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I’m Changing My Career, and I’m Scared | Accounting to Nursing

The average cost of a coding bootcamp ranges from $11,272 – $13,584 depending on data source. This figure varies depending on topic of study, style of instruction, geographic location, and student status . At $2,400, our programs are a minimal financial investment with a huge career advancement and endless opportunities. As of January 2022, we have a 90%+ employment rate for students who have completed our programs. Investing time and financial resources into this program can be a great way to transition from the accounting to tech industry with minimal barriers to entry and the least amount of delays and wasted resources.

There are already a handful of accountants or learners from the financial industry in our programs, all of whom are looking to transition into tech careers. In the last 9 months, a manager of a small financial accounting team joined our program and was recently accepted to the LinkedIn REACH apprenticeship program, a distinguished and highly recommended software engineering apprenticeship for talent without a Computer Science degree. In the last 12 months, a different accountant joined our program from Canada and just launched his own business, a SaaS company selling a particular accounting software he built based on his experience as an accountant. Both are excited about their career prospects, their progress, and their current positions.

What’s Not Working For You In Your Accounting Career

It makes sense to analyze what’s wrong for you as an accountant and pinpoint the problem:

  • Does the organizational structure bother you? And do you have the answers to fix the issues? Consider offering your suggestions to management and working your way into becoming a CFO in the future. Or start your own business!
  • Does your boss micromanage you? Consider moving laterally into another accounting position at the same company or a similar role in your same field. Talk with human resources to transition laterally. Or meet with recruiters to find another company!
  • Do you feel unimportant and unheard? The culture where you work can affect you. If you’re ignored, look for a company that values your insights.
  • Are you at a big accounting firm where there is constant pressure and stress? Consider working for a smaller firm that values a better work-life balance!
  • Is a job that excites and empowers you crucial? Do you feel bored crunching numbers?Maybe you need the excitement of challenging interactions with others!
  • Or, perhaps you feel bored with accounting duties and the predictability of numbers? Maybe you need to work in a more theoretical field as an economic writer or researcher. Or teach it to others as a professor or high school teacher!

Alternative Careers For Accounting Majors

1. EntrepreneurHow to become an Accountant turned Entrepreneur2. Business AnalystTransitioning to a Business Analyst3. Non-profit AccountingGetting into Non-profit AccountingTransitioning to Communications Strategy5. Accounting Information Technology Pursuing an Accounting IT roleChoosing the Right Alternative Accounting CareerView our current job openings and get started today!

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Think About Similar Or Different Careers You May Be Interested In

Maybe youre looking to make a career pivot and completely change your professional identity. Or maybe you’re looking to switch to a similar field, such as a role in the banking industry.

When youre looking to make a career change out of a certain industry, you should first identify your end goal: Where do you want to go next? What do you dream of doing?

Because from there, you can set an action plan in place and develop the small steps to get there whether those steps include going back to school, earning a certain certification, reaching out to a connection at a company youre interested in or simply applying for jobs in the new field in which you wish to work.

And there are many options worth exploring.

For instance, if youre looking to embrace the skills youve developed as an accountant and you like to write, Goehner states that you can look into jobs such as a financial journalist or communications specialist. Or if you like to teach and train others, you can become a math teacher or a finance professor.

If you want to increase fundraising, you can become a nonprofit accountant, said Goehner. If you wish to mitigate risk, you can become a banker or risk manager. You can also become an entrepreneur or digital content creator.

Richards adds other complimentary careers that accountants often enjoy include business analysis, consulting, banking, corporate finance and business development.

Tired Of Being An Accountant Global Career Paths That Will Make Use Of Your Accounting Skill Set On The International Stage

What Types of Accounting Jobs Are Good for a Career Change?

Monty Python had a skit about an accountant who went to see a vocational guidance counselor because he wanted to change careers. The counselor had a few ideas in mind but the accountant wasnt listening. His mind is set on a new career path.

It turns out he wanted to be a lion tamer!

Now, you may not want to be a lion tamer but you might be thinking about switching careers. Here are some career paths where you can still use some of your accounting skills.

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Career Change For Accountants: Overview

To move to a different career, you must introspectively examine your reasons and motivations behind the switch. Let these reasons guide you towards a new career choice. If you are seeking a more fulfilling career, weigh your options to find a career that inspires you and ignites your passion for the job.

