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Fully loaded with all the coaching forms, coaching resources and coaching contracts you need.

Looking for coaching forms and resources?

Youll get all the coaching forms you need in your system, fully loaded and ready to go. And you can create unlimited other forms easily and re-use them multiple times.

Courses are key lead magnets, profit machines and branding tools.

Courses are all the rage with coaching and marketing professionals, and for good reason. Nothing else is quite as effective at freeing up your time, gaining a steady income and getting known in your field. Create dated courses or self paced content delivery courses and start turning ALL your hours into profitable hours.Courses allow you to coach more people at one time. They also let you automate your coaching, freeing up loads of time!Offer courses that are live or pre-recorded. Include coaching calls or just electronic material, including digital text, audio and video. Deliver your material automatically and seamlessly. Create awesome flagship programs, group coaching or even coach training.

When you started your coaching business, was it your dream to free up time so you could set your own hours, work from anywhere and be independent?

Courses are the key to unlocking that power. Create courses now and let your dream become a reality in your fully loaded, interactive coaching software system.

Q: Which Coach/service Do I Need

This depends on your needs. We get that your situation is unique, and it can be confusing trying to figure out whats going to help you the most. You can learn about all of our services on their individual pages. We also have a great article that will help you decide which coach and service is right for you. If you still need help figuring it out, dont worry! You can talk directly to one of our career advisors who can work with you to find the right coach for your exact situationjust email or use the chat tool at the bottom of the page.

Well help you find the perfect match.

See What Makes Us Different

There are many organizations offering career coach training programs, but the International Association of Career Coaches ® is the only organization that offers…

comprehensive hands-on experience including how we teach the fundamentals

and a chance to watch a master coach work with her own clients

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Anticipate Discussing Challenges Or Obstacles In Your Current Career

Theres likely some sort of obstacle youre currently facing. It might be an upcoming presentation or a big meeting. Or you might feel like youre in a dead-end job. You might be ready for a career change or know that youre not on the right career path.

Think about your current obstacles. Its likely something that you can expect to discuss in your first career coaching session.

Career Coaching Topics To Explore With Your Coach

Career Coach for Leaders

If youre the type of person whose mind goes blank when someone asks you what you did last week, youre not alone. But to get the most out of your career coaching session, its important to have an idea of what youd like to discuss. In the moment, it can be hard to think of relevant topics that can help you get the most of out of your session. And in reality, many people arent sure exactly where to start in their first coaching session.

For organizations, its important your employees understand they have autonomy with where they take their career coaching session. But it might take some education and awareness to help build that coaching muscle with your workforce. Especially in a fast-changing world of work, your employees career coaching sessions wont be uniform. In order to reap the organizational benefits of coaching, your employees should understand what topics are available to them.

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Overview Of Life Coaching

You’ve undoubtedly heard the term life coach bandied about in cocktail chatter and in TV shows such as Starting Over and Scott Baio is 45 and Single. You may even know a few people who have worked with a coach. If you’re reading this guide, chances are you are curious enough to want to find out about this 21st-century profession and if you should make space in your life for a coach of your own.

Well, in a nutshell, life coaching is a method of directed conversation that is geared toward developing an action plan to reach your goals. Your life coach will be very solution focused, and treat you as a partner instead of a patient. People partner with life coaches to help them attain greater success in their lives, get past sticking points and stumbling blocks, and start achieving their goals.

Well that’s the short version. For the longer version, stick around to find out

How Much Does Career Coaching Cost

Career coaching engagements are flexible and can start with a single consultation. Depending on their specific needs, most individuals find somewhere between 5 and 15 sessions most helpful. Hourly coaching rates vary based on the experience and expertise of the coach, and generally range between $125 and $250 per hour.

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How It Career Coaches Differ From Mentors

You may be thinking that you already have mentor so why do you need a career coach, too? A coach is generally comes from outside the industry and works with people at all levels of their career. But there can be overlap.

Most mentors are more-experienced professionals who offer advice to less-experienced professionals on how to handle situations with which they do not have as much experience. Coaches, on the other hand, focus more on facilitating self-discovery and problem-solving. In actual practice, many effective mentors do some coaching and many coaches with solid industry experience do some mentoring, says Kantor.

Career Coaching: Finding A Coach That Fits Your Needs

Ask a Career Coach: Personal Branding 101

If you’re looking for guidance along your career path, a career coach could help.

A career coach works with clients to help them move forward on their career paths. Together, they may focus on a number of areas, including job changes, the application process, negotiating offers, or feeling settled in a current position.

