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Be Confident And Enthusiastic

How We Hire at Google

Introduce yourself with a smile and a firm handshake. Companies are there because they want to meet you, and more importantly, make a hire. Make a good impression and be ready to give your elevator pitch when appropriate. If you’re still a student, talk about your academic and extracurricular experiences as well as your career interests.

How To Prepare For A Career Or Job Fair

Whether in-person or virtual, career fairs require key preparation so you can take that next great career step.

Whether you’re seeking your first job or your fifth job, attending a career or job fair is a smart strategy for marketing yourself to potential employers.

Forget reviewing hundreds of online ads or spending countless hours filling out applications and emailing resumes! At a job fair, you can connect directly with recruiters and hiring managers from a wide range of companies, learning about them as they learn about you.

Knowing how to effectively prepare for a career fair means you’ll stand out from other attendees and ultimately find your next great career role. Follow these steps to make the most of every job fair you attend.

About This Virtual New York Job Fair

Are you looking for a job in the New York area? If you are, then you need to register and attend this event. Best Hire Career Fairs has been providing the best hiring events in the country for the last five years. What sets us apart from our competition is that we identify what employers are looking for and match them up with the best candidates. If youre in the market for a new job or advancing your current career, you will want to be at this event. Make sure you log on early.

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What To Wear To A Career Fair:

  • Dress pants or a skirt no denim, shorts, baggy pants, short skirts, or pants with rips or holes.
  • Polo or golf shirt, blouse, or a casual shirt with a collar no t-shirts, low-cut tops, wrinkled or old tops.
  • Clean, well-cut jacket.
  • Professional shoes no flip-flops or beachwear.
  • Suits are appropriate.
  • Neutral colors like blue, beige, white, tan, grey, or black are more professional than bright colors. You can use bright colors for accents and accessories, like ties or jewelry.
  • Keep jewelry light and classic avoid large, chunky jewelry or overdressing with jewelry.
  • Clean and style your hair and keep it off your face. Facial hair for men should be well-groomed.
  • Make-up should be kept minimal with a neutral palate.
  • Use a light fragrance and avoid heavy amounts.
  • Bring a clean, professional bag or briefcase to carry hand-outs.

Whether you are an employer or job seeker, when dressing for a career fair you should present a professional and confident appearance. While it’s not necessary to wear a full suit, it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed when attending a career fair.

Be sure to try on your outfit before going to the career fair to check that it fits well.

About This Tampa Job Fair

Hiring Job Flyer

Are you looking for a job in the Tampa area? If you are, then you need to register and attend this event. Best Hire Career Fairs has been providing the best hiring events in the country for the last three years. What sets us apart from our competition is identifying the type of experience and skillsets employers are looking for and matching them with the best candidates. You will want to be at this event if youre in the market for a new job or advancing your current career. Make sure you arrive early. Doors will open at 11 am, and the event will end at 2 pm.

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Taking Your Career Fairs To The Next Level

What best practices will help us host a successful online career fair?

Much of the success of an online job fair relies on what happens in the weeks leading up to the event. Spending the time to plan in advance from the details of the event itself and candidate personas to interview scripts and follow-up strategies helps employers get the most out of virtual career fairs.

Another key component is making sure that candidates have a frictionless experience. Many candidates use mobile devices for job searching, so employers need to ensure that their online job fairs are mobile-friendly. This consideration applies to the event platform itself, but also means recruiters should keep chat messages brief for easier readability on mobile devices.

And lastly, online career fairs are just one of the many important conversations you should be having with candidates throughout the recruiting process. This applies to those candidates who are moving on in the process as much as it does to those who wont. Make sure you treat all candidates with the respect they deserve. So if you find a candidate that is not qualified during an online event, make sure you reach out to tell him or her why. Itll go a long way towards enhancing your employer brand.

Preparing For A Career Fair

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    The presentation was presented in logical order and I learned a lot from it. Before I thought career fair is just a way of submitting application, and I thought it would be the same as submitting application online. Therefore, I didnt pay too much attention to career fair. After watching the presentation, I realized that career fair is also a great opportunity to expand my own network and gain networking and interviewing skills. We may also need this skill in the future if joining a conference and have limited time to communicate with others. Moreover, I can also learn more about the company during this process.

    The speaker also mentioned a CARS method which I found to be helpful. It seems to be similar to the STAR method, but have an extra S at the end which shows the skills enhanced from the task that we are dealing with.

    From the presentation, I learned that before going to a career fair, there should be a clear game plan about which company to go, and the time allocated for each company. In the past I would think just pick the company that has shorter line, now I understand the importance of setting up a plan beforehand.

    Overall, I learned how to prepare myself for career fair from this presentation and think this presentation is very helpful to me.

