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Gaining A Global Perspective

Benefits of studying in the Philippines //Career benefits of studying abroad/study abroad advice

Studying abroad gives students a global perspective on social, environmental, cultural, and political issues. Being a global citizen provides a wider vantage point to understanding issues that impact the planet. Those who believe in the power of being a global citizen are often more engaged in their local community, have an open mind, are empathetic, and enjoy ongoing education. In the workplace, a global perspective can translate to offering insight and being open to new ideas and solutions.

Enhance Your University Applications

Many programs that offer concentrated trips abroad for high school students tout the college acceptance-related benefits of studying abroad. That’s because study abroad for high school students dramatically improves the quality of their college applications.

The improvement is due to several factors:

  • The college application stands out from the crowd
  • The student learns new skills and abilities while traveling abroad, which he or she can showcase on the application
  • The student gains an appreciation of diverse cultures, a necessary skill in a diverse student body like the one found at most universities
  • The added life experience improves students’ abilities to identify what course of study they wish to pursue, which helps them focus their college applications

Study Abroad: Career Benefits Of Studying Abroad In The Uk

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience for any student. It can help from enhancing their global network to experiencing a new culture, the benefits to education and career are significant.

Over the years, studying abroad has become an increasingly prevalent choice for students all over the world, with around 1.3 million students currently undertaking study abroad programs or courses in one of the EU states.

Study abroad programs come in many diverse forms, including everything from short summer school experiences to full-time study abroad university programs which can take years to complete.

Home to over 130 UK universities that provide a wide variety of courses to international students, there are many worthy reasons to make that next big step in your life and study in the UK. Everyone knows that the United Kingdom offers any international student a wonderful study abroad experience. Studying overseas has many unbelievable benefits, both for your personal and professional life. With its rich history, high quality of life, and most importantly, world-class universities, the UK has long been a popular destination for international students. However, there are some unexpected benefits of studying in the United Kingdom that might not be on your radar.

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The Uk Education System Offers Great Opportunities To Students

Every year, the UK government warmly greets lakhs of international students with open arms. International student societies, besides organizing parties, conducting events, planning activities and outings, help in the rough days as well by giving advice on personal problems and assisting you as you fit in.

A student needs to get a UK Tier 4 General Student Visa to study higher education at a UK University. It is quite easy to obtain and the process is simpler, more transparent, and user-friendly for international students who have received an offer/CAS and can show the required funding available.

Most UK universities also offer merit-based scholarship programs and funding opportunities to international students to support their studies and cost of living.

After going through all these benefits, it is little wonder that so many students are choosing to study in the UK. It will continue to be among the top educational destinations for international students and should be seriously considered by every applicant who is considering studying abroad. Whatever your field or career aspirations, international experience will certainly help you to stand out in todays highly competitive global job market.

Why Study Abroad Top 7 Benefits Of Studying Abroad

Pin on Study Abroad Tips

If the question why study abroad? has crossed your mind, youve probably done preliminary research to discover the benefits of studying abroad. During said research, youve likely come across reviews from study abroad alums describing their experiences as life-changing. While thats quite the high praise, a 2022 survey exploring the long-term impact of study abroad overwhelmingly shows the personal, professional, and academic benefits study abroad students gain from their programs do, in fact, change their lives.

According to the survey, 96% of students said study abroad increased their self-confidence 95% said going abroad impacted their worldview and 95% shared their time abroad helped them mature. These are only some of the many lasting benefits study abroad can have on your life overall.

From setting your career up for success in todays increasingly globally diverse world to forming friendships all around the globe thatll last a lifetime, youll end your CIEE program with numerous advantages of study abroad that are sure to positively benefit your future wherever you go next in life.

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Surprising Career Benefits Of Studying Abroad

This article is written in collaboration with EU Business School.

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience. From expanding global networks to exploring new cultures & traditions, the perks of studying abroad are significant.

No wonder that the number of international students has tripled in the past two-and-a-half decades.

Did you know that approximately 4.3 million students are enrolled in colleges outside their home country? 53% of them are Asian, with most from India, China & Korea. These numbers are staggering, suggesting how popular the trend of going abroad for education has become worldwide.

If you are not sure if a language course, semester in exchange or earning a degree outside of your home country is the right path for you, keep reading and find out more about the surprising benefits of studying abroad.

And who knows – it may make your decision easier!

1. Cements Language Skills

By studying overseas, youll get the opportunity to hone your second-language skills in a much better way than just learning from textbooks and/or classes. Of course, you can gain valuable language skills by learning the foreign language in classes but when you live abroad it’s a completely different experience.

