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OhioGuidestone is offering free job training and career coaching for young adults in Cleveland

A generation of young adults aged 20-30 are having a difficult time finding their lifes direction. Many of these young people have a college degree but are only finding part-time or un-engaging work, making it difficult for them to launch. Career Matters works with many of these people, who we call emerging adults.

Here are the facts

  • The majority of millennials report being underemployed 51.6 percent in 2016, according to the consulting firm Accenture.
  • Many graduate from college with degrees that do not have marketable skills.
  • Grads want interesting and meaningful work, often in an open and engaging culture, but they dont know how to get it.
  • Many emerging adults live at home with mom and dad because they cant find the work they want.

Some of these young adults lack urgency and motivation. Others are passionate, but dont know how to direct their energies. Some have little work experience and do not know how to find a job.

As a career coach, I have found it helpful for emerging adults to take two assessments for self-exploration and clarity. The most helpful is The Highlands Ability Battery. This online assessment interpreted by a trained professional looks at natural abilities, learning styles and artistic abilities through timed work samples. The other test the Strong Interest Inventory reveals promising career options.

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Career Advice Tips For Teens 13 Practical Tips To Help You Figure It All Out

A lot of the career advice tips for teens on the internet revolves around values, interests, and skills.

When I was a teenager, I had no idea of what values were!

I was interested in golf and could list my skills as good at golf and not much else really!

Even when you are in your 20s and 30s, I think the above questions dont magically conjure up your ideal career.

The below are the practical career advice tips for teens that might be more beneficial than the generic stuff on the internet.

  • Make a list of the companies/organisations you would like to work for
  • Try to be open minded and question everything
  • Dont think in terms of careers, think in terms of skills
  • Use your network to get you experience
  • Do as many different summer jobs as you can
  • Pay for a session with a careers professional
  • Do a personality test
  • Dont think you know about a job/career until you have talked to someone who works in that area
  • Ask people for advice, the more successful the better
  • Read as much as you can
  • Join a sports team/club/group
  • Spend time with people a few years older than you
  • Dont just do something because your friends are doing it

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How Do You Prepare For A Career Coaching Session

After youve found the right career coach, ask them what you should do to prepare for a session with them. Every career coach is different. Some will want you to come prepared with questions. Others will want you to bring tangible materials, like your current resume or a list of your career goals.

If your coach lets you determine your sessions direction, picture beforehand what your desired outcomes are and what relationship you want to have with the career coach. Write these goals down, and then figure out what you have been missing thats kept you from achieving those things on your own. You can share all this information with your coach, and if you dont know what youve been missing, ask them for input during the session.

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Returning To Work Checklist

If the client has been out of the working environment for some time, perhaps with parental responsibilities or long-term sickness, a return to the workforce may prompt concerns regarding a lack of skills or relevant strengths .

Use the Returning to Work Checklist to remind clients of their many strengths and transferable skills from previous employment or in response to their duties outside.

Every person brings with them skills and strengths. The exercise above helps to remind the individual that these skills and strengths may have been developed or practiced outside the workplace.

What Kind Of Training Do Career Coaches Have

Life Skills and Career Coaching for Teens : A Practical Manual for ...

Most career coaches dont hold a specific certification. Instead, many have become experts in their field and decided to market their skills to help the next generation enter careers theyre passionate about.

While some schools offer career coaching or career counseling certificate programs, such a certification is not indicative of a career coachs quality. Their resume, expertise and references are much more valuable than any certification.

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Lean In To Your Weaknesses

At any part of your career, you need to learn new things and for that to be relatively painless later in your career, you need to build that habit now.

So instead of running away from things youre not good at, lean into them.

Great writer but not very technical? Learning even a little bit of code or the ins-and-outs of Photoshop will help you significantly.

Fantastic at detail but have trouble seeing the big picture? Ask one of your peers who is great at project management how she juggles priorities.

Its very easy to fall back on your natural talents or training, but youll be well served if you invest the time and effort to push yourself on your greatest areas of weakness early and often in your career.

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Do You Spend All Day Checking Your Phone To See What Everyone Else Is Doing

our career coaches are here to help you discover what you are passionate about and explore careers that are right for you. its your spark that will inspire the persistence to drive you towards success. the work2future team is here to support you on your journey with career coaching, work experience, career readiness classes, and a host of supportive services at no cost to you.

