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What Is A Business Management Degree

Business Management and Administration Job Description

A business management degree teaches a range of administrative, marketing or even accounting tasks, how to work closely with a team and develop skills to manage a business or organization successfully. A business management degree can refer to a/an:

  • Associate in business management: Two-year program that teaches how an organization functions and includes coursework such as business law and ethics, principles of marketing and project management.

  • Bachelors degree in business management: Four-year program that teaches the overall management of a business, including risk management and strategic management. Students in this program pick a specialization to focus on, such as marketing, entrepreneurship or real estate.

  • Masters degree in business management: Two-year program provides higher level coursework on management and leadership topics as well as chosen specialization.

Careers In Business Information Management

Business Information Management encapsulates a wide variety of careers related to the marrying of business and information technology.

However, everyone in this pathway needs to have a solid foundational knowledge of information management as it relates to using data to make decisions.

Some common careers in the Business Information Management pathway include:

  • Accounting clerks
  • Management analyst

Accounting clerks are responsible for recording, maintaining, and auditing an organizations financial records. In 2017, the median annual pay for an accounting clerk was $39,240. The job outlook for accounting clerks and bookkeepers through 2026 is essentially non-changing at -1%.

Budget analysts assist with preparing budget reports and spending for both public and private institutions. In 2017, the median annual wage for budget analysts was $75,240. With a 7% growth rate through 2026, this could be a great career option for someone in this pathway.

Management analysts advice managers on how to improve efficiency in an organization by reducing costs and increasing revenue.

In 2017, the median pay for a management analyst was $82,450 per year. Overall, the job outlook for this type of career is looking good with a 14% growth rate through 2026!

Can You Get A Business Management Job With Just A Certificate

There are many jobs for people with a business management certificate. It can provide entry-level positions in retail, bookkeeping, and, even, management. A business certificate is also useful for students who wish to further their education and earn a bachelors or masters degree in the field. Certificate programs teach and help students understand the ins and outs of a business. They learn basic mathematical skills, advanced computer literacy, management theory, and business communication .

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How To Start Your Career In Business Management

Practicing professionals with bachelor’s degrees often find their advancement potential maxes out at mid-level management positions. Thus, many elect to return to school to upgrade to an MBA or another advanced degree to qualify for better, more lucrative, and more challenging roles and opportunities.

Why Become A Business Administrator Or Manager

10+ Business Development Job Description Templates â Free Sample ...

Many people are drawn to the field of business administration and management because of the level of responsibility it entails. Good management helps businesses set feasible goals and then meet those goals bad management can drive a company under.

One of this field’s biggest challenges is the stressful nature of having to make these high-level decisions. However, many administration and management professionals find this challenge fulfilling and derive professional satisfaction from solving problems. The type of person who does well in this field handles stress gracefully and enjoys a fast-paced work environment with complex responsibilities.

The demand for business administrators and managers is fairly steady because these employees can find work across different branches of business, helping organizations meet changing societal needs. Their work not only impacts everyone working under them, but also affects the consumers who use or purchase their employers’ products and services.

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The Definition Of Business Management

The business management can be defined as the ability to have leaders organize, control and lead a group of people to achieve the proposed objective through various strategies.

But leaving this business concept aside and quite difficult to understand, we can say in brief words what business management is for.

It’s quite evident that the pillars of good business management are based on four essential factors:


In any business it’s essential to have good business management from the planning perspective. It establishes very well the goals and each one of the activities and strategies that you’re going to follow to reach your business objectives , as well as the financial, human and technical resources that you need.


Organization is so important that it can mark the success or failure of a business. Begin to define, assign and coordinate each of the activities that will be carried out, who will carry them out, in what time and how will they do it. A successful company has organization as its main characteristic.


It’s not about sending. This function is for real leaders who promote and motivate each member of the organization. A good manager will be able to motivate and give strong reasons to his workers to carry out their tasks optimally and accurately. Management personnel must maintain a series of necessary qualities in dealing with others such as assertiveness and empathy.


Which Certification Is Best For Business Management

As business management is a very general discipline with many specializations, the choice of which certificates to work on ultimately depends on which area of business you want to specialize in. It totally depends on your business management goals. For instance, if you want to work in logistics, then you have to get certificates that will help you understand the area better. If you are in sales or marketing, you might be better of with a certificate for various tools. Here is a list of certifications that are quite popular nowadays .

Certified Associate in Project Management . The accreditation body, the Project Management Institute , has been around since 1969. They offer a certificate for up-and-coming project managers. In order to join the program, one must show a high school diploma, an associate degree, or some equivalent.