In this article, weâll discuss how career coaching works, who can benefit from working with a career coach, and how you can find one.

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Skills That Every Career Coach Must Possess

Career coaching can be a rewarding experience , especially for those who have a passion and true desire to help others advance in their chosen professions.

A career coach helps with everything from career retuning to settling into a higher position or demanding job, recharging a slumbering career, transitioning into unknown sectors and mid-career changes. It even includes advising freshers on professional options, interview prep, conducting effective job searches and more.

Against this backdrop of life-changing decisions, having the right skillsets is very important for a career coach to guide their clients in their professional growth.

Read on for the 10 most important career coaching skills every career coach must possess

Stay Current With Industry Trends

If you’re contemplating changing industries, you may want to refer to, which has information from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. You can check out different careers and industries and see the projected growth for the next decade.

You can also stay current with what’s happening in specific industries by signing up for industry newsletters. You may learn about a networking event in your area that you want to attend.

Another excellent way to stay on top of industry trends is to read trade journals and magazines. You can also follow business feeds on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can customize your feed so you’ll only see relevant content, which may be more time efficient than reading trade journals.

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How Much Does Career Coaching Certification Cost

You can earn a career coach certificate for as little as $12 by completing an online workshop. However, for a certification thats recognized broadly, expect to pay between $1,000 and $5,000 for training and materials. You will often have to provide proof of practical experience as a career coach, either during your training program or on the job.

Stay Connected With Your Network

Career Coaching Services

Think of your professional network as a garden. It needs to be maintained and nurtured constantly. Your professional network is your most vital asset throughout your career.

When practicing career cushioning, you must ensure you’ve been in regular contact with your connections. You don’t want to reach out to them simply because you’re looking for a favor. Remember: Reciprocity is critical to positive networking relationships.

You can mention to your network that you’re open to new roles by using the “open to work” photo filter on LinkedIn. If you’re unfamiliar with the feature, you may be interested in learning .

You can engage in thought-provoking conversations with connections and colleagues on social media to gain industry insights and learn about workshops and conferences. You may also learn about job opportunities and open house events where you can connect with industry professionals and build on your personal brand.

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Benefits Of Pmi Certification Training

  • Improve your knowledge to handle business-critical projects by gaining a thorough understanding of PMI best practices to manage projects
  • Kickstart a project with necessary buy-in from all the stakeholders to take on a project
  • Get to know how to use Project Management tools and templates in your day-to-day activities to ensure the project is completed within the allocated budget and timeline
  • Enhance your career prospects globally through widely-recognized PMI certification courses such as PMP, PgMP, CAPM, PMI-ACP, and more
  • According to PMI Pulse of Profession, achieve a minimum of 20% higher salary by taking up PMI Certification training
  • Choose a successful career path for yourself with PMI certification training that covers most of the trending domains, which include Project Management, Agile, Business Analysis, Risk Management, and more
  • PMI Certification training have a Continuing Education requirement to maintain their certifications every 2-3 years, which will help professionals to stay relevant and future proof their careers
  • PMI Certified professionals will automatically get additional job responsibilities to handle or be part of complex projects
  • Be more marketable in a challenging job landscape with PMI certifications
  • Is It Worth Getting A Career Coach

    After family and your health, what is more important than your career? People routinely spend significant sums on any manner of coaching from personal training to tennis lessons. Dont shortchange yourself when it comes to professional career advice. Getting back to work faster can cover the cost of coaching many times over.

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    Understanding Different Industries & Job Markets

    As a career coach you must have your finger on the pulse of the job market. Make sure that you keep yourself abreast of the happenings in various industries, study the markets, research upcoming sectors that may offer lucrative career opportunities, keep track of latest industry trends, monitor job listings, find out which sectors have the potential for growth in the near future, etc. All this information will help you provide your clients with real time guidance and steer them towards the best job prospects.

    Recognize The Type Of Support You Need

    Three Questions to unlock your authentic career: Ashley Stahl at TEDxBerkeley

    The process of finding a career coach starts with knowing what you hope to get out of your career coaching experience, whether thatâs an overall goal or a skill set youâll need to develop in order to get there. Many career coaches can help in all areas of career planning, but some might specialize in specific areas. Career coaches with specializations may highlight their area of expertise on their website or wherever they advertise their services.

    Also, take into account the type of support that feels most motivating to you. Some people seeking a career change opt for alternative coaching stylesâsuch as spiritual coaches, meditation coaches, or life coachesârather than a traditional career coach. This may help illuminate how your career change fits into the entire structure of your life.