To make a successful career switch, self-assess and make an inventory of your skills. If you dont have the qualifications to land your new job position, work on acquiring new credentials. There is a wide range of jobs that you can do with an accounting degree. A strong foundation in accounting and public accounting experience will boost your portfolio and aid your job search.

Build Foundational Knowledge In Technology

Technology is a vast field, and even when you have identified the path in technology you want to go down, it is highly likely that you lack the fundamental knowledge to perform the role.

A good step to take next is to build up that grassroots knowledge in your chosen tech role.

For example, if you want to take a job as a web developer in technology, youd need to learn fundamental skills such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

These are skills that experience in accounting may not give you. Getting and building the right foundational knowledge is a good way to start your career in technology.

There are many places you can go to begin to build that fundamental knowledge, but a good place I always recommend to start is Udemy because it is inexpensive.

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Christopher Hubbard Makes A Splash As A Staff Accountant

This story should sound familiar to anyone who is thinking of switching careers to accounting.

While working at music-distributor company Revolver, Christopher Hubbard dabbled in various positions. At that small organization, he started in the warehouse and continually added new responsibilities: generating invoices, processing payments, copy editing, graphic design, mail-order fulfillment.

Although he enjoyed the different opportunities this afforded him, Christopher was in search of a career change and began traversing the path to find what career would best fit his interests.

I knew from doing billing work that I liked quantitative tasks, Christopher recalls, so I figured Id dip my toes in the water with an introductory accounting class and see what it was all about. I had zero expectations.

That initial toe in the water soon became a deep dive into working toward a career in accounting.

Step one: Christopher enrolled in Introduction to Financial Accounting.

I was a little apprehensive when I started, Christopher says. I hadnt set foot in a classroom since Id graduated from college over a decade ago. However, it turned out to be a great experience.

Everyone was there to learn, and the atmosphere was encouraging and often fun.

That great experience snowballed into completing all of the courses in the Certificate Program in Accounting, where he studied alongside students from all walks of life and at all stages of their careers.

Be A Financial Planner

Career Change For Accountants | The 7 Steps To Alternative Careers For Accountants?

When considering career changes for accountants, consider that a job in financial planning allows you to use your proficiency with numbers in a new way. As a financial planner, you might work with individuals or companies to prepare investment strategies and short- and long-term financial plans. Some financial planners work in corporations, while others work independently in their own businesses.

If youve always wanted to make your own schedule and enjoy working with clients, financial planning might be a good choice for you. You can also consider certification through the Certified Financial Planner Board to stand out.

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What Were Your Initial Career Plans Why Did You Decide To Study History And Politics At University

If Im honest, I decided to study a subject I enjoyed and hoped to find a career later on! I was always keen on law at school but lost interest after taking a law A Level, so instead opted for a broader degree in a subject I wanted to study. For a long time I was also interested in journalism, particularly editing, and as it turns out oversight and double-checking is something I still enjoy and is very relevant to my current role.

Performing Tasks In Order

Accounting is based on the accounting cycle, which requires an accountant to complete steps in a particular order. One step supports the next a CPA must be able to stay on track and follow the proper order of steps.

Say for example that you need to post ten journal entries and then generate a trial balance. After reviewing the trial balance, you need to post adjusting entries and use the adjusted trial balance to create the financial statements.

When you walk into the office on Monday morning, you need to know which step you must complete next. If you dont have all of the journal entries posted, for example, your trial balance is incomplete.

Is this skill something that comes easily to you? If so, you may be suited to become a CPA!

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Forecasting How Long The Transition Will Take

The entire transition process from accounting into tech will take around 10 – 24 months, depending on time from application to a technical training program, commitment ability, how quickly you progress through the material, and how many jobs and apprenticeships you apply to. This includes completing a technical training program and technical interviewing. This will vary depending on how quickly a learner progresses through the projects and how much time they are willing to dedicate to their education. The final season in our programs called TIPP will prepare you for the technical interview process with resume reviews, technical portfolio building, and mock interviews. Most students receive employment offers before finishing their bootcamp.

There are many scenarios that affect how quickly you may progress through our programs. If your commitment is full time and you dedicate extensive time to completing projects, you will gain competency faster than someone who has part time availability and other responsibilities such as a family or job. Both cases are fine and neither one is considered better than the other. Each individual will have a different process to change careers and it is important to do what is best for you and your situation. It’s essential to be realistic and not expect full time results on a part time basis. Learning takes time and something this crucial cannot and truthfully should not, be rushed.

