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Keep Track Of Your Progress

5 Most In-Demand Jobs in 2020 for People Over 50

A great way to make you feel like you’re making progress and closing in on your goal is to keep track of all of the things you have done to get you there. That way, even if the transition takes a little longer than you had hoped, you stay positive that you are on your way to transitioning into your new career.

What to track:

  • Meetings attended

I Just Want To Be The Best Classroom Teacher I Can Be

In my old job as a management consultant, the things that I most enjoyed were pitching for new contracts and delivering the projects to clients. I enjoyed the preparation and the performance.

Now, as a teacher, I put on that kind of pitch five times a day, but my job is to convince 25 sometimes sceptical teenagers to trust me and what Im about to teach them. Its exhausting, but its also hugely exhilarating.

The decision to change my career brewed slowly. Id really enjoyed my well-paid corporate life, earning six figures and working with big, global clients, such as Shell and BP, in countries all over the world, from South Africa to the Middle East. But as my 50s approached, I began to take stock and think, how can I give something back? Whats my Act Two?

The idea of teaching planted itself when I read the World Economic Forums paper about the huge skills gap in British industries dependent on maths and science.

I also heard about Now Teach, which specialises in training teachers who have already had a first career. After going to a few of its seminars, I decided to make the leap, but I went on to spend two years planning the transition. I knew there would be a substantial salary drop, and with a family, I wanted to make financial plans for the future. No longer having a mortgage certainly helped.

Assess Your Skill Set And Tailor What You Can Offer

An obvious advantage to being established in your career is having built skills and experience even if theyre not a precise match for the new career or role youre aiming for. Now is a good time to take stock of what youve done and where your skills are, so you can present yourself in the best light to potential employers.

Its also a chance to work out where you might want to upskill or expand. Devlin recommends assessing yourself against the ideal type of person an employer might look to hire for roles youre considering, then making an action plan for how you might address any gaps in your experience or skill set. You could also check out the qualifications, skills and experience on job listings that interest you. From here, you might consider further study. With short courses, self-directed learning and online options available, there are choices out there if you do require a new qualification.

Volunteering can also be a great way to gain experience in a field you havent worked in, and its often outside work hours. Taking on a related project or trying out a career as a side hustle could also help you build up confidence and job-specific skills.

But dont feel you have to focus on gaps just as important is to see which existing skills and experience you can bring to a new role or industry.

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Are You Interested In:

  • Gaining more control of your career destiny?
  • Creating higher income and career security through a side business?
  • Diversifying your assets and income?
  • Building your own personal wealth and financial independence?
  • Have you ever considered building a successful online affiliate marketing business?

Maybe you have put a lot of time into thinking about how things would be if you were in charge of your own legacy and financial future. Youve probably planned how you will do things differently and thought about how you would follow in the tried-and-true footsteps of other successful online affiliate marketers and learn from those already making money in this business.

You CAN choose to escape the grind and hassles of your current job and invest in yourself. Here is how:

Best Over 50 Career Changes

January/February AARP Bulletin Special Report: Great Second Careers ...

Have you found yourself stuck in a career that you no longer have any passion for?

Are you ready for a new challenge? Your professional life doesnt have to go into decline just because youre over 50. In fact, you can take advantage of your age to create a turning point that will leave you feeling energised and ready to make use of all of your years of experience in the workplace.

Explore some of the best career changes for over the 50s and see if theres one that inspires you to make a big change.

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Leverage The Skills Youve Developed And The Network Youve Gained

Some people think that if they change careers, theyll be wasting the experience and skills theyve gained over the past several years or decades. But this often isnt the case. In many cases, you can leverage and apply your previous experience to a new role, even if it seems very different from your current one.

Many skills are transferable. Your experience working in marketing, developing promotional strategies, could easily apply to a new role as a recruiter, where youll be tasked with pitching roles and promoting positions to qualified candidates, for example.

Moreover, the network youve gained over the years can also help you identify and land roles in new industries. These connections can serve you well in both changing careers and getting up to speed.

Is it time for a career change? Only you can truly answer that question. But the people around you can help you make the transition. As you contemplate a big move, dont be afraid to ask for help and take the time you need to make a thoughtful decision.

