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Master Of Engineering Management

How to choose the best college degree for you

A Master of Engineering Management program will require applicants to possess a bachelors level education explicitly focusing on engineering, technology, mathematics, computer science, or the physical sciences.

These programs are typically tailored toward individuals who are already working within the engineering field but are looking to expand their careers. Courses help prepare students for leadership positions emphasizing business and management skills.

According to BLS, engineering managers make just shy of $150,000 annually, with the top 10 percent earning more than $208,000 annually. That makes engineering management one of our lists highest-paying masters degrees.

Human Resources Senior Officer

Working in human resources does not require a masters degree, but to become a senior officer and lead a human resources department for an organization, you will need a graduate degree. The BLS estimates the salary for human resources managers to be $121,220 a year, and those in the top 10%, which is common for senior officers, earn over $208,000 a year.

Tips For Master’s Graduates Entering The Workforce

Piotr Sosnowski is the head of HR and co-founder at Zety. He has seven years of experience in recruitment in top companies and managing teams and HR projects. Piotr grew the InterviewMe and Zety team from three people to over 50 in less than four years.

Here, he shares six tips for master’s graduates entering the workforce:

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Once Youre Within 18 Months Of Graduating Try To Find Another Job

One of the great things about the accounting profession is that accounting firms regularly hire people 12-18 months before they graduate. Often times youll get a paid internship which will pay anywhere between $15-23 per hour. At the end of the internship, they offer full-time positions to 90%+ of the people who go through their programs. Once you get the offer, completing the rest of your degree becomes a lot less stressful.

Should You Get Your Master’s In Computer Science Online

Top 50 Paying Careers with a Masters Degree ...

Online master’s in computer science programs offer benefits such as convenience, affordability, and flexibility. Distance education programs appeal particularly to working professionals, people who graduated with a bachelor’s degree many years ago, and students with family responsibilities.

Many schools offer online degrees that feature the same curricula, faculty members, and access to university resources as their on-campus versions.

In the past, some employers remained dubious about hiring someone with an online degree, but today distance education is widely recognized as equivalent to many in-person programs. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to shift public perception of online learning, making distance learning even more popular and understood as a legitimate education.

Factors to weigh when determining whether the online experience is right for you include your learning style, budget, and the availability of distance education programs in your field. Many people thrive in an online learning environment, but some prefer a traditional on-campus experience. Only you can decide if you should pursue an online master’s of science in computer science.

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Flexibility And Time Commitment

Another difference of pace between Masters and PhDs is the possibility to work throughout the study years. While there are part-time masters and degrees which offer courses concentrated in the late evening in order to allow attendance from employed students, PhDs are seen more like full-time occupations, being funded in a way to compensate the impossibility of balancing a job with the research.

Not to mention that a PhD involves constant research and other academic responsibilities such as teaching, conferences, reference papers, publishing and help with departmental organizing.

Which Masters Degree Is Most In Demand

One could argue that the most valuable masters degrees and the most useful masters degrees are the ones in the most in-demand fields. Two quickly growing fields you may want to consider are computer science and finance.

An online masters in computer science may help you launch a career as a software developer or computer and information research scientist. Jobs for software developers are anticipated to grow 22% over the next decade, and jobs for computer and information research scientists are project to grow 15% .

Finance is another field forecast to have high demand. Jobs for financial managers are anticipated to grow 15% through the next ten years while jobs for accountants and auditors are expected to grow 4%.

With the right certifications and a masters degree in finance or a related field, you may be on your way to a promising career.

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Master Of Public Administration

A Master of Public Administration focuses on biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health, health policy, administration, and social and behavioral sciences. By the end of the masters degree program, graduates will be able to improve health among specific populations through awareness, education, policy, and research.

This program type prepares students for various professions, the most profitable being an epidemiologist or biostatistician. These titles generate a median annual salary of $78,830 and$96,280, respectively. The job growth rate in these industries is at 30% and 33%, respectively, which is must faster than average.

In A Number Of Fields Seeking Out An Advanced Degree Just Might Be Worth The Cost And Effort

High paying masters degree after engineering | Best Masters Program Abroad 2022

25 Graduate Degrees with Huge Payback Potential


Science graduate degrees also fared well on the salary list.

Other masters programs with great payback potentialWorth the effort?

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Master Of Science In Project Management

If you enjoy bringing a project or initiative from inception to completion, you may want to consider pursuing a career in project management. The field of project management is perfect for anyone with a passion for delegation, organization, and communication. While its possible to become a project manager without a degree, earning a Master of Science in Project Management is one of the most efficient ways of learning the ins and outs of the role. It can also help you stand out from the competition who may not have a degree.

