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The Most Common Career Change For Nurses

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Your interests and priorities change throughout your lifetime, which means your career might too. However, the good news is that you have many options if looking at career changes for nurses. An excellent place to start is to transition to a different clinical role, such as an agency nurse.

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Pivot To Behavioral Health

If youre considering a move away from bedside nursing but do enjoy working in a patient-facing role, you may consider transitioning into psychiatric health, psychology, human services, or social work.

Achieving whole health goes beyond medical care alone. Access to mental health care and social services are crucial to helping individuals become the healthiest versions of themselves.

Some RNs choose to focus their nursing specialty in psychiatric care and work to become a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner . However, there are many types of non-nursing jobs in mental and community health for which your experience in nursing can prove beneficial.

You may leverage skills youve developed in nursing and go from RN to social worker. Our online Master of Social Work program prepares you for a rewarding career in mental health, medical or children families and aging services.

Social workers are crucial facilitators of community resources and fierce advocates for individuals, families, and communities. You can make a significant impact, just like you have as an RN, outside of the clinical environment in social work.

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Things To Keep In Mind When Making A Career Change

Making a nursing career change will change many other aspects of your life. Here are a few things to remember when making a career change.

  • Benefits such as retirement, paid time off, and medical insurance

  • Your new work/life balance

  • The potential growth in the position

  • Will you need to go back to school for another degree to work in your new desired career?

  • Do you need professional licensure in this new career?

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Guide To Making A Career Change To Nursing

Considering a career switch to nursing? Going back to school is necessary, and now there are part-time and full-time options, as well as in-person and online nursing programs to help career-switchers transition from their current industry to the nursing field. This variety of options means you can choose a path that fits with your career goals and lifestyle.

Alternative Careers For Nurses In Tech

Quit Your Job and Find One That Makes You Happy

What can you do next? Here are six good tech jobs for nurses to pursue along with what you need to get there.

Health Informatician/Nurse Informatician

What they do: Nurse informaticians are key in the emerging field of nursing informatics. They translate information between clinical and technical teams and systems. They analyze data and develop strategies for health IT procurement, implementation, and optimization.

What you already have: A bachelors degree in nursing, experience in a clinical setting.

What you need: Strong skills in data analytics and project management. Some employers require advanced degrees or certifications. A certificate in Data Analytics or Data Science will give you a competitive edge alongside your nursing experience.

Product Designer

What they do: Product designers create, test, and improve apps and websites. Within healthcare tech, they design apps, websites, or software for either patients or clinicians for healthcare delivery. As a nurse, your expertise is beneficial for both.

What you already have: A patient and clinical perspective to help you advocate for the end user.

What you need: A degree is required for some UX jobs. Youll need to build skills and a portfolio in web and mobile design along with UX methodology, which you can get through a UX/UI Design certificate course.

Web Developer

What you already have: Teamwork, attention to detail, problem-solving.

Software Engineer

Clinical Application Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialist

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If Youre Currently A Lab Technician

Transferable skill: Laboratory skills

New opportunity:Quality control inspector

New salary: $35,330

Why it works: Many products go through a long testing process to ensure theyre ready for the market. Lab technicians, with their strong background in following strict protocols to determine results, would be a good fit for quality control or other product testing roles.

The More They Learn The More They Earn

Nurses education helps define their roles and dutiesas well as pay. Chart 1 shows the typical entry-level education requirements and 2018 median annual wages for nurses.

Licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses

46,240 Postsecondary nondegree award

Note: None of these occupations typically require work experience in a related occupation for entry or on-the-job training for competency.

Nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners are also called advanced practice registered nurses, or APRNs. These nurses require the most education of the occupations in the table, and they also had the highest wages. All of the nursing occupations in the table had a wage that was greater than the $38,640 median annual wage for all occupations in 2018.

Although the chart shows the education level that is typically required to enter these occupations, there may be multiple paths to entry. For example, registered nurses typically need a bachelors degree in nursing . But there are alternative educational routes to becoming a registered nurse, including earning an associates degree in nursing or a diploma from an approved nursing program. Depending on where they work, registered nurses may qualify for jobs by completing one of those three types of nursing programs. Nursing education includes clinical experience as part of its training.

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Careers For Nurses: Opportunities And Options

Jennifer Chi | March 2020

If youve ever received medical treatment, youve met a nurse. These healthcare specialists work day and night to provide direct care to patients. Their job duties and opportunities vary, depending on the type of nurse they are.

In 2018, there were more than 4 million jobs in 5 nurse occupations, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics . Moreover, employment of nurses is projected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations through 2028.

Some nurses manage patient care others help with treatment. Keep reading to find out how their tasks, education and licensure requirements, and wages differand to learn more about the employment and outlook in these occupations.