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New Challenges Are New Opportunities

It may seem like new challenges are the last thing you want to be dealing with. However its important for our wellbeing that we continue to learn and grow, and a new role can help us do just that. By changing careers, youll learn new skills that you didnt have the opportunity to discover in your previous job.

Maybe youve always worked in IT, so havent had much of a chance to develop face to face communication skills, or vice versa. A new role may also mean you have the chance to learn new life skills, like using social media.

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Finding A New Career After 50 With Flexjobs

Starting a new career at or after 50 puts you in a unique situation to utilize your life experience and professional background to find a career youre passionate about.

And when it comes to starting your job search, FlexJobs has flexible jobs in over 50 career categories. New jobs are posted daily with flexible work options such as remote work, freelance gigs, and part-time schedules. No matter what new career you want to start after 50, FlexJobs can help you find something that fits your life. Take the tour and learn how our platform can help your job search!

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I Earn A Fraction Of My Previous Salary But The Satisfaction Is Priceless

How to Change Your Career in 2021 When You’re Over 50

I spent most of my working life with Accenture, leading a team of more than 600 employees. I loved the challenge of it and working with people, but the only thing I had ever really wanted to be was a market gardener.

I come from a family of miners and my dad was always adamant that I wouldnt follow him in working down the pit. He made sure I started out with an office job, but I think he also motivated my career change I have great memories of working alongside him on his allotment.

Gardening and farming was always at the back of my mind, but I never did anything about it until Ann and I viewed a property in 2011 that came with six acres of land. As soon as we saw it, I turned to Ann and said: We can turn this into something.

So when I left Accenture in 2016, we threw ourselves into organic farming. It was a huge learning curve and the first couple of years proved tough, with pests, weeds and poor-quality soil. But Ann and I have always been very driven. She used to run her own delicatessen and we really believed we could make a success of it.

Its been hard work, seven days a week, picking up new methods and techniques its amazing what you can learn on YouTube but, today, we have an 80-tree fruit orchard and grow more than 50 types of vegetable, alongside herbs and soft fruit, plus 50 chickens and some Tamworth pigs. We supply two local restaurants and about 90 customers a week with home-delivered veg boxes.

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Changing Career At 50 And Above: An Occupational Guide

  • Mirthy offers expansive calendar of activities each month, covering everything from cooking classes and educational lectures to music concerts and fitness sessions.

Thinking of changing career at 50 years old and above? Youre not alone.

Frequently, older adults seek to transition to new work. But its a challenging process.

In this article, well investigate the reasons for change, common challenges and potential ideas pertaining to a new occupation.

The First Steps To Changing Career

Natasha Stanley, head coach at, says:

  • Do a midlife MOT to work out your financial needs and what matters most to you
  • Question your assumptions. People often assume changing careers will mean a downgrade in pay, but thats not always the case. Speak to people who do interesting work and find out how your skills could fit in. Sometimes its about finding a new environment rather than a wholesale shift
  • Accept the discomfort that change can bring. Theres often a grieving process to leaving an established career, and it can be emotional, throwing up questions around your identity, self-esteem and contribution to the world
  • Focus on what you can control. Ageism exists and you may well encounter it, so concentrate on how you communicate and present yourself online, with your CV and in person. The trick is to talk about your skills and experience in a concise and compelling way think of it like a script and practise it
  • LinkedIn can be useful for upskilling, making new connections, building a network and searching for jobs opportunities
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    Popular Job Training Programs For Over 50

    When you are looking for new careers after 50 you may need to learn some new skills. Training programs for older workers can help give you a competitive edge. Some popular job training programs for over 50 are:

    • Community College The American Association of Community Colleges has a program called Plus 50. Colleges under this program have learning programs targeted specifically at people over 50.
    • Government Training Programs The Senior Community Service Employment Program is a training program aimed at chances of getting a job at 55. This program is aimed at low income individuals.
    • Workforce 50 Workforce 50 is an online employment service for jobs for seniors over 50. Besides training opportunities, they provide tips about resume writing and self marketing.
    • Experience Works Experience Works is an NGO that works with seniors who need help with job training and placement.

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    Taking Over The World: Turning 50 And Working Hard

    Dad, Mom, can I be a Doctor? Infographic: Obesity by Occupation ...

    Did you know that nearly 80% of UK employment growth in the last 10 years has come from over 50s? It’s true!