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    Do You Need A Career Coach

    Maybe you dont know which career will bring you fulfillment, youre struggling to move on from a terrible past job, or youre not getting very far in the interview process. Career coaches can help you figure out what you want to do, understand whats preventing you from advancing in your professional goals, and endure the ups and downs of job hunting. The author presents five reasons you might consider hiring a career coach and five tips on how to choose the right one for you.

    Career coaches provide a range of services, from helping you figure out what you want to do to exploring opportunities for professional growth to supporting you through the ups and downs of looking for a new job. Engaging with a career coach requires an investment of time and money, so its important to do your due diligence to determine if working with one will help you accomplish your goals and if so, which coach might be the right fit for you. Here are five reasons you might consider hiring a career coach and five tips on how to choose one.

    Ready To Experience Coaching For Yourself

    Coaching can be a transformational experience, but how do you find the right coach? Its important to find a true professional, exercising due diligence in your search to ensure the coach you select is appropriately trained and adheres to the highest ethical standards. To help you with this process, the International Coaching Federation developed the Credentialed Coach Finder, a free and searchable directory with listings for thousands of qualified, ICF-credentialed coaches worldwide.

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    Reasons To Hire A Career Coach That Have Nothing To Do With Job Searching

    When you think about career coaches, you probably envision the savvy professionals that give advice during a job search. They toil away critiquing resumes, finessing cover letters, and conducting mock interviews so you can knock it out of the park, ultimately getting multiple job offers.

    But a career coachs expertise goes well beyond the job hunt. For a lifelong dynamic career, its smart to maintain a relationship with one in your network, even if you have no plans to change companies anytime soon. Here are 10 pivotal times in your career a coach can help you navigate choppy waters to discover a brighter horizon.

    Maximizing current job potential: Feeling stagnant at work lately and not sure what to do to refuel your fire? A career coach gets to know you and can provide personalized advice on how to maximize your current job so you learn important skills, make critical connections, and do projects you are really passionate about.

    Pitching a promotion: Do you feel you deserve a promotion? Whether theres one youre aware of or youre going to pitch your boss why youre ready for a new opportunity, a career coach is able to help. From preparing your rationale to practicing your speech, they support you climbing the ladder.

    Shaping your vision for the future: Knowing where youre going can help inform your decisions and shape your career journey. The problem is, most professionals have only a shortsighted or vague vision.

    The Company Databasefor Successful Job Search


    Jobtreks was created in 2014 by the founders of Weil & Wein. Our clients wanted a way to identify companies to start their job search.

    Jobtreks is a free, curated database of companies to kick off your job search. Find companies by industry and location. Congratulations. Your job search has begun.

    Our clients work at great companies across industries!

    What Our Clients Say

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    Stay Ready For Opportunities

    Some may say that preparing for the worst is pessimistic, but not being ready to pivot when faced with unemployment can be a heavy burden. You don’t buy car insurance to get into a car accident, but you know it’s a good thing to have if an accident does happen.

    Career cushioning can leave you feeling more positive about your current situation because you have a plan if you lose your job. Instead of worrying about being downsized, consider what you can do to increase your value to your current employer or attract a better offer.

    Where To Find A Career Coach

    Generally speaking, its advisable to seek out those with a professional certification from a recognized accreditation body, advises Starr. The tricky thing with career coaching is that its an unregulated field and anyone can call themselves a career coach.

    Start by asking your personal network for coaches they may have worked with, says Capozzoli. Personal references and experience can go a long way when determining if you want to work with someone. Also explore and research career coaches in your area or by expertise via LinkedIn. Determine if a coach has a website for further review of their expertise and client recommendations.

    Many of the credentialing bodies that offer career coach certifications also have professional directories to help you identify the career coach who suits your needs:

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    What Is A Career Coach Can They Help You

    • A career coach is an individual who helps people determine their career goals and choose the right path forward.
    • It is important to put in sufficient research to hire a legitimate career coach with proper training and credentials.
    • While there is no licensing requirement for career coaching, extensive education and a professional certification go a long way toward establishing credibility in the field.
    • Make sure to choose a coach that fits your career goals and your budget.

    Do They Need To Specialize In What I Do

    Coaching Leadership Style Explained I Indeed Career Quick Tips

    A good career coach can help someone in any industry or profession, but someone who speaks the same language you do can now doubt take some time off of the learning curve. A career coach with personal experience in your selected field can often help you more quickly than one without that experience. To the extent that the coach can bring industry-specific stories and examples into the conversation to illustrate issues and opportunities, they can enable you to see your situation more clearly and more quickly, says Kantor.

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