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Our award-winning coaches at the Ignite Your Potential Centers offer a complimentary 25-minute phone session to help you come up with more ways to boost your teams morale! We are the #1 career coaches in San Francisco and the #1 career coaches in Los Angeles, let us show you how we earned that praise.

A Word From Our Founder

Ignite Your Potential was founded over 13 years ago by Dr. Colleen Campbell who was inspired, first and foremost, from her own healing and growth process.

I came into young adulthood with low self-esteem, neurosis, negative self-talk, volatile relationships, and an active addictive cycle as my primary coping skill. I was struggling deeply and there were times when my future seemed grim.Working with a therapist and reading Scott Peck’s A Road Less Traveled began a journey where I started to think that my idealistic notions, that I barely dared to dream, might be more than just a fantasy. If I could heal myself, I could help others on their journey to health, wholeness, knowing themselves: success as they define it.I have come pretty far on the road of change. I have been doing personal and professional work in the realm of change and growth for the last 25 years and have a passion to bring this to others. Ignite Your Potential stands out as a resource for smart, creative, people who want to change – to have more fulfilling lives and careers and to figure out how they can be who they are meant to be. The coaches and therapists here help in a way that no other place is helping clients: through a blend of top-notch career, executive, and life coaching and their own experience in the field. Then theres the fact that there are a variety of different coaches so that clients can find the right-fit coach for them.

Dr. Colleen Campbell

Have You Ever Wanted To Do And Accomplish More

Leadership is the challenge to become more than the average person. Executives in New York City and around the world are facing increasing challenges and an unprecedented complexity on the marketplace and that’s why working with a top Executive Career and Life Coach is so valuable during these times.

Have you ever wished that the day would have more than 24 hours? NYC Career and Executive Coaching can help you become a better leader, while life coaching will help you balance work and life, in order to live a fulfilled life. To be able to take care of others, youll have to take care of yourself first. No leader can perform and be an example for others, if he/she is not happy and fulfilled at home. Learn more

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Follow Your Passion Not Others Expectations

Regardless if you live in New York City or a small town, you dont get paid per hour, you get paid for the value we bring to that hour, otherwise wed get paid for sitting on the couch and watch TV. Getting promoted or pursuing a new career in NYC can challenge your life quality, as your responsibilities and fear increases, especially if you dont enjoy and love your career.

An experienced life and career coach is key in guiding you to overcome your personal and professional challenges and help you to be prepared for your career. Your passion, what you enjoy doing is key in achieving the life and career you want. Irina Popa-Erwin has helped over 2,000 people to find their passion, and live a fulfilled life. Learn more

Career Coach In Los Angeles Ca Jobs

Job Coach Job in Los Angeles, CA
Job Title
WCUI School of Medical Imaging and Nursing Los Angeles, CA
UAW-Labor Employment and Training Corporation Los Angeles, CA
Coalition for Responsible Community Development Los Angeles, CA
Coalition for Responsible Community Development Los Angeles, CA
LAUSD Career and Technical Education Los Angeles, CA

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How Do You Make Your Career Transition

A career transition is something you do not rush.

Before jumping on a job search, you must understand the reasons and options you consider for a career transition.

Some of my clients ask “When do you know it’s the right time to shift to a different career?”

If you know you are making enough money but consistently feel unfulfilled. If you feel emotionally, physically, and mentally drained despite producing results. If you find yourself open to finding a new job through job searches. If you keep questioning yourself – “where do I belong?”. Then, consider finding a more meaningful career.

Career transition coaching will guide you on the track you want to pursue.

It isn’t easy to make a fresh new start, but a career coach will partner with you and give support while you are in the process of career placement or personal development.

If you feel unhappy or unmotivated to stay in the same industry, hiring a career coach is the best thing you can do right now to living a successful life.

You know the phrase, love what you do, do what you love. Sometimes we don’t always know what our passion is until we try.

What ends up happening is most people stay in a career that fulfills their “needs” more than their wants.

Career Coaching will transition you from a place of uncertainty to a place of power and fulfillment in your life. It’s possible to achieve career success but you have to overcome the fear of making a change.

To Get What You Dont Have You Have To Do What You Dont Know

The NYC Life Coach is headquartered in Manhattan, New York and offers unique top life coaching, career coaching and executive coaching services with a professional athlete mindset approach, 100% personal life and career experience with a wealth of resources complemented by Jim Rohns mentorship and 17+ years of life, career and executive coaching experience with 3,000+ clients from finance, banking, real estate, media, entertainment, healthcare, design, music, retail, transportation and all walks of life from New York City to Los Angeles, CA and around the world.