Research Consulting And Teaching

Nursing as a Second Career after 40

10. Legal nurse consultant

Experienced RNs seeking non-bedside nursing jobs may find legal nurse consulting a good fit. This role lets you apply your nursing knowledge to court cases. Typical tasks include analyzing medical records, translating complex jargon for legal professionals, and testifying in court. You could be involved in cases related to insurance fraud, medical malpractice, personal injuries, and other areas.

  • Help ensure justice by resolving and investigating medical issues
  • Play a respected and important role in maintaining the integrity of the medical system

11. Nurse educator

Providing aspiring or working nurses with the up-to-date expertise and skills required to deliver effective patient care is the responsibility of nurse educators. These professionals coordinate educational programs, create training manuals, and lead presentations and seminars. Some focus on preparing students for their first jobs in nursing others concentrate on helping licensed RNs develop advanced practice skills. This role can be a natural choice for those who still want to be in the field but are seeking alternative careers for registered nurses.

  • Help empower nurses to provide the best care possible to patients
  • Pass on your experience

12. Nursing researcher

  • Play a meaningful role on the front lines of patient care
  • Make a significant difference in treatment plans and patient outcomes without performing direct patient care

13. Quality management nurse consultant

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Assess Your Present Position And Degree Of Work Satisfaction

Try to analyse your present nursing position and discover all variables contributing to your job satisfaction or discontent. For example, if you’re entirely content with the tasks you have as a nurse but despise the work environment, finding a different nursing job may be a better option than changing careers. You may uncover viable alternatives by determining what you value individually and examining your hobbies, talents and job choices.

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Career Change Ideas For Nurses

Is your nursing career fulfilling? Is it your time to switch your nursing career?

Many people are concerned that they won’t be able to manage without that job, but when things get to a certain point, it’s a sign that it may be time to go on to your next career.

Take some time amid your busy schedule to reflect on your career goals and follow our walk-through guide to help you transition from Nursing into your next career!/to get some career change ideas for Nurses.

Let’s dig deeper into this!

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Safety Director Of Occupational Health

Becoming a Safety Director of Occupational Health is another good fit for a nurse career change. Typically, the position requires a bachelors degree in occupational health and safety or a related scientific or technical field. However, some companies only require an associates degree or a certificate. Written and verbal communication skills are fundamental in this position, and knowing and understanding the dynamics of health and safety for employees and managers. In addition, there are many rules and regulations safety directory implement to keep employees safe at work. The person must also have excellent organizational skills, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

Transferable Nursing skills: Analytical, Communication, Organizational, Detail Oriented, Interpersonal, Leadership, Problem Solving Potential New Salary: $63,490Job Growth from 2020 to 2030: 10%

Nursing Quality Improvement Coordinator

Nursing Career Options  The Study Nurse

Nursing quality improvement coordinators usually work in hospitals. They perform quality audits and make sure nurses adhere to standards related to tasks like keeping medical records. This job generally requires an RN license and a BSN, as well as five or more years of experience in nursing. These quality improvement coordinators may have to work odd hours.

Nursing quality improvement coordinators also respond to complaints about quality, and they perform periodic reviews to ensure that standards are met. They document and investigate complaints, compile quality improvement reports, and develop corrective action plans.

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Quality & Safety Nurse

Job Description: A quality & safety nurse job requires assessing and evaluating treatment plans, and documenting patient care details according to professional nursing standards and regulations. They coordinate among multiple departments to manage risk and ensure quality patient care.

Salary Range: $31,000 $141,000

Degrees Required: A bachelors degree or an associates degree in nursing or related fields is preferred.

Remote Availability: Yes

Setting: Hospital and non-hospital

Healthcare Compliance Specialist / Quality Assurance Nurse Specialist

Job Description: A healthcare compliance specialist oversees an organizations compliance program to make sure it is operating within the state and federal regulations. They also conduct compliance training and education programs for physicians, nurses, and other staff members about coding, billing, and regulatory issues.

Salary Range: $24,500 $85,000

Degrees Required: A bachelors degree in nursing, healthcare administration or other related fields is required.

Remote Availability: Yes

Setting: Hospital and non-hospital

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Is Now The Right Time To Change Your Nursing Career

There is never a right time to make a life-changing decision such as a career change. It is very important to remember that many of the qualities that make you a successful nurse can also help you succeed in other fields.

In nursing, there are so many rewarding experiences accessible, and there isnt enough time to be unhappy with your existing work-life balance.

Here are five indicators that point out the right time for you to change careers as a nurse

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What Other Jobs Can I Do With A Nursing Degree

Best Jobs for Nurses That HATE Working Bedside. Why I Left My Bedside Job!