Of the degrees discussed here, the MS in Project Management is the one that most clearly aligns with a single job title: project manager. But that doesnt mean that you wont have career options. Project managers are employed in virtually every industry, from construction to product design, to pharmaceutical sciences to technology, and more.

Across all industries, project management professionals earn an average of $116,000, according to the Project Management Institute . The vast majority of project managers in the United States earn between $93,000 and $140,000 per year. By 2027, its estimated that an additional 22 million project management jobs will be added worldwide, leading to increased job demand and security.

The Best Online Degrees To Get For Careers

Find Your Degree!

  • Criminal Justice
  • Each year we research which online degrees are best for potentially getting the highest paying careers. The Best Online Degrees to get for Careers is a list of online degree programs that have the highest salary potential. These online degrees are ranked by their salary potential from highest to lowest.

    The high growth rates of many of these careers also means that many of these online degrees are the most in-demand for new jobs.

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    What To Expect From Master’s In Computer Science Programs

    A master’s in computer science equips students with advanced knowledge and technical skills in computers and IT. Typical computer science graduate programs focus on topics like machine learning, programming, software development and engineering, and database management. Most build upon the foundation laid in a bachelor’s in computer science program.

    Most master’s in computer science degrees take two full-time years to complete and require 30-60 credits. Cost expectations vary considerably, depending on school type, program format, and student residency status. Schools offer different master’s in computer science degree types and concentrations.

    Most programs require core, elective/concentration, and project/thesis credits. Typical classes explore issues like machine learning, advanced algorithms, and advanced computer architecture. Below, we discuss what to expect from a master’s in computer science in more detail.

    Masters Degree In Software Engineering

    Top 10 Best and Worst Master

    Software engineers are among the fastest-growing professions in the world today. The need for engineers and developers will grow at a faster than average rate, which gives you the job stability that you desire. You no longer need to worry about your employer closing its doors due to the economy. Many software engineers work from home, which gives them more flexibility, too. Not only can you take time off for a family vacation or when you want some time for yourself, but you can feel confident that your job is always waiting for you. Though some graduate programs only accept students who have undergrad degrees in computer science or a related field, others will accept students who demonstrate that they have strong technical and computer skills.

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    Should I Get A Masters Degree Now

    When you are nearing the end of your Bachelors degree programme, you are faced with an important question: Should you get a Masters degree? And if yes, should you start with a Masters programme directly, or should you first get a few years of work experience?

    This guide is written by Gerrit Bruno Blöss, Founder and CEO of Between finishing his Bachelors degree and starting his Masters programme in another country, he did an internship that also led him abroad.

    Masters Degree In Nutrition

    Nutrition graduate programs are available from top schools across the country. They teach you how the human body absorbs nutrients from different foods and how the body breaks down and uses that food. You can use your degree to enroll in medical school and become a doctor or to find work in government agencies and research facilities. Many nutrition experts work with companies to help them create new products for consumers and in research settings where they investigate new foods. Some programs only have one start date that is in the fall and ask that you work as part of a cohort, but others let you enroll in the spring or summer. You usually need to do a thesis or final research project on top of taking all of the required classes.

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    What To Know For Changing Your Career After 30

    Throughout a persons lifetime, he or she will likely change careers at least once. While the Great Recession that spanned 2007 to 2009 sparked the charge for many professionals to seek work outside their field to make ends meet, the workforce itself and the people who populate it have their own reasons for diving into something new. Not satisfied with the status quo, many professionals are personally motivated to find a job that offers them a greater sense of fulfillment, better pay, and more room for growth.

    Drexel University Online recently polled 320 U.S. residents between the ages of 30 and 54+ who recently made a career change. We learned more about their reasons for making the big leap, what steps they took to get there, and how they feel about their decision today.

    Participants in this survey spanned the country and shared their insights on what it was like to transition to a new career, the steps they took, and what were some of the hardest and most rewarding parts of their journey.

    Can I Get A Master’s Degree If My Bachelor’s Degree Is In Another Unrelated Field

    The BEST Masters Degrees!