What sets The NYC Life Coach apart is professional sports achievements and a champions mindset approach, Jim Rohn mentorship, the philosophy of coaching from an extensive personal life, career and business experience, not books and seminars.

The NYC Life Coach is a top professional life and career coaching company, therefore it does not practice one-size-fits-all coaching. The NYC Life Coachs programs are always personalized, as every person has a different background, life and career experience, paradigms, challenges and goals.

“Train your mind daily and nobody will be able to stop you from achieving your goals, not even yourself.” ~ Irina Popa-Erwin

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Top 20 Career Coaches In Los Angeles In 2021

Los Angeles is a whole world, being the center of film and TV. However, LA is not only full of actors but also of excellent coaches. Our team at Influence Digest did extensive research to find the best career coaches in Los Angeles that are not only going to be your best listeners but also your best advisors.

Without any further delay, here are the Top 20 Career Coaches In Los Angeles in 2021 that you can contact right now:

Career Counselor In Los Angeles Ca Jobs

Compton College baseball coach recovering after getting shot
Job Title
Catholic Charities of Los Angeles, Inc. Los Angeles, CA
WCUI School of Medical Imaging and Nursing Los Angeles, CA
Start To Finish Employment Services Los Angeles, CA
UAW-Labor Employment and Training Corporation Los Angeles, CA
Coalition for Responsible Community Development Los Angeles, CA

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Coaching In Life Is Like In Sports: Goal

In New York City or anywhere in the world, we could all use a little life coaching, because when you are playing the “game, its hard to think of everything. Coaching in Life is Like in Sports – A good life coach is as important for ones life, as a sports coach is for an athlete.

Former professional multi-medalist athlete, entrepreneur and renowned life coach, Irina Popa-Erwin, has earned a complete set of unique skills and experience that allows her to help and empower anyone from the average person to executives, celebrities and pro athletes. The NYC Life Coach is exceeding expectations in all aspects of life and career coaching, by focusing on the entire life instead of one or two limited aspects. Learn more

Career Transition Coach In Los Angeles Ca

The average person in America will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime.

How many hours out of the 90,000 go to waste? Thats a question only you can answer.

As your career transition coach, I’ll help you realize your potential, know your passion, and put your gifts and talents in the right place so you can do the impact you were created to do.

I take pride in what I do and I wake up excited 5 days a week to go to work. I do what makes my heart come fully alive and I want to help you reach the same state of mind and get to the same place in your life.

Career transition coaching will help you transform your career where you feel confident in what you do and do what you love.

Start your career transition with me and I will help personalize your career plan with you.

I Wake Up Every Day Excited to Work…

There’s No Reason Why You Shouldn’t.

I know what you’re thinking. Why me vs. the other 100 career coaches in LA?

As your professional coach and life coach, I understand that a career transition is not just about transforming your career but more so understanding how your life will work cohesively with a new career.

I specialize in life coaching, personal development,relationship, and career transition coaching which all affect the way you perceive your success.

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What Does A Career Coach Do

A career coach may offer a range of services. On one end of the spectrum is the personal development side of career coaching that helps you answer the big questions in life such as, “What are you passionate about?”, “What do you really want to do?”, and “What career legacy do you want to leave behind?”. On the other end of the career coaching spectrum are the technical job searching services such as resume writing, preparing for interviews, and developing job searching skills.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Career Coach

Los Angeles acting coach sentenced to 6 years in sexual assault case ...

Support – A coach is there for you. They actively listen to what you are saying and what you arent saying. They will create a safe environment where you are comfortable and can talk without judgment.

Structure and accountability – A coach will set up regular coaching meetings with you and assist in developing a plan to achieve your career goals. They will provide the necessary accountability for you to achieve and exceed your goals, far faster than you would on your own.

Focus – A career coach will help you focus on what you really want to do and where you want to do it by identifying your values, interests, talents and passion.

Confidence and your personal brand – Career coaching can give you better awareness of your strengths, accomplishments, unique value proposition and your own personal brand.