Experience Work In Another Country

Sabrina McTaggart – Career Coach for Young Adults

Now this can be quite challenging especially if youre living life on the ol Green Mumbo aka a South African passport. But if you look hard enough and do your due diligence you can always find a way to work abroad. When you work abroad, your mind will be opened and exposed to different work ethics, values and different cultures. It really does change your perspective on life and career.

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While The Adventure Of Growing Up Can Be A Wonderful And Exciting Time Teenagers And Young Adults Can At Times Experience Difficulties

The teenage years can be a strange and difficult time for the whole family. Teenagers begin to fight for their independence and parents fight to maintain control. The once stable and peaceful family dynamic can suddenly become a war zone.

Young people are confronted with a variety of tough issues as they navigate their way to adulthood, and learning how to deal with them can test their confidence, coping strategies, and resilience. Its estimated that up to half of adolescents will struggle with low confidence levels during the teenage years and low confidence, anxiety, and poor self-esteem so frequently lead to under-performance, unpopularity, and significantly reduced happiness.

The good news is that confidence and self-esteem are a skill that can be learned at any age, in fact, the earlier the better because patterns established in childhood and adolescence can often last a lifetime. Gaining powerful psychological strategies and techniques will enable your teenager to believe in themselves, step into situations with confidence and not allow fear and self-doubt to hold them back. Imagine seeing your teenager at ease in their own skin, interacting with confidence with both peers and adults alike, trying new activities, talking to new people, and embracing all opportunities that come their way with total confidence. What kind of difference would this make to your teenagers life, now and in the future?

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Career Coach

Support – A coach is there for you. They actively listen to what you are saying and what you arent saying. They will create a safe environment where you are comfortable and can talk without judgment.

Structure and accountability – A coach will set up regular coaching meetings with you and assist in developing a plan to achieve your career goals. They will provide the necessary accountability for you to achieve and exceed your goals, far faster than you would on your own.

Focus – A career coach will help you focus on what you really want to do and where you want to do it by identifying your values, interests, talents and passion.

Confidence and your personal brand – Career coaching can give you better awareness of your strengths, accomplishments, unique value proposition and your own personal brand.

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Does Your Child See A World Of Opportunity Or A Wealth Of Confusing Choices

Dave Cordle Coaching will deliver career coaching / tutoring in skills which will be an investment for life.

It really is. But when youre young, with your whole life ahead of you, it may not seem that way.

The prospect of making decisions around subjects, courses and careers can be as daunting, anxiety-inducing and as confusing as it is exciting.

Because theres so much choice. So much pressure. And so much uncertainty.

Young people must make crucial decisions quite early on. Not only that, but they need to stand by these decisions and have the confidence to present their case in UCAS applications, course applications, university, apprenticeship and job interviews.

Okay But How Is A Counselor Different Than A Mentor

Career Coaching Program  Community  Coaching Young People For Success

A mentor is someone that has been there before, made mistakes, and lived to tell the tale. Battle-worn and ready to swap horror stories down the road, these people are often ill-equipped to handle the emotional component of changing careers and managing one in the context of your own experiences. You are the only one living and experiencing your life. Mentors are generally limited in the advice that they can give based on personal experience. That has its own kind of value, absolutely. But finding fulfillment in what you are doing for a living or handling the stress of changing careers is the stuff that therapists handle all day long. It is their job to help you to live the best life possible because:

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What Should I Expect In Career Counseling Sessions

You play the active role in managing your career and will be largely responsible for the outcome. A career expert does not tell you what to do or make decisions for you. However, you can expect motivation and support through the process as well as practical assistance in how to get there.

Collaboratively, goals will be set and action plans established to provide direction and help you achieve short and long-term career goals.

In order for you to get the most out of career counseling, it is helpful if you start thinking ahead about the things you want and dont want out of your life.

Your career counseling experience will be unique and tailored to your specific needs and career goals.

To help you clarify your career path, career testing services are also available. Career assessments can help you identify your personality type and career options based on your career interests and strengths.

While the majority of our career counselors dont write resumes and cover letters for you, we can refer you to our partners who can. If this is a service you need, please be sure to let our Client Care Coordinator know when you call.

The Youth Career Coach Inc Career Coach For Students Workshops

  • Highest rating: 4
  • Lowest rating: 1
  • Descriptions: Natascha founded The Youth Career Coach in 2009, for students and schools with career counseling, interviews, resumes, and professional development
  • More : Natascha founded The Youth Career Coach in 2009, for students and schools with career counseling, interviews, resumes, and professional development

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Looking To The Future

The world of work has changed no longer can you climb a career ladder with one company. Jobs are changing so fast that how you earn your living in 10 years may be in a job that doesnt even exist now.Even if the job does exist, people have to keep themselves up to date. The experienced marketing manager who knows nothing on social media is likely to find him/herself unemployable. The punch card operator from 30 years ago had to retrain. Think more about strengths, the skills and abilities you have and passions and interests, all will help to keep you marketable.