Youll get command over the language because basically, you won’t have any other choice. If you want to interact with your classmates you will have to speak the language but also your daily language practice will be when going to the grocery shop, out for drinks etc.

The Benefits Of Study Abroad In Your Career And The Workplace

Study Abroad will change your life. In addition to the many ways it will benefit you personally and academically, studying abroad will open new doors for your career and help you build a unique skill set that employers love. The places you’ll explore, the people you’ll meet, and the experiences you’ll have will prepare you to succeed in any workplace.

Youre gonna get the experience necessary to work with diverse cultures and populations which make you an employee a step above others.IUPUI Career Fair Employer Participant

Strengthen the Skills that Every Employer Values

I would definitely suggest doing study abroad. Its something I look for in résumés. If I see it I ask about it!Alex Totten Leadership for Educational Equity

Study Abroad has been shown to develop skills that all employers value. Even if you don’t intend to work for an international employer or aren’t sure of your career goals, developing traits like resourcefulness, adaptability, resilience, and empathy will give you an edge in any job market.

When asked, 73% of employers stated that study abroad experience was important for evaluating résumés for junior-level positions. There are programs out there for any IUPUI student studying any major. Find out what programs are best suited to you based on what you study.

Develop Marketable Expertise

Bring Valuable Understanding and Awareness to the Workplace

Build Your Professional Network

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Learning To Thrive In The New Millennium

Technological progress is moving at a breathtaking speed. Its hard to think that 30 years ago, personal computers were not something you could find in any household, and now its becoming harder and harder to find a person in the developed or even the developing world who doesnt have a smartphone. We have all of the worlds information at our fingertips and were globally connected in ways that were unimaginable till a few decades ago.

Experts say that were now in the middle of a Fourth Industrial Revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. As time goes by, technological advancements in robotics and Artificial Intelligence will make more and more jobs disappear, while also creating many new ones that we yet cannot even imagine.

Even now, fewer people have traditional career paths of working with just one employer for decades, but instead switch jobs and even careers several times over the course of their lives. In the future, this might become more and more common. The key is to be able to adapt to these changes by learning the kinds of skills that will be useful across many different fields. Then you wont be swept away by changes taking place but will be able to thrive in the emerging new economy.

The 4 core skills that are required today, more than ever

How studying abroad makes you smarter and more creative

Read more: Results of our gap year survey: How a gap year in Asia teaches new skills and brightens the future

Benefits Of Pursuing Post

5 Benefits of Studying Abroad Early in Your College Career
  • You can always aim to do your masters at a top-ranked global university, meaning better learning, faculty, and infrastructure.
  • You can always experience the benefits of enhanced foreign language and communication skills, especially of the cross-cultural variety.
  • An international postgraduate degree or diploma will naturally get your CV/resume noticed in the global job market. Wherever you work, you will always be backed by globally acknowledged PG degrees to make it easier to find employment.
  • If you are into research and academics, a stint abroad for your PG will open newer vistas to you as well.
  • You can build valuable connections, especially if you are studying a job-oriented masters course.
  • You can always work part-time, gaining even more experience as a result. It will also help you offset some of your living costs, at least.

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Save Money On Tuition Fees

Community colleges are normally cheaper than the more prestigious universities and colleges. Outstanding U.S. student loan debt is increasing by $2,726.27 every minute, and the average cost to attend a four-year university for one year is $36,589. These statistics make more affordable options like community college attractive to many.

At an average of $23,860 for one year, the cost of a two-year community college is more than $10,000 cheaper than the average four-year university.

In addition, many community colleges offer scholarships. You can typically find information about scholarship options by visiting the college’s website.

Learning A New Language

If you are planning on studying abroad in a country in which the native language is not your own, then you will be able to learn a new language in an immersive environment. You will experience situations and scenarios that you probably wouldnt encounter in a normal classroom. While studying a language in class can be rewarding, applying it in real-world situations can give you an entirely different perspective. Socialising with other international students, talking to your lecturers and learning and developing your reading and writing are the perfect way to enhance a second language. Complete immersion into another language often proves the fastest way for students to learn, and through conversations with native speakers, you will be able to pick up accents, colloquialisms and idioms. Students with key language skills are highly desirable to employers, especially those fluent in two or more languages – even more so in ever-internationalising industries. You will also become a more culturally sensitive person. You will gain cultural knowledge of how different countries work, their traditions and the way society runs – this can make you a great forerunner to success.