  • Submit resumes. This makes us visible to the prospective hiring managers at the company.

  • Before the Fair, Dr. Lynch advises the students to complete some homework on their part, i.e.

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    Pitfalls To Avoid When Using A Virtual Career Fair Platform

    While virtual career fairs can be a great way for employers and organizations to engage job seekers, there are ways of screwing these up. Here are some pitfalls to make sure you avoid:

    • Too many booths: Ever go to a trade show and there are hundreds of booths? Itâs hard to navigate, overwhelming, and sometimes you just want to leave. Itâs the same for virtual events, especially if candidates are accessing yours on mobile. Make sure you have a manageable number of booths, probably less than 50.
    • Staff it right: If you donât have enough recruiters/employees to talk to job seekers, then itâs going to lead to an awful candidate experience. Make sure candidate wait time stays low, ideally less than 5 minutes.
    • Follow Up: Your organization needs to have a way to get candidates into your ATS, and quickly follow up to make sure they are moving forward in the interview process. Thereâs nothing worse than waiting two weeks after a job fair to hear back.

    How Do I Plan A Successful Virtual Career Fair


    The first step to hosting a successful online job fair is to partner with the right vendor. Different vendors in the online job fair space offer different features and tools, from the most basic online chats to robust platforms with embedded video and candidate rating systems. Review our comparison of the top online job fair platforms to help inform your decision.

    Once you decide on a platform, youll need to decide when you will host your event or how frequently you plan on hosting virtual job fairs or online hiring events. For example, some employers will host virtual events on a predetermined and consistent basis to give candidates the opportunity to pop in for a conversation with a recruiter or hiring manager. This openness to connect can go a long way to creating an amazing candidate experience.

    Also, it is important to spend time designing your online job fair. Increasingly, brands are finding success with immersive brand experiences that use engaging videos, intentional brand messaging, and thoughtful conversations to connect with candidates. Each aspect of your virtual job fair should be intentional and selected with your candidate personas in mind.

    Make sure you go beyond just using your logo. Youll want to add content to your event or your booth like employee testimonial videos, reviews from Glassdoor, and links to your social media sites to showcase your employer brand.

  • Prepare, prepare, prepare
  • Think about the mobile users
  • Tell candidates about the next steps
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    What Is A Career Fair

    A career fair is a recruiting event where representatives from various organizations meet with a large number of job seekers over the course of the fair.

    Also known as a job fair or career expo, it’s usually held in a large venue such as a hotel or conference center, and it can run anywhere from one to several days. Some are held during weekday evenings, and others are held on weekends.

    Each company has a booth where potential employees can learn about openings, apply for a job, and sometimes have an initial interview with a recruiter, a Human Resources staff member, or the actual hiring manager.

    Generally, a career fair has a broad range of companies in attendance, but there are also companies that hold their own career fairs to fill only their openings. These are often held at the company site, although they can be in another venue.

    The goal for the attending companies can be to fill a few key positions or to hire for a large number of open positions. Depending on an organization’s needs, you may even be set up for more interviews at the company site or even be hired right at the fair.

    Myth #: Ive Got Plenty Of Time To Look For A Job

    Not necessarily! Students are finding that looking for a full-time job takes up to 4 to 6 months. So why are you waiting? Start your job search now and start connecting with employers. This is a valuable way to ask for informational interviews which may lead to meeting more people and could help you to receive a job offer.

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    How Much Does A Virtual Career Fair Cost

    Im guessing this is one of the most important questions you have when it comes to hosting a virtual career fair: how much does an online career fair platform cost?

    And like any good answer when it comes to pricing: it depends. But what does it depend on, specifically?

    Well, if you are a university, job board, workforce development agency, or some other group looking to host a multi-company career fair, then the price is typically dependent on a few things: how many events you are planning on hosting, how many employers you expect at each event and how many sign ups you expect at each event. With this information in hand, you can usually get a good estimate from a virtual job fair software company.

    Now, if you are a single company looking to host a virtual hiring event, the price structure is different. Typically, you will purchase an annual subscription which will give you UNLIMITED access to host virtual hiring events. Thats great! And the price structure is heavily driven by the number of recruiters that will be using the platform.

    Beyond these basics, prices may be influenced by whether or not you want video, do you need help promoting your events, or do you want to add on features like a virtual concierge that can answer candidate FAQs.

    In the end, the best course of action is to have an idea of what you are looking for when it comes to your virtual events and have a conversation with a trusted vendor to come up with a price that works for you.

    Benefits Of Job Fairs

    Pin by Istana Goal on Promo IstanaGoal

    If you are tired of your current job, or you are unemployed at the moment, then you need to attend our job fairs. Its the fastest way for you to meet potential employers that are hiring in your city. At the job fairs, you will also learn about companies and the employment opportunities that await you. Make the right decision for your career today and sign up to attend our next successful hiring event near you.