What To Consider Before Leaving Your Accounting Career


Youve spent hours, days, and perhaps years or even decades in accounting and now youve decided its time for a change. Before you jump ship on debits and credits once and for all, make sure you know where you want to land.

Are you tired of the accounting function itself? Is it your day-to-day responsibilities that are growing old, or is it the role that you play within an organization that you no longer enjoy?

Are you seeking career fulfillment and your role in accounting is not providing you with what you need?

Or, is it your boss, employer, or industry that has grown stale? You dont mind accounting so much its just the people you are preparing reports for, or the company or client that you are working with, that is getting you down.

Its true: developing new skills in a different environment could re-energize you and prepare you for the next stage of your career. However, as you consider letting your CPA credential lapse, first gain clarity on whats missing from your day-to-day professional role so that you can be sure that your next role has it.

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How Easy Is It To Change Career From Accounting

A career change is certainly possible. It usually depends on personal circumstances, what you want to achieve, and also whats keeping you stuck. It takes an openness with being uncomfortable as you go outside your comfort zone. I often talk about a formula for career change, which helps you understand which parts of the puzzle are missing for you, and what you need to work on to make your change happen.

The most important thing to make a successful change is really being open to it happening. Not a wishful thinking, one day Ill I mean waking up and thinking Im going to do this, and I can do it. Ive been in that place, where even to the last minute you can doubt whether its possible. I can tell you – it is.

So being aware of the things you still like about your role, what attracted you in the first place, and what you dont want to lose this is important because these are the things that will keep you stuck.

A successful career change also requires time, ideally 12 months or more, and depending on the job you want to move into, you may need to bridge that gap with additional study, gaining experience, or taking a stepping stone role first.

How Do I Switch From Accounting To Something Else

As discussed in this article, the first step is to gain clarity on what you are seeking. Next, youll want to gather and update your professional materials, such as your resume and LinkedIn profile. After that, you need to prepare a career change narrative that briefly explains where youve been, what you enjoy, and where you aspire to steer your career next. From there, it will be time to start having meaningful, impactful conversations with people in your network who can connect you to the opportunities you are seeking.

I cover how to execute these steps in detail in my signature course, Jumpstart Your Career Change. Open for sale just twice a year, this course will help you build a bridge to your new career that is sturdier than you ever thought possible.

Dont miss the opportunity to participate in this valuable course by joining the wait list today.


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Is Experience Necessary Career Change To Accounting


Getting experience as an accountant in the sector is essential to demonstrate your worth and knowledge to prospective employers. It’s typical for accounting students to work a part-time job or intern during their studies. Students can use accounting principles in the real world and connect with professionals in the field outside of the classroom. Finding temporary or part-time work in the accounting industry can help you get a foot in the door for a full-time position.

Assess Your Current Position

Are You Too Old to Start in Accounting?

Before you make a decision or plan, you must first assess your current role. You want to be sure that you need a career change and not just a different employer. If you are less motivated at work and find that your accounting role is not serving your long-term professional goals, it is time to change careers.

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Jobs That Offer A Career Change From Accounting

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

Video: A Day in the Life of an Accountant

In this video, we follow Ektaa, a tax accountant working for a family-owned accounting firm, as she shares the skills and education needed to be a successful accountant.

Being a chartered or certified public accountant means you have the education and experience to work as a trusted financial advisor to the public or within companies. Holding this certification can also allow you other financial and industry jobs should you want to transition out of accounting or change careers entirely. Knowing the roles and positions available for those with an accounting degree can help you decide if a career change from accounting is right for you. In this article, we explore 18 jobs to consider if you are a CPA desiring a career change.

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How To Change Careers To Accounting

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

Video: A Day in the Life of an Accountant

In this video, we follow Ektaa, a tax accountant working for a family-owned accounting firm, as she shares the skills and education needed to be a successful accountant.

Accounting positions can provide individuals with influential benefits that help make a great career, while simultaneously providing an essential service to businesses to help them grow and develop. If you’re looking to change careers to an accounting profession, it can be important to understand the education and experience required for the job. In this article, we discuss what a career in accounting is, its major benefits and a list of steps on how to transition your career to the accounting field.

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