    Some master’s programs only admit candidates who have earned a bachelor’s degree in the same field or a closely related one. These include occupations that require licensure or certification, such as advanced practice registered nurses or school counselors. However, many master’s pathways are not as choosy and often admit candidates with bachelor’s degrees in unrelated fields. Here are some examples:

    • Social Work – The BLS notes that a bachelor’s degree in social work is not required for graduate-level programs in the same field. Many colleges and universities admit candidates with undergraduate degrees in fields such as psychology, sociology, economics, or political science.
    • Occupational Therapy – Many master’s in occupational therapy programs admit candidates who have taken specific courses in fields such as biology and physiology, and may not require a bachelor’s degree in that specific field to qualify for acceptance.

    Rohan Jones’ Pro Tip: Talking to people employed in careers of interest allows those contemplating a career change to learn the pros and cons of occupations and employers that may not be noted in online career information. Using contacts from family, friends, neighbors, LinkedIn, or professional organizations, individuals should reach out to those already employed in careers of interest to conduct informational interviews, asking questions…such as:

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    Why Employers Look For Masters Degrees

    The majority of employers, 74% according to recent polls, have raised educational standards for entry-level positions. Companies want employees with advanced degrees because they know graduate training helps people become more proficient in their fields. They also find that those with masters degrees are committed to being lifelong learners, which is a benefit for their organizations or businesses.

    How Much Will A Master’s In Computer Science Cost

    The cost of a master’s in computer science varies by school. Factors that can influence how much you pay include program format , type of school , and tuition rate .

    Public universities often offer the most affordable degrees, particularly if you qualify for in-state tuition. Prospective students should consider costs they may face while pursuing their degree in addition to tuition and fees, including housing, transportation, groceries, and textbooks.

    Computer science master’s programs offer a variety of financing options to help learners pay for their degree, including loans, scholarships, grants, and fellowships. Many graduate programs provide graduate research or teaching assistantships, which give students free or reduced tuition in exchange for their part-time employment at the university. Some graduate assistants receive a stipend to help pay for living expenses. See below for more information about financial aid and scholarships for master’s in computer science students.

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    Will Employers Respect My Online Degree

    What employers care about, generally speaking, is whether or not a student completed their degree. The question of whether the degree was obtained on-campus or online isnt regarded as relevant. Often the employer will not even be aware that the degree was obtained online, unless you want to offer this information. Obtaining a degree shows employers that students can navigate all that is required, such as passing the many classes, and fortitude to stick with the academic rigors to earn the degree over time, which often takes years. Obtaining a degree online can even be a bragging point for you. Online classes require more discipline and honesty, and many online students chose online so that they can work, which means an online degree graduate could boast that not only did he or she get a degree, but that they had the discipline to do it online, and while balancing work and school. Employers may want to know that the online degree was obtained at a reputable college, and not a for-profit degree-mill kind of college. Make sure that your online college is not-for-profit if this is a concern of yours in choosing your college to pursue your online degree. There are many reputable and accredited not-for-profit colleges that offer reputable online degrees.

    Can A Coding Bootcamp Help You Get A Job That Requires A Masters Degree

    10 Best Technology Master

    No. Coding bootcamps offer short-term training to provide in-demand skills and hands-on experience to begin your career. However, you cant obtain a postgraduate degree through a bootcamp. While bootcamps are a great option to stay relevant in your field, they wont be enough to help you get a job that requires a masters degree.

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    Career Change Faq: Expert Answers For Common Roadblocks

    The reasons behind a career change can differ from person to person, but job data and trends suggest many career transitions — into to a new role, organization, or career field — share some common characteristics. Below, two expert career advisors weigh in with answers to some of the most common questions regarding career change obstacles and challenges for those seeking a master’s degree.

    Stacie Jeffirs has provided leadership to the Career Crossings Office at Saint Mary’s College and career counseling to the students and alumnae of Saint Mary’s for over ten years. She has over fifteen years of experience in career development in higher education. She is a certified global career development facilitator and certified career services provider.

    Suzanne Rohan Jones serves as an adjunct professor in the Psychology Department at , and has spent more than 20 years in higher education. Her areas of expertise include career counseling, academic advising and talent acquisition, in addition to being an instructor and program facilitator.

    What About Doing A Gap Year

    When you cannot decide between a Masters degree or working, doing a gap year might be another viable alternative.

    There are no fixed rules for what a gap year is, or what you can spend your time doing. Its a chance to travel, gain new experiences and make up your mind about what you want to do later in life. Its also something you will likely not do later in life – so if it appeals to you and you have the chance, go for it!

    Here are just a few ideas of what you could be doing during a gap year:

    • Work and travel programmes
    • Just travel and enjoy some time off

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