Certified Supply Chain Professional . This is perfect for supply chain professionals or those that want to work in this area of business. Programs help students learn essential supply chain concepts, end-to-end operation strategies, and the popular technology involved in this domain.

Salesforce Certified Administrator. Salesforce, a popular CRM platform, offers a certificate for those who want to work in customer relations management . The certificate program helps students understand the platform and its functions deeper. The program usually consists of several workshops and classes before an exam.

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Is Business Management A Good Career

Many people find fulfillment working in business management because it offers high salaries, a fast-paced work life, and a strong emphasis on working closely with others. If those things interest you, then business management is a good career option for you.

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What Do Business Administrators Do

Career in Business Management

Depending on their role in an organization, business administrators can take on many tasks:

Establish and carry out departmental or organizational goals, policies, and procedures

Direct and oversee an organization’s financial and budgetary activities

Manage general activities related to making products and providing services

Innovate by applying new technologies in the workplace

Consult with executives, staff, and board members about operations

Negotiate or approve contracts and agreements

Appoint and oversee department heads and managers

Analyze financial statements, sales reports, and other performance indicators

Identify places to cut costs and improve performance, policies, and programs

“Business administration touches everything,” says Ralph Griffith, BA, MBA, DBA, associate professor of entrepreneurship at Lenoir-Rhyne University. “Every single product in the world has got some business connected to it, and the people who run those businesses are administrators.”

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Education Required For Making A Career In Business Management

If you are thinking to make your career in Business Management, then, at a minimum, you need a bachelor degree BBA with your choice of trade listed in the introduction. BBA is a 4-year program while the masters degree takes 1 or 2 years depending upon the experience you have after your bachelors degree program there are 7 business management degree programs.

Digital marketing, conversion rate optimization, customer relationship management & others

  • Sales representative
  • Financial manager

What Is The Key To Succeeding

As outlined above, a business manager plays a key role in the success of an organization. The single best thing you can do to succeed as a business manager is to prime yourself for success by pursuing a degree in business management. Whether your goal is to advance to a sales manager position at a big company or to simply help employees improve their work for your current employer, a strong educational program will help you prosper.

The good news is that you can put yourself on the path to a rewarding career in business management by contacting the Southern Careers Institute campus closest to you. In addition to a variety of educational programs, we offer a Management Associates Online Program that enables you to gain the skills you need to succeed from the comfort of your own home. Here are some of the many benefits of choosing SCI:

  • Earn an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Management
  • Prepare yourself for a career as an Office Manager, Facility Manager, Supervisor, and a variety of other positions
  • Enjoy a flexible learning schedule that allows you to work while completing your education

Every day, SCI helps people of all ages realize their passion for change through a high quality education. To discover why students across Texas trust us to help them prepare to become successful business managers, reach out to us today. The business manager job outlook is bright and we look forward to helping you embark upon a new career!

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Who Is A Business Process Manager

Managing a companys processes is one of the most efficient methods to run it. Business Process Managers are professionals engaged to help businesses improve their processes.

These industrial specialists supervise, assess, observe, design, plan, monitor, and oversee an organizations entire business process. They work relentlessly to ensure that a companys business processes align with its strategic objectives. They are especially important in the manufacturing, production, and development industries. They also conduct business process studies based on productivity, quality, cost, and time management, as well as present progress reports and incorporate comments.

As a business process manager, your job is to look at the current business process, uncover flaws, and fix them so that production runs smoothly. They do this by bringing in new ideas that help the company become more profitable.

What Are The Business Management And Administration Career Pathways

10+ Business Development Job Description Templates â Free Sample ...

The business cluster is made of five specific career pathways for students interested in a business-related career.

The five national business career pathways are:

  • Administrative Support
  • Human Resources Management
  • Operations Management
  • Some states, like Georgia and Florida, have variations of these pathways that are more aligned with that states needs.

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    Education Requirements To Be Qualified For The Role

    Most employers require a minimum of a bachelors degree in business management to qualify for a position as a business manager. Business managers must have excellent written and verbal communication skills to direct employees and lead the department. Managers are also problem solvers, who work to overcome the obstacles that may prevent a department or company from reaching its goals. Some companies might promote employees with considerable experience from within a department to lead the group. For example, a salesperson with years of experience in the field might advance to a sales manager position.

    How Do You Start A Career In Business Management

    Proven methods of launching a career in business management include earning a specialized degree, either specifically in the field of business management or in a closely related area, such as finance, business administration, or economics. Many programs include practica, field placements, and/or internships, allowing you to showcase your skills, build your network, and qualify for entry-level positions.