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    Have Questions And Your Pitch Ready

    Prepare a list of questions to ask so youre not fumbling for what to say. If time permits, check out company websites in advance, so youre familiar with the participating employers. Check out the mission statement of each company of interest, as well as the openings listed on the career page.

    The best questions to ask at a job fair include “What skills do you look for most in a candidate for X position?” and “What is one of the biggest challenges of the job?” Personalize your list of questions before the job fair so that you can learn more about the topics that interest you the most.

    An elevator pitch is a quick synopsis of your skills, background, and experience. Get yours ready in advance and practice saying it. Recruit your friends and family to listen to you for 20-30 seconds, which is as long as your pitch needs to be, and get their feedback. The more you practice it, the easier it will be to say.

    How Do I Attract More Candidates To My Virtual Job Fair

    Promoting your virtual career fair is the next logical and necessary step. After all, nobody will participate in your event if they never find out about it. There are a plethora of marketing channels you can use to promote your events but the channels you choose depend on the audience you are targeting.

    For example, if you are targeting software developers, it may make sense to promote your online job fair on Reddit. However, if you are targeting nurses, you might promote your virtual job fair through a nursing association newsletter.

    Another great way to promote your virtual hiring events is by leveraging your current database and email. Sending an email to past applicants that were not hired with a message that invites them to a virtual hiring event is a great way to stand out in a crowded email inbox by giving candidates an option other than apply now.

    And lets not forget about the basics: you should also be using social media, text recruiting, and programmatic advertising to promote your events. And lastly, make sure the details of your upcoming virtual job fair is on your career site. As job seekers pursue your site, they are likely to stay engaged with your employer brand if you give them the option to come chat with you in an online job fair.

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    What Are The Use Cases For Virtual Career Fairs

    • Companies: Businesses can engage a wide range of talent
    • Employment agencies: Recruiting firms benefit from large population of job seekers, giving them lots of 1:1 time with candidates allowing for quick vetting
    • Organizations hosting jobs fairs: Universities and professional groups who do career fairs in person will benefit from hosting similar events online
    • Job Seekers: job seekers can find multiple different networking opportunities and even perhaps find their next position
    • Ad Hoc Recruiting Events: In person events require a lot of overhead, while virtual events require much less time and effort to put together and often achieve similar resultsâ
    • Pre-Employment Testing: Great way for job seekers and recruitment teams to understand if thereâs a fit before moving someone into the hiring pipeline

    Nuworks Virtual Career Fair Tips & faqs For Students

    Jobzella’s Fourth Career Fair Highlights & Reviews

    Career fairs are a great opportunity to explore your interests, learn more about different organizations, and become more skilled at job market research and networking. A virtual career fair is similar to an in-person career fair in that recruiters are available to talk to prospective hires. You can chat online with different employers and ask questions about available positions or industry trends . In return, they may ask you questions about your program of study and career interests. Be prepared, be yourself, and make sure to upload polished documents free of any spelling or grammatical errors.

    To view the fairs with dates, times and registration links click here.

    Follow the tips below and review the FAQs for a successful experience!

    To register for the Career Fair:

    Complete the following steps, ideally after you have updated your profile and uploaded a current resume in NUworks :

  • Go to Events > Career Fairs and select the fair you want to attend.
  • Select the red ATTEND button on the right side of your screen. You will be prompted to complete your Chat Profile .
  • If you have uploaded multiple resumes to NUworks, select the one you would like employers at that fair to see. Click the SAVE button to complete registration.
  • You will notice a Green Youre Attending ribbon across your screen.
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    Our Criteria: How We Chose The Best Vendors

    We take our research seriously and want to make sure we are presenting our readers with the very best solutions in a given software category. Here’s how we select vendors to be in our buyer guides:

    • Product: We want to have a deep understanding of a vendor’s product before recommending it. This usually means getting a demo by a senior executive , and/or using the product ourselves to make sure it has a solid UI, intuitive workflows, and the features to make it a best in class offering.
    • User feedback: We do our best to understand what users say when they experience this product. User input allows us to accomplish a more thorough due diligence of products, put new vendors on our radar, and generally make sure we are presenting the right products to our readers.
    • Financial metrics: We are very much finance nerds and so use a product’s retention rates, growth, profitability, and scale to understand whether or not it is truly best in class.
    • Best for a use case: Sometimes the best solution is the cheapest, the best tool for international companies, or the best for startups. We try to include a diversity of solutions so that our readers can find the tool that is best for what they need.

    Here‘s more detail if you want to read further on how we research vendors.

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