Explore the different programmes you can study at Durham University International Study Centre – the perfect way to prepare for your undergraduate or masters degree.

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Build A Global Network

International students studying abroad will not only make lifelong friends, but also establish global connections with a wide range of individuals. In addition to professors and other international students, you can also expect to meet academics and professionals in your field of study.

Building a network of global connections has proven to be beneficial for many students after they graduate and join the workforce, so make a conscious effort to network with these individuals in your host country. These connections can offer job opportunities, promotions, references, support, and mentorship down the road. Find meaningful and fun ways to get involved at your university or college and network with as many people as you can while studying abroad.

Tip: Remember, the world is a lot smaller than it may seem, so never burn bridgesyou never know who will be sitting across from you at a job interview.

Improve Your Educational Outcomes

Benefits of Studying Abroad for a Successful Career! Get these benefits ...

Across the board, educational outcomes are improved by a course of study abroad for high school students. NAFSA reports that grade point averages are consistently increased for graduates of study-abroad programs.

Additionally, rates of retention, completion, and graduation are markedly improved for study-abroad students. The increase is particularly true for at-risk youth, who usually have much higher rates of drop-out and failure to complete courses of study.

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Train For International Careers

No matter which EU Business School campus you find yourself on, youll represent one of the 100+ nationalities around you. Meeting people from all over the world, youll actually become smarter, as you encounter regular opportunities to challenge your beliefs and enjoy exposure to an amazing variety of cultures and customs.

On top of that, your course will train you to understand an extensive range of business contexts and needs worldwide, as well as offering you the chance to spend a semester or two somewhere else in the world.

After all this experience, studying abroad will make applying for international jobs much easier. Youll have so much to talk about!

Gain A Competitive Edge

With only a small percentage of the entire US student population going abroad to study, studying abroad on your resume will help you gain a significant competitive edge in the fierce job market that awaits after graduation. Prospective employers will be impressed with your interest in diversity and international issues. Study abroad also demonstrates many other traits that potential employers may find valuableopen-mindedness, initiative and leadership capability, willingness to step outside their comfort zone, maturity, independence, flexibility, curiosity, and self-reliance.

There are myriad reasons to study abroad, including significant career advantages. Read first-hand accounts from students who lived the IFSA experience on Unpacked: Student Stories, and check out our award-nominated Global Wayfinder to search for your best-fit study abroad program. Your future self will thank you!

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Learn Project Management And Problem

Relocating to a new country is an exciting challenge. Youll need to quickly get on top of your studies, while also settling in to a new culture and lifestyle – at the same time as learning a new language and meeting new people!

The speed at which you need to adapt will improve and expand your project management skills, helping you plan and organise your time – key project management skills that employers value.

As we embrace our growing global community and businesses have an increasingly international outlook, future employers will look for candidates that have the ability to see the world from different perspectives. Exposure to a wide variety of different cultures and knowledge of a broad range of local customs makes international students more attractive during the recruitment process. Studying in the UK gives you easy access to the whole of Europe. Choosing a university with excellent transport links to London will open up Europe for short trips – with the chance to experience further cultures and customs during your study.

How Studying Abroad Prepares You For A Career

Why Study Abroad? | Reasons & Benefits | upGrad Abroad

In determining whether or not to take your studies abroad, have you taken the time to consider how studying abroad can help you professionally?

According to Aspasia Chysopoulou, who studied abroad in both Brussels and Stockholm, says her study abroad experiences have transformed her into a “competitive player in the marketplace since, nowadays, companies seek candidates who are open to new challenges and experiences, can work in teams crossing cultural boundaries and can easily adapt to new workplace settings.”

As future career opportunities can be enhanced as a result of international study, we’ve outlined a few ways that studying abroad will make you a savvier professional, using examples of real-world experiences from international students.

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Gain Essential Life Skills And Building Resilience

For some students, studying abroad is their first time living away from home. Even for graduate-level students, the experience of adjusting to a new culture and life abroad can be overwhelming. Quickly adapting to your new environment will not just put your problem-solving skills to the test. It will also hone your communication skills, self-reliance, and resilience.

Developing these key survival skills is one of the biggest benefits of studying abroad. Once the culture shock fades, youll be left with a sense of self-confidence and independence. From mundane personal tasks like setting up an international bank account and registering with a doctor, to understanding how negotiation techniques and leadership qualities differ from culture to culture, your daily adventures overseas all contribute to you becoming a more confident and capable person. And these skills will prove immediately applicable in your professional life, regardless of your career path.

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