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Why Is Career Counseling Important

Career counseling can help you discover your career path, help you overcome challenges preventing you from finding happiness in your job, or help you learn more about career opportunities that are available to you. Career counselors are typically counselors who specialize in helping guide people into their best career choices. As professionals, they have typically completed a masters degree in counseling with a focus on career counseling and bring a nuanced understanding of the emotional blocks that prevent someone from doing what they love or getting ahead in their current position. Here are some of the ways that career counseling can help:

  • Identify your skills and talents and how they correlate to different career paths
  • Educate you about the educational requirements for launching in various careers and what earnings can look like
  • Help you understand the kind of environment you want to work in, and which careers are best suited for that
  • See opportunities to transfer your existing skill set to other career areas
  • Help you identify causes of tension or unhappiness in your current career and how to overcome those difficulties
  • Help you create a game plan for moving forward
  • Provide a safe space for you to understand your feelings about career choices youre making

Why Get A Life Coach

People of all ages and in all careers have called in a life coach. Life coaches are accredited professionals who can help you figure out the tangible changes you can make in your life to reach your goals they can even help you turn your dreams into goals, if youre not sure where to go next. A life coach can also help people find their purpose in life. Life coaching clients often have an idea of what they want to do, such as help people or work with animals, but dont know how to turn that passion into a career. A life coach can help clients work through the options to find a clear path with concrete steps that lead to an attainable goal. A life coach can also help clients make a major career change, such as starting a new business. Life coaches can help clients develop better habits that will make them more successful, acting as an accountability partner. Life coaches also often guide their clients through major transitions in life, such as a career change or other stressful situations that are made easier with guidance from a neutral third party.

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What Is A Career Counselor

If youre feeling lost in your career path, overwhelmed, in need of a job but confused as where to start, or ready for change but uncertain what you want, a career counselor is a good choice for you. A career counselor is typically a licensed professional who has earned a masters degree in counseling likely with an emphasis on career counseling. Each state has different licensing requirements for career counselors, so be sure to research before reaching out to a pro.

Due to their academic backgrounds, career counselors often have a more holistic and in-depth approach than a career coach. Career coaches are not regulated by states and also tend to be more business-focused a good fit for those who know what they want but need help achieving it. On the other hand, a career counselor provides guidance and clarity around some of the more emotional aspects that job hunting and career movement entail. Career counselors meet with you in a series of one-on-one sessions. They assess your personality and learn what drives you. They get a detailed understanding of your work history and your hopes, and often work to help you discover any internal blocks preventing you from going where you want to go. Hiring a career counselor is appropriate at any time in your career, from recent graduate to executive-level management.

Lisa K Tax Attorney San Francisco Ca

Lakers introduce Darvin Ham

For over 5 years, Id wallowed at a law firm working in an area of law I didnt want to work in, working with people I didnt want to work with, and spending most of my waking hours there. I was miserable. One night, I had this realistic nightmare where 50 years had passed and I was at the same miserable soul-sucking job doing the same miserable soul-sucking thing. I needed to take action! Juliets one of those people who was born to be a career counselor.

Shes extremely sharp, naturally intuitive, and a great listener. After 5 years in the hell hole that was my previous job, I had no idea what else I could do or where else I could go. Juliet took the time to get to know me. She asked all the right questions, provided keen insights and practical tools for developing a plan of action. Beyond her professional expertise, shes just downright likeable. Shes frank and no-nonsense with a great sense of humor. Shes also extremely empathetic, kind, and supportive.

Changing jobs is about so much more than simply finding a different job. Its about overcoming fears, realizing self-worth, building confidence, and finding the strength to leave a bad situation. If youre unhappy in your current situation and having trouble finding your path, go see Juliet.

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Career Coach

When its time to take your career to the next level, its time to hire a career coach. The cost to have a career coach help you with your professional journey will vary based on how many sessions you require, the level of coaching you desire, and the rates of the coach as determined by their experience, expertise, education and training. On average, career coaching sessions can range from 60 to 120 minutes, depending on the professional and what your needs are. Career coaches in smaller towns and areas with a lower cost of living will also typically have lower rates than those residing in large metro areas like New York, although most do offer remote coaching. Many coaches also offer a free introductory consultation, which gives you the opportunity to determine if their personality and coaching style are the right fit. Its helpful to ask the coach about their relevant experience and get references from former clients. Depending on the professional, session rates could range anywhere from under $60 to well over $250 per session. Package discounts are a good way to commit to the relationship as well as get savings on services.

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