer aged career options.

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Career Development Interventions Spencer Niles And Joann Harris

This comprehensive book on modern career development includes theories, assessments, resources, and planning tools to use with clients.

The text includes up-to-date coverage of technologies to help practitioners and clients, including social media for job seeking and to assist the interview process.

Find the book on .

How We Can Help

Creating a career isnt a choice its a series of thousands of choices made throughout your education and work life. Career counselling can help you chart a career direction that makes those choices a little clearer. Our team of trained professionals can help if you are:

  • Questioning your program choice
  • Uncertain about your career goals
  • In jeopardy of failing your program
  • Thinking about switching programs
  • Not sure which program will lead to your dream career

Here are the ways we can support you:

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How Online Career Counselling Can Help

Whether you are in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad etc.? You can find career counsellor near your location. Our expert career counsellor can help you solve your confusion. Edumilestones offers online career counselling. It is based on statistical methodology. One career counselling is available across 54+ locations in India

Online career counselling empowers students with latest career updates and a career roadmap for the future. Online career counselling has come as a blessing in disguise. Now students and professionals can take up online career counselling from anywhere in the world. edumilestones online career counselling and career assessment platform makes career counselling accessible to those who need it most on the ground.

The different stages when online career counselling can be taken:

· Career counselling for 5th class to find out your multiple intelligence, aptitude and learning style

· Career Counselling for 10th class to find out best subject streams after 10th and most suitable career path

· Career Counselling for 12th students to find out the best career option after 12th and education road map

· Career Counselling for Graduates to find out the best career option after graduation with higher studies education road map.

· Career Counselling for professionals for early and mid-career shift planning.

Win With Better Resumes Linkedin Interviews And Job Search Skills

Career counseling professionals training on specialized tools for the ...

Already know what youre looking for but struggling with the tools to get you there? Let our career coaching program help improve your professional resume, optimize LinkedIn, polish your interviews and learn to use referrals and networking in your job search instead of relying on online postings alone.

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