Career Coaches Career Consultants And Career Specialists

Workplace Training for Young Adults With Disabilities: CHOP Career Path
  • Highest rating: 4
  • Lowest rating: 3
  • Descriptions: Lesley works closely as a senior career coach, helping our young adult clients navigate the multiple steps needed to get hired. She also oversees our other
  • More : Lesley works closely as a senior career coach, helping our young adult clients navigate the multiple steps needed to get hired. She also oversees our other

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How Much Will It Potentially Cost For Your Teenager To Go To University

A career coach experienced at working with young people will ensure that any choices are well thought through and increase your son/daughters confidence level. Parents are reassured by working with a career psychologist with extensive experience in offering Career Advice for teenagers. The investment to choose careers advice for teenagers is just a small percentage of the cost of even one year at university.

For some this will be a university education

Work Abroad If You Get The Chance

Speaking from experience, I have to say employers like it a lot when they see you have spent some time abroad. After working in Scotland for a year, in every interview I had back home I would get asked TONS of questions about my experience. Working abroad benefits your CV immensely because it not only shows personal growth and your ability to appreciate a new culture, it also gives you the possibility to stand out from other candidates in interviews!

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Best Activities For Individuals & Groups

There are typically four stages to group career counseling :

  • What is your earliest memory?
  • Describe an important childhood memory .
  • Describe an important adolescent memory .
  • Describe an important adult memory .
  • Describe another important memory .

Understanding a clientâs narrative can help the counselor make more informed decisions regarding future interventions.

Choose The Right A Levels And Degree

Be the leader of your success, Mentor, Coach, Advisor, A life ...

At 13 or 14 you are still a little too young to be thinking about careers advice. Just enjoy your time at school and figure out your strongest areas of interest and what you are good at. But at 15 you have to start thinking about A level choices with a view to what degree to do after that and what career is right for you in the future. We use in-depth psychometric tests to help you align your A-Levels, degree and career path, so that every education decision you make, leads you to discover the right career for you.

After you complete your psychometric tests online, your personal careers advisor will talk you through which career suits you and which academic choices will help you get there.

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Young Adult Drug Addiction Treatment

Sending your young adult child away for drug addiction treatment is one of the hardest decisions you will ever make. However, due to the fact that there are many different options available, you need professional guidance and support in finding the one that best fits you child. Some addiction treatment programs in Ontario, CA are short term, running anywhere form 2-8 weeks, and other programs are long term residential programs.

The different types and options of young adult drug addiction treatment are vast. You need to know which is best for your struggling child. Moreover, the costs associated with these young adult treatment centers vary depending upon the length of time and the amount of therapy that is provided or required.

The good news is that most addiction treatment programs for struggling young adults from Ontario, CA take insurance because drug addiction treatment can be very expensive . The top drug addiction treatment centers also provide therapeutic intevention, treating co-occuring and dual diagnosis mental health issues, mood disorders, depression, bipolar, anxiety, ODD, OCD, ADD, ADHD, personality disorders, etc. Get help today!

Looking For A Youth Life Coach

Here are some Certified Youth Resilience Coaches who may be a fit. All YCI trained coaches are equipped to apply evidence-based coaching for youth and young adults. Just click the link in their profile for a redirect to their coaching website for more about their services. All offer services virtually, internationally. Some offer in-person sessions for those local to their areas.

This directory is a work in progress. Were currently in the process of compiling and adding our alumni coaches with availability for new clients. We appreciate your patience as we expand it.

Cyndy Etler, MEd, ACC

I use evidence-based strategies to help young people figure out what they most want, whats blocking them, and how they can slay the blocks and create their dream life.

Many adults want to help teens, but dont know how. With my teen coaching, kids feel heard and understoodand excited about creating positive change.

Richelle is the founder of Cutting Edge Conversations, LLC, a coaching, mentoring, writing, consulting and teaching services company that helps, supports, equips and empowers people in their journey toward human flourishing.

For more than 30 years, Richelle has served and walked alongside youth and young adults as an educator and minister. She is passionate about helping others discover their identity and purpose and become the best version of themselves.

Cat Smith, MA Ed, BCC

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