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    Meeting Convention And Event Planner

    Meeting, convention and event planners coordinate all aspects of events and professional meetings.14 Typical duties include meeting with clients to understand the purpose of the meeting or event and then arranging locations, transportation and other details. Before a meeting or event, the planner solicits bids from event venues and vendors, and after the meeting or event, the planner will approve the venue and vendor payments. While most meeting, convention and event planners work for private companies across a wide range of industries, some are employed by religious, civic, food service and professional organizations, to name a few.15 The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports job growth for meeting, convention and events planners is projected to grow by 10% between now and 2024.14

    What Does A Sports Manager Do

    Business Management Tips : Creative Project Manager Job Description

    On a day-to-day basis, the responsibilities of a sports manager may vary greatly. These job duties include:

    • Spearheading public relations between athletes, coaches, other athletic personnel, and media
    • Accounting for team travel plans
    • Balancing an organization’s income against financial obligations
    • Scheduling public events where members of your team will be present and documented
    • Partnering with promotional brands, launching fundraisers, and landing endorsements to further bolster team marketing efforts
    • Instructing team personnel and athletes on methods for correct media interaction
    • Monitoring ticket sales

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    What Can You Do With A Bachelors Degree In Business Management

    CSU Globals online Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management will prepare you for leadership roles by providing you with comprehensive knowledge about each of the fundamental business units, including:

    But please do keep in mind that this is just a very short list highlighting a few of the many different types of roles that a business management program would make you eligible for assuming.

    Because business management programs teach such a wide range of skills and knowledge, getting your degree in the field is likely to qualify you for a huge variety of different types of positions across virtually every industry.

    Where Do Sports Managers Work


    The location of a sports managers employment is almost always tied to the location of the team, organization, club, or athletic department they manage.

    Sports managers are responsible for a fair amount of overall travel, especially outside of the teams competitive schedule. In offseason months, a sports manager often travels frequently for marketing, public events, media relations, promotions, guest appearances, and tournament direction. During the busiest portion of a teams season, a sports manager will typically spend the majority of their time within the teams actual facility.

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    What Can You Do With An Associate’s Degree In Business Management

    Earning an associates degree in Business Management has the potential to have a positive effect on your job prospects and earning potential. In 2017, Associates degree holders earned an average of $6,864 more annually than those with only a high school diploma, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics .1

    Thats great to know, but what opportunities are out there for associates degree holders? To help give you a better idea of whats available, we analyzed more than 155,000 job postings from the last year that called for a Business Management Associates degree.2 The data helped us identify five common jobs seeking professionals with this credential.

    1. Bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks

    Workers in these realms focus on monitoring and maintaining a companys financial records. Duties typically include coding documents according to procedure, recording and summarizing numerical data on behalf of the company and reconciling any financial discrepancies found all while complying with federal, state and company policies.

    2. Administrative assistant

    Administrative assistants typically answer phone calls, schedule meetings, update database information, prepare invoices and manage incoming and outgoing mail. These employees must be organized and detail-oriented, as they are responsible for a variety of clerical tasks that keep businesses running smoothly.

    3. Sales associate

    4. Customer service associate

    5. Personal banker

    What Is A Business Administrator

    Business Description Example

    Business administrators oversee the general day-to-day operations of an organization or one of its departments. Because they’re needed in almost every industry, you can choose both a business administration career path and the kind of business you’d like to work for.

    For instance:

    • If you’re passionate about health, you could serve as the administrator of a healthcare facility.
    • If entertainment is your thing, you could supervise the operations of a casino as a hospitality manager.
    • If you’re interested in the latest gadgets, you might want to be the sales director of an electronics store.
    • If you thrive on process, you could manage warehouse shipments and deliveries.

    In this Article

    You’ll need at least an associate degree, one of three degrees in business administration, to pursue a career in the field. The two-year business admin degree will qualify you for entry-level positions such as sales support specialist, human resources assistant, or office manager.

    These roles can help you get a feel for working in business administration, but you won’t have as many opportunities to advance as you would with a bachelor’s degree. People who’ve earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration will be prepared for a wide range of management and administrative roles and will have more opportunities for promotion.

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    What Are The Roles And Responsibilities Of A Business Manager

    Consider working as a business manager if you have excellent leadership qualities and like to interact with people on a daily basis. These experts keep an eye on workers output and create creative plans and objectives to raise the businesss performance as a whole. For business managers to succeed in the position, they should possess a specific set of talents and competencies. The definition of a business manager, the many managerial roles in organizations, the competencies that a business manager should possess, and the settings in which they frequently work are all covered in this article. The role of a business manager may be more crucial than ever in todays environment. All the information you require to become a business manager is provided here. In this article, lets learn about the roles and responsibilities of a business manager.

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