    Data gathered from the ONS shows that 40% of the UK’s part-time workforce is over the age of 50. And nearly half of the self-employed workforce in the UK is now over the age of 50. This means more and more people are shunning retirement in favour of starting and running their own business. Great news, right?

    It seems the age-old stereotype that wisdom kicks in when you reach your 50s is actually true. Those in their 50s are becoming less focused on frantic workspaces, pining for success and overachieving to climb the corporate ladder. Instead, they are keener to pursue their passions, using their lifetime of experience to get a good headstart on a new career or business venture. Usually, it’s a dream they’ve been wanting to follow for a long time.

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    Best Jobs For Over 50s

    For some advice about the financial and practical impact of changing your career, be sure to have a read of this interesting article about second careers from Monster. Theres also some very useful advice available from Moneywise. Its guide to switching careers discusses the more accessible professions to consider and offers a breakdown of the kind of salaries you might be able to expect.

    If youre feeling worried about the thought of retraining to start a second career, theres an article about employment over 50 in The Telegraph that you might find useful. It discusses the various challenges you might face as well as explaining that the current job market is changing and that there is a large number of people in their 50s who are signing up for apprentice schemes and looking for alternative careers. Retraining can be an excellent way to reaffirm your usefulness and introduce you to talents you never knew you had.

    Forbes also has an excellent article that focuses specifically on how women can reinvent their careers when theyre over 50, which has some inspiring real life examples. Dont look at the next decade or two of work with dread, find a new career that will make it much easier for you to get up in the morning and look forward to the day ahead.

    Going Back To School At 50

    At 50 many people want to start something new. If you are wondering if it is worth going back to school at 50, the answer is yes absolutely. You do need to put some thought into your financial, time, and job prospect after your degree. The best going back to school at 50 best careers are:

    • Registered Nurse

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    You Can Afford To Follow Your Passion

    People in their 50s often have enough personal funds to start a business of their own, or to return to school and learn new career skills.

    If your home is paid for and your children have finished their schooling, you may have the funds to pursue a career youre passionate about, says Weiler. After age 50, she says, many people are in a position to do something meaningful for themselves.

    Being Made Redundant In The Pandemic Turned Out To Be A Huge Positive

    Top 5 Growing Career Fields in 2022 for People Over 50

    Throughout my publishing career, I got to have some truly amazing experiences, from attending J-Los second wedding at Lake Como to watching a pack of wolves parade in front of my eyes at an Alexander McQueen catwalk show in Paris.

    The last 12 years of my career were spent at John Brown Media, working on magazines for brands such as Waitrose and John Lewis I still enjoyed it, but a restlessness had started to creep in.

    Around that time, I had a chance conversation with a client whod recently been promoted. I asked her about her experience of going from working among her peers to being their boss and whether it was difficult. Oh, no, she said, its fine, because I have a coach.

    Id never really heard the term before, but she went on to explain the relationship and how her coach provided a safe, confidential space for her to mull over issues that were coming up at work. It sounded fascinating and I thought, Id love to be one of those.

    So I did my research and enrolled on a part-time course with Meyler Campbell in January 2020. When the pandemic struck a few months later, my company downsized and I was made redundant. It didnt come as a huge shock and, in fact, it felt like serendipity, because the wheels of my new career were already in motion. Having something new to study actually made lockdown very enjoyable and stimulating, and I spent the next year training and building up my practice hours with pro bono clients.

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    Its Never Been So Easy To Get New Qualifications

    Studying new skills throughout life has become much more common, with online courses and micro-credentials gaining respect from employers. There are a huge number of short and longer courses available at local colleges, universities and Australian TAFE providers.

    Its never too late to upskill, reskill, or get a new qualification that will enable you to start in a new industry or a new field.

    A midlife career change is ready and waiting for you. You just have to be ready to embrace your new job!

    Find out about short courses to get you started here.

    Careers In Health Care

    According to AARP, some of the fastest-growing jobs for people over 50 are in the health-care field, with 348,400 new home health aide jobs projected by 2024 and median wages of $22,600. Other similar health-care jobs that require only short-term, on-the-job training include personal and home care aide. Only moderate on-the-job training is necessary for the 138,900 new jobs as medical assistant projected by 2024.

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