Nurses can switch from a hospital setting to a dialysis center, home health care, or school nurse. Another in-demand area is Nurse Education. For nurses who enjoy teaching, there are many jobs in the nurse education field. These jobs require a masters level degree.

Another growing field is telemedicine. Various insurance companies, doctors offices, and also hospitals are using telehealth. These jobs can be very lucrative while allowing nurses to work from home. In addition, with the rise in substance abuse throughout the country, nurses have plenty of opportunities to work in the chemical dependency field or mental health facilities. Some registered nurses have even begun to work for insurance companies and home health care agencies in screening patients to determine eligibility for each type of service.

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What Skills Do You Have

You have both innate and clinical skills that youve picked up as a nurse. Consider what youre good at before jumping into a new field. If your strength is empathizing with patients, a home healthcare role could be right for you. If you have strong business sense and communication skills, perhaps the answer is to become a sales rep.

The 12 Best Alternative Career Paths For Nurses

Feel like youve been burning the candle at both ends? If so, we dont blame you. Theres plenty of evidence to support that the nursing profession is one of the most stressful and tiring in the healthcare industry. As a registered nurse, chances are that youll experience burnout at some point.

Perhaps its time to shake things up in your career by specializing in a new area in your field. Or, maybe its the moment to consider switching gears and looking for non-bedside nursing jobs.

The good news is that even if you leave your current nursing career, you dont have to start from scratch. The hard work youve put into getting your bachelors or associates degree and fulfilling your clinical practice will serve you in many career options .

In this article, well look at some of the most common career changes for nurses. These tried-and-true options will keep you close to medicine while removing you from a traditional healthcare setting. If youre considering pursuing a new career, know that you wont be the first nurse to do so. Nor will you be the last. After all, change can be a good thing. Read on to find out whether its time for you to take the leap out of traditional nursing.

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Make A List Of Careers Youre Interested In

Ideally, you will make this list when you are still working as a nurse. Look into your heart and find out what you really want to do with your life. Your childhood dreams are a good place to start.

If you want to leave healthcare completely, make a list of possible career choices that you feel would be positive. Your talents, skills, interests, and passions will push you in the right direction. Research the roles youre considering to find out the pay range, career growth outlook, working conditions, and the qualifications required to get started.

Consult A Nursing Mentor Or Career Coach

Simple Nursing on Instagram: Swipe! ? @nursebuff #nursingschool # ...

Consider chatting with a registered nurse career counselor to discover your true calling and develop a strategy to get there.

For better consulting, finding a nurse career coach rather than a generalist coach is vital since they will be more knowledgeable about the issues you face in todays healthcare sector.

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Cannabis Nurse / Dispensary Nurse

Job Description: A cannabis nurse works to educate patients on a variety of cannabis information and misinformation. They also provide training to other medical practitioners on cannabis therapeutics potential and benefits.

Salary Range: Not found

Degrees Required: Any licensed or registered nurse can become a cannabis nurse.

Remote Availability: Yes

Setting: Mostly non-hospital

Consider Your Emotions After Each Day Of Work

Every professional path has bad days, but if you’re experiencing stressful days at work regularly, you may want to reconsider continuing in your current role. Rating your stress level and emotions when you return home each day is a fantastic approach to obtaining insight into your feelings about your nursing work. Determine if you push yourself to accomplish your allocated chores or whether you dislike working with your patients, supervisors or colleagues.

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Best High Paying Career Change Ideas For Nurses

Table of Content

1. Corporate Health Consultant

Corporate Health Consultants work with corporate outfits to develop stress reduction programs and welfare management programs for their employees.

2. Research Analyst

You can work as a clinical analyst who gathers useful information and data for the medical field. You can offer your services to product developers or people looking to start businesses in the medical industry.

3. Nursing IT

You can start a career in the Information technology industry and work with other IT professionals to help them understand the medical industrys needs and demands for informational technology.

4. Medical Sales Representatives

Another career idea you can switch to is becoming a medical sales representative to sell medical products and devices to hospitals and individuals.

5. Nursing Educator

As a retired Nurse or an elderly Nurse, you can take up a career as a lecturer or Nursing educator to teach young people how to become Nurses.

6. Travel Nurse

You can become a travel Nurse and work on Cruise ships, commercial flights or private jets.

7. Forensic Nurses

Forensic Nurses are often needed at crime scenes. If you dont want to work in a hospital but still want to earn good income practicing Nursing, you can consider becoming a Forensic Nurse.

8. School Nurse

A lot of schools employ Nurses to work in their sick bays. You can work as a school nurse in elementary schools, high schools, colleges or even in universities.

22. Nanny

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